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(Note: I loved DoD this is just me nitpicking)

Does anybody else feel like Winter and Moonwatcher’s character arcs just…flopped?

Like, I’m talking seperatly. I feel like even though Winter was there a lot and a lot of things happened to encourage character development it just…didn’t happen. Like going around the Kingdom of Sand with Qibli, ‘rescuing’ Cobra, frostblasting Qibli…it just felt like no development happened? Like, at the end of his book he was all 'I’m coming back friends don’t worry I appreciate you now’ but then in the later books it didn’t happen. He didn’t open up at all. His prescence mostly felt like he was just there to add sarcastic comments to things instead of actually being present in the story and it bothered me. Not to mention, when the IceWings and NightWings were fighting he went to join the IceWings (who exiled him!!) and didn’t stop to try to figure out how to stop it. It was a real waste of character tbh (also we didn’t get to see his first meeting with Flower). Let my bisexual grumpy son be important again Tui please

Moving on to Moonwatcher. We got more fucking info on her from what Qibli noticed than herself. Did that piss anyone else off? I felt like through this arc Moon was sort of just an empty shell of a character to be filled in by other’s perceptions of her. And the Moonbli/Wintermoon thing…don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the three of them together (I’m an avid shipper of Qintermoon), but I felt like we got no actual input on what Moon felt on the situation. Like, when did she fall for them?? Why did she pick Qibli? Why couldn’t she have them both?? The Moonbli was cute and all, but I felt like Moonwatcher’s feelings weren’t at all considered or developed for either ship-she got more development with Kinkajou than either Qibli or Winter, and visa versa. Kinkamoon, Qinter, or Qintermoon would have been a better choice than Moonbli or Winterwatcher, though I must admit that if I were Tui and had to write it like she did in DoD I would hae chosen Winterwatcher because of the cleaner aesthetics of it in the bigger puzzle of things (Darkstalker falling and the peace between the IceWings and NightWings would have been a nice contrast with Wintermoon because Winter and Moonwatcher were opposites of Arctic and Foeslayer, personality wise, so their dragonets would be like a chance at Night/Ice hybrids than Darkstalker was, and them having a healthy relationship would have been a nice way to start nea Ice/Night relations-not to mention I really wanted Qibli/Umber to be a thing). But that’s probably just my OCD, trying to neatly compentmartalize everything into nice patterns, so whatever. Like I said, the Moonbli was cute and all, but we got a disproportionate amount of character development on Qibli’s side and almost none on Moon’s side so it feels unfair. Give Moon development, dammit! She’s not a prize to be won!

The Darkstalker and Foeslayer situation was also handled not-as-efficiently as it should have been (though I am not 100% displeased with it), but I’ll save that argument for another time, when I can piece together some cohesive alternates to it.

My only complaint with Anenome x Tamarin is that I want more of it.

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Fic title idea: "Heart of Kyber"

Heart of Kyber

Summary: With part of the Open Circle Fleet docked for some much-needed shore leave after a harrowing battle, Obi-Wan gives the rest of the 212th the slip and wanders planetside alone. As per his usual style, everything descends into chaos, especially when Anakin decides to join the party. Humour, angst, fluff. Set mid-Clone-Wars era.

A sequel to Little People(Where Obi-Wan is interviewed by the Holonet Press) But no need for prior reading.

Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Commander Cody, Captain Rex, Satine Kryze (mentioned)

Note: I’m cross-posting this to fanfictiondotnet as well because of the length and premise.

It is not easy to slip unseen out of a Venator-class star destroyer.

Obi-Wan slides the small maintenance hatch shut, and is faced with the words ACTIVATE MAGNETIC SOLES NOW painted there in bold capitals. He ignores this; there are no magnetic boot-soles in standard Jedi boots.

He hangs there for a moment, and considers the half-kilometre drop down to the bottom of the Republic naval dockyard.

If he had cared to look up, Obi-Wan would be faced with the yawning cavern of a ventral turbolaser; but he does not, and so he simply swings gently in the breeze. Twenty years ago, when he was a young and green padawan, he might have paused and gave some thought to the fact he is hanging by one hand off the belly of a star destroyer, right in the blasting path of a turbolaser emitter; but the thought does not even flicker through his mind, now.


Hidden in the shade of the massive destroyer’s shadow, Obi-Wan spies a perfect landing spot. He closes his eyes, feels for a gap in the breeze, and loosens his hold on the maintenance bar.

He drops like a straight-backed statue, russet cloak streaming up above him. Then he tucks his knees into his chest, and his cloak presses against his back as he curls into the cushion of the Force, slowing his fall.

His boots are silent as they impact the duracrete, precisely in the small cul-de-sac between three cargo crates.

Obi-Wan straightens, runs a hand through his windswept hair, and readjusts his cloak.

It is not easy to slip out of a star destroyer.

But it is not anywhere near difficult, either.

He saunters out of the cargo area with an easy step and makes a discreet motion to the slack-jawed guard at the gate. The guard snaps both to attention and his mouth shut, nodding in understanding.

“Not a word, sir,” the guard says, in a hushed voice. He is not a clone. The Republic’s prized clone troopers are too valued for combat to be wasted on a cargo bay guard-post, out here on an affluent Mid-Rim planet.

“Thank you,” Obi-Wan replies, smiling.

Raising his hood, he dissolves into the crowds in the plaza adjacent to the docks. For the next twelve hours, there is nowhere he needs to be.

So he goes anywhere.

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The thing about people saying they dont think Louis will release a solo album because he never gave that vibe.... maybe they are right, but I feel like these people are being unconsciously influenced by the 'narrative'. Like, obviously we know Louis loves songwriting. We know that from him. But all the rest? The producing, and the bts work, and stuff like that, it always came a lot from Simon and 1DHQ. Him finding 5SOS, which please. Now this girl band, which, surprise, is also connected (2)

(2) with Simon; and his imprint, which once again, Simon… do you know what I mean?? Maybe he does enjoy producing, and songwriting for other artists, and developping new artists. But it might also just be an image they created for him. Which would come from way before, with the whole ‘louis is the untalented one’ image, that they gave him since the beginning, not even giving him solos. Idk, I just feel like people are being influenced without noticing and he might actually want a solo album 

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What Huffington Post bashed JMo?

To this and the other anon who asked, I have screenshots since I tend to do that whenever I might want to reference something in case I can’t find it later. Presented without comment since I don’t actually have time to be doing Tumblr stuff:

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Hello! I saw that you're currently a student, and was wondering how you manage to care for Daenery on top of (what I assume is very rigorous) schoolwork? I'd love to get a dog, but I think I'll have to wait four years until I'm done with college to commit to one! I really admire your dedication to your pets in addition to your studies and work, although I can't help but wonder how you do it!

It’s kind of a cocktail mix out of heavy organization and stubborn determination. 

I don’t get to come home from school and say, “ugh I’ll finish my notes tomorrow.” I don’t get to sleep in for an extra half hour and say, “ugh I’ll deal with Daenerys later.” 

I am a very driven person, and once I set a goal for myself I won’t let anything get in my way, even if it means working around and against my disabilities, and, I tend to thrive under pressure. That drive and determination helps me power through my slumps, but I also set myself realistic goals, and plan things out, which is not at ALL in my nature, so this part, for me, is the hardest part. 

I have never been one for organization. So I have to force myself to sit down and look over all my syllabi and plan ahead. I copy the book pages I need for each individual day so I don’t have to carry the whole books with me, and so I can write all my notes in the page margins like so: 

I don’t like marking up my actual books, and this way I can actually organize individual pages right amongst my notes according to topic, as well as combine several different book pages on the same topic in one place. 

Another thing I do is print out presentations from my professors with lines next to each slide so that when I take notes in class and can’t have my computer with me (such as in the dissection hall where electronics are prohibited), I know exactly what slide/image I’m referring to later on when I revise my notes. It looks something like this: 

Then, I organize my revised notes according to topic, highlighting crucial terminology. I find most of my textbooks have a very roundabout way of explaining simple terms, so I like to create very concise notes explaining basic definitions and functionality as briefly as possible, and then build up from there. 

Finally, this is what my notes look like when I’m in class. I mark down what is on the actual presentation, including pictures used, and then use the “add comment” function of Word to add my notes on the side, so I again know exactly what part of the slide I am referring to. 

Now, my next exam isn’t for another month, but this way, by summarizing and revising at the end of every class, when it becomes time to review, I know exactly what I am looking at, and I have all my information in one folder, which is easy to transport. I don’t have to worry about grabbing various books or notes… it’s all in one place. 

It takes up about 2-3 hours of each day, and I get most of it done on the train home from class, or during my lunch break, and I spend the rest of my time with Daenerys. Also, I’m very careful about scheduling hangouts. I very rarely socialize outside of classes, which is something I am okay with, but an extrovert might not be. 

And, this goes without saying, but I am extremely particular about my bed time. I get 8 hours of sleep every night, sometimes 9, and I try to stay on schedule on weekends so I don’t go into the next week with my cycle all messed up. 

I know my ask focused more on the study part and less on the Daenerys part, but how you structure your schedule can make or break your ability to care for your dog at the same time. 

Figure out how much time you realistically need for classes, commute, studying, sleeping, and possibly socialization, based on your actual follow through, and then decide how much time you have left for a dog, and whether it’s enough. 

12x02...aka take back all that shit you were about to say...
  • So I’ve already talked about a certain aspect of the episode today, but I’m LOVING this too much that it deserves repeating. I just love how the writers played it in this episode, you’d think people would know better than to jump to conclusions but alas they don’t…so there was a section of the fandom frothing at the mouth to bitch at the writers/Brennan AND THEN THE GLORIOUS REVEAL.
  • Brennan has the biggest heart of anyone tbh and her surprise in this episode was just wonderful. I know she got a lot of happiness from surprising Angela and Daisy the way she did but let’s admit that a part of her joy came from fooling them all so spectacularly. heeee.
  • “Well, I did do a rather remarkable acting job, didn’t I?” You just know that this affirmation of her acting made her so happy. (“who convinced you I was Roxie because of my superb acting skills.”)
  • The NFL cake was so funny, I can just imagine Brennan’s confusion when she went to pick it up.
  • The Hot Blooded scene just blew my mind. I literally had to pause the episode and scream at Marla to recover because I was just so overwhelmed. It was just so unexpected and it just made me so damn happy.
  • That’s our song!” Because, you know, B&B have their own song. Which they first danced to in SEASON FUCKING ONE. And here they are now, in SEASON TWELVE wearing each other’s wedding rings, I’M FINE.
  • Brennan’s smile during that scene was just SO PRECIOUS. That adoring way she looks at her dorky husband makes my heart swell…and speaking of her husband, I love you Booth but your singing…not so much. hahaha.
  • Hodgins & Daisy are so great together! I enjoyed the little shoutout to Lance Junior.
  • “You’re really not gonna get your own wife (!!) a birthday present?“ no comment necessary
  • She’s actually pretty adorable.” Agreed, Angela! I loved AMI and all her scenes with B&B were so great. (Booth was 94% amused because OF COURSE,)
  • The scene in Brennan’s office with Max was wonderful but also very telling and our suspicions were confirmed at the end. That moment with Christine when she picks up his hospital bracelet :( NO.
  • Max’s face at the end when he was looking at Brennan killed me. I literally started crying. OH MY GOD.
  • Max will never win any ‘father of the year’ awards nor would he ever qualify, but he loves Brennan so so much. And he’s the most loving/doting grandfather- he has a very strong bond with Christine especially and I can’t even think about it…so for now I won’t.
  • To conclude, that was a wonderful episode and I simultaneously want the rest of the season and yet never want it to come :(

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The actual definition of racism is nowhere present in your blog and your comments make you no better than all the other close-minded assholes in the world. Congratulations, you are part of the problem.

*plays a song on the worlds smallest violin* this is one is called cry baby ass in d minor