actually my uncle and dad are the same way

There real….They have real feelings. They have family that they take care of and watch out for.

They have brothers and sisters that they make stupid jokes with and laugh about old memories with. They actually get up every morning and write and work and accomplish things. They have Boyfriends and Girlfriends that they love and sleep next to at night. They have Moms and Dads and Brothers and Sisters and cousins and aunts and uncles to go along with them. They do the same things we do and live the same way we do with a little for glam and traveling. They are humans. They make people so happy and that’s insane how humans can do so much for one person. They are my idols and im proud of that

Dear Lucas, or Riley's letter to Lucas
  • Riley: We thought we were more. We thought we were less. But we were neither. You were Lucas, and I was Riley. But who we were then isn’t who we ended up being. You’re still Lucas, and I’m still Riley; but now you’re Lucas who looks at my best friend like he’s spellbound. And she happens to look at you the same way.
  • Please, before I actually have to beg you to ask her out, go to her and tell her how you feel (or do so whenever you’re ready, but remember, I’m not the most patient girl ever).
  • Maya’s dad (my Uncle Shawn) didn’t let one love keep him from finding another. And neither should you.
  • You made me so incredibly happy, Lucas. Thank you- for the time we spent for the things we shared, thank you. Even though we can’t make each other happy- brilliantly, amazingly happy- anymore, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be.
  • I loved you, Lucas. Don’t let that be a burden to you.