actually my jokes are lame all the time so

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Hanta Sero and Fumikage Tokoyami for the bnha asks!

HANTA SERO: “do you like puns? if so, what’s your favorite one?

Ugh i love puns, but no one really gets my humor lol. it’s lame jokes that get me. like those shitty “getting hard” Kirishima jokes, and “Armin just got roasted!” jokes. I’m lacking in humor tbh. 

FUMIKAGE TOKOYAMI: “are you a night or day person?

I’m an afternoon person, actually. i’m mostly active during the afternoon, and am constantly tired all other times of the day! 

Seokmin & Hansol’s Birthday ♡

도귀요미~ ♡♡♡ Lee Seokmin, who can make all my worries go away with his laugh!! Thank you for blessing us with your amazing voice. I feel so honored every time I listen to you sing because its just so calming and nice and it feels like I’m in heaven. Thank you for making us laugh with your lame jokes. Sometimes I’d randomly remember something you said in a video and I’d start laughing out of nowhere, and everyone’s looking at me weird but its okay because I’m actually laughing wow. ANyway, Happy Birthday!!! I love you :~) 

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oooh tell us about the guy! is he kind? smart? etc

I wouldn’t know where to start haha. I don’t know a lot about him as in his past but I know that he’s really brave, and he’s really warm hearted. He has a bigger heart than anybody i’ve met and he’s quite cute in that way as he get upset really easily which is genuine and admirable. He works in the fashion industry (which is so cool omg???) which is shitty because i know nothing about fashion (clearly have you seen me i wear sweatpants or no pants all the time) but its still super cool. He’s quite culturally acceptable so he’s open minded and he’s like really strong when he held me my lungs almost collapsed not going to lie. He barely talks about himself and he’s ready to listen to my everything, he’s funny but he’s serious when he needs to be. He doesn’t judge and i can be really open with him and just be myself, and not many people have seen who i actually am and how lame my jokes get. it’s sad to know he’s leaving but at least i won’t forget him



My name is Jenna and my little’s name is Karyssa. We are from the ZTA • Theta Omega Chapter • Cal Poly Pomona… and this is our story!
  • We were neighbors, but we didn’t know it.
  • I cried during reveal, she had no idea it was me!
  • She was my rush crush before she even knew who I was.
  • We do everything together. 
  • I bring her to class sometimes and pick her up at 8am just so we can drive together… I don’t have class till 10.
  • We go line dancing every Wednesday and share a deep love for country music.
  • She laughs at all my jokes, even the lame ones… when they are actually funny she snorts!
  • Once during chapter meeting, we looked at each other and at the same time said “lets ditch & go to Target.”
  • I knew she was my little when she ran into a pole walking out of the first chapter meeting.
  • We often pretend to be in the movie Shrek… I’m Shrek, she’s donkey.
  • Everyone hates us because overload snap chat, instagram & twitter.
These are just a few things about us… I think the bond her and I share is so incredibly special and unique, I just want to share it with the world! Also, I want her to know how amazing she is and how dearly I value our relationship. I hope that when she gets a little in the next few weeks, she finds her little angel too. I Love You Little! xoxo :) submitted by: Jenna N.

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Please explain kim jongdae to me, i don't understand this man.

i’ve done an extensive research on one kim jongdae and i can conclude the followings:

1. hes a sweetheart and very well-mannered  but hes also very rude have u seen exo chen my lady focus fancam thats like the rudest thing ever
2. hes a sex bomb but hes also so adorable
3. hes so loud and whiny and sassy and witty but he knows when to shut up
4. hes violent mischievous. but he gives the best hug ever and has the best smile and laugh in the world
5. sometimes hes silly sometimes hes just so dashing and superfine dang boy are you flour cause youre fine (i wrote that lame joke myself im sorry)
6. hes thirsty almost all the time, he said it’s only 1% but it’s actually 95% of the time i should know this because i did an extensive research on him
7. he takes ugly selfie….
8. he sings like angel <3 because u dont just listen to his voice, u see and you feel his passion and sincerity and it goes straight to your heart
9. he actually inspires and motivates me to be a better person, to work hard and believe in yourself and never give up and that you are the happiest when you make others happy

he is the best bias ever i love him so much omg

to start things off, i just want to say a huge thank you to the most beautiful people in the world – you guys! you have made my experience on tumblr very meaningful, and even though i cant do much like photoshop or even opinions that well, i’ve somehow managed to snag over 400 followers. i love you all v v much, and this is your invitation to pls be my friend.

“you are the smell before rain.”

lameofrp -alli. aka my everything and the friendliest person ever. you are my bfffff, and i love u with all my heart. you’re one of the first people i became friends with on here & every time we talk you bring a big ol’ smile to my face!! you’re amazing and i’ve noticed ur kinda going through a rough time rn, but keep ur head up bc u are a flower in a dry desert. so many ppl love u, especially m E. thank u for being my friend and putting up w/ my bullshit and lame jokes all the time. i hope u never leave me bc ur actual perfection (even if u dont realize it) and i always look forward to talking to u. heart eyes at u.

palrph -my CUTE NOVEL! i think ur a very creative person and i love you w/ all my heart, i swear. i remember you were a HUGE tumblr crush of mine when i started (not on this blog…i used to have another rph/rpt blog nd i swear i would just stalk u all the time, back when u had emma watson as ur mascot for the first time) and i would just sit and pout and wish i could be ur friend. and now i am ur bob. life is a beautiful thing. i just wanna thank u for helping me that one day when life was tough on me and i was feelin’ sad, but u brought me right back up again. i appreciate everything u do. loves. also thank u for this fucking AMAZING graphic…fuq..its so sexi i think im gonna propose to it. i love u more than anything ok. 

assrps -o my cute ass. idk if u even check this blog anymore but ur my bud and i felt the need to write u a lil something anyway. i remember when u came over to my place the first time i started rping and i tried to hide it from u, and then u found out & i got all embarrassed. i wasn’t expecting u to be into it too but im glad you did otherwise we would’ve never had logan and andy, the ultimate brotp. i wont go on about dumb shit bc u know i love u, i cant wait to see 5sos w/u!!!!!!

creativekaitlyn -we’ve been through a lot and u havent been on this blog in forever last time i checked, which is good so i dont have to worry about u seeing this. i love u and im sorry for everything. i hope u find the best version of yourself this year & ill grow up!! thanks for being a p great rp partner.

anicelarps -my loNG LOST SISTER. we have so much in common it was too crazy. i dont think u check this blog anymore either bt ur my pal and i needed to include u in this anyway. we need to start talking again bc i miss my twin sister rip me </3

rooofrp - i’m p sure u hate me bt riley :-// ur one of the coolestcoolest people on here & funny as shit tbh. we havent talked in 28 years which sucks but hopefully ill get my ass on aim sometime soon and find the courage to message u. ily tho, dont forget that. ps. ur cute as balls.

“you are the blood in my veins.”

honestly this is everyone i have a crush on, or i find you constantly lighting up my dash. i dont have the courage to approach you & be ur friend, so this is the best i’ll ever be able to do. thank u so much for following me tho, it means the world. 

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