actually my garden


Ven… He was here…

I keep designing cute outfits and then getting sad that I don’t have them in real life.

There’s some faint backwards text in the background because I doodled this on the back of a school worksheet, not expecting it to end up as a finished marker drawing. Whoops.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Yukine:</b> It's been a few years since my best friend Suzuha died. I still miss him.<p/><b>Suzuha:</b> (in another room) Quit telling people I'm dead!<p/><b>Yukine:</b> Sometimes I can still hear his voice. So tragic.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

MP100 x OtGW - 07

Matsuo as Auntie Whispers
Asagiri Minori as Lorna
Mogami Keiji as Spirit

From here on out the plot thickens, no more one page per episode. Tho still no guarantee when I’ll be uploading the next ones.


a faint clap of thunder,
clouded skies
perhaps rain comes
if so, will you stay here with me? 

— the garden of words, (½).

part two | sanvers fic on ao3

hello. i haven’t posted anything in a while, my blog has been on queue for an entire week. so i feel kinda bad. but here’s a thing. if you’re interested, you should give the ost a listen, it’s amazing and i love it.

All right so it’s currently Undyne Appreciation Week at @undyne-appreciation  and I just have to join because it’s flippin’ Undyne ok! :D also perfect excuse to practice drawing her! because I srs need to get better at drawing her, but mostly I just love her <3 so have this rushed little thing that still took me like 3 hours to make

Day Two: Your favourite thing about the fish

My favourite thing about Undyne? Oh there is so many things that I absolutely love about her, her passion, her loyalty to her friends, her extremeness in everything she do, her bravery, how she never gives up, that she is just so strong and that she is so motivating, that any goal she sets her sights on she will give 110%, that she is secretly one big nerd and so damn kind and caring and that she will do anything for her friends and for what she believes in! that she is one big old softie, all the crazy stuff she do, her expressions, that she is absolutely gorgeous, I could go on all day but will stop there <:

Realised I missed yesterdays day so I will have to remedy that later~