actually my favourite relationship on the show


For as long as I have known you, you’ve been two wholly separate men.

When I say I want Destiel to become canon

What I DON’T want:

- the show to become solely about Castiel and Dean, Sam is one of my favourite characters!

- Them to be constantly having sex all the time 

What I DO want:

- Castiel and Dean to be in a healthy established relationship

- Dean to acknowledge bisexuality (it could actually be a very interesting character arc for him as long as it doesn’t take over the whole show)

So there’s a thing that happens in every fandom and bothers me in every fandom, and in SKAM I feel like I can go “this specifically is why it bothers me” so I’m going to talk about it for a bit.

That thing is that once an m/m pairing gets to a certain level of popularity, at some point it apparently becomes more or less “widely accepted fanon” that one of them is the more or less (recently more more than less) subby bottom and the other one is the confident top who takes the lead in most/all matters. I don’t know why, but this seems to happen every single time. Apart from how I don’t think that’s representative of most actual m/m relationships, I personally think there’s hardly ever any reason to assign such roles to fictional characters because we hardly ever know anything about their actual sex lives. Often it’s ships who aren’t even canon! There is literally nothing to know! And even when it’s canon ships like Isak and Even, we don’t actually know anything about their sex life! And there’s no necessary correlation between someone’s behaviour outside the bedroom and in it!


Basically, I’m a little bothered by this “Isak is a shy cupcake who never takes the lead and also definitely bottoms” thing that’s been growing so much recently. (Not to say there’s anything wrong with enjoying your smut however you want! If a boy wants to be fucked, he should go get himself fucked and have a great time! My point is just that that should go for all boys and that liking things up your butt isn’t a character trait, it’s a sexual preference.)

Even disregarding that Isak is a seventeen year old boy who is still in the closet when he meets Even and struggles with acting on his true desires because of how he fears it’ll make others perceive him, and has thus never been in a romantic relationship where he felt comfortable and got to explore the physical side in a way that was true to himself (if he did at all) (that is to say, it’s not unlikely he’s a virgin when he meets Even, and even if he isn’t he’s quite obviously way less experienced than Even, who also generally doesn’t seem to give a fuck about what people think about his sexuality), I think there are many instances in the show that establish Isak as a forward, not-at-all-timid person!

Annnnd I’m gonna put this behind a read more because this got seriously long oops

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I do prefer CCS, I saw it first and it has something that Sailor Moon doesn't really (typically) have, and that's dudes liking each other. As a guy myself, it's sorta just a preference. Not that I don't like Zoisite and Kunzite, but... CCS guys are more boyish, especially with their short hair. I love how we both like CCS and Sailor Moon though! Both shows are amazing! (and yeah, Crystal's shit. Thank you for hating the shitennou and Guardians together! I agree with your shitennou pairings!)

Cardcaptor Sakura is my all time second favourite franchise so I’m loving that you love both shows too!.

The classic Sailor Moon anime did have a gay male x male couple (Kunzite x Zoisite).

However in CCS, I don’t think there was ever an actual gay couple.

There were a couple of male on male crush and female on female crush but never an actual relationship. I’ll explain:

🌸 Shaoran x Yukito

Our good sis Sakura found herself in a funny situation. She had a big crush on Yukito just like her enemy Shaoran whom happened to be a boy. This situation caused a lot of misunderstanding and hilarious stories. However, Shaoran didn’t really have a crush on him, once Yukito’s real identity is revealed he no longer has a crush on him. Apparently because of his real powers and aura it made Shaoran felt like that. Let’s remember that Shaoran had kind of a sixth sense and he could ~feel~ things. He felt in ecstasy (if you wanna call it that) because he could sense Yukito’s real hidden powers and that was mistaken for him having a crush. Again, once Yukito’s real identity is revealed he no longer blushes when he’s around him nor he’s interested in him anymore. I don’t think this counts as a real gay crush but it was still cute.

🌸 Touya x Yukito

Looks like everyone falls in love with Yukito. Sakura’s brother Touya had a very ~special~ relationship with him. He was very overprotective and was always there for him, not that these mean that they were in a relationship or had a romantic affection but if you’ve watched the anime you totally can feel some gay innuendo between those two. Nothing’s ever confirmed in the show but it’s pretty obvious they had something going on. They never got to be in a relationship tho.

🌸 Tomoyo x Sakura

This is the most heartbreaking one of them all because let’s be real, we all were rooting for Tomoyo. Our good sis Tomoyo was in love with her long-time friend Sakura (this is not speculation, this is a canon fact both in the manga and the anime). Unfortunately for our good cupcake-sis Tomoyo, she sadly knew that Sakura would never feel the same and that this was a harsh case of unrequited love so on episode 50 she slew our lives by demonstrating us all what love is really all about.

On this episode, Sakura and Tomoyo are in some kind of make your own bear kind of shop and they’re talking about who they would give those bears to (they’re meant to be love presents).

I can’t remember whom Sakura said she would give her bear to (obviously not Tomoyo) so when asked by Sakura whom she would give her bear to, our good pure heart sis Tomoyo says that she can’t give her bear to the person she loves because that person loves someone else. Sakura is shocked SHOOK and then Tomoyo goes on with the dialogue above:

Tomoyo: If there’s something that the person that I like can be happy about, more so than liking me in return I want that person to stay happy the way it was meant to be.

Sakura: …you don’t care if the person you like likes you back?.

Tomoyo: Of course, I would be happy if that person likes me back, but… for me to see the person I like so much staying happy gives me the biggest happiness.

Our angel Tomoyo gave us the biggest lesson and she’s just only 10. This was the moment that she harshly realizes that Sakura would never feel the same about her and this is the beginning of her moving on. Despite of this all, she kept being best friends with Sakura regardless of how hard that can actually be for her. Love is when someone’s else happiness is your happiness, Tomoyo knew that and handled it like a pro. Sakura was always too naive and never learned about Tomoyo’s feelings, sadly.

I hope that Tomoyo finds love in the brand new arc because our good pure selfless spirit-sis deserves it.

CLAMP don’t fail me!111!!!.

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What do you think makes the caryl relationship NON platonic?

Non platonic? Okay *cracks knuckles*. Here we go.

Okay so I suppose I’ll add something first. Daryl is not a touchy feely person. So for him any sort of physical contact is something to be noted. Carol is the only one he has given a massage to, Carol is the only one to have kissed him (twice might I add) and they’ve shared numerous hugs.

Unfortunately the show being written the way it’s written it leaves very little time for our two love birds to actually blossom. One of them is always either gone or is going through a state of emotional hurting (making it very hard for anything other than comfort and non platonic shows of affection appropriate). Also any scenes we do get where there is a chance for progression is more than often rudely interrupted (you’ll see what I mean as I go though).

We’ll start with the biggest contender in the mix, (and one of my favourite Caryl scenes may I add) the season three bus scene.

Originally posted by blondsecrets

The idea of a platonic relationship does not involve making jokes about ‘screwing around’ nor does it about ‘going down first’ either. That moment in the gif above where Carol glances back at Daryl and his eyes flicker up from what he’s doing to meet hers and his movements stop, well, (and take this as you will) I feel like Daryl stopped because he realised how sexually under toned what he was doing was. Both of them obviously feeling the same hence Carol’s sexual jokes.

Moving swiftly on.

This scene below. A whole massive, shit load of feels for this whole episode, but this moment in particular. Had this scene been allowed to play out, not only do I think there would have been more room for Carol to actually vent her emotions, but I think something else could have progressed. I was rather content to watch them on a bed together for however long they would have chose to stay there. The fact that Daryl is even comfortable laying on a bed next to Carol is a notable point, he breaks so many of his no contact, no affection rules with her and honest to god I feel like they just need time to initiate that (season 8 I’m looking at you).

Originally posted by gracefull-mess

Okay just imagine, they were allowed just 30 more seconds of lying there, heads gradually turn towards each other, Daryl’s hooded eyes glancing between her eyes and her mouth, Carol knowing what he was asking without him having to say a word and BAM…but of course, interruptions are key and happiness is not allowed for my babies.

Originally posted by vskultetyova11

So this moment above is my all time Caryl fav and if Rick the Prick hadn’t been lurking to cockblock I honestly believe that this moment would have progressed to a kiss. I mean he goddamn fucking nuzzles her! Her hands cradle his face, all she had to do was pull him forward. I spent the whole of this scene anticipating a kiss, I feel like this was a moment just waiting to happen. But of course it was ruined.

Originally posted by alwaysthequietones

THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. I feel like the first hug was more full of hurt, relief and unresolved tension. But this one? Do not tell me this was not full of pure romance, I wish he hadn’t had to leave. Again this was left with so much potential to open up that physical side of their relationship that is yet to be uncovered but is so clearly there. This goes past just platonic for me, for me I feel like there is something more that they want to establish, just never the right time or situation.

Bonus content - Eye fucks for daysss (no one looks at someone like that and does not want to bed them, end of):

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Thank you for your ask.



Just finished this series on my end, and will go and read the manga now, it’s been a while since S // o // u // l //// C // o // n // t // r // a // c // t that I was so into an anime/series. I practically marathoned it on my end. It’s a really interesting series.

My no.1 favourite character, ofcourse will go to:

Though I also have to say that I really love Midori on my end as well, like he’s really interesting to me, and I actually love it when he’s in the picture, even though he’s a sadist xD. He’s another sadist that I love apart from Reiji (Diabolik////Lovers) XD. So he’s my second favourite

In terms of relationship, honestly, when you give me scenes like these for Yukki & Matsuoka, I cannot not ship/love them XD. Like how can anyone not find their relationship so pure / sweet and adorable:


Yukki calls Matsuoka by his ‘nickname’ i.e. Mattsun (which shows how much he loves him):

He even apologized to Mattsun on his end too xD

Even when just moments earlier, he is so firm & said he won’t apologize on his end:

Yukki you’re really such a big softie when it comes to Matsuoka <3

And I also really love this scene in the manga:

I’m sorry Yukki even though you hate Midori, but I love him on my end xD

Like their relationship is so pure/sweet, I really love them. So now, I’m going to list them down as my brotp in this series~!! <3<3<3

I also would like to learn more about Midori & Matsuoka, and I’m reading the manga now, so hopefully I can get some insight to their past(?)

I reckon all the characters in this series are really great! I mean, I also like Matsuoka and Hotaru(even though I have to say I was shocked that Hotaru is a girl, I mean, I thought it was a ‘he’ at first), I mean just look at him, I mean… her:

So ????? I don’t blame Matsuoka and Yukki not being able to tell that he’s actually a ‘she’ (lol). Kudos to Midori though xD.

P.S. I have to say that I LOVE Hotaru badass mode:

Ok, she’s not a pyschopath (lol), but in the TGC / survival game things gets more interesting for Toy Gun Gun when she’s in this mode, because she means business, so I actually like it on my end.

As far as romantic relationship goes, I ship, Midori x Hotaru

They probably won’t get canon, but I do really like this ship on my end, I mean, I want to see how this will develop Midori’s character if he actually does come to loving her one day, like I see that Hotaru brings out the best in him. Like she can really challenge him and that’s nice, and give him so many surprises that he doesn’t expect (it’s refreshing).


30 DAYS OF EVA, DAY 9: Favourite Character pairing

  okay so I actually don’t like most pairings in NGE so this one is less ‘my favourite’ and more ‘the one I can stand the most’. I like asurei, ritsumaya, and asumari well enough as well, but if I had to pick my fav I think I’d definitely say kawoshin. I think they probably have the best chemistry and relationship of any characters in the show, and as much as I shit on the gay piano I do actually think its a pretty compelling scene emotionally. Their interactions are complex and interesting, and I think one of the more healthy (ha) relationships that Shinji has. 


bones hiatus challenge 💀  Day 5 - Favourite story arc -
Booth’s relapse / gambling addiction - Season 10

I was reading one of Sweets’ books. Sweets? Uh, let’s stop with that one, okay? In it, it says that any big emotional change, even good, can trigger a relapse with an addict.

Booth’s gambling story arc in season 10 is probably one of my favourites so far for Booth’s character development. It shows how he goes through the stages of grief. From denying that he has not been affected by gambling, actually relapsing and keeping it a secret from everyone, being found out, reluctantly attending meetings, so he can mend his relationship with Brennan, to finally accepting that he needs help and attending meetings to fix himself and fix his complicated relationship with his family. This arc shows every step a recovering addict goes through to better their life. 



INTERVIEWER: So, the relationship between your two characters is one of the fan favourites. Are you two as close outside of the show?
MATT: Me and Chlo? I can’t get rid of her…
CHLOE: Me and my dog Arthur have actually got a bedroom in Matt’s house.

The hardest part of Season Six for me wasn’t Strdia being canon or Scott be sidelined, it was what happened to Stiles Stilinski.

I watched the show in a dark time of my life, when I’d lost a ton of my best friends and I just needed something. I connected to Stiles almost straight away, he was just like me; funny, sacrastic, but a little broken on the inside.

Season 1,2,3,4 - he was amazing, every season when by and I loved him more and more, I can say now the best thing to happen to that boy was Malia, she helped him deal with the aftermath of Void Stiles. I loved him and he was my favourite character.

Then Season 5A, it was darker than usual and it was nice to see a darker side to Stiles, but it was a cheap trick having him not tell Scott about Donovan and the fallout was BS, also Stiles beating Scott up on season 5B - I was shocked and actually slightly hurt by it.

I ship Stalia, but even I know Sciles is the main relationship of the show, bromance over romance anyday. Stalia and Sciles was tip-top in episode 17 to 20 and we had the good old blessed Stiles back.

Sometimes season 6 makes me cry, because they took this character, who made me laugh and feel special in a way and and turned him into a fuckboy and dick. They ruined Marrish, Stalia, Sciles…Etc and they’re not even sorry.

The only part of season six I liked was when Scott and Malia had flashbacks to sweet memories of Stiles….lovely Stiles. And maybe the Sciles hug, but it was all tainted by Mayonnaise Stilinski and Snake Martin.

So yeah, thanks Teen Wolf for ruining my favourite character.

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What do you for compatibility? Synastry or composite?

I get this a lot so I’m just gonna explain. My belief is that there’s so such thing as compatibility, as in there’s no way to show how likely two people will stay together. What compatibility methods in astrology can tell you is what to expect from the relationship, the other person and what they’ll bring out in you/what you’ll bring out it them (to an extent).

My favourite is davison composite, my second synastry and my least favourite the regular midpoint method.

The midpoint method is my least favourite because it works like the regular midpoints in your own chart, meaning that it doesn’t really do much or tell you anything unless the midpoint is activated - meaning it forms a conjunction, opposition or square to a natal placement.

Synastry charts are the most widely used compatibility method and it basically lays both charts on top of each other and you can see the aspects form and where your planets fall in each other’s houses. this is your typical sun x sun compatibility. this method goes a lot on how you’ll affect each other. so, for example, where their saturn is in your house is where you may feel restricted by them at times but also how they give you stability and vice versa, it’s much more of what you give them and what they give you (or perhaps what you don’t give). this is also shown because you can have mutual bad and good placements, for example your venus might sextile their sun but their venus squares yours. this method also requires the analysis of the each natal chart beforehand as people have personal preferences about what they want. again, for example someone with venus square mars won’t want a trine heavy relationship (although sometimes “incompatible" synastry charts will have great draconic synastry)

davison composite charts are my personal favourite because they are the most similar to actual natal charts. our charts are snapshots of the universe when we were born, davison charts use a midpoint method that creates a “birthday” for the relationship so the davison composite is read much like a natal chart and is much more “mutual” than synastry. it tells how they express love together, how they express anger in the relationship etc. the house placements are also very useful, unlike what I said before, saturn doesn’t show how you give stability or make the other person feel restricted but it shows where there is stability in the relationship itself and where the relationship is restricted itself (and in need of growth). since there’s no real location for this chart I usually use equal houses.

How did I know… No, I didn’t miss or forget about baby Neal, or Regina, or Henry. I painted Emma and her parents. The Charming family of the Enchanted Forest. Because I wanted a piece featuring the three of them. It’s not me ignoring other relationships or a statement of how I see Regina’s or Henry’s or anyone else’s place in the family.

And honestly, telling me I “forgot” or “missed” them is pretty damn patronising. And since I highly doubt anyone is dumb enough to actually think that I forgot about half the characters on my favourite show, or managed to leave them out of a painting even though I meant to include them, I have to think it’s a veiled criticism. Which, you know. If you want Regina or Henry in a painting, here’s an idea: pick up a damn pencil and practice for 25 years and do it your damn self. Or look at other fan art. Or, even more revolutionary here so brace yourself, ASK NICELY.

Sorry, but I’m really, really sick of backlash or demands or criticism any time I paint Emma with family. Or Regina with Robin. Like, come on.

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one of your followers here! i was wondering if you could tell me abt andi mack? i haven't seen it and i don't know much beyond "it's gay and also that one quote.... what was it... ah yes hocious docious pokius"

ohhhhh my god i can’t believe docious magocious has become an andi mack staple today is a good day

BASICALLY! andi mack is a young girl who’s wayward biker sister comes home to live with her again after 13 years, just in time for her birthday. but shocker! her sister is actually *drumrolls*… her biological mother.

it’s very lizzie mcguire but with 10x the drama and i love it. poc main cast? CHECK. our leads are an asian-american girl, a black girl and a (canonically gay) jewish boy. teen pregnancy storyline? CHECK. although it’s not explicitly talked about the whole plot of the show is andi and bex adjusting to seeing each other as mother and daughter instead of sisters, and as of 2x04 we’ve had a few flashbacks showing bex as an actual teenager with baby andi which was really great to see that they’re acknowledging how young she was. actors looking their age? CHECK. although the actors ARE i think about 3-4 years older than who they’re playing, they play pre-teens well, which is really great considering how used I am to seeing full grown adults playing 14 year olds.

ridiculous tween lingo? OH MY GOD CHECK. jonah beck, man. JONAH BECK. whoever coined the term docious magocious is a fucking genius because I’VE ALMOST SLIPPED AND SAID IT IN REAL CONVERSATION MULTIPLE TIMES. and i hate myself for it. but god damn the way he says it with his little dimpled smile it actually makes me believe it’s something people really say.

Oh, and speaking of Jonah Beck - yeah, he gives me more bisexual vibes than some canonically bi characters in tv shows. Without giving too much away, while he’s so far been exclusively in relationships with girls… there’s just too much subtext between him and Cyrus, my friend. Way too much.

The show is cute and quirky and I actually really love it. I would definitely recommend giving it a watch if you don’t mind a bit of cringy middle school lingo sprinkled here and there. <3

brooklyn nine nine - a rant on the recent two episodes

honestly tho??? the venue was an entire masterpiece of an episode. we all know this. i legitimately SCREECHED when that one bartender made a drink and called it the peraltiago??????? fuckin annihilated the fourth wall and my brother’s eardrums goddamn

also the newest thanksgiving episode was. the most sufficient and satisfying episode can i just say. so much familial love. so much latino representation. so much love for my son jake peralta. and of course what a wonderful episode that had so many of Intense™ Holt - my absolute favourite holt. and kevin was back??? w ow i adore his and holt’s relationship what goals


- rant over i love this show bye

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How does chloe really feel about Adrien? Elaborate C:

A  very  important  aspect  of  Chloe’s  personality    (    and  this  does  rely  a  little  on  my  own  personal  headcanons  for  her    )    is  the  fact  that  she’s  never  received  real  love.    And  because  of  this,    Chloe  doesn’t  know  how  to  love  in  return.    I’m  not  saying  that  Mayor  Bourgeois  doesn’t  love  his  daughter.    It’s  OBVIOUS  that  he  does.    A  lot,  too    !    But  the  kind  of  love  that  he  has  always  given  her  has  never  been  what  she  needs.    Ever  since  she  was  born,    Chloe  Bourgeois  has  been  the  absolute  apple  of  her  father’s  eye.    Everything  that  she  has  ever  wanted  or  needed  has  been  presented  to  her  without  question  or  complaint.    She  is  spoiled  ROTTEN.    In  the  one  where  Kim  is  akumatized,    we  see  quite  a  clear  example  of  just  how  much  she  is  allowed  to  get  away  with,     specifically  concerning  her  father’s  money.    She  orders  a  ridiculous  24  carat  gold  photo  frame,    charged  to  Daddykins,    to  match  her  gold  toilet.    I  am  well  aware  that  Chloe  is  the  daughter  of  the  mayor  of  Paris  and  is  an  heiress  as  well  but  that  kind  of  money  is  no  joke.    Due  to  his  busy  job,    the  Mayor  has  never  been  able  to  be  around  for  her.    Whatever  happened  to  Chloe’s  mother,    we  don’t  know  yet  so  let’s  just  go  with  the  fact  that  it  was  her  father  who  solely  raised  her.    In  his  eyes,    not  being  able  to  be  there  and  to  teach  her  how  to  grow  and  to  be  able  to  spend  quality  time  with  her,    the  best  alternative  was  to  give  her  everything  she  desired.    He  never  put  a  leash  on  her,    so  to  speak.    He  never  held  her  back.    He  gave  her  everything  she  demanded.    Ever  since  she  was  born,    this  is  the  only  kind  of  love  that  Chloe  has  ever  experienced.

Even  Sabrina  is  the  same  with  her.    Never  any  complaints.   Chloe  can  be  a  despicable  person  to  Sabrina  sometimes  but  she  keeps  on  coming  back.    She  keeps  giving  her  love  and  doing  her  assignments  and  she  continues  to  act  as  though  she’s  her  personal  assistant.    In  short,    Sabrina  has  never  been  the  kind  to  say  no  to  Chloe  either.    Chloe  has  grown  up  thinking  that  love  and  being  loved  is  about  someone  giving  you  everything  that  you  want  and  practically  everything  else  that  love  isn’t.    I’m  not  saying  that  Adrien  has  ever  done  this  to  her    (    look  at  Kung  Food  when  he  defends  Mari    )    but  he  REPRESENTS  this.    Adrien  is  beautiful,    rich,    popular  and  kind  to  her.    He’s  pretty  much  the  dream  guy  so  his  personality    +    the  way  he  treats  her    +    the  fact  that  Chloe  doesn’t  know  love    =    It’s  so  obvious  why  she  thinks  she  loves  him.

But  she  doesn’t.    Not  romantically,    at  least.    Adrien  is  a  very  IMPORTANT  person  to  her.    She  loves  him  and  she  cares  about  him  but  she’s  not  in  love  with  him.    Adrien  is  the  first  person  in  pretty  much  her  whole  life  who  has  ever  treated  her  with  anything  close  to  a  proper  love.    It’s  still  not  enough  and  it’s  still  not  perfect  but  Chloe  has  led  a  very  distant  life  from  all  of  her  relationships,    seemingly  placed  up  on  the  highest  pedestal.    Adrien  doesn’t  do  this  with  her.    He’s  kind  but  I  think  that  he  doesn’t  give  her  everything  she  wants.    Obviously  he’s  grown  a  lot  since  becoming  Chat  Noir  and  we  haven’t  seen  the  way  they  interacted  before  that  really,    but  he  still  said  no  when  it  mattered.    That’s  addicting  to  her.    To  have  someone  treat  her  like  a  person,    to  have  someone  not  hold  her  in  such  a  high  regard  is  like  a  forbidden  fruit  to  her.    She’s  never  tasted  something  like  this  before.    There’s  no  wonder  why  she  would  instantly  love  it  and  want  to  hold  onto  it.    If  Adrien  had  been  just  another  one  of  those  kinds  of  people  who  viewed  her  as  some  being  meant  to  be  cherished,    then  she  would  have  definitely  loved  his  money  and  his  looks  and  all  of  that  but  she  wouldn’t  be  so  deeply  obsessed  with  him.    

I  think  two  of  the  defining  moments  in  their  real  relationship  are  showcased  in  Origins  Part  One  and  the  Christmas  Special.    Both  times,    we  see  Chloe  deeply  caring  about  Adrien  and  it  isn’t  in  the  way  we’ve  all  come  to  expect.    She  keeps  secrets  for  him  and  probably  plays  an  active  role  in  helping  Adrien  attend  public  school  without  his  father  knowing    (    which  is  one  of  my  favourite  things  in  the  series  )    and  appears  genuinely  disappointed  and  upset  for  him  when  he  doesn’t  show.    She  also  really  smiles,    so  genuinely,    when  Adrien  is  found  safe  and  at  home  and  she  gives  up  her  present-filled  Christmas  with  her  father  to  spend  it  with  him  and  their  classmates.    This  is  REAL.  These  scenes  are  the  most  accurate  depictions  of  their  true  relationship,    of  the  way  that  Chloe  actually  feels  about  him.   It’s  of  friendship  and  of  love  and  its  that  side  of  Chloe  that  we  barely  ever  get  to  see  because  she  never  really  has  any  cause  to  show  it.  And  because  most  of  the  time,    she  doesn’t  know  HOW  to  show  it.    These  moments  where  Chloe  doesn’t  have  her  walls  up  and  isn’t  being  treated  like  a  princess  are  the  best.  It’s  in  these  moments  where  you  can  finally  see  the  true  way  that  Chloe  feels  about  Adrien.  Everything  else  written  above  and  before  are  the  reasons  why  we  don’t  get  to  see  this  all  the  time  from  her.

Supergirl S1 Appreciation Week - Day 4

Supergirl S1 Appreciation Week

Day Four - Best Relationships

There are a lot of great relationships on the show, particularly in Season 1, but it ultimately all comes down to one relationship for me:

The Danvers Sisters

I don’t have a sister. I have a brother. And he annoys the crap out of me because he’s my younger brother. So I almost always feel like Alex in situations when she’s dealing with Kara as a sister. She’s protective, she’s bossy, she feels like she knows better, she feels like she’s the one who should give out the advice.

But we have fun together. He makes me laugh despite my being annoyed with him. We talk about TV shows together. We play video games together. We bitch about our mom together. We laugh about his son together. And even though, in my mind’s eye, he’ll always, always be six years old, my kid brother is a grown up. He’s married, with a kid, another kid on the way, a wife, a dog, a mortgage, a steady job. And yet, he’ll still ask me for advice, sometimes. Usually he thinks he knows better, but he’ll still occasionally go “how would you handle this, sister?”

Despite all of our differences and all of our arguments (and there are a lot of both), it’s so touching to know that he still wants to know what I think about important things. I am literally the only person on the planet outside of him and his wife who knows the name of the next child, because he knows I won’t tell anyone. He also knows I won’t judge them for the name. Alex and Kara remind me of the relationship I have with my brother. Supportive, occasionally antagonistic, accusations of favourites (my brother is the favourite), but ultimately, there for one another.

Alex and Kara are so different. Circumstances, odd circumstances, brought them into each others’ lives, but it’s clear that their bond is just as strong as the actual one my brother and I share. This is the relationship that is central to the show. This is why I watch.

Bonus: Kara and Barry

Okay, so I watched The Flash before Supergirl existed. I still watch it. I look at Barry Allen and I’m like “DUDE, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” He makes so many bad decisions over on The Flash that it was absolutely delightful for him to be on Supergirl and be the voice of reason. Supportive, helpful, reasonable, rational. I love this iteration of Barry Allen. And I really, really, really love how these two play off of each other.

Of course, there are other relationships. Cat and Kara’s complicated relationship. James and Kara. Kara and Winn. J’onn and Alex. J’onn and Kara. Astra and Kara. God, the list goes on. But, ultimately, I watch for the Danvers Sisters and I found Barry’s appearance in S1 to be the most delightful thing ever.

See you tomorrow for Day 5!


Jonerys Appreciation Week

Day 2 - Favourite Scene, The Cave Scene in 7x4 - The Spoils of War

I actually love this whole episode. It’s one of my favourites of the whole series and I almost chose it as my favourite episode for Jonerys Week, but settled on The Dragon and The Wolf because to me that was such a good episode for their relationship. This scene is one of my favourites because I feel like this was the first major shift in their relationship. They were already clearly attracted to each other and there was all kinds of chemistry in their first meeting scene, but this scene was the first scene that showed how attracted they actually were to each other. The scene revealed so much about them and what they were beginning to feel from the looks they exchanged, the body language, the way Jon touched Daenerys arm and guided her, the way they stepped toward each other, right down to them walking out of the cave together side by side. It was also the first time we saw them show some trust toward each other openly. When they go into the cave alone together there’s this vulnerability between them and I would argue that this is the moment Jon fell for Daenerys.

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the last
1. drink: green tea
2. phone call: my grandma
3. text message: my mom
4. song you listened to: Despacito
5. time you cried: just today after watching a really sad movie :’)
6. dated someone twice: nope
7. kissed someone and regretted it: nope
8. been cheated on: nope
9. lost someone special: nope
10. been depressed: ofc
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: oh yes

3 favourite colours

12. grey
13. pastel
14. colours of the sky

15. made new friends: do tumblr friends count? then yup lol
16. fallen out of love: nope
17. laughed until you cried: ofc
18. found out someone was talking about you: yeah
19. met someone who changed you: not yet
20. found out who your friends are: they’ve always been there…
21. kissed someone on your Facebook list: no


22. how many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: I only add people that I really know irl on FB, so I know like 99% of them
23. do you have any pets: nope, but i’d like them
24. do you want to change your name: nope
25. what did you do for your last birthday: quiet dinner with the fam
26. what time did you wake up: 9-10am
27. what were you doing at midnight last night: watching some show
28. name something you can’t wait for: being happy and content with myself
29. when was the last time you saw your mom: just a couple of hours ago
31. what are you listening to right now: nothing
32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: nope
33. something that is getting on your nerves: so many things where do i even begin, mostly my lack of motivation
34. most visited website: tumblr, youtube
35. hair colour: golden brown
36. long or short hair: both are fine it depends on the style of cut
37. do you have a crush on someone: nope
38. what do you like about yourself: creativity, individuality, wit - an actual ravenclaw
39. piercings: ear lobes
40. blood type: O
41. nickname: (don’t think i have one- if y’all have one for me let me know lol)
42. relationship status: what’s a relationship (ditto, sam)
43. zodiac: capricorn
44. pronouns: she/her
45. favourite tv show: friends
46. tattoos: nada
47. right or left handed: right
48. surgery: never
50. sport: not really pro in any area, but i did participate in quite a few back in high school. but did i also mention how much i love to watch volleyball…in haikyuu!!
51. vacation: bali & italy
52. pair of trainers: nope
53. eating: nothing
54. drinking: nothing
55. I’m about to: watch a korean drama
56. waiting for: an opportunity
57. want: to find my own path                    
58. get married: idk
59. career: hopefully i’ll do something i like
60. hugs or kisses: hugs
61. lips or eyes: eyes
62. shorter or taller: taller
63. older or younger: depends on what context….
64. nice arms or nice stomach: def arms
65. hook up or relationship: relationship
66. troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant
67. kissed a stranger: nope
68. drank hard liquor: yes
69. lost glasses/contact lenses: yes
70. turned someone down: yes
71. sex on the first date: never
72. broken someone’s heart: I don’t think so
73. had your heart broken: yes
74. been arrested: no
75. cried when someone died: yes
76. fallen for a friend: nah
77. yourself: maybe in some ways, but not fully
78. miracles: yes
79. love at first sight: don’t really believe it unless it happens
80. santa claus: ofc not
81. kiss on the first date: depends whether i like them or not
82. angels: unsure
84. eye colour: black
85. favourite movie: Spirited Away

The secondary characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

This piece of meta is the result of a fascinating conversation I had with korrastorian about their brilliant essay on the agency of animals in ATLA. It’s such a good essay, that there’s nothing I can really add to its main focus. But they said one thing in passing that I’d like to respond to, because it’s a common attitude in the Avatar fandom, but one that I can’t quite agree with. They argued that ATLA is character driven, whereas LOK is plot driven. It’s a fair point, rooted in the correct assertion that the two shows take a different approach to plot and character, but not one I can fully agree with. We agreed that LOK centres more on Korra than the secondary characters, so while she has a hugely fleshed out arc, perhaps more so than anyone in the franchise, there is less focus on the secondary characters in LOK than in ATLA. Quoting the reblogs:

Me: “I suppose there’s an argument to be made that LOK’s Secondary Cast is less fleshed out than the cast of ATLA”

Korrastorian: “The secondary characters, i.e. the other members of the krew, weren’t nearly as developed as those in ATLA”.

I still didn’t quite agree with this. I feel like the krew are just as developed as the Gaang (with the exception of Zuko, whose arc is, for me, only bettered by Korra’s). I (somewhat imperfectly) defined the difference between the two shows as this:

“LOK centres more on its lead, whereas ATLA is more of an ensemble piece, so it’s perhaps fair to say (though far from scientifically measured) that LOK gives less screentime to the development of its secondary characters than ATLA. I’d also say LOK is more compressed in its storytelling than ATLA, which is a slower paced series, so the character moments stand out more in ATLA, whereas in LOK, the character scenes come hand in hand with the plot.”

This won’t be a deep piece of meta, more an comparison and analysis of the secondary characters from both shows to back up that statement. I’d also like to argue for a more nuanced definition of the differences between the series approaches, as I feel this will help us better understand the two series. To do this, I’m going to explore the approaches of the two shows to the separate “Teams Avatars”, the mentor figures, and the villains.

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