actually my favourite person in the world as of now

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  • Name: Taylor
  • Nicknames: tay
  • Height: i actually checked this yesterday and im so smol? its 5′3 and now im embarrassed ;u;
  • Orientation: straight i guess, tbh in my opinion this question is actually not important
  • Ethnicity: not going to reveal haha
  • Favourite fruit: litchis
  • Favourite season: autumn and summer and spring
  • Favourite book: i have too many
  • Favourite flower: roses
  • Favourite scent: the air after rain, sea, lavender (same haha)
  • Favourite animal: dOGS
  • Coffee, tea or hot cocoa? coffee is bae tbh
  • Average sleep: 7 hours but now since im on holidays its 9 or 10 LMAO
  • Cat or dog person? dOGS AGAIN
  • Favourite fictional character: Leo Valdez and Fred Weasley <3
  • Number of blankets: one
  • Dream trip: around the world lol
  • Blog created: 28th july 2016
  • Number of followers: 1.3k, it keeps dropping then increasing rip (thank you so much <3)

i tag : whoever who sees this!