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So the Telltale staff did a Q&A about Season 3 on the Telltale forums and this is what one of them had to say about whether or not Clem has feelings for Gabe. 1/2

“This is something that Clem will need to decide for herself. There’s some factors in her history that could make it more or less likely for her to open up to someone like Gabe, but at the end of the day, they really haven’t known each other all that long. She could feel strongly enough based on some existing choices that she’ll make a declaration on his deathbed of what they might have been – but the difference between might have been, and what will be, remains to be seen.” Thoughts? 2/2

I think this person is commenting more on whether Clem would get into a relationship with Gabe because another one of Telltale’s staff confirmed in the same thread that Clem does have romantic feelings for Gabe.

“There’s some factors in her history that could make it more or less likely for her to open up to someone like Gabe, but at the end of the day, they really haven’t known each other all that long.”

This is a pretty fair answer, honestly. ANF takes place over 3 or 4 days. However, it’s clear that despite their short time together, Clem and Gabe definitely care about each other (Gabe asking Javi how Clem is, Clem going with Gabe to protect him in the beginning of episode 5 when David insists he comes along with him). But getting to know someone – knowing what makes them tick, knowing their dreams and hopes and fears, the principles and morals they live by – that takes a lot of time. Gabe and Clem are friends who’ve talked and maybe even opened up to each other, but I doubt they’ve built that solid foundation of trust necessary for a relationship (whether romantic or platonic) in 3 days. I feel like they’re well on their way, though.

“She could feel strongly enough based on some existing choices that she’ll make a declaration on his deathbed of what they might have been – but the difference between might have been, and what will be, remains to be seen.”

Again, I think this is pretty fair statement too. It’s no surprise that they’ve taken a liking to each other. Someone else in the AMA also pointed out that it’s pretty natural for Clem and Gabe to crush on each other: Clem is the first girl who’s his age and isn’t family, Gabe is the first boy since Duck who’s her age. Whether it’ll blossom into a full-fledged relationship is another story. People grow and change and meet other people. I also doubt Clem has time to even be in a relationship, given that she’s raising AJ too. Gabe’s also a determinant character and we’re not even sure if he’ll even be alive next season, given Telltale’s track record (if he does survive episode 5, that is).

But despite all that, I think Gabe is really good for Clementine. Admittedly, I also initially had reservations about Gabe until I saw how Clem actually acted like her age around him and not the hardened, wary survivor she is. (I also I realized around episode 3 that I had the exact same personality as Gabe when I was his age so I cut him some slack too lmao. Now he’s one of my favourite characters in the game, kid’s really grown on me.) I feel like Gabe grounds Clementine and reminds her that life is beyond just surviving. I’d really hate to see Clem turn into someone who’s cold, alone, and void of humanity. But when she’s around Gabe, she’s able to forget that the world is utter shit, even if it’s only for a few moments (the scene where they’re playing euchre is SO PURE!!!).

On a sort of unrelated note, I’m also tired of seeing children die, too. I get it’s *realistic* or whatever but imo it’s the most depressing aspect of the game. I feel like it’s one thing when adults die – they’ve already become the person they’re meant to be, or are at least well into their journey of achieving that. But Duck, Ben, Sarah, and Mariana never got a chance. Gabe begins that journey in episode 5 only to die later (in some playthroughs) and it’s just really really unfair. I really wish that he wasn’t a determinant character. I’d also like to see how another kid would grow up and step into responsibility and adjust to the world around them, you know?


Like okay, flashback to S3 when we we’re all so keen for May to come along and help Coulson tie his tie because you know, he lost a hand? And remember how disappointed we were to have had missed out on that??


Why, you ask? Lemme fill you in -

a) These idiots have literally only met twice before (in the framework anyway) and now they’re what? Being hella domestic and staring at each other with actual heart eyes? SO MUCH FLIRTING - DONT YOU GUYS HAVE A WORLD TO SAVE OR SOMETHING??

b) We have literally no clue how they got to this point, like did Phil Coulson, a hesitant school teacher with soap conspiracy theories just ask this former Hydra leader to come and tie his tie? Did May, dressed in her black outfit and permanent scowl, see how nervous Coulson was and just decided to, ya know, offer her tie tying expertise? 

(Or (my personal favourite) was there no talk at all? Did the two gravitate towards each other on instinct - coming together in difficult times like they have so many times before, even if they can’t quite remember it)




I finished my Art project!!! Some of you already know that I did this but now that I actually finished I want to share it with all of you: I made 14 gifts for the SKAM actors of s3 and also for Siv Svendsen (Henrik’s mum). Today I finished the last one!!! I am going to Oslo for Pride with my lovely Megan @kvartetmenneskeerenoy on June 30th and will bring the gifts with me, hoping to meet some of the actors to give them the gifts in person. I picked my favourite quote from the respective actor’s character and had fans from all over the world translate it into their mothertongue. Then I painted the quotes onto pieces of clothing/accessoires.. So this is the first part of the gifts, from top to bottom they are:

- Pillows for Teresa Eggesbø and Josephine Pettersen. 

- a bag for Ruby Dagnall

- T-shirts for Carl Martin Eggesbø and Ulrikke Falch

- Hoodies for David Sjøholt and Henrik Holm

The second part is coming up

You can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 random people you see on your dash.

thanks @itsastorm for tagging me (♥︎), hopefully this won’t be too embarrassing.

  1. back in the ussr — the beatles 
  2. welcome to the machine — pink floyd (this is actually one of my favourites of theirs, and in general)
  3. hey now — london grammar 
  4. magic — one direction (JAAAAAM)
  5. let there be more light — pink floyd (i’m crying this song means the world to me. and there’s no pokemon theme song so far!)
  6. girl — anouk
  7. slow love (night version) — mø
  8. deadly combination — truceklan & noyz narcos 
  9. hurricane — ms mr
  10. natale con tonno — bello figo gu (i’m crying actual tears… i looked decently cool so far but i can’t cheat)

i tag @ostricacida@theystudyrainbows, @igotaheartandsoul@doctorrainbows, @louehlighthouse, @anulloamato, @stuckinthisocean, @zapboobear, @the-love-laws@alwaysyouinmyheart 

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RFA + V + Saeran + Vanderwood reaction to MC being an agent of National Security from a foreign country. Speaking at least 15 languages


• wait what???
• an agent?
• no way
• you’re so pure???? And innocent
• you sat the guy down and told him you have killed a man before
• and he’s like lol whatever babe
• BUT he starts to realise that you’re dead serious
• this probably explains why you’re always able to read the menus at fancy restaurants
• and why you cringe at subtitle translations
• and why when you when to Paris you had no trouble talking to locals
• and - okay it pretty much explains everything
• ngl he found it really attractive
• like woah you have a really thrilling job??? He thinks so much of you because he literally takes meetings and sits at a desk most of the time
• but you’re like OUT, doing the thing!
• the THING!

• okay he’s not surprised because you’re his babe
• and his babe can do anything
• “we’re a spy couple, it’s like the movies!! We’re like Mr and Mrs Jones but we’re not trying to kill each other … we aren’t are we?”
• “hey MC can I help? I can totally like hack them for you - my work? Nahhhhh it’ll be fine!”
• “babe can I show you to friends? They don’t believe you’re a spy…or that I have a partner.”
• “This is agent 707 from the kitchen over. We’re out of milk over.”
• the two of you will speak in other language in public and in the group chat just to fuck with everyone

• alcohol, explosions and babes, that’s pretty much it right???
• wait what???
• what do you do???
• idk I only know about the FBI
• teach me babe!!
• babe please don’t speak in Arabic I have no idea what you’re saying
• that also counts for Italian
• still hot tho
• can you teach me a language babe??

• What???? National security???
• so like the CIA and FBI?
• no?
• wow MC you’re so cool
• could you help me with my language class? Like private tutoring
• pretty please
• can I show you off to the guys at school?
• he honestly can’t even
• like, he got such a smart and brace person??? Even if he didn’t fully understand what you did

• okay she wasn’t shocked
• no one is that smart
• when you told her she was hella impressed because wow omg that’s actually really hard to get into??? Like?? Congrats babe!
• when Jumin insists that they go international with his company, Jaehee will ask for you to be a translator for her sometimes
• Jumin takes advantage of this
• although he was confused because you didn’t care if you got paid???
• “MC I love you so much.”
• Thank you so much for all your help today, I honestly couldn’t have gotten it done as fast without you.“
•"let’s watch a movie okay?”

• wait what?
• national security??
• How did you manage to be selected? Isn’t it hard???
• he’s so proud
• you’ve had this job for years but he’s still proud
• and he’s amazed by how many languages you can speak, like this is just incredible
• you’re just too good to be true
• “that’s amazing MC!”
• he’s just so amazed
• how can one person be so talented???
• he actually hugs you because of how amazed he is
• he wasn’t sure if anything was real for a moment
• because why would someone so smart want to be with him???? Like he’s a photographer
• but you hug it out because he’s precious and you make sure he knows that

• wait you’re national security?!
• I thought you were just really good with languages
• “we should form a team…just saying.”
• “we could totally rule the world! - or not, that’s fine too, we can rule this house! - or you could yeah…”
•"What can I rule? - the kitchen? Does that mean I have to cook? Okay I can do that.“
• How are you so perfect??
• he actually finds it really cute, like, naww lil MC is out protecting their country
• too pure
• too kind
• he buys you a drink and cooks your dinner

•can I hire you?
• I’m not kidding
• whatever they’re paying you I’ll give you triple
• you’re now my new favourite person
• he’s actually so impressed
• like
• he makes you recite phrases in all the languages you know to see if you’re bullshitting or not
• he starts telling Seven to be more efficient like you
• he’s just so amazed and proud
• he wants to give you all the hugs man

11 Questions

Hey, so I’ve been tagged by both @adorkablephil and @inkyhowlter to do this and I actually really like this tag because the questions are always different. I’m going to put them both into one post and just tag one bunch of people to avoid spamming people as much :)

Rules: Answer the 11 questions given, make up your own 11 questions and tag 11 people to answer them.

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Sister Signs
Aries: Aquarius, Gemini
Taurus: Pisces, Cancer
Gemini: Aries, Leo
Cancer:Taurus, Virgo
Leo: Gemini, Libra
Virgo: Cancer, Scorpio
Libra: Leo, Sagittarius
Scorpio: Virgo, Capricorn
Sagittarius: Libra, Aquarius
Capricorn: Scorpio, Pisces
Aquarius: Sagittarius, Aries
Pisces: Capricorn, Taurus

The Sister Signs are two signs appart and I like to call them The Sister Signs because they’re marked under the best friend influence. I certainly remember reading this nomenclature somewhere, but I cannot remember where(or when…) and I’ve kept it along the years, because I find it beautiful(also, my sister is an Aries and so the name suits like a glove!). These signs are usually very compatible and work together like magic, they communicate with each other flawlessly and may as well be BFFs! And the “forever” part is for real. The interesting thing, and how it ties with the “Sister” part of the title is that these signs may behave more like siblings around each other than lovers, if they are in a romantic relationship. If they’re friends or co-workers, their relationship is golden!

Funny story, though, because I am the type of person that likes to analyze everything in life, when I first read about the relationship between people two signs apart, I was baffled. First off, my sister is an Aries and we have a flawless relationship, whenever we’re together we have lots of fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. But the story goes even deeper: my best friend(we’ve been friends for 12 years, guys!) is also an Aries and even though 4 yrs ago she moved to a different country, we’re still in each other’s lives and when we visit each other it’s like nothing has changed between us.

Now to tell you a story of a romantic relationship with a Sister Sign, shall we? I have two, actually. First, with a Sagittarius, who I’ve proclaimed my favourite person in the world - at first everything clicked between us, I literally thought we were the same person for a while(and so did he). I was madly in love with him for this reason(albeit, I was quite young, this happened 7 years ago). Because of some reason, it never worked between us, but we remained the greatest of friends and still talk to each other. We both understand the love we have for each other and it helped me realize love doesn’t always have to be romantic to be true love.

The other story is with an Aries with whom, again, I clicked instantly. We were on fire at first, but as our relationship progressed, we started behaving less like lovers and more like friends, which was frustrating on both ends. We parted ways eventually, as neither wanted to work towards a better relationship, but we both learned a few lessons from that one!

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Omg, you're becoming my favourite person in the world. Every day since I found EMAEY you posted at least one new part. You are amazing

If I’m becoming youre favourite person then now do I actually get to be the favourite person :)

Glad you’re enjoying it sweets!

NCT as things I've said to my sister
  • Doyoung: When a bunny sneezes do you think its got a little tissue?
  • Ten: What kind on Demonology course doesn't have a Satanic Bible PDF?
  • Johnny: I have this thought that Chittaphon is secretly in love with cheese and crackers
  • Taeyong: Does this choker make me look like i'm into weird shit? *answers yes* Excellent
  • WinWin: I'm very cute and i just think everyone has a problem with that
  • Jaehyun: Sweatbands are just jockstraps for the forehead
  • Hansol: Why does the disney store never have an Elsa dress in my size?
  • Mark: I CANNOT believe i'm a rap genius
  • Donghyuck: I used to think if spongebob ate too much he would get too fat and soak up all the sea water
  • Taeil: Do you think pigs know they get eaten for delicious purposes?
  • Yuta: I watched 3 episodes of OITNB and i'm pretty sure i could survive prison
  • Kun: are the Jonas Brothers actually brothers?
  • Jaemin: I'm too happy to be mad at you right now
  • Jisung: Lambs is almost the same word as Limbs
  • Jeno: they might not know i exist but they already know i'm their favourite person in the whole world so, there is that

Favourite Shows: 1/10

Mr. Robot (2015)

Hello friend. Hello friend? That’s lame. Maybe I should give you a name. But that’s a slippery slope, you’re only in my head, we have to remember that. Shit, this actually happened, I’m talking to an imaginary person. What I’m about to tell you is top secret. A conspiracy bigger than all of us. There’s a powerful group of people out there that are secretly running the world. I’m talking about the guys no one knows about, the ones that are invisible. The top 1% of the top 1%, the guys that play God without permission. And now I think they’re following me.

Just an ordinary day in Jason DiLaurentis` life...

CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte: *abducts and drugs Jason*

…a few moments later…

Jason: wth, what is happening, why can`t I move??  and who the hell is dragging me?

Jason: oh, black hoodie, it must be Charles! hey Charlie, Charlie, it`s me your little brother, I have waited so long for this moment, look at me, I love you so much, I know we have a screwed up family but we can still be the best brothers that ever walked this earth, oh god why can`t I move

Jason: *catches a sight of long blond hair*

Jason: Charlie??

Jason: *sees that it is in fact CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte*

Jason: ok, so no Charlie :`( just my ex-girlfriend…wait, is she psycho now, too? I guess you can`t trust anyone in this world  :`(

Jason: oh, hi “dad”, my favourite person in this world…at least I am not alone…

CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte: *starts talking*

Jason: *listens*

Jason: Now, that makes total sense.

Jason: So just a quick summary: my big brother Charlie, WHO I thought my whole life was just my imaginary friend because my father sent him to a  nut house to protect me and my sister(well done, mr D, well done) is actually my sister WHO is actually my ex-girlfriend, WHO broke my heart when she without a reason, unexpectedly broke up with me and WHO is in fact the psychopath that blackmailed, abducted, therrorized half the Rosewood, but mainly my other sisters and their friends and WHO almost killed me in an elevator. Yeah, quite logical.

Jason: wait…





Jason: OK, I need to find something positive in this. Well, it`s not like it was an actual incestuous relatioship - she is just my HALF-brother/sister. And incest is now kind of trendy in TV anyway. And she was so kind that she didn`t sleep with me, I mean at the time, I thought that there was something wrong with me, but it was actually her being considerate. And she didn`t kill me!!! I am actually quite lucky that I have a sister like that… And his/her story is so heartbreaking :`((

Jason: ehm…NOPE…not helping..i need some alcohol



Jason: *finally, after hours being left at Radley, because everyone cares just about Charlotte and her heartbreaking story and not poor Jason, starts to move*

Jason: *runs as fast as possible* 

Jason: Ashleeeey! The only one, who gets my troubled soul in this town(ok, let`s not mention that you also broke my heart by choosing a pastor over me)! Prepare some wine!

Jason: *after several bottles of wine* Oh, wait, I`ve completely forgotten the fact that I kissed my other sister, too. 

Jason: …

Jason: There is not enough alcohol for this…

I think that I would watch this episode just from the Jason`s POV. I swear, this guy has the most screwed up life in Rosewood and that is something to say. And funny, how some people thought that the Jason/Ashley hookup was weird/inappropriate.

Right now I would actually rather watch a pll spinoff with him, the moms, tippy and pepe than the actual pll. 

My favourite thing about “you’re over 20 and still have a tumblr?” is what the person who says it is assuming in saying that. Do they think, when we were their age, that tumblr was there and we were all on it, being teenagers, just like they are? And that at some point they will outgrow these childish things as we should have done already, these tools of childhood, and move on to, I dunno, linkedin, or something?

Are these very young people not aware that Tumblr was created in 2007, and that many of us (most of us, according to the demographics) were older than 20 when tumblr was created? That there was no tumblr when we were teenagers, therefore we don't still have a tumblr in our 30s and 40s that we’ve had since we were 14? We have tumblr now, in this actual moment, as part of our adult lives? Because it exists right now?

My favourite thing about people who say that is that it says so much about them without them realizing it. It says, “the world is just a mirror of me and my experiences, right? Everyone’s basically some version of me, living exactly as I do?” You are a narcissist, my friend. Welcome to your personality disorder.


Ok here is part 2 of my Riley One Shot- I am not fine at all

Summary-Riley finally breaks, but she didn’t expect the reason she would break would be because her of her parents and best friend.

Dedicated to @buffys because she kept me motivated in writing it.

Can also be found at Archive of our Own and Fanfiction 

Part 1

It’s often said that it takes ten times longer to put yourself together then it does to fall apart and after that eventful day where Riley finally expressed her true feelings it takes ten things, ten moments for Riley to be pieced back together, to finally believe that she is worth it. After Riley storms out of the apartment she ends up going to Josh’s NYU dorm and to say he was angry was an understatement, however he put aside his feelings towards the people that caused this and instead focused on his niece, holding her till she felt better. That was the first day in a long time where she remembered someone putting her feelings first, and holding her like she mattered. After that day, Josh made sure to text Riley every day, his texts varying from a simple ‘How are you’ to providing her details about what he had for lunch, with every text never failing to make her smile. Josh becomes her person and she starts to feel a tiny bit lighter after that.

The first two pieces to be put back together happens two weeks after the event and the first piece is provided by Farkle. Farkle who seemed to be the only one to notice her feelings after Texas, and to help her through starting high school. He came by the day after and sat next to her on the bay window, not saying anything, just sitting with her. Riley laid her head on his shoulder and whispered “Thank you for believing me, even when I don’t believe in myself.” Farkle kissed the top of her head, vowing to bring back the Riley Matthews that made his world light. Besides Isadora, Riley was the best person in his life and he wanted to make her realize that.

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On Songs and Flowers...

I’ve read some amazing pieces on subtext in SHERLOCK lately (see credits at the end) and decided to add some of my thoughts to the meta level.

First things first though. I agree completely with loudest-subtext-in-television that operation Johnlock is a go (wrong blog if this isn’t your cup of tea!).

I just can’t see Moffat, Gatiss & Co. using this much subtext without actually elevating it to text. Would it require balls of steel? God, yes. But personally I think it would be worth it to be brave and „boldly go where no one has gone before“. And if anyone is able to show Sherlock Holmes and John Watson romantically and sexually involved without resorting to stereotypes and losing credibility it is this show! Would I be disappointed if Johnlock doesn’t happen? Again: God, yes. However, it wouldn’t be the end of the world and SHERLOCK would still be my favourite show.

And now, let’s talk about songs and flowers… (spoilers for TSoT beyond the cut)

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I Like Long Walks On The Beach And Asking Girls To Marry Me

The day is not perfect. The sky’s grey and the waves are boisterous and I feel tiny drops of rain collect on the tip of my nose and in my eyebrows and it’s doing unspeakable things to my hair and it’s slightly chilly and my stomach’s tied in knots and the day is definitely not perfect.

Unlike her.

Even when she feels like she’s the complete opposite of the word, she is still utterly and completely perfect. And me, I guess I’m just lucky.

Especially now, because I picked the perfect moment to gulp, the perfect moment, because the waves occasionally calm down and shush and by occasionally, I mean twice, once a half an hour ago and once now, and I picked the perfect moment to gulp and let her know that I’m anxious and nervous and scared, even if she already picked it up a long time ago, this just clarified it for her.

“Dan, what’s wrong? ”


“You’ve been quiet this entire time and we’ve been walking on this beach for almost forty minutes now…
Seriously? You’re not even denying that’s something’s wrong. Say something. Jesus, are you okay? Are you breaking up with me? Are you dying?!”

"Oh my god, no! Calm down. I’m not dying, I think. And I’m definitely not breaking up with you, trust me.
And nothing is wrong, things are actually quite right…
For the first time, in a long time.”

Wow okay, I guess I’m going to do this now. I guess I’ll never really be ready for this but I’ll have to be. But I first need to stall her, I need to wait for the perfect moment because that’s the least I owe her and I know the universe will somehow conspire to give me that perfect moment because I trust it enough to. I need this to be perfect.


“Did I ever tell you why you’re my favourite person in the world?”

“Yeah, you told me I’m your favourite because when I make pancakes for you, I’ll write your name on it with syrup and sprinkles.”

“Yeah, but actually, you’re my favourite because of a lot of reasons. Like the way you eat burgers.”

“Really? The way I eat burgers?”

“Yeah, you’ll eat like a squirrel if we’re out in public but you’ll eat like a proper truck driver when we’re alone. Like a lion feasting on its prey.”

“Ha! Is that so? That’s the main reason why you love me? That’s the mane reason? Do you get it? Do you get my pun?”

“I get your pun, and the way you’re laughing like a four year old now, that’s also another reason why you’re my favourite. I love the way you laugh and even when the big joke happened hours ago, I’ll still find you laughing and let me tell you, that laugh of yours, can change moods from sad to happy to uncontrollably laughing with you, in a second.”

The waves are not calming down and actually, they might’ve become even rougher and the drizzling definitely changed to rain and the hairs on my arm are now upright and she, she’s smiling even more despite all these things.

“You’re my favourite because you cry possibly the easiest in the world for movies, television shows and books. You’re my favourite because when you catch a glimpse of yourself crying in the mirror, you’ll start laughing at how you look and why you’re crying, and I know I’ll shake my head, but I actually love it when you do that. You’re my favourite because you have the biggest heart and the best manners and you’re patient and you’re incredibly funny and witty and when you’re stressed out, you’ll never take it out on anyone and you’re honest and you’re my best friend and I love you the most in the world.”

“I love you too. Dan, I’m gonna cry right now, why are you…”

“I know, this day, it’s not perfect and it should’ve been. It really should’ve been.”

Great, it’s raining so hard and the ocean’s going crazy and the wind is practically moving us backwards and I’m screaming at her trying to get heard.

“You deserve perfection, you out of all the people in the world and I’m sorry that I won’t ever be able to give it to you, but I really try and I’m sorry that I failed today.”

“No, dan, this is perfect, today is perfect because I’m with you and that’s all I ever want to be, with you.”

“That’s good, because I kind of want you to stick around forever.”

And that’s my cue, I guess.

“Oh my god, Dan, you’re on one… you’re bent… Dan, I’m gonna cry.”

“Will you marry me? Keep in mind that if you say yes, we’ll get ice cream later and if you say no, well, you won’t get any.”

“Damn it, Howell, my hair’s a mess and you pick now to propose?”

“Is that a…?”

“That’s a yes. That’s a big fat yes, that’s…”

And now the knots are replaced by butterflies and she’s kissing me and I feel like fainting but in a good way and now we’re hugging and she loves the ring (that Phil chose) but she doesn’t have to know that and the day, the day is suddenly perfect.

And we’re on our way to get ice cream.

[thank you for reading and soz for the cheesiness ^_^]

I’m a lil bit tipsy and watching Wayne’s world alone now.
But it’s ok cause I went on a date today with this new guy and he bought me drinks and gave me compliments and made me laugh lots so that was nice.
Then I went shopping and bought pretty makeup and a really lovely dinner and I got my favourite drink from Starbucks so I’m pretty okay today.
It’s actually the first day I’ve not cried..I hope it stays like this.

Concert report Düsseldorf yayy

Okay so I’ll divide this into sections so if you’re not interested in something you can just skip it (:


When we arrived at the Esprit Arena there were lots of girls just running from one end of the building to the other because the security guys sent us in opposite directions all the time and we had to ask 6 people until someone finally told us the right way.
I was really pissed off when we got into our section though because when I bought the tickets they had a picture where the stage would be and which zones would be where but we were nowhere near the stage. We managed to get to the front of the orange zone but when the boys weren’t on the catwalk we could only see them on the screens which was really disappointing. My cousin made me record every single song but the videos are really shitty because people behind us were pushing throughout the whole concert. /:
Pretty much everyone was being really nice to each other, taller girls let smaller ones stand in front of them so they could see the stage and during the music videos (which except for the ones of 5SOS and Little Mix everyone was really annoyed by) the fans on the seats were screaming and waving/holding up hearts for the fans on the ground and the ones on the ground would do it back (x). Also everyone was doing the Macarena before the boys came on stage (x).
The security guys were handing out a few bottles of water, but NOWHERE near enough, there were lots of girls who had to be taken out. There was also one mum whose daughter had a panic attack in a different zone but the security was so rude to her and wouldn’t let her to her daughter or just help her out of the crowd and sent her all the way back through the fans instead. They even refused to speak English to her but made us translate that they couldn’t find her daughter and couldn’t do anything.
I was really surprised by the number of boys (I write boys but I actually mean guys my age) in the audience and there were even a lot of cars leaving without any girls in them, so they weren’t just there to pick up their girlfriends or sisters.


There was A LOT of advertising done for the new album before they came on and people were starting to wonder what they would actually play live because most of their songs were already shown with the videos before.
Everyone was singing along to SLSP and during Amnesia everyone was making hearts with their hands (x) and (I think?) Calum said it was cute.


My cousin is a bit of a social butterfly and talked to literally every girl behind, in front of or next to us and the outright majority of them were Harry- or Niall-girls. Most of the shirts were about those two or OT5. BUT when the safety instructions came on people were almost exclusively screaming for Louis, it was absolutely beautiful.


Okay so Harry is my favourite person in the whole world but DAMN Louis is so much more beautiful when you actually see him live (not that he ever isn’t, it’s just so much MORE), he’s absolutely stunning. So now I get why you’re all so obsessed with him :b (about 90% of the people I follow have Louis-centred blogs).
People were screaming when they were doing their power couple strut but I think it was more because it was the first time they were coming to the front than actually because of H/L.
I saw 3 or 4 girls with LS shirts (‘I ship bullshit’, 'Harry + Louis = <3’ and one had the couple tattoos drawn on her shirt) but when my cousin tried talking to other girls around us about it they just dismissed it and went back to discussing who of them would be the future Mrs. Styles.


All the boys were joking around and laughing with each other lots of times. Liam was in a REALLY good mood, very chatty and greeting us in German (x). Niall and Louis were interacting a lot. Harry was his usual adorable self and I had the feeling that Louis was in a really good mood as well (and he looked SO on point, damn). Except maybe for Zayn (but tbh I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to him) everyone had cute moments with the fans, Harry of course going the extra mile as usual, making the crowd sing stuff, telling the fans they were beautiful (x) and saying I love Germany in German (x). Idk I just got the feeling they really enjoyed the show.

Well I guess that’s it, I didn’t have time to go through all my videos yet but if you want to gif anything from the ones I linked here (not that there’s much to gif - anyway) feel free, just tag me in the post or something so that I can reblog them (: