actually more than one scene

so i just wanted to make a post with all of my favorite Bakugou moments

(this was gonna be a post about bakugou-isms. like. moments where bakugou has said/done something inspiring or wise. but. ended up getting carried away jkl;agha)

anyway i apologize because. this is gonna be long

1. Bakugou declaring that he refuses to lose to anyone again, recognizing that there are other people who are stronger than him that he needs to surpass.

i just really enjoy this moment, because it was a big wake-up call for his character to realize that he isn’t the best, there are people in the world who can surpass him, and that he needs to work harder to reach his goals. the world isn’t as black and white as he thought, and it’s his first step to his major development later on.

2. Bakugou calmly analyzing the situation at USJ 

i really like this moment b/c it’s s fascinating to watch Bakugou explain that none of their classmates are in danger, and that they should instead go and capture Black Mist, because he’s how the Villains got in in the first place. 

it shows that he’s far more than just a violent, angry, rage machine. underneath it all, he’s actually far more intelligent than he seems, and this scene is one of the first that really showcases that

(this is also the moment where Kirishima finally begins to trust him; before this, he was really wary of Bakugou because of how violently he went after Izuku during the Heroes vs. Villains exams (he was seriously worried that Bakugou would kill Izuku). it’s only after this moment where Kirishima changes his initial opinion of Bakugou and begins to trust him)

3. Bakugou explaining that a quirk is nothing more than an extension of a person’s body

i just really love that, of all the characters to do this, it’s Bakugou that explains that even quirks have their limits. it’s a very introspective moment that reminds the audience that these amazing powers aren’t limitless, and that even Bakugou, despite his pride and stubbornness, knows he has limits to what he can do



5. Bakugou acknowledging Uraraka’s strength 

PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY, TBH. i love how he refuses to cal her weak in any capacity, defending her against Kaminari’s words. he fought her. he knows better than anyone here that she is anything but weak. and this is the first moment where he’s vocally defending another person, which i love b/c it’s another step in his character development

6. Bakugou telling off Todoroki for standing before him without the intent to win

this scene really shows a lot of what motivates Bakugou’s character. He wants to win against Todoroki–who’s one of the strongest in the class–and prove himself as the best. But Todoroki isn’t really fighting back, because he’s going through personal issues, which is understandable and under no fault of his own.

tbh, i think it’s an interesting point to think about, because everyone at the Sports Festival is here to win. they’re all trying their best–Bakugou, Izuku, Uraraka (who Bakugou even alludes to in his rant above), Momo, etc. and it is kind of insulting to fight someone who isn’t even really trying to fight back against you in a tournament where that’s the entire purpose of it all. 

that’s why Bakugou fought so hard against all of his opponents, because they all got to this level. he’s showing them respect by not going easy on them. and Bakugou finds it extremely insulting that Todoroki isn’t. i just find it a fascinating aspect to his character. it’s kind of an off-shoot of a ‘warrior’s code’ sort of thing

7. Bakugou refusing to accept his win at the Sports Festival 

again, i think it shows an interesting aspect of his character, because he feels like this win wasn’t deserved, because Todoroki didn’t give it his all. it’s a hollow win, and Bakugou knows it, and he refuses to accept it. 

8. the strength of Bakugou’s ideal of what a hero should be and his SHEER GODDAMN TENACITY DURING THE END OF TERM EXAM

I just love that his ideal of what a hero should be is based on All Might, the ultimate hero, who NEVER loses. this his why he became a hero in the first place, this is what motivates him in everything he does. to Bakugou, real heroes never lose, so he absolutely has to win. always.

and i love how he just refuses to give up–maybe it’s not always the greatest thing (pushing himself too far and all) but i find that really admirable too. no matter what, he just refuses to give up, and i love that (even if it isn’t exactly the best thing sometimes). he’s gonna do everything in his power to win, because that’s what heroes do, and nothing short of being knocked unconscious is gonna stop him.

9. Bakugou absolutely fucking REFUSING to join the Villain Alliance, practically BLOWING SHIGARAKI’S FACE UP WHILE DOING SO, because no matter what they say, he’s going to be a HERO, and goddammit. 

he was inspired by All Might, that’s the person who motivated him to become a hero in the first place, that’s the person who he’s admired since he was a child, and the person he wants to become like. and nothing in this world is going to change that.

10. Bakugou refusing to lie, even when he’s been kidnapped and surrounded by villains. 

i just find it fascinating that this is one of his personal morals, and that he (like All Might) doesn’t lie. he may be in denial more often than not, but he never lies. 

11. Aizawa defending Bakugou against the reporters

i just love how Aizawa understands Bakugou, how he realizes that Bakugou is no way in danger of becoming a villain. how Bakugou’s motivations come from an different place entirely. how it all comes from his ideal of strength, and of what a hero should be. i just really love that. 

12. Bakugou thanking All Might for saving him.

this is the third time All Might saved Bakugou. the first time, in chapter one, Bakugou was in complete denial. he didn’t need saving. he didn’t need anyone. how dare anyone think he needed rescuing?

the second time, at the Villain’s Alliance base, he was, again, in denial. he didn’t need All Might to come save him; even if he was happy and relieved that All Might was there, he wasn’t gonna admit to it. no way. absolutely not.

the third time… All Might saved him (and everyone at Kamino) by fighting against AFO. by refusing to go down. by using the last of his strength to defeat AFO, revealing his secret to the world, giving up OFA, and retiring for good. 

Bakugou feels guilty for this. he feels like the cause of All Might’s retirement. for getting kidnapped in the first place. for not being strong enough to save himself. so this time, he’s without denial or bluster. instead, he quietly thanks All Might for saving him, because he knows what All Might gave up to do it.

it’s a big moment of character growth for him. prior to all of that, Bakugou never would’ve done that. but the weight of All Might’s sacrifice was just too much, it humbled him. he couldn’t deny it anymore. so he sincerely thanked All Might for saving him, for the first time, quietly admitting to his weakness.

13. Bakugou giving Kirishima back the money he used to buy the night vision goggles for the rescue mission (learning about it from Kaminari), while also cheering the class up after Aizawa scolded them, by making Kaminari fry his brain and making them all laugh. 

just… what a fantastic moment of character growth from Bakugou. he felt guilty for Kirishima using his money to buy those goggles (which ended up getting destroyed during the mission), and he feels bad for being the reason why class getting reprimanded in the first place. so he fixes both situations as best he can, while still being his gruff, grumpy self. 

he gives back the money, and cheers the class up at the same time. and Aizawa totally catches onto it, too. “A farce like this has it’s place once in a while, I suppose.” it just shows that Bakguou actually does care about his class, Kirishima in particular. 

it shows that he cares his friends and his class, and i love that

14. Kaminari talking about Bakugou during the Provisional License Exam 

Kaminari mentions how the insulting words Seiji is throwing at them stings, and Sejii assumes Kaminari is talking about himself. he isn’t. Kaminari corrects him while throwing one of Bakugou’s grenades, which gives a visual cue of who he’s talking about. Bakugou.

Bakugou got angry at Seiji’s words. he charged in recklessly because he couldn’t stand the insults to UA anymore. he got upset at hearing the people he cares about be insulted. and then Kaminari goes on to say/think about how Bakugou wasn’t using the full force of his attacks. 

he was purposefully using lower-powered blasts in order to keep Kirishima and Kaminari safe. he purposefully put himself at a disadvantage just so he wouldn’t accidentally hurt them with the force of his attacks. 

Kaminari realizes this and praises Bakugou, defends him against Seiji’s words. he may not have the kindest or sweetest personality, but he’s serious about being a hero. he’s serious about keeping them safe. he’s serious about everything, and he can’t stand hearing Seiji insult him, the people he cares about, or UA.

15. Bakugou’s guilt at causing All Might’s retirement.

oh my god, save this child. save him. he completely, totally blames himself for causing the person he admires the most, the person who inspired him to become a hero, the man who’s motivated him since he was a child, to fall.

he’s just 15. he’s just a child. and he feels guilty for this, he’s feeling the full weight of it on his shoulders, breaking down from it all, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. he’s scared. he’s terrified. he feels horrible. the number 1 hero in the world was forced to retire and it’s all his fault

he’s been blaming himself for this for weeks. he’s just a child. he isn’t responsible for any of it, but he feels like he is. if only he were stronger, if only he got away on his own power, if only he did this or that, maybe All Might would still be a hero. if only he wasn’t so weak.

i love this moment, as painful as it is, because it shows just how human Bakugou is. it shows that he really is just a child dealing with horrible guilt, among other emotional issues (feeling like Izuku was looking down at him for all these years, being terrified that Izuku could one day surpass him, realizing that All Might acknowledged Izuku over him, having a superiority and inferiority complex that just exploded, feeling desperate for an answer over what he should do, and who was right in how they admired All Might (Bakugou for how he always wins, Izuku for how he always saves people with a smile, etc)).

in the end, he’s still just a child. a child dealing with so much more than he ever let on until this fight, where it all exploded out of him, because he just didn’t know how to handle them. he couldn’t bottle it up anymore. 

(i will never, ever excuse or justify any of the horrible things Bakugou did in the past. what he did was inexcusable. but god.. he’s still just a child.)

i love this moment because he’s so scared, terrified, upset, confused, desperate and just so damn human in this moment, and i love it. he’s not just an angry kid. he’s not just a violent, rage machine. there are so many emotions that drive him and i love it so much.

16. Bakugou supporting Izuku after their fight

i just…. really love this. Bakugou has had so many issues with Izuku in the past, many of them stemming from misunderstandings. as mentioned above, he thought Izuku was looking down on him. he was terrified of Izuku’s growth, feared that one day he could actually surpass him one day. but now they’ve talked. now they understand each other better. now Izuku has the support of All Might… and he can’t be losing. 

(and again, none of those reasons justify what Bakugou did to Izuku for those ten years. but they explain why he did it in the first place. i just want to emphasize that) 

to Bakugou, real heroes never lose. Bakugou is applying that to Izuku, now. he’s got the greatest hero in the world helping him, and he can’t be losing. Bakugou, in his own way, is supporting Izuku. it’s one of the biggest moments of character growth for him. for the longest time, he was terrified of Izuku. scared he’d be left behind while Izuku grew stronger. but now he’s putting that aside. 

Izuku has All Might’s power. he has All Might’s support. they both admired him… and now Izuku is being supported by him. so now Bakugou will, too.

Izuku has the greatest hero in the world looking after him. he can’t be losing now. not anymore.

17. Bakugou encouraging Kirishima

i just…. look at how far Bakugou has come. he went from being terrified of others being better than him–of not being as great as he grew up believing–and now he’s supporting Izuku (the person who scared and frustrated him the most), and now he’s actively giving encouragement and helping his friend. 

hell. Bakugou has friends now. he didn’t have any at the beginning of the series; he was to full of pride to see anything but  himself. but now he does, and he’s giving them encouragement. giving Kirishima encouragement. and he’s doing so by drawing from the Kamino incident, the very incident that gave him so much guilt and confusion and pain. the incident that probably gave him nightmares for who knows how long. 

he’s bringing up that incident to comfort and support and encourage his friend. he’s talking about how there are different kinds of strength out there–that just refusing to go down is it’s own strength. this from the kid who’s entire philosophy on heroism is to never lose. 

he’s not scared of being surpassed. he’s got friends now. he’s helping and supporting them in his own way. he’s not afraid to think of the very incident that caused him so much pain; he’s healing from it, slowly. he’s learned from it. he’s slowly accepting that it wasn’t his fault. he’s admitting that there are other kinds of strength out there, besides just winning. it’s about refusing to go down (like All Might did at Kamino). 

this is one of my favorite moments, even tho it’s so short, because it’s a culmination of Bakugou’s character development so far in the story. it’s a small moment, but it wouldn’t mean anything without the hundred or so chapters proceeding it, showing all of Bakugou’s complexities, and all of his personal issues, motivations, emotional struggles, etc. 

this moment is great because it shows just how far Bakugou has come since chapter one. he’s almost a completely different character than who he was, where he began. and that’s why i love it so much

long story short Bakugou is an incredibly complex kid and i love him a lot

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a birthday gift for our dear boy!! watch as I trip over this messy ass second sketch and how many characters more than usual it has

Even if this episode ends in angst- again- who cares? Omg guys, we’re getting more scenes than any other ep, more than one flashback, actual scenes that were important to their development! And even if it ends badly- even if that shot of Magnus walking away is the end of the ep- we still also know that within the following two episodes Magnus and Alec will be fighting TOGETHER. Even if they’re fighting, even if they’re making hard choices, they still love one another. They’re still in love. It will be okay.


“I guess we don’t have an advantage with Karasuno’s captain missing.”

HQ!! S2E18


OKAY. Took this request as an excuse to draw fanart for fic written by one of my favorite irl ladies <3333. Although these can’t possibly match up to the actual complexity and imagery of the story, here are few vignettes inspired by scenes from Inking Indigo!

If any of you are fans of ML, I’d recommend reading all of her stories-!

Her AO3 | Tumblr! Please go spoil her!!!

Oh don’t mind me. Just going through my favourite OUAT pairing tag and being upset the writers killed off one of the best characters of the show while also panicking about 2 assignments due in a day.


farewell degrassi tng meme [10/15 characters]: Paige Michalchuk

“Ninth grade, my date is orange and I’m sporting a screaming sunburn. Tenth grade, our limo driver Jim Boy Jed the criminal delivers in a cop cruiser. Eleventh grade, it gets worse. Hopped up on pain killers, I arrive with a date who doesn’t like girls on the special bus. Hello everyone! Happy prom! Isn’t this so perfectly festive?”


a few seconds before one of them forgets the other. possibly all of their true feelings summed up right here.

Step Up

Okay, can we just talk a moment about this episode’s refreshing lack of Mon-El? I enjoyed the episode more. Hell, I saw a ton of livetweeting and blogging and almost everyone was showing more enthusiasm for the show than they had in weeks. That’s the effect that Mon-El is having on this fandom. People enjoy the episode more when there’s less of him. Just keep that in mind. It’s right there before our eyes, how much better the fandom responded to this episode. You can make all of the excuses for Mon-El and Karamel that you want, but the mood in the fandom improved drastically when there was less of him.

And how about Kara having a story line that didn’t involve propping up Mon-El, or being frustrated with him? That was a nice change of pace. It’s pretty sad that the main character having a story line that doesn’t revolve around the man she’s dating is considered a nice change of pace.

And once again, Kara and Lena still managed to have more chemistry in one scene, despite not being actual love interests, than Karamel has had all season. And Kara caught Lena! I don’t know why that’s sexy, but it is.

And wow, Sanvers got way more scenes this episode. More of that, a lot less of Mon-El. And Alex shared her cool new alien gun. If anything is a show of love, that is! Alex loves that freaking gun! I bet she curls up next to it when Maggie isn’t with her. One of the few episodes where Maggie, a far more interesting character, had more screen time than Mon-El.

Sadly we didn’t get much James, but I hope they remember he’s an actual character on the show at some point. The way they’ve written him this season is appallingly bad.

And how about those Alex and Kara scenes we got! I thought it would be a few more episodes before the writers remembered that people actually like it when the sisters share a scene together! They’re the heart of the show, not Karamel. I don’t know how they forgot that in their desperate attempt to try and fail to make Mon-El seem relevant to the plot.

I’m a little annoyed that every episode now needs to end on Kara and Mon-El. It finishes the episode on a bad note. Still, next episode isn’t looking good for him, so I’m looking forward to that.

In the end, the episode was a lot better than the others simply because Mon-El was in it significantly less. The livetweeting and blogging going on during the episode was waaaaay more enthusiatic than it’s been in weeks, and the far more interesting characters got way more screen time.

I’d say this episode was a success.

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ideal number of belts to wear at one time?

  • one doesn’t get in the way as much and it still looks great
  • two is actually very practical and much more scene than just one belt
  • three is too powerful for this current timeline
  • four and above defies the natural order. you ascend to a god.

You okay ?


“I don’t want to be that creature any more..”

TheMusketeersFest2015: Day07
Anything related to Series Two: Milady.

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More than words: 2, 4, 5, 7, 11, 14, 15 🌸🌺🌻😁


Thank you so so much for asking!!

Okay so about More than words

2: What scene did you first put down?

Okay so the first scene I thought about in More than words was actually the last scene of all. The one where Sana and Yousef are at the cabin and he’s like: be careful you wouldn’t want to hurt your foot again. 

And that’s when it hits her, he’s the pen pal. 

I had thought about this scene even before I had even thought about writing the AU at all. It came to me while I was writing another fic that took place also in a cabin 

4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

Wow this was such a hard one but I think I really like this interaction:

“I mean, why are you with me? You could be with any other girl you wanted, any girl that could give you what you want, what any guy want. And yet you’re here stuck with me. Why?”

“Because I love you” he simply said

and also I love the “I remember everything” one but I have to admit that I got inspiration on that one from Dawson’s creek

5: What part was hardest to write?

Okay so for what it made me feel…the break up. That scene broke my heart while I was writing it and I’m not exaggerating, I had to stop writng that because I was crying.

But also the little scenes before Sana and Yousef got together were hard to write because I wanted to write a lot of them and I kept running out of ideas of way for them to meet up hahah

7: Where did the title come from?

Okay so this one is funny. I’m the worst at names so I just wanted to pick something quick because if not I would keep thinking about it. So there’s this song called The words by Christina Perri and for some reason my brain thought that the song was called more than words, I don’t know why and I ended up picking that title because well I thought it would fit in a way because the letter between the penpals were words but they were actually more than words. 

11: What do you like best about this fic?

This is going to sound very egocentric but the fact that it’s a 100% mine. I was used to write prompts or fics that were like missing scenes from Skam or trying to fix stuff from the show. This one (even though I had written an AU before) was the first one that made me feel like I was creating something mine. And also I put so so so much work into this, I was SO invested in this one and I don’t know but the feeling that I got every time I saw someone liked it made me feel SO good. 

14: Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?

Hmmm I guess that it is possible to make a connection with someone through words because words are the most powerful thing we have. And that before loving someone else we really need to love ourselves first because if not, it won’t work.

15: What did you learn from writing this fic?

That when you work hard on something it always pays off


put one of my fic titles in my ask + questions about it

I know everyone is freaking out about the post-credits scene in Ant-Man… but we need to talk about the middle-credits one, too

because I want Hope as Wasp right fucking now


Middle Earth Meme
Five Locations: The Lonely Mountain

Far to the east, over ranges and rivers, beyond woodlands and wastelands, lies a single, solitary peak.
The Lonely Mountain.