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a birthday gift for our dear boy!! watch as I trip over this messy ass second sketch and how many characters more than usual it has

Oh don’t mind me. Just going through my favourite OUAT pairing tag and being upset the writers killed off one of the best characters of the show while also panicking about 2 assignments due in a day.

I’m seriously considering turning the Stay-at-Home Stan AU into a legit multichap for AO3.

would anyone be interested in it?

Step Up

Okay, can we just talk a moment about this episode’s refreshing lack of Mon-El? I enjoyed the episode more. Hell, I saw a ton of livetweeting and blogging and almost everyone was showing more enthusiasm for the show than they had in weeks. That’s the effect that Mon-El is having on this fandom. People enjoy the episode more when there’s less of him. Just keep that in mind. It’s right there before our eyes, how much better the fandom responded to this episode. You can make all of the excuses for Mon-El and Karamel that you want, but the mood in the fandom improved drastically when there was less of him.

And how about Kara having a story line that didn’t involve propping up Mon-El, or being frustrated with him? That was a nice change of pace. It’s pretty sad that the main character having a story line that doesn’t revolve around the man she’s dating is considered a nice change of pace.

And once again, Kara and Lena still managed to have more chemistry in one scene, despite not being actual love interests, than Karamel has had all season. And Kara caught Lena! I don’t know why that’s sexy, but it is.

And wow, Sanvers got way more scenes this episode. More of that, a lot less of Mon-El. And Alex shared her cool new alien gun. If anything is a show of love, that is! Alex loves that freaking gun! I bet she curls up next to it when Maggie isn’t with her. One of the few episodes where Maggie, a far more interesting character, had more screen time than Mon-El.

Sadly we didn’t get much James, but I hope they remember he’s an actual character on the show at some point. The way they’ve written him this season is appallingly bad.

And how about those Alex and Kara scenes we got! I thought it would be a few more episodes before the writers remembered that people actually like it when the sisters share a scene together! They’re the heart of the show, not Karamel. I don’t know how they forgot that in their desperate attempt to try and fail to make Mon-El seem relevant to the plot.

I’m a little annoyed that every episode now needs to end on Kara and Mon-El. It finishes the episode on a bad note. Still, next episode isn’t looking good for him, so I’m looking forward to that.

In the end, the episode was a lot better than the others simply because Mon-El was in it significantly less. The livetweeting and blogging going on during the episode was waaaaay more enthusiatic than it’s been in weeks, and the far more interesting characters got way more screen time.

I’d say this episode was a success.


“I guess we don’t have an advantage with Karasuno’s captain missing.”

HQ!! S2E18


a few seconds before one of them forgets the other. possibly all of their true feelings summed up right here.


OKAY. Took this request as an excuse to draw fanart for fic written by one of my favorite irl ladies <3333. Although these can’t possibly match up to the actual complexity and imagery of the story, here are few vignettes inspired by scenes from Inking Indigo!

If any of you are fans of ML, I’d recommend reading all of her stories-!

Her AO3 | Tumblr! Please go spoil her!!!


farewell degrassi tng meme [10/15 characters]: Paige Michalchuk

“Ninth grade, my date is orange and I’m sporting a screaming sunburn. Tenth grade, our limo driver Jim Boy Jed the criminal delivers in a cop cruiser. Eleventh grade, it gets worse. Hopped up on pain killers, I arrive with a date who doesn’t like girls on the special bus. Hello everyone! Happy prom! Isn’t this so perfectly festive?”

some highlights from Kong: Skull Island

(~~~~~spoiler alert~~~~~)

  • it was a discount day at the local theater and the entire audience consisted of my family of four and one lady who showed up ten minutes late
  • two opposing WWII pilots crash their planes on an uncharted island with no hope of rescue and they immediately try to stab each other with a sword
  • *director voice* “t-hiddy’s character is a Scoundrel™ but we need a subtle way to key the audience into that.”  “how about he gets into a bar fight in a strip club and knocks two dudes unconscious with a pool stick right as john goodman walks up to offer him a vague but highly skilled job and large sums of money”
  • the dialogue is just. so awkward. i love it.
  • the unintentionally homoerotic photography montage on the boat
  • the uncomfortably drawn out close up shots of that Nixon bobblehead
  • “i think more soldiers died in that one scene than were actually in the movie” -my brother
  • tom hiddleston and his face and his arms
  • they find themselves stranded on an island with enormous undiscovered wildlife and they ask for their biologist’s input exactly zero times
  • the conceptual design and art direction is actually stunning
  • honest to god samuel l jackson, i know you’re a Soldier Without a War™ and you’re hell-bent on revenge but if you would just stop shooting at the giant bugs for two seconds they would leave you alone.  you are s o  s ma l l. they do n ot care ab ou t  yo u.
  • tom hiddleston striking a pose whenever he’s standing still
  • literally everything john c reilly says is fantastic 
  • how???? do these gigantic animals keep sneaking up on everyone????
  • i think i heard someone say “War is Hell” at some point
  • wait there are like 8 marvel actors here
  • wet-tshirt-and-gasmask-clad tom hiddleston running through a cloud of toxic green fumes while slicing through flying lizard-birds with a katana in slow motion
  • the entire theater trying to hold in laughter
  • the entire theater being - as i mentioned earlier - five people
  • that’s the big one! :)
  • literally every actor there is too good for this movie. like there have to be at least 30 major film awards and nominations shared amongst the cast.
  • 2015 oscar-winner for best actress Brie Larson falling off a cliff and getting picked up by Kong and then incidentally shoved down a subterranean lizard monster’s throat because the giant gorilla doesn’t have a free hand to rip the lizard’s brains out from the inside. it was totally sick.
  • she wasn’t conscious for any of it and i’d really liked to have been there for that conversation.
  • there’s an after credits scene that’s obviously trying to build up to something? you have no idea but you don’t really care because holy butts godzilla’s in it.
  • did i mention tom hiddleston

You okay ?


“I don’t want to be that creature any more..”

TheMusketeersFest2015: Day07
Anything related to Series Two: Milady.

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I'm praying we get a kol and hope interaction and him teaching her some magic but here's to wishful thinking

At this point I wouldn’t mind a Kol/Hope scene. Especially since I thought she’d have interacted with the others waaaaaay more than she actually has. Ffs Alaric had a one-on-one scene with Hope before Rebekah, Kol, or Elijah did, lmao.

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Did you see Adam did an interview with Metro and reconfirmed he's not leaving? I know he denied it before but this is like the first proper interview he denied it in, praise the lord <33333

YESSS I DID THANK GOD!!! I was actually just reading back through the spoilers from earlier today and I saw it and I legit shed some happy tears. I was in denial about it but a part of me knows he deserves /more/ than what the show gives him really but I’m not in any way ready to lose adam b yet so I’m just very very happy that he’s staying around (for now anyways)

also…he’s gonna be there for aaron through this..bartsy will live again?? they might actually have a proper convo, maybe more than just one scene! won’t raise my hopes up but we’ve only been waiting months in time for it since adam has come back. its a travesty that they better repair, I want that bromance back more than anything


Harry Potter AUs are the best so why not read some Ziam HP AUs? Here are 8 Ziam Hogwarts AUs.

1. The List by scottmcniceass (58 500 words)

Louis constantly gets Liam into trouble. Zayn is always there to get him out of it.

2. Squib/Veela Verse by halfhardtorock

He winces as Mr. Carrington’s livid face comes into view.

“What is your problem, squib?? Grab the bags and stop drooling over him! It’s like you’ve never seen a Veela before!”

“Um, hi. Mum,” Liam says, and then blushes harder, realizing this is the first time he’s really talked to his mum in three days. Three days which he’s spent upstairs doing his damnedest to mate a Veela.

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I know everyone is freaking out about the post-credits scene in Ant-Man… but we need to talk about the middle-credits one, too

because I want Hope as Wasp right fucking now