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if vicchan’s own version of a katsudon™ as yuuri’s birthday present isn’t the purest thing ever then idk what else is


skam meme:

[4/4] scenes ➢ it’s your girl

spn headcanons
                        ↪  ❥  Sam Winchester -

You can struggle all you want, in the end it will consume you.

                                                       And you will destroy everything you love

Being best friends with Lydia would include:

  • You’re actually more like sisters than best friends
  • You’re joined at the hip
  • Knowing each other like the back of your hand
  • Lydia helping you study
  • Makeovers
  • Being heartbroken when Allison died because she was your best friend too
  • Always shopping
  • Getting into silly fights that only last 5 minutes
  • Making a promise when you were little to always stay friends
  • Actually keeping that promise
  • Stiles always asking you to set him up with lydia
  • You actually trying to set them up because you know how good Stiles is to her
  • Scott used to have a major crush on you
  • Saying things in unison all the time
  • Planning each other’s birthday parties
  • Helping each other pick out outfits
  • Her knowing about all your crushes
  • Trying to set you up with every nice guy under the sun
  • Being BFF goals
  • Calling the others’ parents “mom” and “dad”
  • Hating when Lydia was with Jackson
  • Being a part of Scott’s pack
  • Borrowing the other’s clothes
  • Going to lacrosse games together
  • Supporting each other in whatever you do
  • Basically living at her house
  • Both of you being notoriously good at getting what you want
  • Visiting her everyday at Eichen
  • Promising to move to Milan together one day
  • Always taking care of each other

So I tracked down the specific image of Jim Moriarty that had been in the back of my mind when I made this post, and overlaid it on the wallpaper from the app.

Dang but the white and iris of his eye line up well.

We’ve got ourselves some magic fog, here, kids.