actually more like fish

Good guy Nami (???)

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(( How about like mythological creature au? Like satyr or mermaid or anything of your choosing! ))

Mermaids are all the rage these days, right?

He’s just an itty bit electric - not that that counts for anything. It’s just for finding stuff. If you give him food he will be your friend.

He is also very small.

I had a really vivid dream last night:

I was this raggedy seaside girl who had some sort of arrangement with the local pod of mermaids to deliver them “food” (essentially unsuspecting groups of seamen and sailors). I was really afraid of them, but then I got attacked by the drunk town brute down by the shore and they protected me and pulled him under and ate him and they refused to hurt me

And… now that I think about it that would make a really good comic? And I kinda wanna draw it really bad???


By Arlen Askew

Hello, friends. Today, I’m gonna teach you how to fish like a proper Lominsan. It’s the official pastime here maybe. After all, we practically invented it. Fishin’, I mean–not actual fish. Or maybe we invented fish so we’d have something to fish, but I guess that’d suggest we got the notion to fish before there was actual fish to fish. Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?

Sometimes you call it anglin’. But it means fishin’ just the same. But be warned, if you walk into certain establishments here in Limsa Lominsa and go on about anglin’, you’re liable to get your teeth punched down your throat. My older brother says it’s ‘cause anglin’ actually means more like fishin’ for saucy dames (or lads) instead of fish (or shellfish). Which is the unofficial pastime here in Limsa Lominsa. People get real ornery about it, even more than fishin’. Like if you’re with one crew and you go anglin’ around some rival crew’s oh never mind

First, you gotta get a good rod. People say that but actually, I think it’s a lot more important to get a good hat. One with lots of dangly bits hangin’ off it. If you don’t have any dangly bits yet, it’s fine–there’s a lot of it about when you go fishin’. But make sure you have a hat so you can stick some dangly bits on it. This will identify you as either a fisherman or someone who likes hats.

Then, you bait the hook. Really use anything. Anything you can find and maybe wouldn’t eat yourself, but maybe. Worms, bugs, crayfish dough. My mum makes these vegetarian herring balls that do in a pinch. I don’t know what’s in them, but my nose says they are rife with popoto and something eggy. No herring. But my dad refused to eat them unless they suggested otherwise.


If you get a bite, you’ll feel a tug on the line. That’s good, that’s okay, that’s supposed to happen. Don’t let it tug too hard so’s you fall into the water. If that happens, just let go of the rod because you won’t want to get your hat wet. Now it’s time to reel in your catch…

Huh. WELL WHATEVER YOU GOT IT’S PROBABLY FINE whether it’s a fish or other potential comestible or maybe a boot. Oh yeah, if it’s a boot and it’s your size, keep fishin’ and you might find the other one. Saves money on boots.

AND THAT’S HOW YOU GO FISHIN’. I hope you found this tutorial both informative and entertaining, as well as up to date and fashionable (especially the part about hats).

Also, if you’re a Lalafell like me, be prepared for people you don’t know to come up to you and give you a friendly pet. Think of it as fishin’ but more like anglin’ but also don’t go anywhere with strangers if you don’t want to.

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Actually Sidon isn't an "adult fish monster" and is more likely the equivalent of teenaged, adult royal male zoras are A LOT bigger, and take more than 100 years to reach adulthood (and also Link does not at all have a confirmed 16-17 age that is just made up????)

Apparently in memories he is said to be the same age as Zelda in them and she is 17 at the time.

That’s also what I thought about Sidon but -shrugs-

I don’t feel like getting in a debate about ships and FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Like yeah I love the game but I don’t feel like having these ship wars and arguments over the ages of fictional characters.