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thenworld  asked:

may I ask why your relationship with the pride & prejudice (2005) is complex? I love hearing people's opinions about the movie

Now, I do not hold any sort of beef or dislike anyone who prefers the 2005 adaptation over any other adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Partly because everyone’s preference is unique, and mostly because I’m not a massive head of a dick.

My relationship with the 2005 film is complex because there are three parts of me whenever I watch a film.

The director and the writer and the fan.

The director likes the film very much. She adores the editing, how the scenes are lit, how Marianelli’s music so perfectly moves the scenes along and evokes the feelings of the characters, the costumes, the acting. The little touches and production details, she is particularly fond of.

The writer finds the film to be rather middle-of-the-road. There’s good writing in there, wit and some good ideas. (Whoever came up with the idea of Elizabeth and Darcy’s first touch coming through him helping her into the carriage needs to get an award, because so much subtext and the writer lurves subtext.) But she finds that sometimes, the writing is a bit too modern and it doesn’t really properly evoke the Regency era for her as other adaptations have done in the past.

The fan hates some of the changes. The alternative ending shall not be spoken of, for one. Another severely dislikes the overly giggly nature of Elizabeth Bennet. Kiera Knightley is a very good actress, but Elizabeth was always meant to be, for the fan, a bit more serious. Inclined to laugh, obviously, but grounded. Lydia is flighty, flirting without thought for the effect it has on the rest of her family. Elizabeth however, is proud and therefore, pragmatic. By making Lizzy more giggly, zipping about making sarcastic comments, it just makes the film lack a bit of gravitas.

Putting all that together, basically I find that though a beautifully made film, the 2005 adaptation is just too fluffy and too on the nose. I understand that it’s a film and therefore changes have to be made to fit everything into 2 hours, but it misses the mark on a lot, and that makes it, as I said, fluffy. I want some sharpness to my P&P, you know?

Take the 1995 adaptation. I know it’s talky, a bit stagey and a bit stiff in some places but it lies deep in my heart, embedded there for always. Everyone talks about Darcy and Elizabeth being in the thundering rain in the 2005 film and I’ll be honest, that is a fantastic scene with that almost kiss but 1995, HOLY HELL. THIS REQUIRES EXTENDED CAPSLOCK BECAUSE ELIZABETH BENNET LIT UP BY SUNSHINE AS SHE TEARS FITZWILLIAM DARCY, OWNER OF THE PEMBERLEY ESTATE AND EARNER OF 10 GRAND A YEAR,  A NEW ONE.
































And suddenly, that’s a glimmer of the good behind the pompous arsehole. He listens to Lizzy’s rejection, savage and filled with truth, and he writes a letter to her in response. 

How very fucking British.

And precisely why my relationship with the 2005 film is so complex.

On My Mind

Requested by: me cause the thirst is real and our Collective Husband deserves our undying love

Prompt: #31 “I don’t hate you.” (Luke Alvez x Reader)

A/N: Guess who’s back in the CM fandom, peeps? :D Credit to @imagicana for helping me when I got stuck and for being amazing by reading it and making very useful comments. The whole Roxy thing was her idea! Thank you, dear! :)
I forgot to add that the title also came from her :D
Requests are still closed, by the way!

I swear I tried to keep this short *sweats*

Warning: Season 12 spoilers ahead!

Originally posted by princediana

Garcia was complaining about your co-worker Luke again, or the Newbie, as she called him despite the fact that he had been part of the team for months now. She still kind of hated him because she felt he had taken Morgan’s place.

‘No one kicks doors down like my chocolate thunder,’ she told you from the couch one day after you asked her why she could not tolerate him. You had been hanging out together all afternoon during a rare yet peaceful Sunday.

‘You should at least try to be civil with him, you know?’ you advised, moving to the kitchen to refill your tea mugs as she tried to choose another movie to watch.

‘Why? He’s always trying to find ways to mock me,’ she tried to defend her behaviour.

‘That’s only because you mock him first,’ you replied as you came back and settled against the cushions. ‘You liked his dog, right? Roxy? At least try to bond with him over that.’

‘Maybe,’ Garcia said and brought an end to that conversation as she started gushing about some random actor.

Now, if you had the ability to travel back in time, you would probably go back to that exact moment and say something different.

Because in hindsight, telling your friend to bond with the guy you found mildly attractive and tried not to stare at all the time might be considered a mistake by some people. But, back then, you didn’t know that this infatuation was going to develop into anything else.

You couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment when it happened. It was more of a gradual thing. The feelings grew with each passing day and new little quirk or endearing trait you discovered about him…

The way he smiled from across the room and waved at you in the mornings made your stomach flip. The way he stood in front of you when an UnSub got too close once (and then apologised because he didn’t want you to feel belittled by his overprotective nature) made you feel warm all over each time you remembered. The way he furrowed his eyebrows when he concentrated too hard on something made you want to reach out and smooth his handsome features.

It was all too much. You had troubles keeping a straight face and a blush from taking over your face whenever he complimented you on something you had done or how you had styled your hair that day. You thought, maybe, you stood a chance. All you needed to do was figure out if the things he told you were part of his personality, like Morgan’s constant stream of flirtatious comments, or if he actually liked you.

However, all your hope went down the drain and your heart sunk in your chest when you heard he and Garcia were on a first name basis now. You could not believe you had let yourself be fooled once more. It was the same feeling you got when you heard them starting to talk more comfortably to each other and again when Garcia showed you the little cat Luke had given her to cheer her up.

So one day, when you saw them chatting quietly in the hallway and laughing, you finally decided to step down. Your friendship with Garcia was a lot more important to you than some new guy. Even if he was the first person you were interested in after years of one-time dates that never led to anything.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and left the files you had been carrying in Garcia’s office. You got back to your desk and hoped that you didn’t get a case that day. You really just wanted to go home and wallow in self-pity in the comfort of your bed.

Thankfully, an hour later, with no case in sight, the team started getting ready to leave for the day while they chatted about their plans for the weekend. You discreetly grabbed your purse and made your way to the lift, trying not to bring any attention to yourself.

When the lift finally stopped in the parking lot, you almost ran straight to your car. You drove for a long while, willing your mind to calm down and accept the fact that you had never stood a chance, especially against Garcia. Feeling another wave of sadness hit you, you parked the car outside a coffee shop.

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The Keys

Requested: Could you maybe write an imagine where Y/N ex boyfriend brings back the house key he had for Y/N apartment and Shawn is there. But Shawn didn’t know he had a key in first place and because he never got a key he is all jealous and pissed yells at Y/N? I hope that makes sense. Really appreciate your writings! Love only!

Your name: submit What is this?


After showering, you walk back into your living room with your hair still damp, but thrown into a messy bun. Shawn is over, so the two of you are planning to have a lazy night in. Since he has some time off, you’re finally getting to spend time together. You walk into to the living room to find that Shawn isn’t there where you left him. You can hear voices coming from the hall leading to the front door. One of them you recognize immediately as Shawn’s of course, but the other one sounds familiar too, and you wonder who would be at the door. Shawn’s frame is blocking the entire doorway, so you can’t see who’s at the door, but when you get closer you can hear the other person speaking. “Can you tell her I’m sorry I didn’t call?” Your ex-boyfriend says to Shawn. As much as you want to know what the conversation is about and why he stopped by in the first place, you don’t really want to walk into a conversation between your ex and your current boyfriend, so you stop and backtrack before either of them see you.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, could you write a fic where Jughead and Archie are working at the construction and Betty and Veronica are going to see them. And just as they arrive, Juggie takes his plaid off (he doesn't notice them), and Betty freezes on the spot and drools over the hot body he was hiding? And Veronica is just as impressed. // Oddly specific, but it'd funny and awesome to see/read, hahahaha

I had way too much fun writing this lol. Enjoy!

“Jug, could you hand me that hammer over there?”

Archie gestured to the beat-up claw hammer sitting on the workbench, wiping a bead of sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Sure thing, Arch,” Jughead muttered, grabbing the hammer by the grip and holding it out for Archie to take.

Jughead adjusted his hardhat, squinting through the glare of the sun to scan the perimeter of the construction site.

“Did Veronica say what time she and Betty were getting here?” Jughead wondered, squatting to the graveled road to pick up a wood beam and haul it to the other side of the work area.

“No, but my guess is that it’ll be awhile,” Archie guessed, placing a nail onto a piece of wood and forcefully hammering it down. “Kevin likes to talk when he’s nervous and he has that big history test tomorrow so I bet he’s going to have a lot to say.”

“When doesn’t he have a lot to say?” Jughead pointed out, tossing the wood into the pile and turning back to Archie with an amused grin.

“Good point,” Archie laughed, stepping backwards to take a look at his handy work and setting the hammer back on the workbench.

“God, how is it November and still close to ninety degrees out here,” Jughead complained, undoing the first few buttons on his plaid shirt and rolling up the sleeves. “What I wouldn’t give for an Arctic snowstorm or some sort of ice apocalypse right now.”

“Better get used to it,” Archie told him. “Working in construction like this? It’s pretty much hot all year around.”


“How long did they say they were going to be?” Veronica whined from the front entrance of the construction site, lifting her foot to show Betty the fancy heels that her mother had bought her for her last birthday. “These shoes were not made for walking on gravel and don’t even get me started on what this heat is going to do to the suede lining on this jacket.”

“Patience, V,” Betty told her, glancing down at her watch to check how long they had been standing there. “Jughead and Archie said to meet them here after we were done studying with Kev. They didn’t give me a specific time.”

Betty stood on her tiptoes to see around the giant tree blocking their view of the project that Mr. Andrews and his crew were working on.

“Maybe they meant for us to meet them down at the trailer,” Betty muttered, tugging on Veronica’s sleeve as she trudged through the gravel to lead them farther into the construction area. “Come on, let’s take a walk down there.”

As they rounded the corner, Betty could hear men hammering and lugging large planks of wood around the dirt-covered work area and she knew that they were headed in the right direction.

“Well trust me when I tell you that they do not want to feel the weight of my wrath if this jacket is ruined because-”

“Veronica, shut up,” Betty muttered, stopping dead in her tracks as something -or rather, someone - caught her attention at the edge of the construction site.

Veronica glanced up to follow Betty’s gaze, her eyes going wide at the sight of Jughead unbuttoning his plaid button-down to reveal a surprisingly fit, surprisingly attractive, bare chest.

“Holy hipster-meets-abercrombie,” Veronica mumbled, her mouth dropping open as Jughead tossed his shirt onto a pile of wood beams. “How could you not tell me that broody had a body.”

“I’ve never actually… you know,” Betty stammered, her pulse quickening as Jughead squirted his water bottle over his head, the water droplets trickling down his body in slow motion.

“Seen the abs under all that plaid,” Veronica finished for her, one eyebrow twitching up curiously as they both gaped at the boy standing in front of them. “Well girl, let me be the first to tell you - you were missing out.”

“Tell me about it,” Betty breathed, her cheeks flushing pink as the temperature in the air continued to elevate the longer she watched him haul the wooden planks from the truck to the pile closest to the fence.

“Well if you don’t do something about it after seeing our own personal screening of Magic Mike: Misunderstood High School Boys Edition, I most certainly will,” Veronica warned, rummaging through her purse to pull out the copy of the Grapes of Wrath she borrowed from their English teacher and fanning herself with it dramatically.

“Veronica!” Betty protested, nudging her in the side with her elbow.

“Sorry, B, but your boyfriend has a bod,” Veronica stated. “And it’s working for him.”

“Okay can you stop staring at him like that please, you’re starting to look like a cat in heat,” Betty noticed, her eyes drawing away from Jughead to watch in horror as her best friend bit her bottom lip seductively at the sight of Betty’s shirtless boyfriend. 

“You’re right, sorry,” Veronica muttered, shaking her head as if to draw herself out of a deep trance. “I just - I’ve always had this fantasy of a shirtless construction worker running towards me in slow motion - chiseled chest, dirt-smudged cheeks, a firm a-”

“V!” Betty shrieked, taking her by the arm and pulling her away from her view of Jughead.

“Okay okay, I’ll stop!” Veronica smirked, her eyes dancing wildly as she watched Betty’s gaze slowly drift back to a bare-chested Jughead. “But seriously, you’re going to do something about this right?”

“Like what?”

“B,” Veronica narrowed her eyes at Betty, wiggling her eyebrows at her suggestively as she glanced from Betty, to Jughead, and back again. “Do I really have to spell it out for you.”

“Oh,” Betty mumbled under her breath, her eyes going so wide Veronica thought they might pop right out of her head as realization finally set in. “Oh!

“Finally!” Archie called from the other side of the construction site, setting his equipment to the side and looking up to see his friends standing near the trailer. “What took you guys so long?”

“Oh you know,” Veronica called back, glancing at Betty slyly as her lips curled into an amused grin. “Just enjoying the view.”

“Yeah, the location’s great,” Archie agreed, turning on his heel to gesture towards to area of land behind them. “You can even see the river from over here.”

“Yeah, the river,” Veronica muttered as she and Betty took a few steps closer to meet Archie and Jughead halfway. “That’s totally what we were looking at.”

Jughead leaned forward to grab his shirt, but made no move to slip it back on over his bare shoulders.

“You okay, Bets?” Jughead asked, taking in her bewildered expression and flushed cheeks as he closed the space between them.

“Fine! Just a little…” Betty squeaked, her heart racing wildly as she struggled to pry her eyes away from his chest to meet his gaze. Being this close to him, Betty’s mind drifted to thoughts of her hands exploring his chest, her fingers running through his hair, her lips on his lips, his neck, his stomach. 


Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: Your writing is AMAZING❤ Could I request an Ethan x reader? Where the reader is a youtuber and they doing the girlfriend/boyfriend challenge?

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag for reader’s youtube channel! Lots of fluff ensues.

A/N: Hey there kiddos, I would like to apologize for taking so long with this request. I had class today, not to mention an essay due just a couple hours ago so I mostly tried staying away from my phone. That being said I loved this request so much because there were so many possibilities for fluffy stories ahhh. I mean as it stands, it’s 1am as I’m typing this right now and I have no regrets. I’m kinda proud of this one tbh. Sorry, no self deprecating humor in this author’s note. Anyway, thanks for the request so much, it was so fun to write this! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1131 srry I got carried away whoops

Warnings: s o m u c h f l u f f. Physically repulsive to read so much cute thing. Continue at your own risk. Also i said ‘ass’ a couple times I think.

Please request some more! My inbox is empty! Pleaseeee!

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Mistakes (Heather Chandler x Reader)

Hey! I’m back writing, everyone. This was requested by @blossomgutz and I feel guilty for not writing it. I’ve had massive writers block, but it’s gotten past it and I really hope you like it! It’s very fluffy like, deathly fluffy towards the end. Don’t suffocate in the fluff!
Thanks for requesting, love!

Warnings: nothing rly. Cussing, angst, fluff.

WC - 1,333


“And paired together….Heather Chandler and (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” The teacher pursed her lips, expecting Heather to have a snarky remark at who she was partnered with…yet, there wasn’t.
Meanwhile, I was in the back of the class I was trembling, and I began to sweat, looking around for my best friend Veronica. She smiled at me sympathetically. I sighed.
Heather and I were assigned to help each other with end of the year speeches. We were basically supposed to thank everyone for a “wonderful” year, add in a funny story or two, and be done with it.
Like that was going to happen.
Swallowing my fear, I stumbled up to Chandler.
“So um…do you wanna maybe…work together during study hall or something?” I stuttered, positive I was getting a punch in the face.
“You..and I?” She smirked, glaring at Heather and Heather, who got the message and started laughing in a fake high pitch voice.
“We are assigned together. This is our last grade and interaction is a part of it.” I shot back, some weird courage overtaking me.
“don’t worry about it, honey.” Heather Chandler laughed, before tossing me a glossy business card stating her address.
“Okayyyyyy…..” I shook my head silently and stalked away from them, hurrying to the next period.

(2 Days Later)

“I am definitely going to be sabotaged when I go over to her house. What if it’s like…Rams house or something and his parents aren’t home and I’m trapped-or what if like, it’s an abandon warehouse and they leave me locked in there for the-”
“(Y/N). Settle down. Jesus Christ.” Veronica laughed, leaning against my bed frame.
I hung my head and flopped on my bed, sighing once again.
“I know you’ve had a crush on her forever.” She looked at me knowingly, as I just nodded, limply taking the Mountain Dew from my nightstand and taking a sip.

“First off, you can’t act nervous. Don’t care about your own death.” She began, laying down next to me and staring at the ceiling.
“Maybe she’s really nice.” Veronica suggested.
“I doubt.” I groaned.

“You have less then 2 hours though. Get ready. I’ll help you.” Veronica sat up and put her arms out, helping me up.

“Lets go.” She led the way to the bathroom.

(An hour later)

“I think you’re ready.” Veronica smirked, and I looked in the mirror for the first time. My makeup was done beautifully, the eyeshadow a very muted and subtle lapis, some glittery stuff on my cheekbones I didn’t even know I had. My eyelashes were curled up slightly, coated in pitch mascara. I couldn’t lie, I did look pretty attractive.

“Outfit. Outfits..” Veronica smirked.
“Oh HELL no-”
“Oh HELL yes.”

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to you, i thee wed (chapter 8)

They didn’t know they were marrying each other until the bride got to the altar. And then panic ensued. Married at First Sight AU.


Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

WC: 7.6K

Thank you so much @sarahcada and @booksfullofme for the lovely edits!

“I told you,” Tikki gloats. “Ladybugs and Chat Noirs usually do end up getting married.”

“Uh-huh, Tikki.”

“It’s true, Plagg! Look, isn’t this about the third time I’ve been right?”

“Sure is,” he mutters.

Tikki beams and pats the top of his head. “Don’t worry, Plagg. We still have the reveal and I’m betting on your boy to spill the beans!”

Plagg laughs and shakes his head. “You’re on, you crazy thing. Though I bet Ladybug is way more brazen. Adrien, well–he’s only brave if he’s with me. Your girl is always brave it seems.”  

Tikki grins proudly. “That she is. That she is.”

Marinette only opens the bedroom door a fraction before checking the hallway again to make sure the coast is clear. Looking to her left, then her right, she’s positive she’s alone as she hears nothing aside from the chatter in the kitchen floating up the stairs. Relief pours through her as she enters the bedroom.

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Connor Murphy with a Writer S/O Headcanons Part 1

First off, this is long. A warning. I tried my best to make it gender neutral. If I didn’t, please, help me and tell me what to fix! 

Reminder, I don’t take requests for headcanons, and I don’t think I ever will. So sorry about that, guys! 

Ok, enjoy this long list guys!

  • You were a mystery to Connor and to most people
  • You weren’t an outcast cuz you did have a few friends and all, yet a lot of the times Connor would see you alone with a notebook or laptop or something that you can write with
  • Yet you also seemed content while being alone
  • It was confusing to him because you had friends and you didn’t hang out with them as much as other people did with their friends
  • So of course Connor’s way of expressing his curiosity in your… oddness is to observe you from afar
  • But just for observation nothing else absolutely nothing else no siree
  • When you were leaving class, you dropped your notebook, the prized notebook that Connor knew you carried everywhere
  • Now Connor had two choices, leave the notebook and continue not caring or take it and give it back to you
  • He started second guessing himself, that you must’ve noticed he was observing you and so, for revenge, you dropped your notebook so he could pick it up and he’d just end up embarrassing himself
  • However, if he didn’t embarrass himself, then you wouldn’t get your notebook
  • So Connor made a third option, he dropped it off at the teacher’s desk so you could find it later
  • While he was ditching class because he couldn’t take any more stares, he saw you outside your locker muttering to yourself and digging through your stuff.
  • Before he could say anything, he muttered, “People will think you’re a freak if you keep doing that.”
  • You heard him. The hallway was empty and his locker was fairly close to yours. You just smiled, cuz writers are freaks. “I am a freak,” you told him, “I’m a writer.”
  • With that, you kept on digging through your locker
  • Connor was so taken aback. Why would you admit to being a freak? Shouldn’t it bother you? Why were you so proud of it? It bothered him when the rumors started.
  • Seeing as no one was around to see him embarrass himself, Connor dared to talk to you
  • “What are you looking for anyway?”
  • “My journal. I had so many ideas in there, and I can’t find it.”
  • “I… I know where it is.” Great you’ll think he’s a freak. Why did he say that? Now you were going to interrogate him and ask him why he would know such things and then you would tell all your friends that he was a creepy stalker.
  • “Really?” Your eyes lit up. “Can you show me?”
  • Ok, Connor was surprised for two reasons. One: You weren’t mad or shouting or laughing, you were happy for what he said. A first. Two: you wanted him to show you? Who wanted Connor Murphy for company?
  • So, Connor showed you the classroom you dropped it in. You went in got your notebook just as the bell rang and the hallways flooded with people
  • All people avoided Connor, but he didn’t care, not when you were smiling and thanking him for doing something so small
    • Connor had never felt so… happy in a long time
  • Then, everything came crashing done
    • From his peripheral vision, he saw a few of your friends chatting amongst themselves on the other side of the hallway, and anger filled him up
    • “So this is what this is, huh?”
    • You blinked. “What? Connor-”
    • “No, don’t. You did all of this just so that you and your friend could make fun of the freak, right?”
    • “Connor-”
    • “You’re not any different than anyone else in this damn school. I should’ve known. I’ve had enough of this shit.”
    • And you stood there shocked.
  • You were very worried about Connor. Being a writer, you had studied a lot about psychology and different mental disorders. You knew Connor needed help, and you were going to help him.
  • You asked around, your friends, teachers, classmates, but no one knew much about Connor.
    • You kept hearing about an incident when Connor threw a printer at his teacher in second grade
    • But… how could a second grader…. Throw a printer???? It made no sense
  • You finally got some info from someone in Jazz Band
  • His sister played jazz, and you could easily ask her if Connor was ok
  • Apparently, she didn’t know much about her brother either and judging by her indifferent and almost angry reaction at the mention of her brother, you knew something happened between them
  • You asked if you could come over to thank him for giving you your notebook back, even though that was only one of the reasons you wanted to see him
  • Zoe Murphy was confused, but she relented
  • So that day you walked with Zoe and actually had a nice conversation.
  • You told her how one of your characters was interested in music and decided to get some advice from a musician
  • When you got to the house, Zoe explained a bit of the family situation
  • You became even more determined to help Connor
  • Zoe retreated to her room and pointed you to Connors room. She warned you that he might not be in there and that if he was, he was smoking weed
  • You hesitated before knocking because what if you were making it worse?
  • Then you looked at your notebook and found the courage to knock on his door.
  • “What the fuck, Zoe?” Connor shouted through his door.
  • You gulped. “Um, it’s (y/n). I dropped my notebook. I’ve come to thank you.”
  • He opened the door and was silent for a few seconds
  • Those few seconds felt like eternity to you. You had to admit, he was intimidating. You had noticed Connor before because he was… odd. Just like you were. You just never had the chance to talk to him.
  • “Why the fuck are you here?” he demanded.
  • “I wanted to thank you.”
  • He scoffed. “Yeah right.” He moved to close the door.
  • You prevented the door from closing.
  • “What the fuck, (Y/n)?”
  • You explained, “Connor, I’m a writer. That notebook you found is practically my life, and you returned it to me. Last time, I lost a notebook, no one bothered to look for it or keep an eye out. I found that very notebook a year later in the fucking gym. Everyone goes to the gym and no one bothered to tell me. You cared, and that’s pretty amazing.”
  • After your little monologue, you grew embarrassed. You just rambled about a notebook in front of Connor freakin Murphy, a dude who probably didn’t want to listen to a writer ramble on about writing.
  • However, it was the opposite.
  • Connor noticed that there was no one around. You weren’t doing it to embarrass him or get glory for taking pity on him. Which meant the only reason you could be there, thanking him, is to genuinely thank him and appreciate what he did. He hadn’t had that in a long time.
  • “I should go. Sorry for, uh, disturbing you, Connor.”
  • He couldn’t help himself. “You’re welcome, (Y/n).”
  • You turned around and you couldn’t help your smile or the words that came out afterward. “So, you wanna hang out tomorrow, lunch? Gotta thank my superhero.”
  • Connor didn’t know how he got so lucky as to hear those words from you, but he didn’t want to waste it. “Yeah.”
  • Lunch was a bit awkward. Then, something caught Connor’s attention.
    • “So this one story I have is about a main character who is struggling with mental disorders-”
    • “So he’s a villain?”
    • “No, not all. He’s the protagonist, and everyone who keeps denying him help are the antagonists.”
    • Connor’s interests piqued. He wanted to read it, and you allowed him after asking if he’d be ok with reading the sensitive material.
    • He did and not only did he like it, he gave you honest and good critique
    • “Hey, if you need any help with writing that-”
    • “You’ll swoop in and save my writing. I know, Superman.”
  • Whenever you needed to write, you went to him.
    • “Connor?”
    • “Yes?”
    • “Mind f I hang out here with you? I need some quiet while I write.”
    • “What about your other friend?”
    • “They’ll talk and talk and try to find out what I’m writing.”
    • “That’s annoying. Yeah, sure.”
    • “Thanks.”
    • And you two would just sit there in comfortable silence until you were done.
    • “Is it ready, (Y/n)?”
    • You inhaled through your teeth. “Not just yet, Mr. Connor Murphy. I need to edit it. But, I promise, as soon as I’m done, You’ll be the first to read it!”
    • And he was
  • Connor Murphy soon becomes your editor and fellow researcher, and because he doesn’t give a shit, he is really good at finding people for you to talk to about certain things.
    • “(y/n), I got some contacts from the hospital, all experts in that disorder you’re trying to write about.”
    • “Really?! Thanks, Connor!”
    • “I also emailed each and every one of them regarding the disorder.”
    • … “Connor, we’re in high school. What the fuck did you tell them?”
    • “That you were going to have a book published and that you need information.”
    • “Connor, I’m not even close to done.”
    • “But, you’ll finish it. They’ll get back to us.”
    • Within the next week, no one had contacted you or Connor.
    • Then Connor gave you a pile of papers.
    • “‘What’s this?”
    • “Since none of the doctors responded, I went over there and interviewed one. Here’s the information I got.”
    • “How did you-”
    • “Don’t ask, (Y/n).”
    • You smiled. “You really are my Superman, you know that Murphy?”
    • Cue cute blushing Connor who tried to hide it. “Whatever, (Y/n).”
  • Safe to say, Connor fell for you. Hard. And it scared the shit out of him. You were so amazing in his eyes. Hell, he wasn’t even sure if he deserved you as a friend, much more a …
  • Connor began to disappear more often, and you were starting to worry. Connor had disappeared sometimes, sure. But, usually, it was for a day or two. If it was more than that, he would text you or call you to reassure you he was ok.
  • Four days passed, and Connor wasn’t anywhere. He wouldn’t answer your texts or calls, and you were beginning to worry.
  • Zoe hadn’t seen him anywhere either, and she began to worry too. She didn’t forgive her brother for what he had done to her in the past, but she knew that he was better when he was with you. You were better when you were with him. You needed each other.
  • You searched for him. You went from place to place. You knew Connor would want some quiet place to think, so you went to each library, park, abandoned field. You even jumped the fence of some private property to see if he was there.
  • You found him on a bench, sleeping. You were so mad at him for disappearing on you, so you woke him up. “Connor!”
  • He groaned. “Leave me alone, (Y/n).”
  • “No! I’ve left you alone for a week. You have worried me sick! Honestly, Connor, I have fucking clue what you were thinking?”
  • Connor shook his head and walked away. He didn’t want to argue with you.
  • “Connor! You are not disappearing on me again!” You grabbed his hand, and that made him snap.
  • “I can disappear whenever the fuck I want, (Y/n)! And what, it’s not like you wouldn’t change. You’ll still be you, with the novel in works and a published book in a few years. Nothing changes if I leave!”
  • “Nothing changes?” You shook your head. “You have the gall to tell me nothing changes? Who will be my editor, huh, Connor? Evan, cause he’ll love everything I read? Or fucking Jared, cause I would definitely love to follow his advice and put him in my book!”
  • “You could get any editor, (Y/n). You can replace me!”
  • “No one can replace you, Connor! No one!” Tears were stinging your eye. At the mere thought of a world without Connor Murphy, you felt empty and angry and sad. You took a deep breath. “Connor, if you disappeared, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.”
  • “Oh please. You were still you before you met me. The proud freak.”
  • You shook your head. “Connor, I couldn’t finish anything before you. I-I had no motivation to finish anything. I didn’t see any reason why i had to finish that short story, that novel, that fucking outline. But, after you, after meeting someone who actually gave me critiques and appreciated writing for what it was and listened to me, I feel like I could take on the world!” You laughed. “You’re my muse, Connor Murphy.”
  • Connor was shocked again. It couldn’t be true. How could he ever mean that much to someone? Especially if that someone was… you “Don’t lie to me, (Y/n).”
  • “I’m not lying to you, Connor. You inspire me.”
  • “Stop fucking lying to me.”
  • “I am not lying to you!”
  • He shook his head. “I’m not dealing with this crap.”
  • “Connor, how could I lie to you?” When he didn’t stop walking, you stopped in front of him. “How could you even believe I would lie to you?”
  • He kept trying to get past you.
  • “Connor!”
  • He pushed past you and continued walking.
  • You watched as he walked away. Well, you couldn’t lose anything at that point. “Connor!”
  • “Leave me alone, (Y/n)!”
  • “Connor, please!’ You gulped. “I love you, Connor!”
  • Everything froze. Connor stopped in his path. You couldn’t breathe.
  • Connor threw back his head and stared at the sky. His voice was surprisingly calm as he said, “I thought I told you to stop lying.”
  • You wanted to argue with him again, but you were too tired and confused. You couldn’t form the right words
  • So Connor continued. He turned around. He had tears on his cheeks, and his eyes were red. You stalked over to you. “How could you love a freak like me, huh, (Y/n)?” He scoffed. “What kind of sick joke are you trying to pull?” His voice raised in volume. “I’m not worth your love, ok? You’re meant for greater things, and you need some guy who’s not going to disappear on you for a week.”
  • You whispered his name and pulled on his jacket. He had to stop saying those things. It hurt that he thought such things about himself.
  • He still persisted, “You need some guy who doesn’t smoke weed and actually fucking sleeps once in a while and knows how to give a shit about people. You deserve better than-”
  • You couldn’t shut him up, so you kissed him. It was crazy, impulsive, and stupid, but you did it anyway.
  • Connor pulled away immediately. “(Y/n), you can’t-”
  • You pressed your lips against his again, and this time he moaned into the kiss and pulled you closer to him. He pressed you against him and scrambled to find out where his hands went. Connor grabbed your hips with one hand and knotted his fingers into your hair with the other.
  • The kiss was sloppy and by no means perfect, but my god, feeling Connor’s hands in your hair and on your hips and running down your shoulders was the best thing you’ve ever felt. When your chest began to burn from lack of oxygen, you pulled away.
  • Connor leaned forward to kiss you again, but he didn’t do so, not sure if you really really want this. Instead, he opted for resting his forehead on yours.
  • Connor’s mind was racing, going from one thought to the next. He grabbed your arm, needing something to anchor him to the reality where you, wonderful you, kissed him.
  • Twice.
  • “Shit,” Connor whispered.
  • “That bad?” you laughed.
  • He grit his teeth and stroked the length of your arm. “No. That good.”
  • You giggled and heaved in air. Connor had literally taken your breath away, and you didn’t mind one bit.
  • You stroked his hair and just stared at him with love in your eyes.
  • “I have something on my face, don’t I?”
  • You shook your head. “No. Just…” You breathed deeply. “You look so beautiful.”
  • Connor laughed. “Yeah right.”
  • “I’m serious! You’re amazing, Connor Murphy.”
  • And in that moment, Connor knew there would be no one else for him.

If you think this is long… well this is only part one guys! (I know, I’m crazy. I’m a writer) Um, yeah, I love Connor Murphy guys. His character is so unexplored that I want to explore his character, and this is one of my ways. 

Next part is coming up soon!

By soon, I mean less than thirty minutes later. Here it is!  Part 2!

The List

Since the portal accident when he was fourteen, he’d been keeping a record of all ghostly abilities that he exhibited as well as a short explanation of each power. At age fifteen, with everything that had happened and continued to happen, Danny was still just as confused about his ghost-half as he had been a year previously.

Maddie and Jack had offered to analyze his notes to determine whether or not his abilities were finite or if they would continue to grow along with him, which Danny had refused at first. When Danny discovered that he was continuing to add to his ever-growing and ever-changing list of powers, the boy consented to letting his parents look at his recordings. His only question was: “Am I finished getting new powers, or should I expect more?”

This was why both adults were slack-jawed in their lab, Danny and Jazz upstairs with their own business to attend to, staring at the expanse of paper before them. This was his latest, most recently revised list and it was more than impressive; organized by the amount of energy spent on each ability.

Accelerated Healing - The title underestimates the actual ability. Mortal wounds become not-so-mortal when in ghost form, unless the central-core energy is specifically targeted to be harmed or weakened. When in ghost form and with enough energy, anything but complete disintegration would bring me little (real) harm. In human form, I can tap into these healing abilities to a lesser extent of my ghost self. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Enhanced Sensation - All of my five senses are much more sensitive. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Ecto-Location (Ghost Sense) - When a ghost is nearby, a cold puff of air from my core is sent out (usually through my mouth). If I focus just slightly, I can also determine the ecto-signature of the particular ghost (provided they are familiar to me, i.e. Skulker, Box Ghost, etc.…) (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Invisibility - Manipulating both myself and the light around me, I can make it so I am unable to be seen without special equipment. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Intangibility - I can become abstract in a way that means I cannot be touched by any human-world item not meant for catching and/or harming ghosts. Tied slightly to invisibility; often, when intangible, I revert to a more corporeal form that is difficult to see (not impossible, but difficult nonetheless). (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Flight - Probably because of the composition of ectoplasm in comparison to the Earth’s atmosphere, I can fly without accessories. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Body Modification - Includes (but probably not limited to): formation of a ghostly tail when flying at high speeds, ethereal fog materializing between body parts to stretch them, also I can shift to a rubber-like constitution at will. (Energy Drain - Instinctual to Low)

Ghost Stinger - If I react quickly enough, I can turn other ghost’s ectoplasmic energy against them and re-direct the energy. Often this produces an electrified effect on the ‘already-used’ (meaning the energy wasn’t mine to begin with) ectoplasm. If I choose to, I can use energy from my own core to amplify this effect. (Energy Drain - Low)

Ecto-Blasts - I can release energy from my ghostly core outwards in varying degrees of power (up to my control when coming to how much I want to release). (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Ectoplasmic Manipulation - Instead of unfocused ectoplasmic energy, I can dictate what the energy from my core does. Shields, ecto-weapons, and bindings (like chain or rope) are my most often used forms of ectoplasmic manipulation. (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Cryokinesis - Same premise as Ecto-Blasts, provided I concentrate on cold energy rather than unfocused ectoplasm. (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Telekinesis - By surrounding an object (or objects) with a light form of ectoplasm, I can move things around. Size and weight of the item are factors, but longer distances make it harder to move the object(s). (Energy Drain - Moderate)

Ice Fog - If I slowly release cold energy from my core and with it releasing minute amounts of raw ectoplasmic energy, I can create a dense icy fog that decreases visibility around a particular area. (Energy Drain - Moderate to High)

Beacon - Using energy from my core, I can create a beacon of white-green light (from my hands) that attracts ghosts in the near vicinity-friend or foe. The stronger the beacon, the greater area the light reaches (meaning more ghosts the beacon calls to). They seem to be entranced by the light enough so that they’re unaware of their surroundings until I stop the beacon. (Energy Drain - Moderate to High)

Duplication - While making sure not to split my central core, I can manipulate the ectoplasm inside of me to create an identical copy of myself. The more core energy I use, the easier the copy is to maintain, the more durable they are, and the closer they are to. Side note, memory transfer is still a pain. Currently able to maintain 2 low-stamina clones, 1 moderate-stamina clone. (Energy Drain - High)

Ghostly Wail - Using the raw energy from my central core, I can create a series of ectoplasmic sound-waves that do severe damage to those in range of the attack. Also slightly inflicts damage on those not in direct attack but who are close enough to me that the screams penetrate their ears. (Energy Drain - High to Critical)

Arctic Howl - Using more central core energy with focus on its element of ice, a much more devastating effect to the original Wail can be achieved by the waves manifesting into a blizzard. The above effects of the original Ghostly Wail remain in place with the addition of the deep-freeze extending the attack radius. (Energy Drain - Critical)

Jack was the first to speak up.

“Heh… Who knew he was holding out on us this whole time?” He chuckled with an odd sort of smile, still unable to process that his fifteen-year-old son possessed the power that he did. Maddie was still gobsmacked as she flipped through the pages of edits that her son had done.

How he was doing abysmally in English class with this obvious mastery of the language was beyond her, for one thing.
For another; after his list of powers, Danny had composed several theories and hypotheses that could put other doctors in the Paranormal sciences to shame. They were well thought out and carefully laid down with just enough proof threaded in with his theories that made them seem credible. The woman seated herself and blinked. Who knew? She’d always thought that it would be her daughter to follow in her footsteps, even when Jasmine had proclaimed her love for psychology. Jazz had been the one with the book-smarts and Danny had been the boy with his heart in anything he does. The way his notebook looked, however, told her that Danny wasn’t letting on nearly how intelligent he actually was; and it also told her that he had a knack for the thing that her and Jack had devoted their lives to. Rather than her eldest taking over the Fenton family tradition of ghost-hunting when they were gone, it seemed that her youngest was more than equipped with the knowledge to step up to the plate now.

For once in her life, Madeline Cassandra Fenton was truly stumped. She’d thought that she’d have an easy answer to her son’s question, but she was absolutely, 100% baffled just by what Danny was stating simply in his journal as if it were nothing. Jack was too, if his calculating expression told her anything. Despite his tactless way of approaching situations and his general lack of common sense, Jack Fenton was truly a genius and had a wonderfully creative mind; it was one of the many reasons that she’d fallen in love with him. He was deep in his ‘scientist-mode’, as he said it to be. Brows drawn together, the man nodded and looked to his wife.

“I think that he’s yet to apex, as far as these powers go. From the looks of things in here,” he referred to the generous edits made to the notebook-including the changing ‘energy-drain’ levels, “the longer he has these powers, the more control he has. Probably even the strongest attacks he has now will be nothing if we give it a couple years.” Jack grinned like a child in a candy shop. “Who knows, Mads, he might just be the most powerful ghost ever! And he’s only halfway there!” Maddie found herself smiling at her husband’s eagerness.
“Maybe, Jack, maybe…” She trailed off in favor of looking over the book again while Jack began rambling about he and Danny teaming up to be a dynamic duo of sorts.
Through all of the questions that his notebook had left her with, one thing was clear to Maddie when she finally left the lab that evening; she had really only just begun to learn the double-life her son had been leading for the past year and a half.

And she was more than ready to continue learning, as any good scientist would be.

Three Days For Us  - Zig x MC

#ChoicesCreates Round 21

Book: The Freshman/The Sophomore
Pairing: Zig x MC
Prompt: “What if…?”
Rating: T 
Hosted by @catsrtheboss this week!

[A little note: The first ship I thought of was initially something else but I decided to take a small break to work on some other stuff. This is supposed to take place after Hartfeld University; except Zig and MC has never met formally until now].

[Summary: Another end of the year, means another round of Christmas parties and exchanging of holiday gifts. In a world filled with family and couples, MC despises this season until a twist of fate means she might not have to spend it alone this year.]

The mall was overflowing, cluttered with people three nights before Christmas Eve. Little children scurried with their parents trailing not far behind and couples walked hand in hand, laughing and joking with one another as if they were sharing some sort of private joke. They might as well had been.

Dia was distracted by her own sullen thoughts, when her eyes had swiftly snapped at attention. Three children were incoming fast and she narrowly avoided slamming into them in her distraught fumble of angling out of their way. She clutched her own shopping bags tightly, startled as they raced by her.

Seconds later, their parents had followed. They spared a glance in her direction, uttering a hasty admission of guilt as they swept by her.

She bristled at the sight of pity in their eyes and found herself wanting to say something. The urge to convince them as she had often tried to convince herself nearly overwhelmed her. She didn’t mind being alone. 

Everyone had someone during the holiday season, everyone except her. Her messy entanglements never lasted till Christmas, and she had never wanted them to. But as she mumbled miserably at the misgivings of seeing everyone else quite happy, watching and wedging herself between crowds of people on a night such as this; she had never been so painfully aware of just how alone she was. 

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Míriel Þerindë for Legendarium Ladies April | Silmedit Series

“[Fëanor] was the eldest of Finwe’s sons and the only child of his first wife Miriel. She was a Noldorin Elda of slender and graceful form, and of gentle disposition, though as was later discovered in matters far more grave, she could show an ultimate obstinacy that counsel or command would only make more obdurate. She had a beautiful voice and a delicate and clear enunciation, though she spoke swiftly and took pride in this skill. Her chief talent, however, was a marvellous dexterity of hand. This she employed in embroidery, which though achieved in what even the Eldar thought a speed of haste was finer and more intricate than any that had before been seen. She was therefore called Perinde (Needlewoman) - a name which she had indeed already been given as a ‘mother-name’.”

Would this have happened anyway?

Written by: @florence68blog

Title: Would this have happened anyway?

Prompt 66: Would love to read a canon divergent fic that explores what Peeta says about “a lot of guys liking Katniss”. This could cover a lot of tropes: no games, arranged marriage, friends to lovers, or this would have happened anyway. Would love to see Katniss more open to her feelings and the possibility of love. Would love to see how Peeta would win Katniss over with more than just Gale as competition. [submitted by Anonymous]

Note: A work in progress (multichapter).

Summary:  The war ended when Katniss and Peeta were 16 years old. A couple of years have passed since the rebellion. Life in District 12 has changed quite a lot. Without the threat of hunger, the Reaping or death, Katniss and Peeta have become friends. Is there hope for something more?

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#133 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “could you do one with a plus size model?” and “Fic based off of heathrow? The lil "snog her in the kitchen/ dance with her to lemonworld” bit?“

Note: To the plus sized model requester: you may also like #69 - click here. To the Heathrow requester: I hope you’re okay with how I used the song in this fic? Gives it a little more originality than a basic story based word for word on the lyrics, you know? =^.^=

You’d only done print media before; just photographs. When the opportunity came up to audition for a music video, you jumped at it. The casting call write up was vague. They needed a girl aged between twenty and thirty that was comfortable smoking on camera and looked good in a leather jacket. That was it. There were no specific requirements about hair colour, height, body type, or anything like that.

As you waited for your turn to audition, you sat in a row of other girls. You stood out. You were the only one who wasn’t wearing makeup, and you were the only one who could be considered plus size. Knowing very little about the project, it was hard to determine if those were going to be strengths or limitations. When it was your turn, the butterflies in your stomach settled. The anticipation was what killed you. The actual audition part was easy.

In the room, there was a rectangular table. Behind it sat someone introduced as Andy, the director, and another as the label rep. Sitting on the table itself was a guy who presumably was in the band, or was already cast to be in the video. He was in black ripped jeans and a black and white striped shirt. His name was Van and (you had correctly guessed) he was the singer. You shook all their hands and watched for any immediate reaction. Van smiled warmly and as he blinked you noticed the length of his eyelashes. You knew models that would kill for them.

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muse memes; text message edition part one.
  • [text] Today I asked my mother to buy me smaller condoms by mistake, instead of smaller tampons. If she pitifully looks at your crotch the next time you come over, don’t be confused.
  • [text] You yelled at the kitchen sponge and asked for the Krabby Patty secret formula. I’m pretty sure you were drunk.
  • [text] I just finished watching Alice in Wonderland for the third time in a row. I’m starting it again. I’m eating cocoa puffs. I’m a grown man. If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, just remember that you could be me.
  • [text] It’s been twelve hours and I think I’m officially ready to enter into the slutty stage of the break up phase.
  • [text] The last time I heard someone say ‘YOLO,’ I ended up getting arrested for pole dancing in the middle of a shopping mall. Too soon.
  • [text] On a scale of 1 to I should go prepare a grave for [him/her] in the woods, how’re you handling the break up?
  • [text] So anyway, the moral of that story is that they actually have a tiny jail in malls.
  • [text] I caught him masturbating to the Mario Bros. theme song. I’m marrying him.
  • [text] I just remember a disco ball flashing in the bathroom as I finger-banged a drag queen’s cleavage.
  • [text] You ran around town with nothing but my sister’s barbie doll taped to your junk.
  • [text] You know how I sent you that selfie of me peeing on a cop car? Burn your phone. And if the cops stop by your door, I have a twin named Miguel.
  • [text] On the plus side I started dissolving vitamins into my morning bottle of whiskey.
  • [text] Please tell me you don’t know why the dean came to me asking why there was blood in our dorm.
  • [text] You told them the TV just grew wings, unbolted itself from the window and threw itself at the ground, and then started to cry because you believed your own story and thought it committed suicide. I’m pretty sure the police were justified in drug testing you.
  • [text] Hyyypothetically, if you happened to run out of toilet paper and the only other people in the bathroom were the two people having sex in the next stall over, would you act like you didn’t know what was going on and just ask, or politely wait until you heard the chick swallow?
  • [text] I am literally ashamed of what I would do for a Klondike bar.
  • [text] His grandmother ripped off her clothes and started belly dancing. I couldn’t look away. I blacked out and woke up in a fetal position.
  • [text] I remember my bellybutton getting licked, your toe getting sucked and your ex-boyfriend doing better at deep-throating a banana than both of the gay guys in our class. What happens in the back of the bus stays in the back of the bus.
  • [text] I just caught two people fucking in a bathroom stall. At my church. While there was a sex addicts support group going on. Maybe I’m wrong, but this seems a little counterproductive.
  • [text] She climbed on top of me and made out with me and then yelled at me when I got a hard-on. Bitch, nachos turn me on.
  • [text] If she was stupid enough to believe that you’re a student at Harvard, she deserves what she gets if she dates you.
  • [text] She told me she’d flash me if I tried to be happy. I thought she was joking so I laughed. Best mistake of my life.
  • [text] Don’t worry, if we end up getting chased by a murderer, we’ll just split up. Whoever he runs after, sucks for them. That means you’ve got like, at least a 50% chance of survival if you come camping.
  • [text] She called me a fuck twit today. I’m counting it as progress.
  • [text] The Trojan Horse shoved itself through the city wall, broke open, released a ton of little guys into the city and ruined everyone’s day. Explain to me how Trojan seemed like a good name for a condom brand.
  • [text] If you listened to the voicemail you got from me about how much I love [insert name here] … I totally didn’t mean you. I definitely meant this other person I know.
Doctor Dan

Summary: Phil getting carsick driving between tatinof stops and Dan making him feel better.

Genre: Fluff, comfort

Warnings: Vomit, one or two swear words

Word count: 2.5k

A/N: For the sake of this fic, they have a tour manager called Susan - I don’t know what their actual one was called. Also no spoilers because I couldn’t go to tatinof (so I don’t know what happened). Also I’ve been doing a drawing based on this - its not amazing but look out for that!

For the first stop of ‘The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire’ we would be driving up to Glasgow. Our tour bus, or rather, car, had been on the road for nearly three hours.

I’d been keeping a close eye on Phil. He claimed to suffer from carsickness but as of yet,  it hadn’t made an appearance. I think everyone in the car was thankful of that, but there was still time - like six hours of time.

We stopped in a service station for lunch. I had a reasonable sized meal bit Phil went all out. He hadn’t eaten a lot for breakfast, in case he got sick, but seeing as he’d felt fine all morning, he decided to fulfil his hunger and have a big lunch.

We’d hardly been back on the road for half an hour when Phil poked my shoulder and then leant over to speak to me so no-one else would hear.

“Dan,” Phil muttered quietly to me, “I don’t really feel too good.”

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Yoongi Scenario: First Meeting - Part 1.

Request: Can I get a We got Married scenario with Yoongi? Were you’re from Europe or America so basically The Global Edition of WGM

Genre: Romance.

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

-This is ridiculous-

Yoongi was getting dressed for his first recording of We Got Married and needless to say he was unamused. He didn’t even know why he had been chosen for the show; the other members of BTS would be great on these kind of things but no, they had to choose him.

-Everyone knows how my social attitude is, why would they want me on their show? - Yoongi asked more to himself than to be answered but he wasn’t alone in the room and Hoseok wasn’t all that good in keeping his mouth shut.

-Maybe is because of that Yoongi hyung, think about it, maybe they think your social skills would be funny-

The older boy raised an eyebrow. –So they want me on their program because they want to make fun of me? -

Hoseok chuckled. –Isn’t that the purpose of variety shows? –

Yoongi groaned and leaned to tie his shoes, Hoseok who was sitting on Jin’s bed just kept chuckling at his discomfort. –If I could I’d go for you, I would be perfect and the girl would love me-

Yoongi snorted. –Yeah right-

-Of course she would! - Exclaimed the other rapper. –Everyone knows I’m the most charming member of BTS-

Hoseok was actually right, and not only him, every other bangtan member would do much better than him on this kind of show, Jungkook would be the shy trying to be cool type, Taehyung would be the fun and handsome type, Jin would the prince type all well mannered and handsome. But Yoongi felt he wouldn’t know what to do, either way he had to do though, he couldn’t back down of this like a scaredy kid and even less let Hoseok see that, then he would surely tell the kids and Yoongi couldn’t afford those rascals losing respect of him.

-Well, bad luck because you’re not coming-

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Final Fantasy XV, aka ‘Please, Hajime Tabata, Stop It.’

I just spent the last few hours of 2016 finishing FFXV. 

Do I have feelings? You bet. A LOT OF FEELINGS. 


Ah, Final Fantasy XV. Development hell resident. The forever-morphing former member of the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection. Formerly known as Versus XIII. We’ve been through a lot. You gave us all you could, but we all know that you could have given us so much more. 

You had it in you.  

(This is going to be a long one. A LOT of spoilers inside. EDIT: now with MUSIC portion!)

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J.J. Abrams’ audio commentary for the 3D-Collector’s Edition of Star Wars The Force Awakens

So, my copy of the Collectors Edition of TFA was mailed to me on Friday. It’s not actually supposed to come out here until Monday but I had it pre-ordered and thanks to CDON.COM’s early shipment, I got it a little sooner. It’s a 3-disc set that contains the film’s original theatrical release on Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray + there’s an additional third disc for the bonus material. Although most of the bonus features have already been released in some format previously. The set looks like this:

The most interesting new feature on it though is J.J. Abrams’ audio commentary, that I just finished watching and I wanted to share some things the director commented on it. It wasn’t really all that spoilery about things to come. But, there were some very intriguing things, that he said, that could possibly have some significanse to the discussion about the direction of Rey’s and Kylo’s journey. So now, I’m just going to go through the movie again and write down some things, that he had to say about it. Edit. This actually ended up being quite a long post. And by long I mean really long. So be prepared, you have been warned :)

Second Edit. Here’s a link to a subsequent masterpost with additional quotes from J.J. Abrams.

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hanahinatahana  asked:

What's going on with the Siamdang drama? I decided to skip since I've been burned by SSH dramas before, so I have no idea what's been going on.

Hoo boy,  So, pretty much:

1.  SBS thought they had a guaranteed hit on their hands with Lee Young Ae’s big comeback drama.  Up until shortly before it aired, it was always meant to be a weekend drama, and while it got pushed back once or twice, the earlier possible slots were for the weekend.  Then someone went “hey, we have a guaranteed, no chance of failure drama, why are we making it a weekend drama instead of primetime?”  So they moved it to the Wednesday/Thursday slot without taking into account that, well, it was meant to be a WEEKEND drama, and not only do weekend dramas have a different vibe from primetime dramas, but viewers also have different expectations.  If it had been a weekend show, there would have still been some problems, but I do believe that it would had had the ratings-or close to-that it was expected to have.

2.  Even though Lee Young Ae apparently didn’t want to rely on nostalgia too much, SBS really really did, and played up the nostalgia in marketting, and in the show itself.  On paper, it makes PERFECT sense why she’d go with it.  It’s set in the same time period as Dae Jang Geum and the characters are familiar but not identical, it featured a character who rarely (never?) appears in sageuks, a romance between a couple in their late 30s, and a rather unusual and somewhat original spin on things.  It isn’t the first series to combine modern and  historical parts (and it should be noted that filming finished long before Goblin or Chicago Typewriter, which also feature reincarnation and historical and modern timelines, were ever announced) but it’s still an uncommon approach.  Unfortunately, SBS opted too much for the nostalgia.  Nods and homages to LYA’s previous iconic works are natural and expected, but SBS decided that people who liked LYA in an early 2000s drama wanted to watch her in an early 2000s drama in 2017.  Personally speaking, while there were some not-great sageuk parts early on, it worked for me.  It didn’t work for a lot of people because…well, even if you liked something 14 years ago you don’t WANT something that hasn’t progressed in those 14 years.

3.  The series was hyped as a sageuk with bits of modern plot, and marketing really built up the nostalgia.  In reality, the series was always meant to be roughly evenly split between the modern and historical plotlines.  Unsurprisingly, when fans got something VERY different from what they’d been promised (the first episode was mostly modern parts, the second was half modern, half snippets from different points in the sageuk plotline) they reacted pretty loudly.  SBS reacted by being SBS and making drastic edits.  It should be noted that the ratings didn’t fall below what’s normally considered decent until AFTER the major edits took place.  Most of the editing was removing large chunks of the modern parts.  Unfortunately, it was constructed for the two plotlines to feed into and support each other.  The sageuk plotline was perfectly decent on its own, but was obviously lacking something, and that something was the bulk of the complementary plotline in the present.  As a result, while we’ll likely get resolution for the sageuk plotline, they cut so much from the modern plotline that I don’t see how they can fully resolve and explain everything in the final episode.

4.  I’m not completely up to speed on this part, but it was apparently also expected to do well internationally, like Moon Lovers did, but the China ban pretty much killed that.

5.  It’s SBS doing a sageuk?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, more often than not,  sageuk that doesn’t get stellar ratings sails through SBS unscathed.  But then…well, they pretty much did the same thing to Moon Lovers with the heavy edits that made things a mess and did more harm than good, but at least they didn’t do so many edits that they dumped 2 entire episodes worth of plot.  Then there’s poor Ja Myung Go, which had the misfortune of competing with Queen Seon Deok (and another really popular drama that QSD replaced early in its run, tough I forget that drama’s name) to which it bore some similarities.  The ratings Ja Myung Go pulled in were low, but not actually terrible, but it was meant to be 50 episodes and they cut it to 39.  IMO, having to condense the last 20 episodes into 9 episodes (and I can’t recall if they even had that much forewarning) pretty much ruined it.  I loved that show despite not caring for the male lead at all, or being very invested in the romance, until the final handful of episodes, which I thought went downhill fast, and the ending pretty much ruined it for me.  (Tragic is one thing, but I thought that went OTT with the tragedy, and actively ignored Ja Myung’s agency to have the tragedy, but that’s another rant.)  SBS seems a little more trigger happy and panicky if their really hyped dramas don’t immediately perform as expected, and both Saimdang and Moon Lovers probably would have fared better in ratings if someone hadn’t hit the panic button and sent the editing department into a frenzy.

I mean, I’ve spent half the run of the show going “MBC wouldn’t have done this to us.”  (I mean, in general, MBC seems more willing to stick with sageuks and let them do their thing even when they only have average ratings.)  Sure, we would have had even more Dae Jang Geum shoutouts, but at least they would have given the show a proper chance.

6.  I honestly have no idea if this is a factor, and I touched on it in a post last week, but Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People has been…not a sleeper hit, but it’s a show pulling in good ratings and a lot of acclaim despite relatively little promotion.   MBC kinda threw it out there and it took off was better than the overlapping and way more hyped sageuks from SBS and KBS.  But Rebel is, IMO, a truly revolutionary and progressive show in a lot of ways.  Even if you don’t see it as revolutionary or progressive, there’s no denying that it deals with and addresses things other sageuks usually don’t, and is very different from what we’re used to in a lot of ways.  At the same time, you have Saimdang relying on tried and true tropes for the sageuk, and steadily losing a lot of what set it apart thanks to SBS edits.  A lot of people I know (as in, all of them that I can think of) who initially watched Saimdang but couldn’t get into it DO watch and love Rebel.  Whether or not this holds true for Korean viewers, I don’t know.

I mean, I’m biased.  People who follow me who don’t watch kdramas, or even those who do but don’t watched Rebel, are probably sick and tired of me talking about it.  Someone out there probably isn’t reading this post purely because I post so many walls of text about the show that they have every possible version of the title plugged into tumblrsavior.  Unless it goes south in the last few episodes, I’m going to say that Rebel is probably one of the best shows I’ve watched in the last few years, while Saimdang is pretty much my most anticipated drama of the last two years. Aside from the first few episodes, Saimdang did not live up to my expectations, though I do still like it for the show it is.

End rant.  Sorry, you probably didn’t expect a reply anywhere near this long, but ti’s one of the things that gets me going these days.  My friends in Line have put up with a lot of this from me lately.