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BECA’S MASHUPS: Pitch Perfect

I had made a list of indie chill songs from the first movie which got a good response, so now I’ve decided to list the few mashup mixes that we hear within the first movie. Just in case any of you either couldn’t find them or if ya just wanna listen to these Aca-Awesome mixes once again. The way I’ve laid this out is the link to the mix and then side links to the individual songs that were mixed. 

1: When Beca is arriving at Barden, we hear her mashup of Bust A Move/212 - Young MC/Azealia Banks. Also within this song is Steve Angello’s Knas which is essentially the back bone to this mix. 

2: The next is the scene basically just before the shower scene where Beca listen’s to her mix of 500 Miles/Titanium - The Proclaimers/David Guetta ft. Sia (apparently this mix was made by someone, but it is very close to the original in the move)

3: The scene where Beca lets Jesse listen to her work is the mashup of Bulletproof/Release Me - La Roux/Agnes. This is actually heard multiple times throughout the movie.

Well there you have it. I may have given way too much info in these 3 mixes but aw, well. Hope these were helpful, see you later, awesome nerds. :) 


So I got to meet Chris Colfer tonight and he is just so AMAZING~! I can’t even handle his lovely face in person!

I gave him the Cooper and Brian mug that sunshunes sent to me, and he ADORED IT! *this mug HERE —-> *

Me: Hi Chris!

Chris: Hi! What’s your name?

Me: Nicole

Chris: Hi Nicole!

Me: I actually have a gift for you from my friend Agnes who lives in France. She sent this to me to give to you. *gives him mug*

Chris: OH MY GOD! This is so awesome!

Me: Yeah I know! She’s so great!

Chris: She made this?

Me: YES!

Chris: This is so cool! You’ll have to thank her for me!

Me: I will~! *grabs signed book* Thank you so much for coming, Chris!

Chris: Absolutely! Brian’s gonna be SO MAD that Cooper is wearing the crown….

Me: *cracks up* Thank you again!

I hope Agnes is somewhere crying right now, because real friends make eachother cry. It’s true. I looked it up on wikipedia, which is never wrong.

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While I wish Louis didn't have to do this, I think he finds comfort and strength in communicating with us. Like as you said, he's dealing with so much right now that along with having his family and Harry on his side, he also has us and finds comfort in making sure that we're okay too. He takes care of so many people and he's extended his love and beautiful soul to so many people when he doesn't have to. It is such a good feeling knowing that Louis cares and loves us as much as we love him.

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