actually me

You know what, I will not pick apart what the general authorities say about being LGBT when there is a LGBT general authority. I will take all these words as a grain of salt when they can only relate it to other people they know. It is easy to call it ‘’just a label’ when you haven’t spent years of self hate, confusion, feeling lost and like you are a mess-up, only to have found hope in understanding what you are and getting a confirmation from Heavenly Father that yes, this label fits as best as a label can, use it to understand yourself and why I love you the way you are.

like I said I will listen whole heartedly to my general authorities when there is a general authority that knows FIRST HAND! Don’t call it just a label, when you haven’t felt the kind of hope that can come from it

Me: Let’s forget the past, I swear we’ll make this last

Me: *deep breath*


Me: *gasps for air* *screams* I WANT YOU TO WANT ME THIS WAY!!!! AND I NEED YOU TO NEED ME TO STAY!!!!