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pacific rim au….???

i just wanted to draw these boys in ranger suits fdhghdf

Critter Query

Hey guys. a Critter here. I’ve been poking around on the various social media sites, looking at comments and things about Ep 88. And I’ve found some things that are, well …. they’re not us.

Something happened to our fandom last night. Something I am worried about. We lost our #NicestFandom sticker. And I mean this is beyond mean Twitch chat blather (we all know Twitch chat is ridiculous and to stay away if you want to retain your sanity and love of the game). Here, I’ll give an example.

this is a screenshot taken from the reddit page:

Yes, that’s actually Matt, and he’s doing something he shouldn’t have to: he’s having to pull his DM tone on the Critters to defend Marisha. And I don’t mean explaining a rule bend or excusing an ability botch. People, people in the Critter Community, are flat out saying Marisha was basically drunk and she should stop drinking. Personally, I’ve never seen Matt bite back like this, and that scares me. He shouldn’t have felt like he had to at all. I know Marisha/Keyleth gets a lot of negative backlash, even hate, but it should have never gotten to this kind of level.

Beside the fact that Matt said from the get-go that it was a long week and that he and Marisha were both tired already, it wasn’t just them. And I don’t think it was just the episode either (as a doozy as it was). Everyone looked so exhausted. People were grumpy. Enthusiasm for even good things was almost nonexistent. 

I guess I’m laying all this out to say … I for one think maybe our beloved players and our amazing DM should maybe take some time off from Critical Role. I feel like they might have reached a point where they need a break, without it meaning that they’re going to be at a con or doing something. Just a break, a breather. It’s been go go go for months know, all stress and plots and do-or-die, all-or-nothing, everything-on-the-line action and battles.
Our DM is tired.
Our players are tired.
Our fandom is tired.
I think we might need a week off for a nap or something.

I’m wondering what the fandom at large would think of this. I’m also wondering, if there was a positive/agreeing feedback, if we could let them know and maybe they could get a real breather (cause I don’t think that ep was what any of us thought was going to happen)

How about it, Critters? Would we be willing to give our players a rest without fussing, if they decided they wanted/needed it?

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Matty had a girl??? and he ate her??

Omggg yess he did.. sweet baby Bethanyyyy with her mouth corners. Lmao she was actually a bitch and everyone hated her. 

He dated her for a few months.. long story short she wasn’t very nice to Zero which didn’t sit well with Matt and so he went into the relationship with ulterior motives. He made sure he was the perfect boyfriend and did all the things she asked to the point where she fell in love with him and that’s when he went in for the kill. To everyone else (even Jaide and Zero) it looked like they were really happy and that he loved her back but he was wearing a mask the entire time.

It was wild because at that time Matt was really transitioning through becoming a Wendigo and was completely unhinged. Like he barely has self-control now but it was really bad that first month. He wasn’t telling anyone what was happening to him and instead would run off and disappear into the woods to deal with it alone. So when Jaide came home to see Bethany in a dismantled mess with Matt nowhere to be found she screamed her head off because it was like??????? She searched everywhere and when she found him bloody and unconscious not too far off campus she had to drag him back home before anyone could notice. Lol a lot of people went missing that month ;-;

But Dupree had always sensed something was off about Matt and so she tried to keep him on a tight leash but it never worked. Through all of that Jaide had to cover Matt’s ass countless times and basically became his babysitter. 

FAHC Urban Fantasy AU aesthetic (9/?)

Matt Bragg: The Voice in the Wires

In the earlier days, before the city and the magic it brought, there were elemental beings. The most mischievous of the elementals were the electric elementals, beings that smelled of ozone and made their homes in stormy grey clouds. Most were small, not even having a real physical body. Matt was different. He amassed enough power and was able to walk among the mortals, almost human. When he entered the city, it changed him. Gone was the hunger to suck lightning out of the clouds, now he hungered for the blue crackle of energy in the sockets and devices. The hunger is a constant beast inside him, as consistent as his own heart beat. He couldn’t indulge it constantly, he heard about an electric elemental in London that had, their mind had melted to mush and became some kind of feral entity that haunted the phone wires. So, to combat this, he gorges himself on the mortal’s food. Specifically, junk food, as he has quite the taste for it. He never gains any weight and basically never stops eating, ever. When he’s pulled into the Fakes, he gains the title as their go to hacker. He also sidelines as a kind of fetching man, a glorified errand boy but he loathes that title. Need five pounds of C4 and police uniforms for a heist? Matt is your guy. Need a baby pool and six gallons of chocolate milk for a stupid prank? As long as you let him film it, Matt is the guy to call.


Really like the way this turned out! Looking forward to continuing with this AU! Also, anyone who can message me or send an ask and tell me what Urban Fantasy series I’m referencing with the title on this one and the thing about London, I‘ll give you a cookie ;)

Misery Loves Company

Fandom: VLD

Words: 1128

Pairing: Mateith (Matt x Keith)

G. Sickfic.


The sneeze is brutal, even if he’s been expecting it for some time. The annoying, tingly sensation on the back of his throat had been a dead giveaway, as well as the itching inside his nose. Matt felt the bastard coming long before it happens.

But even prepared for it, it takes him by surprise.

And God, he hates it.

His temples throb, his throat hurts, and his nose is dripping. Disgusted, he promptly dabs at it with his too abused tissue, thinking that he needs to change it soon. It’s so wet, it’s almost useless.

The sniffing noise he makes then is rather pathetic, if he’s being honest with himself.

“Bless you,” Keith says at his side, voice nasal.

“Thanks,” Matt grumbles, sniffing again. “I hate being sick,” he moans, discarding the sodden tissue and extracting a new one from the box they’ve been sharing.

He blows his nose and relishes the brief moment in which he’s able to feel fresh air entering through his nostrils. It’s over before he can actually enjoy it, though, and he scowls to show the world his misery.

“I know,” Keith says drily, but the tone lacks his usual grumpiness.

In fact, he’s smiling, and Matt thinks he looks beautiful even with a red nose and sunken gray-blue eyes.

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(Ahah u m uh? I wrote a ficlet??? I guess lol, got to thinking while i was washing dishes.)

After the fight on the rooftop with the Hand, they see each other again for a few times, and Frank either helps or he kills, there’s never really an in between. Matt seems to have realized that’s it’s inevitable, they are on the same side but walk different paths, though there are nights where he wonders. Just where’s a man like Frank to go, when the whole world misunderstands him? And it’s only after meeting Matt in the streets in broad daylight, that he breaks into his apartment while he’s gone. More battered than he can take, he tracks a bit of blood here and there, and he has no medical supplies where he’s cooped up so he figures Red has to have something, anything to take the edge off.

Surprisingly enough he finds Matt’s apartment cozy, in a way Matt can’t because he’s always so perceptive of what’s happening outside of it. Eventually after taking a beer from Matt’s fridge and fixing up his wounds he sits down on his couch, lays in it, he should leave, he got what he wanted, but he likes the comfort, the pause of deliberation. If Matt catches him here why should he care? Not much he could do about Frank’s presence in the first place and he certainly wasn’t a threat to the other vigilante.

When Matt gets home, slightly bruised by another fight, his body is still alight with the vibrations in the air. He is able to easily pick up Frank’s slowing heart beat in his apartment. There shouldn’t be anyone in there, he’s cut off anyone who would even bother coming in, and if they did they certainly wouldn’t stay to sleep. He’s stops for a moment when he jumps on his own rooftop, trying to place the breath, the single steady heartbeat within its walls. There were worse things to show up to his own home. When he opens the window the body stirs slightly and the groan in the voice tells him immediately that it’s Frank, it’s undeniably Frank. He doesn’t wake up, so Matt just paces around him slowly, smelling the blood, the alcohol he used to clean his wounds, used gauze from some useless first aid kit he bought eons ago.

For some strange reason, Matt doesn’t think he’d want it to be anyone else but Frank here. For one, he’s not out there killing anybody, and two, he doesn’t think he’d trust anybody else to see him like this, the real him, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s almost as if he wants Frank here, needs someone that lets him know that he’s not fighting this fight alone even if they go about it different ways. After that night Frank comes by more often, and Matt never really minds.

  • Andrew: *walks into his apartment with Neil* Hello, people who do not live here.
  • Kevin: Hey.
  • Matt: Hi.
  • Nicky: Hello!
  • Neil: I gave you that key for emergencies.
  • Nicky: We were out of doritos.
Voltron season 4

One question…

Where the fuck is the season 3 development?

so i just finished season 4 of voltron

does anyone else get the feeling that this season was… so weird? i mean, there were a lot of good aspects and bad aspects but just. i’m so relieved that shiro is back to being the black paladin (as he should be) but practically no one got character development this season. lance has gotten weird, so has allura, keith has gone through so much shit and is now a secondary character, and shiro is srsly somehow back to square one but worse somehow? i’m still sure he’s not the original shiro. please give me back my husband.

on the other hand however, pidge and hunk got so much recognition and love (that scene where pidge is looking for matt in that cemetery? just fuckkng stab me through the heart it will hurt less). also lotor?? holy shit???? my boy just fucking murdered his most loyal general in cold blood without any feelings, got subsequently rekt by his girlfriends, and now hes trying to join the coalition? i’m love him


Edit: I understand that this season was really short and focused almost only on plot and not on character development but one of the most interesting things about Voltron is the diversity of the characters and their relationships, as well as how they interact with each other. I just hope next season brings us more in this aspect.

Emotional Support

Everyone wants to live in the world(s) of their favourite book/tv show/cartoon/anime/movie etc, right. But most times people want to be in that show as a the hero’s best friend, their love interest, or even the hero. That’s not what I want though.

Sure when I was younger I was all about being the powerhouse badass that keeps all my fictional friends safe from harm, but lately all I want is to be their emotional support. No special powers, just me, and I’m just there to listen to them.

I want to be the first child that Bruce Wayne adopted. One that never turned out to be a superhero. I just want to be there for Dick when he’s missing his parents. To have been there for each fight that he and Bruce got in to, just so that he would have had someone to really talk to at that point. 

I want to have been there for Jason. To help him properly vent his emotions. And even when he comes back from the dead I want to be that person who he would come to to just break down in front of. To be that someone who he knows won’t judge him, but will just listen to what he has to say without trying to force him in to any kind of box.

I want to be there for Tim whenever he feels insecure, whenever he feels lonely, whenever he’s just sad. I just want him to know that I’m there for him and he can talk to me whenever he needs me to. I want to be the person who he can always rely on to stop him from working to hard and help others to notice that he really needs a nap some times.

I want to be there for Damian when he feels like his father expects too much of him. When he misses his mother, when he remembers what she did to him. I just want to shower that child with love and hugs. But most of all I just want to be there to listen to him talk about whatever’s bothering him.

I want to be Shiro’s little sister who got whisked away to space with them by accident. I don’t want to be a Paladin, I just want to be there to listen. I want to be the one person Shiro can offload all his stress on. The one who he can tell just how terrified he is of the responsibility he’s had thrust upon him, of what happened when he was captured, of his memories, of what he’s afraid he’s become. I want to be there for each and every Paladin when they need someone to talk to.

I want to be there for Matt when he’s pushing all his friends away. I want to be the one friend who refuses to be pushed away. I want to listen to him talk about everything that’s bothering him and just be there for him.

I want to be Percy’s one dead normal friend who just listens to him talk about all his godly problems.

I want to be the person to just listen to Bucky talk about what he does and doesn’t remember and help him figure things out

That’s it. With almost every show I watch, or book that I read I want to be the person who’s just there for those who need someone to talk to. I want to help in the best way that I know how. I want to listen and just be there. 

Emotional Support. That’s what I want to be.

12 days until Fates is out in Australia/Europe!

i realized halfway through this that he looks like the condescending wonka meme and i