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pacific rim au….???

i just wanted to draw these boys in ranger suits fdhghdf

  • Andrew: *walks into his apartment with Neil* Hello, people who do not live here.
  • Kevin: Hey.
  • Matt: Hi.
  • Nicky: Hello!
  • Neil: I gave you that key for emergencies.
  • Nicky: We were out of doritos.

(Ahah u m uh? I wrote a ficlet??? I guess lol, got to thinking while i was washing dishes.)

After the fight on the rooftop with the Hand, they see each other again for a few times, and Frank either helps or he kills, there’s never really an in between. Matt seems to have realized that’s it’s inevitable, they are on the same side but walk different paths, though there are nights where he wonders. Just where’s a man like Frank to go, when the whole world misunderstands him? And it’s only after meeting Matt in the streets in broad daylight, that he breaks into his apartment while he’s gone. More battered than he can take, he tracks a bit of blood here and there, and he has no medical supplies where he’s cooped up so he figures Red has to have something, anything to take the edge off.

Surprisingly enough he finds Matt’s apartment cozy, in a way Matt can’t because he’s always so perceptive of what’s happening outside of it. Eventually after taking a beer from Matt’s fridge and fixing up his wounds he sits down on his couch, lays in it, he should leave, he got what he wanted, but he likes the comfort, the pause of deliberation. If Matt catches him here why should he care? Not much he could do about Frank’s presence in the first place and he certainly wasn’t a threat to the other vigilante.

When Matt gets home, slightly bruised by another fight, his body is still alight with the vibrations in the air. He is able to easily pick up Frank’s slowing heart beat in his apartment. There shouldn’t be anyone in there, he’s cut off anyone who would even bother coming in, and if they did they certainly wouldn’t stay to sleep. He’s stops for a moment when he jumps on his own rooftop, trying to place the breath, the single steady heartbeat within its walls. There were worse things to show up to his own home. When he opens the window the body stirs slightly and the groan in the voice tells him immediately that it’s Frank, it’s undeniably Frank. He doesn’t wake up, so Matt just paces around him slowly, smelling the blood, the alcohol he used to clean his wounds, used gauze from some useless first aid kit he bought eons ago.

For some strange reason, Matt doesn’t think he’d want it to be anyone else but Frank here. For one, he’s not out there killing anybody, and two, he doesn’t think he’d trust anybody else to see him like this, the real him, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s almost as if he wants Frank here, needs someone that lets him know that he’s not fighting this fight alone even if they go about it different ways. After that night Frank comes by more often, and Matt never really minds.


12 days until Fates is out in Australia/Europe!

i realized halfway through this that he looks like the condescending wonka meme and i 

a little tribute to Eddsworld. Come to think of it, Eddsworld is one of the main reasons I started to draw and I’m sad to see it go, but I also understand. I thought Tom and Eddie did a wonderful job in trying to keep the world going, and I hope everyone involved in the show is happy with the ending. I may or may not have cried a bit. Thank you, Edd.

So.. I just wanted to “quickly” check my tumblr (like really just have a look and go..) but now I have to make this post, because…

Well, because THIS showed up on my dash

Matt Smith, Eleven, The Doctor… right?


Wait, what?

Well, strictly speaking, he is Matt. He just isn’t Matt Smith.

Now tumblr has Matt (really, how did he end up with his name; maybe the Doctor had to become a human again and is now just crossing his own time stream and… do you have a weird looking watch? Don’t open it, it’s broken anyway! better safe than sorry and cousin Matt (now it get’s a bit weird.. his name is Matt, too?! if this is how it works I’ll name my firstborn Matt and put pictures up on tumblr just to find out who he’s gonna look like..).

Anyone else has a friend/relative named Matt? Who does he look like?