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I've been questioning my gender for a while. I was assigned female at birth, but a majority of the time I feel male, and sometimes (very very rarely) I don't mind my long-er hair and I feel kinda female. I'm?? So?? Confused??? Please help???

My dear lgbt+ kid, 

Don’t worry - gender is super confusing and it’s okay to be confused! (I’ve written a letter about it). 

I can’t tell you who you are, nobody but you can decide which label fits you best. I can, however, share some resources with you that hopefully help you: 

Here I listed some general resources for kids who question their gender <3 

I’ll also add some more thoughts that crossed my mind while I read your question: 

- Trans boys can wear long hair and don’t mind or even love that hairstyle. Having long hair and identifying as a boy is in no way mutually exclusive, many boys have long hair. 

- There is a thing we call cisnormativity. This describes the idea that it is “normal” that people identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. As we grow up in a cisnormative society, we sometimes internalize that. That can play a role in why we have such confusing feelings about gender sometimes. You may feel like you have to feel kinda female because you were assigned female at birth while you actually identify as male. 

- Another possible reason (and neither of these would be better or worse, they’re just different!) would that that you indeed feel male and female - gender is not that black and white, there are people who identify as both (or neither, or something completely else.. Humans are beautifully diverse). 

Some possible labels people use to describe this are: 

- Bigender (someone who identifies as two genders)

- Genderfluid (someone who changes between two gender identities) 

- Demigender (someone who identifies mostly as one gender and might identify as another gender, too - For example, you could identify as a demiboy if you identify as a boy mostly and a little bit as a girl)

- Nonbinary (a umbrella term for everyone who doesn’t fit in the gender binary (100% man or 100% woman), can also be used as a label by itself) 

I hope this helps! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

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I hate when you actually care about a male friend, put time and effort into the friendship all for it to crumble to pieces when they find out you're dating somebody and having a perfect relationship. Why? Like the friendship is not worth their time if they know it won't lead to a sexual relationship? This pisses me off. Why cant they respect me as a human being and as a friend? Why does it always end with them needing to be my fucking boyfriend. Theres more to life holy.

being a history major


  • spies
  • know two entire dates and everybody thinks you’re the shit
  • All The Gay™
  • period dramas
  • Hamilton


  • you know too much
  • everyone dies
  • historical inaccuracies
  • The Research Rabbithole 
  • everyone thinks it’s boring
  • ain’t war hell
  • umm actually
  • niche interests 
  • nobody gets your references
  • Hamilton

*Ragnarök calls* New squad who dis

My sister and I grew up without extended family nearby, but we had these two bachelor cats who kind of took on that role for us.  We like to say that they were our gay uncles.  I finally drew them as the humans they were to us … 


I will not be that person.

Eleanor Guthrie Memorial Week | day two: favorite quote

You don’t always need to speak during spells or spell work or any kind of craft work.
Im on the autism spectrum sometimes I go non verbal but I can still do all of my craft work because it’s all about energy and intent.
Don’t feel pressured to do things a certain way because some people say it’s the “right” way