actually lets not because it makes me want to cry

Good morning!!

good afternoon or good evening??

well whichever it is hello to all of you wonderful people!!

i’m just making this post to make some few announcements???? well i think they’re announcements…

well first off i would like to tHANK ALL OF YOU BECAUSE OH MY GOSH YOU ARE ALL SO NICE??? AND ALL THESE LOVELY MESSAGES MAKE ME WANT TO CRY OUT OF PURE HAPPINESS!!!!!! i am so so happy and am still in disbelief that a lot of you actually like my au??? how????? i am beyond overwhelmed my goodness you guys I LOVE YOU ALL!! and what really hits me in the honey-nut-feelios is when you guys say that my work inspired you??????? and that just– let me just roll over the puddle of tears i created pls 

and second!! i would like to apologize because i really wanted to post a comic for you guys today because i feel so loved and i just wanted to do something for you but it’s not finished yet and i left my pen tablet at home when we moved to our dorm and dudes i am so sad to inform you that i would probably get it done by the weekend??? i cry.

 so for the meantime i’m going to answer the asks i have left to pile up and i would like to apologize for that as well ;; ;; that was rude of me……………. i’m just going to make an faq page so all of you can see your questions answered in one go!! (because there are a lot of common questions???) so i might close my askbox again soon hahaha 

and lastly i would like to inform you that classes are starting and i might not update as much as i used to ;;; ;;;  

so once again thank you so so much to all of you!! you are all lovely people and i want to hug each and every one of you!!!💛  

Taylor I know you might not care or whatever, but I just wanted to let you know that my pell grant for college was just accepted, and that means I can actually go to college. It’s been a dream for so long but school is just too expensive, and I couldn’t imagine making my dad pay for it when he just doesn’t have the money. I’m so excited right now and I just wanted to let you know because you’re so important to me and I’m crying I’m so happy I never thought college was going to be in my future.

I want to point out that Cartman didn’t go on about how everyone thinks he’s cool and how he still has friends like he did in Breast Cancer Show and Gay Fish. He fucking says ‘I don’t have any friends. I don’t know if I ever did’I feel like that’s a step for him getting somewhat redeemed and facing reality. We all know he’s still an asshole, and he may go back to how he was before, but man, what if this season he starts to ‘somewhat’ mature and get out of his mind. He has no dolls to cry to and his made up friends like Cupid Me didn’t come out to make him feel better. He actually had human interaction, with a girl none the less, and could let out his actual feelings without trying to over shadow it. That’s why I appreciate Heidi because she sits there and listens to him, which is exactly what Eric needs. Not a mother giving him whatever he wants so he can shut up and eat his way out of his mental illness. 


Eric is such a deep character when you really think about it. I fucking love it.

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Ursula in KH kicked my ass so hard I actually started crying around the eighth time I lost

Who else wants to commiserate over the worst bosses in KH? Because I sure do.


-the thing??? heartless thing in Monstro??? (what even is the Monstro level the PBNT Let’s Play reminded me how crappy and nonsensical that entire world was) it shooting poison at you while surrounded by a POOL OF ALSO POISON was plain overkill.


-Dragon Maleficent. Let’s make the weak point her head and have it hovering over an entire floor of fire for 90% of the fight.










My neighbour came round to play, usually we go to hers but they came round ours. It was alright, but Jesse got a bit sick of having them round after a couple of hours and stopped sharing his toys but he’d been doing really well up until that point. HIs ability to withstand sharing is definitely increasing, and he’s actually a really social child who wants friends but he has limits on how long he’s capable of sharing and playing cooperatively. It’s sort of sad to see because then he’ll cry and not let them have any toys and simulataneously say “but I want them to be my friends, but I don’t want to share my toooooooys” and cuddle into me because he can’t handle the dilemma, haha.

Anyway, I don’t expect a newly turned 3yo to be good at sharing. I hate the pressure that there is to make children share and apologise for things when they don’t mean it. I’ll happily apologise on behalf of Jesse, because sometimes I’m genuinely sorry for things he’ll do if it makes another child upset and I’ll do my best to rectify it but I don’t expect HIM to be able to make that judgement call when his empathy chip won’t be neurologically available to him for another couple of years.

There was also a bit of a weird moment where she was telling me how she’d cut her son’s hair recently because her husband had been having problems with people confusing him with a girl. I laughed and said “yeah, people think Jesse is a girl all the time, but I can’t really blame them when he exhibits a lot of traits that some people consider feminine. He’s got big eyes and long eyelashes and he doesn’t like wearing jeans because he thinks they feel too hard and the only leggings available at his age are girls ones, and he chooses his own clothes these days anyway and he usually has a pony with him and I mostly don’t bother correcting them because it makes people feel so flustered” and she was like “but it’s not good for him to hear people calling him a girl, he needs to know what he is” and I was like “huh?” But she immediately began giving me solutions for how I could make him look more like a boy whilst satisfying his desire for soft flexible clothing and I nodded away but it kind of pissed me off. 

He doesn’t give a shit if someone says he’s a girl or a boy or a cat, he’s just existing in his happy little toddler world. He’s got some rudimentary ideas about gender, he’s noticed he has a willy and I don’t, but Scout does, and like I mentioned in a previous post he’s noticing that some toys are marketed towards girls and some things are marketed towards boys (but that’s an entirely separate issue), but he doesn’t know what any of that stuff means in a wider social context. I just want him to wear what he wants, play with what he wants, and learn as much as possible about what he enjoys as an individual without arbitrary restrictions. I REALLY don’t think that’s going to do him any harm >:(

i really want to cry right now im tired of people not giving a shit abt me like i know im an abrasive rude bitch who doesnt care abt anybody but thats what makes it worse because it i DO put the effort in and in the end its not reciprocated it sucks because i actually let myself give a shit u know??

some faith lehane thoughts that make me want to cry in amends:
  • faith putting up a strand of christmas lights in her motel room
  • faith changing her mind about going to buffy’s because she doesn’t actually want to be alone on christmas eve
  • faith finding presents for buffy & joyce
  • faith wrapping up her presents in old newspapers
  • faith wanting so much to be accepted by buffy & her family that she tries to dress like a ~normal~ girl
  • faith hesitating on the doorstep before she rings the bell
  • faith drinking egg nog with the summers family in a warm house
  • faith standing on the front porch and letting the snow fall on her face

Ukraine: I really appreciate you for being my crying shoulder through all of this.

Belarus: I want you to listen to me, sister. And believe me because I mean this from the bottom of my heart.
All romance ends in despair.
Or death, but mostly despair. Gut-wrenching despair. And I hate to say this, but I’m actually happy this happened. Because now you know, and it’s just going to make you a better woman to let you realize that all people are essentially out there to destroy any chance of happiness you would ever have.

Ukraine: …

Belarus: I feel a hug coming on.


stevie being the cutest captain the world has ever known (2-3-4/?)

it really makes me upset that people are actually threatening to leak froot because marina has clearly worked so hard on this and she deserves everything in the world.. like why can’t you just let her have this. this is the most passionate i have seen her when it comes to promoting her album and stuff and she seems so so proud of all of her work and it just makes me want to cry when i see things get leaked honestly what are you going to gain from doing that???

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Literally meeting you guys was a dream come true and I didn’t expect this to actually happen I honestly thought my mom wouldn’t let me go but she did . I really wanted to go because I want to let you know how much you helped me and I just wanted to thank you in person but I when I met you guys I was so shocked and I don’t know why but I was so shocked I didn’t even cry I just smiled and couldn’t stop . I just love you guys so much you don’t even know lol

Bryan thank you so much . Thank you . Like 1,000 times . Thank you for always making me smile whenever I’m down . Watching your videos literally helps me forget all the problems that I have in life . Whenever I was like “depressed ” I guess, I would watch your  videos and I would just smile . By watching your videos somehow helped me just to move on in life and forget the past and just stay positive and I’m honestly better than before lol . Right now I have so many problems but I honestly don’t care cause I know I’ll  be fine . Eh I’m sorry am I writing to much ? Lol . I wanted to say the same thing to Johnnie , Damon & Jordan . I love you guys so much . <3  I hope you read this . Oh um also I’m kind of starting to tear up and i don’t know why I just i don’t know I love you so much ehh . Like a few years ago I honestly didn’t see a reason to live anymore because I always thought my life was a joke and now I’m seriously better than before and I never thought I would actually still be alive here today , literally thanks to you guys <3 thank you . Like seriously thank you .