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Have you ever been camping? What's the weather like at your house right now? How many siblings do you have? Do you play any instruments? *Exactly* how bored are you right now?

I’ve been camping many times before, mainly on “family weekends” for my siblings’ scouting troops. I like it, but warm showers and air conditioning are also very good.

The weather is spring-like. It’s pretty warm and sunny, although the pollen count is through the roof.

I have five siblings. I know, big family. I am number five of six.

I used to play the flute in like fourth and fifth grade, but that kinda stopped, and I don’t really know why. I feel like picking it back up again would be gratifying.

I must say, I am bored enough to actually start thinking about doing schoolwork on a Saturday morning, so that should tell you something.

Sorry about the late reply, things got a bit crazier at my house than I anticipated.

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hellooo! how are you? hope everything is fine! 💓 soo, i've been making progress with the story (which im kinda embarrassed to upload). the thing is, how do you make romantic stuff (e.g. confessing, cuddling, etc.) less cheesy? (..i feel like i ask you too much about these kind of stuff. sorry. ㅠㅠ)

Hiya! I’m okay, finally started working on something new ^_^

Don’t be embarrassed hun, I’m sure it’s great, I like the enthusiasm and questions, it shows you really want it to be good ^_^

This is actually I need to work on myself, romance is definitely not my strong point cx

I guess my advice would be, try to not over exaggerate, if that makes sense? Try showing the romance through more subtle actions?

Ah, I’m really not sure with this one, like I said, this is something I need to work on as well cx Don’t worry about asking me though, I like answering your questions!

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Hi Sam, I appreciate your not-supporting Nazi trash Nick Spencer. Do you think the idea would have a more direct impact in terms of visibility at Marvel if there was something like a Change(.)org petition?

Honestly, I don’t think Marvel gives a shit about petitions or how we feel, which is what’s so frustrating. Nick Spencer either knows where some bodies are buried or is very good friends with the Old Boys Club. Possibly both. Possibly the latter is the reason he knows the former. And even other writers who dislike him kinda have to play ball with him because of that, which means I feel sorry for a lot of writers I actually like, too.

I think the only thing that will ever have a direct impact at a huge media corporation like Marvel is money. So if you tell them you’re upset, also tell them you’re so upset you’re not giving them money, and then don’t give them money. Better yet, tell them you’re so mad about it that you’ve started buying indy and DC titles instead, so not only are they not getting your money, their competitors are. Then go out and support some indy artists. Give your Marvel money to folks on Patreon instead, or support the independent comics most of the Marvel writers and artists we like are involved in. 

Don’t forget that Disney owns Marvel. You’re not dealing with Grandpa Stan and a bunch of artists in a big room somewhere. You’re dealing with the full force of the Disney machine. The people within the machine might understand emotion, but all the machine understands is the bottom line. When that starts to dip, that’s when changes happen. 

I’m gonna run around a little this weekend and talk to my homies who have Patreons, and maybe make a post about indy comic reccs, and I’ll come up with a list of people you can give your Captain America Money to. Stay tuned.

Deepest moon signs in element

Fire: Leo moon (this moon position will constantly think about others and how they can be seen even tho they might not want to be seen. I find this moon sign actually really complex because even though they want a lot of emotional attention but I feel that they rarely get it and become because of this very insecure)

Earth: Virgo moon (even tho they don’t show it much to others they really think about everything and everyone. They may be really good at reading others emotions because they are so analytical. They tend to be too analytical for their own feelings that they may decide to not to feel anymore)

Air: Gemini moon (will literally think much like Virgo moon but without any focus. Their thoughts may get also too deep and they also have the ability to shut their emotions off. They are usually however really curious not much about their emotions but more others actually)

Water: Scorpio moon (emotionally unbelievably intense. They tend to think way too much deep shit and they can easily get lost in there. Interested in the stuff that’s going on inside their heads. Also has the ability to shut their emotions off)

The person who cut the part of my analysis about V is actually an admin of that facebook page and name herself Jihyun….
Now that I look at it I kinda feel sorry for V, his name deserves much much better. Please dont spoil his name like that, he would act more elegant with bitch (like me for example). Perhaps he could say:
- And screw you in particular my good lady.

That will suit V character.
Fans, if you love a character dont do this, hate for you might actually turn to hate for character while they are in fact innocent. If you want more love for your character you need to be better than that. Spread love, not hate.
I actually feel sentimental for V now.

I saw a little girl at church today with dyed pink hair and my mom teased me that it was probably my fault

1. if you turn the volume all the way up, and listen to your favorite song with your eyes closed, you will feel less alone.

2. when you fall in love with being alone you will learn a lot about who you are; then, when you are surrounded by people, you won’t feel so afraid, you won’t feel so out of place. because when you are sure of yourself you don’t feel so obliged to fit, in some place.

3. you will meet people who have never heard your favorite song. and you may not fully understand, but somehow you will trust them with enough of your heart to recommend it to them. those who matter will listen. and they will surprise you.

4. in all your years on this earth, you have learned more than you think. you are more capable than you realize.

5. you don’t know everything. you are not the best, at anything, and you are never the only one. you are not the only one looking for a place to exist honestly - you are not the only one willing to create a place, to exist honestly. people will surprise you.

6. people love you - people will love you. even when you don’t want them to. even when you are ready to give up, even when you are at your lowest point and everyone you love doesn’t have the words you need to hear - they still love you. they will always love you, in whatever way they know how. and it will be enough.

7. God exists. there are shadows you will try to hide behind, and excuses you will try to build - but God exists in the realest way imaginable.

8. these things, this growing, takes time. do not rush it. do not expect to be something, or someone, you’re not - just because someone says you should be. take time to breathe. don’t worry so much about who you’re becoming, rather, focus on what you’re doing. make art. love others. write poems about your love for the moon; learn to love the sun. don’t cling so tightly to the identity that has been handed to you. don’t be so afraid to do what the ache in your chest is telling you to do; do not be so afraid to reach for something, to act on something, bigger than yourself. and you will find, with time, that you’ve become exactly who you need to be.

9. eventually everything will fall into place. it is hard to believe now, that this heartbreak is preparing you for love. it is difficult to grasp, that this displacement - being thrown into such harsh uncertainty - will light your path home. but, listen: you are not a mistake. you are not an accident. you are living, with purpose, and everything surrounding you - every person connected to you, every moment that touches you - is going to make sense one day. i promise, it will all make sense one day. just wait.


Dear Me, (things i learned in 2016) / misplacedpens

things i learned in 2015
things i learned in 2014

About Killing Stalking

Okay so I’m making this post because we have gotten a lot of people telling us that Tonight makes them think a lot of the manga Killing Stalking - and some people even wrongly assumed that we took a lot of inspiration out of it, when… Seriously. Just ask before assuming things because that’s not true. That’s kinda insulting actually, Sounfy came up with the story by herself and I helped her build around that, so just assuming that we read something and were like “lolol how about we do exactly the same so it makes us feel good about ourselves” is pretty much like spitting in our faces.

Before we started this comic, neither of us had even heard about Killing Stalking, and after a few people told us about it, I thought it would be good for me to read it to know what they were talking about. Now. I’m happy I did it instead of Sounfy, because she needs her eyes intact in order to draw, and after reading it, I had to bleach mine. Several times.

No, we do not intend on making Mo into a psychopath who wants to rape Cat after breaking both his legs because he makes him think of his mom whom he killed. Spoiler alert btw. But yay, that’s to say, both Sounfy and me found this manga pretty traumatizing and disgusting. xD

Now, if you did tell us that it made you think of it, please don’t feel attacked, it’s not our goal, we’re not mad at you at all. :3 But it’s simply that we heard it a lot of times now, and it’s beginning to sound like people are telling us that Tonight has nothing original and is just a pale copy of it, even if that’s not true and that’s not what you meant at all. So basically, the goal of this post is to say : thanks a lot for telling us, we looked at it, so now we know, no need to tell us about it again. :3

We just felt like this was an issue that needed to be addressed. Now back to the gays ! Yuu out /o/

Member: Jimin

·       Stage Name: Jimin

·       Real Name: Park Jimin

·       Birthday: Oct 13th 1995

·       Nationality: Korean

·       Position: Vocalist, dancer, my bias

·       Other: Cry baby n°2.

Majored in contemporary dance, really good at expressing feelings through dance.

And he’s actually a really good singer. High notes on point.

Member of the sunshine line. He’s just really adorable, so fluffy and cute.

Eye smile omg.

But then he can go from absolute cutie to suave, sexy beast in 0.5 seconds.

Members tease him SO MUCH about his height!

Self conscious about his abs, kinda pressured to keep them.

Has a special relationship with every member. #Jikook #Vmin #Yoonmin…

Friends with Shinee Taemin.

Girl Group Dance Squad


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Bpd Stuff:
  • Me: This person is such a good friend! I'm so glad they're in my life I love them so much!
  • Bpd: HA! But they don't feel the same about you.
  • Me: What?
  • Bpd: They actually hate you and are only barely tolerating you. Remember yesterday when they read your message but then didn't answer for 3 minutes? They're so uninterested and they would rather hang out with their other friends. You will never be as good as their other friends.
  • Me: Then what should I do?
  • Bpd: Let's just ruin the entire friendship.
  • Me: But I don't really want to...
  • Bpd: Too late.
Pentagon E’Dawn Boyfriend Headcanons
  • sassy, protective boyfriend
  • at first he talks nonstop around you, and the more nervous he gets the faster his mouth moves and the louder he gets
  • dates are just as likely to be staying in as going out
  • a lot of skinship
  • sticks around you 24/7
  • usually kisses you on the lips
  • I feel like he’d enjoy playing with your hair, braiding it and things like that
  • likes to order you around. playfully.
  • be prepared to sass and be sassed, your banter is nonstop
  • is super territorial and possessive of you
  • it’d be nice if he let you handle things on your own sometimes
  • he’s just worried you’ll get sick of him, or he’ll do something that really annoys you and makes you leave
  • is kinda nervous about meeting your family
  • freaks out if one of his groupmates even looks at you funny.
  • all your selfies are goofy and always make you laugh
  • he just checks in throughout the day, letting you know what he’s doing and where he is and expects the same from you
  • he’s actually great for deep conversations, and is good at helping you when you feel stressed out
  • you’re his partner in crime. he doesn’t want to do anything without you
  • your relationship is special because others can see how willing he is to protect you, but also how much you mean to him

darkfumaa  asked:

I'm actually kinda scared to ask this. I made a story on my siren blog a little while ago, but I'm not sure if you guys saw it or if it was good. I'm ok if it's not good, but... I just kind of worked on it for a while so... I was wondering if I could get at least some feedback on it. Even if it's just an ask saying that it was bad. I mean, you obviously don't have to, but I'd appreciate it. Sorry if I sound like a jerk. I'm just feeling some anxiety about it. Please ignore this if it's rude.

No problem, I’m on it


how about a headcanon:

my friend @lifelongstarcrossed said to me the other day modern laurent would have a belly button piercing and I’ve been thinking about it non-stop.
• he gets it before starting college because honestly who doesn’t get a semi-impulsive body mod after graduating high school
• he didn’t want to commit to a tattoo, never wanted ear piercings, doesn’t like face piercings, but he thought a belly button ring wouldn’t be too show-offish and it made him feel good so why the hell not
• he’s actually kinda bookish and untouchable and a tiny bit shy, though he covers it well, and damen thinks doesn’t rly seem like the TYPE to have that kind of piercing, but then he sees him shirtless for the first time and goes into cardiac arrest
• “it’s just a belly button piercing, damen”
• damen, gasping for air: “YOU DIDNT T ELL ME”
• they WERE making out but now damen is just trying to compose himself and laurent is pretending to being annoyed but. he’s pleased. he’s very pleased.

Dating Profile: Joshua Hong

Ahh Joshua…

He’d be a great bf tbh

  • Lots and lots of dates
  • He’d love taking you out just to go on adventures n stuff
  • He’d love finding things in common and if you guys both really like something that’d be like your thing
  • He’d write songs about you on the fly (cause you know he’s good at free-styling)
  • Playing songs for you on his guitar
  • I mean he would literally serenade you
  • Eating ice cream at midnight (or pizza)
  • Watching moves and listening to music together
  • Him making lame puns
  • You laughing cause they’re actually kinda funny
  • I feel like he would want to cuddle you a lot
  • Playing with your hair while cuddling
  • Him loving when you fall asleep on him
  • If he had to get up to go to the bathroom or something he would try to gently move you off of him but fails anyway
  • “I’m so sorry y/n! I didn’t mean to wake you.”
  • “It’s okay Josh..”
  • I don’t think he’d be into PDA like, hand holding is cool but kissing in public isn’t
  • If you kissed him in public or in front of his friends he would turn red and be embarrassed but it’d be really cute
  • Behind closed doors tho, he’d give you a million kisses
  • I think he’d be very affectionate
  • kisses on your forehead and pecks on your cheek

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You know something is definitely wrong with the education system if students feel like crying because they can’t learn something in an amount of time. 

You know something is definitely wrong with the education system if students would rather get sick than to go to school and learn something. 

You know something is definitely wrong with the education system if students would actually risk their health so they can get a good grade in a test. 

You know something is definitely wrong with the education system if the amount of pressure on students to do well can give them stress/mental problems. 

You know something is definitely wrong with the education system if students are taught that failure is not an option, and that it is looked down upon if you do.

You know something is definitely wrong with the education system if students feel anything other than happy to learn for their future. 

A completely random thought that popped into my mind out of nowhere while I was in the shower…

Back when I was a teenager, my art teacher in lukio (roughly equivalent to high school in Finland) once refused to give me a top grade from a drawing course because I was “too good and had nowhere to improve” art-wise.

I haven’t thought about it since, but now twelve years later, I kinda get the feeling that wasn’t a compliment. (Joke’s on her, though, I went on to power through three different art schools and am building a living out of my apparently-not-high-brow-enough drawing skills, and am actually enjoying my art way more.)

Nowhere to improve my tailbone.