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time to dance // panic! at the disco

yall: “nobody wants a guy with a tiny dick” “short guys are ugly” “if your voice isnt deep dont talk to me”

every trans guy ever:

having verbal fights with your paranoid thoughts alone in your room at midnight is traumatized kid culture

Questions I have about Louis’ bird tattoo

  • Why was it so early on in his tattoo arc? 
  • Why is it so big? It was the biggest tattoo he had at the time and is still one of his largest pieces.
  • Why are the wings crossed like that?
  • Why did he have Liam Sparkes custom draw the piece? 
  • Why did he get it the same day as Harry’s handshake and butterfly tattoos?
  • Why did he get another, much larger bird when he already had 4 smaller birds in essentially the same spot on his arm?
  • Why did he say it was “just a fat bird” when he had Liam Sparkes CUSTOM DRAW THE PIECE? 
  • Is it a swallow? 
  • Why is the bird not in flight? Literally every swallow tattoo I can find is of a bird IN FLIGHT but not this one? 
  • Why are the talons of the bird curled in a grip-like way to suggest it is landing/grabbing prey when it’s NOT IN FLIGHT? 
  • Why did he get this bird? 
  • What does the bird mean?
  • Will I ever know what this bird means?
  • Why? 

That is all. 

ok so i guess i’ll post this too bc now i’m getting too invested in other things and i have no idea when (or if) i’ll be able to finish the rest 

but!! these are the designs i was thinking of for the other kids y’know

Aizawa's sleepovers in highschool
  • Aizawa: *Sleeping*
  • Present Mic: *Crawls towards him*
  • Present Mic: *Screams in his ear* BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY!
  • Aizawa: *slowly opens eyes* Get the fuck out of my house.

“Don’t underestimate us”

+ w/ 3D effect and w/out 3D effect



Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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I’m beginning to think only, like, 70% of the reason I love Shidge is because they’re my two favs and they would be so so sweet together it would rot your teeth. The other 30% is just spite. Pure “Fuck you, I do what I want” spite that rose from the ashes of people denouncing Shidge after the age reveal last year. Honestly I think that fits both Shiro and Pidge pretty well and I believe that it’s a beautiful shipper origin story.

Select part of my drafting process for the Snowdin section of this comic from literally a year ago that I found while cleaning today.

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prompt: malec from an outsider's pov

Oh, this is such a lovely concept, thank you so much!

Maryse doesn’t mean to… well, to spy on them like this. She didn’t even mean to see them. The downworlder cabinet meeting is supposed to be done by now, and she wanted to check in with Alec. To see how it went. Everyone else has left, but there’s still a feeling in the hallway, a sense of settling, like everything has just cleared out. There’s still the feeling of coming and going.

And Alec and Magnus are a part of that. They’re lingering in the doorway, still talking, still intent, still clearly wrapped up in some last piece of business. They don’t notice her. It looks like they hardly notice that there’s anything else in their narrow perception except this conversation. She can see Magnus’s back, and most of Alec’s face. Magnus is gesturing. Alec is nodding, adding a word here and there. He’s holding his phone, frowning down at it in total concentration, but clearly invested in what Magnus is saying. He must be typing something out, making a note of something, maybe referencing something else. It’s business. They’re both serious, focused. Discussing something important.

Maryse can see the moment when it changes. It’s startlingly clear. Magnus tilts his head, makes a gesture that’s somehow… lighter than the rest have been. And everything - every single detail of Alec’s person - changes, entirely. Instantly. His eyes brighten. His face softens. His shoulders fall. His weight shifts to one foot. And he smiles. Wide, and lopsided, and horrifically sincere. He says something, and Maryse can hear Magnus laugh quietly. And Alec laughs with him. He laughs, he shuffles a little closer, he puts his hand on the side of Magnus’s neck. And he kisses Magnus’s cheek.

Maryse turns away, takes a step back around the corner. Because it was soft, and appropriate, and so devastatingly happy that the entire hallway felt lighter for it. But she wasn’t supposed to see it. She could tell, in the pit of her stomach, that it wasn’t for her. None of it was, but especially not that. She waits a few moments. Counts to five - because somehow that feels like the right thing to do. And she rounds the corner again, taking purposeful, noisy steps, so they’ll know she’s here.

But it looks like their goodbyes are already done, because Alec is still in the doorway down the hall, and Magnus is walking away from him. Walking toward her. Just a few steps away. To his credit, it looks like he makes a genuine attempt to keep his face from falling when he sees her. And he slows down, in that calculated way that makes it clear that he isn’t planning on coming to a full stop. “Maryse,” he says, a passably polite acknowledgement.

Maryse stops. She looks at him. Glances behind him, at Alec, still waiting down the hall. And she looks at Magnus again. Takes a deep breath. And smiles. “Hello, Magnus. It’s good to see you.”

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