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Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

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Can you please draw some cuddling Solangelo? Or something with Will being all doctor-ish towards Nico?:)


my first piper of 2017 :’) by god i love her


Today on “Badly Timed Party Banter”….


Tem. XVII; the situation out west.

you didn’t care as much as you told me you did but that’s my fault, for believing that you could. and i refuse to be upset because ive spent too much time thinking about it. ive spent too much time trying to justify your behavior and ive spent too much time trying to think of ways to change myself in a way that would make you find me more desirable. so im done. i won’t let it get to me. i won’t let you get to me. this is your loss, not mine°

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Have you ever been sent hate on tumblr?


*horrific flashbacks to 2014*

i think they called it ‘falling in love’

you’ve read too many cheesy romance novels to fall for this: there is no prince charming on a white horse, coming to whisk you away into happily ever after. you aren’t going to meet the one as the antisocial new kid, during a zombie apocalypse, amid the herd of humans in a crowded hallway. you know this all too well; you know this all too well.

do you really?

it creeps up on you quietly: somewhere among the crackle of jokes and the static laughter, you found the first excuse to fall. & it’s funny, you think you’re fine, because you’ve built walls, castles, fortresses around you, your heart is the fine maiden waiting to be saved. shattered glass around your feet like alligator teeth. but him. he reaches in like all of that’s made of silly putty, burns it down, and rescues the princess like it’s as easy as breathing.

you started off by tripping over your own feet – a pathetic attempt at love. the you that had walls, castles, fortresses around your heart would have merely laughed and said: you’ve tripped over your own feet & fallen off a cliff, darling.

forget butterflies: there are storms brewing in your stomach, twisting it into complicated knots even a sailor could envy. you find yourself practicing words you’ll never tell him, words you’ll always swallow down, in front of the mirror. one day you realize that he’d make a great assassin, but only if you were the victim; because one look and there is no escape, because his mere touch can set your skin aflame, because he could slit your throat and you would only tell him you’re sorry there’s blood on his shirt. despite all of this, happiness starts becoming synonymous with his name.

how do you explain that he makes you feel more at home than the four walls of your room?

there is no other way to explain it than this: he is hell, but you are the fucking sinner. the backs of your eyes are branded with his name. you finally understand why love and war go hand in hand – because you would gladly brandish a weapon and fight to the death if it meant he could hold you like that one more time.

the princess misses her castle.


people say that best friends are hard to find…

…that’s cause the very best one is mine

Leave behind your fears
Please believe
You will not falter

There’s no danger here
You can breathe
In clear blue water

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A soulmate AU with ereri where every mark made on one person's skin appears on the other's too, and Eren is a forgetful person who writes reminders about everything on his hands/arms while Levi prefers to keep his skin meticulously clean

Levi’s never felt like his life is devoid of anything, but, as his eyes land on the fresh blue ink that’s appeared on his inner wrist - ‘cat food’ - it seems the universe just doesn’t tire of reminding him that he very well is missing something. Well, in its opinion, anyway.

Everybody is supposed to have a soulmate, or so they say, and Levi faces the evidence of his very own nearly every day. Random words and phrases mark Levi’s hands and wrists; on rare occasions, words have shown up in different spots, like the crook of Levi’s elbow, or his abdomen, once, though he hadn’t noticed it until it had already almost faded away. They only last a few minutes to begin with, which is about the only saving grace in all of this.

Some people cherish the marks that appear on their skin, those brief glimpses into their soulmate’s life before their lives collide - hopefully, that is; some people never find their soulmate, be it tragedy or simply life not bringing them together - but Levi, well, he could really do without. His soulmate uses his body like a canvas, scrawling the most mundane notes and reminders to himself without a care in the world that he is marking up somebody else’s body as well.

Before he gets into bed, Levi’s gotten into the habit of roving his eyes over his arms and hands, turning them over in the dim light of his small bedroom. It’s not that he wants anything new to appear, but something inside drives him to do it.

Nothing else has appeared since the note about cat food earlier, at least, not that he’s noticed. Levi sits down with a sigh, closing his eyes. Not once has he ever written anything upon his own skin; yet, it’s been marked again and again by someone he’s never met, may not ever, even.

He stretches out his hand to flick off the lamp, fingers already poised and ready, when his gaze lands on newly written words across the back of his hand.

If I have a soulmate, they must really hate me

Levi stares, unblinking. There is something so incredibly bizarre about seeing those words on his hand, in that familiar scrawl, that it’s sent his skin buzzing.

As the ink grows a little fuzzy, on its way to fading, Levi runs his fingers over the words, leaves them there. He closes his eyes again, waits until the thrum of his skin subsides.

He flicks off the lamp without casting another glance to his hand, closing his eyes before his head hits the pillow. Despite himself, his heart beats steadily in his chest, keeping him from sleep.


For Ponnie