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Hi I'm not sure if you know about the new vkm ch, it's about the old trio a.k.a Kaien, Haruka and Juuri. Do you think it's Hino trying to paralell yume? Or zeki? I'm sorry for the sudden question, but I'm tired of seeing fans getting mad at those who make paralell posts.

No worries about the sudden question, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you last night! I was in a different fandom mode because a new episode was airing. ^^ Regarding fans getting mad at the parallel posts, I wouldn’t take it to heart if you enjoy them just because others mock them. Parallels are a legitimate narrative device, and more than that, it’s just a fun observation that occurs in every fandom. I agree that it’s very easy to see a parallel in anything, if you look hard enough, which is part of the reason behind the criticism against them. People get tired of parallels being used like concrete evidence against something they believe, and I can see how that would be frustrating. Personally I think people (both pro and anti parallel peeps) take it a little too seriously and need to step back and just let meta and parallels be fun, like they’re meant to be.

Anyway, regarding your actual question, it’s hard for me to really say what Hino’s intentions are in regards to this specific chapter, but if you’re talking about as a whole, I think that there’s grounds to argue that Kaname parallels Haruka and Kaien, just as there are grounds to argue that Zero parallels Haruka and Kaien. They both share some similarities with each man, and some differences, which I think the Yume’s and Zeki’s alike have both posted extensively about in the past few days so I won’t rehash that. I also feel a bit of reluctance in drawing comparisons between HaruJuri because I do see some of the similarities to Yume, and it’s enough that I’ve never been fully comfortable with their relationship either. 

However, that being said, I think this is a parallel that needs to be taken a little less literally; the parallel that Hino creates in Zeki’s re-enactment of the HaruJuri umbrella scene is meant to highlight that Yuuki’s dream to “be like her parents,” one day actually came true, and it is meant to subvert the reader’s (and even Yuuki’s) expectation that it would come true with Kaname by instead showing it happen with Zero. I think we’re likely also supposed to view the scene with HaruJuri in a similar way, which is that Juri specifically left home to escape the expectations of her family to choose one of her brothers, and instead ended up falling in love with one of them anyway which was also against her expectations. Likewise, Kaname’s similarities to Kaien are not so literal, but as @zerolover66 pointed out to me, Kaname watches his loved one from afar while she is by someone else’s side, just as Kaien watched Haruka and Juri together. The biggest difference between Kaien and Kaname, though, is that Kaien willingly took a backseat to his loved one’s love with someone else, and Kaname interfered, which is where his similarities to Rido come in, and he’s fairly vocal about that throughout the second arc. Whether fans agree with his assessment or not, Kaname compares himself (and the darkest facets of his personality and desires) to Rido in order to understand and perhaps even separate himself from them. Kaname’s struggle was between doing what Kaien did - wishing for the happiness of his loved one, even if it wasn’t with him - and what Rido tried to do - binding the person he loves to him for eternity. 

So to answer your question, no, I don’t think that Hino is trying to parallel HaruJuri with Yume, although similarities between the two are inevitable considering their physical appearances and their roles in society. I think that Hino is trying to show the similarities between HaruJuri and Zeki, while also pointing out ways that they subverted that pairing, and I think she deliberately chose to recreate the umbrella memory that Yuuki idolized as a child to show that it was Zero who ultimately contributed to her childhood dream becoming a reality and not Kaname, as readers and Yuuki herself likely expected. 

As for the fans getting mad about people making parallel posts, I’d just ignore them. They’re entitled to feel what they feel about that form of meta, but so are you, and there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy it if you choose. :) I think in their case, they’re just frustrated with parallels constantly being used to invalidate their ship and if the roles were reversed I’m sure we’d feel the same.