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I'm sorry to see you go but it's okay we understand x just wanted to say that you are an amazing person/writer and best wishes for the future xx just wondering though what are some of your favourite things you have wrote on this blog?? xx

Thank you love <3
I actually went and took the first step towards me getting healthier today, so let’s hope it works out! Fingers crossed, guys!

Now, as for your question…that is a very good one.
Let me take a look at the masterlists!

Okay, so this list ended up longer than intended, but I’m going with it!

Some Of Tanis’s Favourite Stories!

Circle On His Wrist
I love a good Soulmate AU, and this one was such an interesting concept, and I really enjoyed writing it!

This story was requested by the lovely @sayrahsunshine // @suggposts and it lead to the beautiful friendship that we now have, and so it holds a special place in my heart for that. Plus, another interesting Soulmate AU concept :)

Isn’t About Me
The first smut story I ever wrote for this blog (that was not Joeck haha).
I’m proud of it. It lead me to being more comfortable writing smut (even if y’all haven’t read that stuff haha)

Managing Alone…Or Not
The request for this story came in just as my grandpa passed away, and so everything the reader experiences in this story, up to the point of the plate dropping, was actually my own personal feelings.
This story helped me cope with his loss. It will always be important to me for that reason.

May The Force Be With You
I had way too much fun writing this. And Jack and Conor at the end is just amazing. I love this story.

Please, Wake Up Part 1 & Part 2
The request came from a friend in my personal life, and I really enjoy how it turned out.
Plus, its the story I’m making into a book (Yes, that is still happening!), so it’s super special to me.

Post Crash Panic
I cringe reading this now, but this was the first Joe Sugg Imagine I ever wrote, and so it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.
But I really need to go back and fix it…

Puzzle Piece
I actually don’t really know why I love this story so much, but I do. And I always smile after reading it, and I adore it, so I’m going to include it.

The Red Dress
My Jack/OC smut story…the first Jack story I wrote, and lead me to writing more Miack and other stuff, and helped me remember why I loved writing so much. This story is just special to me.

I think that’s it!
I hope you liked those stories as much as I did :)

Anyone want to share their favourites?

Inktober: Day 3. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, really.

Me: Sorry Ink but today you aren’t star.

Ink: *disappointed sound*

Me: But! Don’t worry! I’ll let you be cookies for today!

Ink: Wait… What? Cookies? Me?

Me: Yeah!

And since I started trying new, why wouldn’t it be a comic?


It… became longer than I thought it would be… And it took 12 hours…


Blue Screen by @7goodangel

Ink by @comyet

Myself, my poor laptop and not less poor Ink!Cookies by me

Calfreezy Imagine

Calfreezy imagine for @bubblesdmn it took longer than I expected, sorry. Anyways I hope you enjoy :)

“Are we still on for today?”.  

Cal had nodded hearing Y/N’s voice, “Why wouldn’t we?”.  Y/N only shrugged as Cal smiled “You look pretty today”. They had gotten into his car then.  "Thanks", Y/N smiled. They had been best friends for years, and decided they’d go shopping, seeing as Cal’s birthday was coming up. “Now are you actually going to buy something today, or are you just gonna follow me around, picking out things you want me to try on?” Cal asked beginning to drive. Y/N laughed in response  "would I do that?“. Call nodded "yes”. “fuck you” Y/N shook her head, turning on the radio. Ed Sheeran was on. “Hey Callum?” Y/N had smirked. Cal turned to face her for a quick moment “yeah?”. “Take me into your loving arms” she had sang along with the radio. Cal only shook his head, focussing back on the road “you’re fucking weird”. Y/N leant over and kissed Cal’s cheek “you love me”. He nodded “true, but you’re still fucking weird”. After Ed Sheeran had ended, Bryan Adams had came on, which both Cal and Y/N had belted out the lyrics to.

When they had arrived at the shopping center Y/N had a smirk on her lips “you should totally give me a piggyback when we get out the car”. Cal had shook his head but had ended up doing so anyway. “Happy?” he asked, letting her down once they got to the main doors of the shopping center. Y/N smiled “of course”, they had walked into a store then. Y/N had ran off into an aisle, leaving Cal who was looking at jackets. She came back a couple minutes later “Callum, you’ve gotta see this”. Cal only raised an eyebrow, following her “we should get this for Harry” Y/N had said holding up a t-shirt. It was black, with white writing that read ‘I’m a fucking idiot’. “There’s also this one”, she held up the second t-shirt. It was white with orange writing.  "I am a cunt", Cal read aloud, “fuck sake” he laughed. “y'know what, I’m gonna buy these”. Cal watched Y/N run off again, shaking his head. He continued looking around, but nothing caught his attention.

The next store they had went into Cal picked out a few outfits and Y/N had tried to talk Cal into trying on an outfit she picked out. “please” Y/N pouted, holding out the shirt and trousers. Cal grumbled “fine”, he took the shirt and trousers from Y/N and made his way into a changing booth. “you’re shitting me” Cal had groaned after changing. Y/N could only laugh when Cal revealed himself wearing the outfit. She had been lucky enough snap a picture of him. “you look adorable” she had smiled. The outfit consisted of green golf trousers and a pink shirt with a fancy collar and fancy sleeves. Cal looked bloody miserable wearing it, and shook his head going back into the booth. When he came back out Y/N was nowhere to be seen. He found her looking at pyjamas, “you make me try on some stupid outfit, then ditch?”. Y/N frowned “I thought I saw Tommy, so I got outta there”. Tommy was Y/N’s ex boyfriend, they had broken up not too long ago, and he was still crazy about her, her, not so much. She’d been pretty much avoiding him since the break up. Cal gave a reassuring smile “I’m sure it wasn’t him, but let’s get outta here anyway”. Y/N nodded, following Cal out of the store.  

After a couple more stores they decided to stop for a coffee. Y/N had sat in a booth while Cal went up to order. It hadn’t taken so long, but Y/N had gained attention from a boy that had been passing by who had seen her, “no way, Y/N?”. Y/N internally groaned, faking a smile “hey Tommy”. “how’ve you been?” Tommy had asked. “I’ve been great, and yourself?” Y/N responded, mentally screaming for Cal to rescue her. Luckily he had seen how uncomfortable Y/N had looked “Y/N, is he bothering you?”. Y/N shook her head “Cal this is Tommy, Tommy this is-”. “No way, you’re Calfreezy” Tommy had cut her off. Cal offered a smile “you a fan?”. Tommy had nodded “I love your channel”. Y/N politely excused herself to go to the bathroom. At least Cal appreciated the conversation. When Y/N came back only Cal was at the table, “you alright?” he asked as she sat across from him. Y/N nodded “how’d you get him to leave?”. “He said you’re 'totally into him still’ so I said we’re dating”.

When they got back to Cal’s flat Harry had looked at them, like he’d just witnessed an alien abduction “Why didn’t you tell me you’re dating?”. Cal and Y/N only laughed, walking past Harry, “You’re right. The t-shirt suits him”. This only caused Y/N to laugh harder “then you’re gonna love the t-shirt I got you”. Cal cocked an eyebrow “you bought me a t-shirt?”. Y/N smirked a little “I also wrote you a song, but they’re for your birthday so you’ll have to wait”. “That’s unfair” Cal had said. Y/N only stuck her tongue at him. “Anyway I’m gonna get on home. I’m pretty much shattered”. “I’ll drive you” Cal offered, to which Y/N agreed.

The drive to Y/N’s was rather quiet. Not an awkward quiet, but more of a comfortable quiet. The radio was the only source of noise until Y/N’s phone went off. “It’s Callux” she had mouthed to Cal whilst answering, “I’m just going home”. By the end of the phone call Y/N was frowning “He’s gonna kick your ass. Or at least that’s what he said”. Cal laughed at this, “let me guess, because we’re dating?”. Y/N nodded “well at least Tommy’ll leave me alone now”. They had pulled up at Y/N’s then “I’ll see you tomorrow”. Y/N leant over and kissed Cal’s cheek “Goodnight Callum”. Y/N made her way out of the car and up to her front door. She opened it with a smile, and as it shut behind her she couldn’t bring herself to move, and just as well, there had been a knock only moments from it closing. Y/N opened it to reveal Cal standing before her “Callum?”. “Y/N I love you”. Y/N smiled at this, pulling him down for a proper kiss “about God damn time”.

so finally finished 3.10 (it took me way longer than planned because i kept pausing) but:

1. what bike Even, what bike? did Even and Sonja come separately. Because why wouldn’t Sonja join him on his bike if they came together?

2. the kitchen scene !!!!! isak being so confused when Even starts to talk about Sonja, and their relationship. Like ‘wtf. i don’t want to hear about this’

3. the almost kiss!!!!! ugh Noora. (I remember watching this clip on youtube after it came out because I didn’t actually start to follow the episodes until epi 4 I think? I didn’t even know that it was a thing or that Skam had more seasons than this one. I just saw stuff about a Norwegian show on my dash and wanted to watch it lol Anyway, I didn’t know much about Noora and her characters, and I remember being ‘she’s pretty but omg i don’t like her. lol’


Sans: “Hey, Derek, if you don’t stop being a smartass I’ll come over there next! Don’t test me buddy; this sweater used to be white, if you catch my drift.”

Normally I don’t reuse panels like this but I don’t have time to redraw every panel and I wanted to get something out today. This actually took me way longer than I thought it would. :S

Also, there’s not enough underfell sans pta… but let’s be honest, how long would he really last before he lost his temper? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Oh and, I really don’t know what they’re fighting over. Your guess is as good as mine.

Edit: Oh, one thing I forgot to mention… he may be using a step stool… just saying.

Swipe Left, Swipe Right

A CS oneshot. Where Emma uses Tinder to catch bail jumpers. 

This is for @tnlph. I was thinking about you today and decided to give you a well-wishing gift. It took longer than expected and my night got crazy but hopefully it’s not too late. 

2.9k| T | | AO3

Emma shifted her weight cursing under her breath that she had let Elsa talk her into wearing her new black heels. Of course if Walsh, the skip she was trying to nab, had been a little less pretentious and a little more on time she wouldn’t have been standing at the high top table at all. The trendy French-Asian fusion place wouldn’t seat her without him and they apparently didn’t believe in chairs–only bar stools and only at the bar. It made Emma miss the seedy places she usually visited when catching skips; they always had ample seating.

She sighed and then reminded herself of the large payday attached to Mr. Fraud and Embezzlement. Bringing him in would keep her flush for a month and was well worth a few blisters.

Her phone dinged. She glanced down. It was a Tinder message. Since she only used the app for catching skips (seriously if you are trying to lay low maybe skip the dating apps?) she assumed it was Walsh.  

Be ten minutes late. With a sad faced emoji.

Emma rolled her eyes and then dashed off a reply.

Sad face emoji. Egg roll emoji. Red dress girl emoji. Hurry!

Emma was going for the bubbly blonde persona this time around. Walsh had seemed to like it so far or maybe he just thought her pictures hot enough that he didn’t care as long as there was a chance to bang her. And Emma had basically let him know she was a sure thing so he wouldn’t be standing her up. Honestly it was almost too easy sometimes.

“Wow. You look stunning, love.”

Emma jerked her head up at the deep, accented voice, a “get lost” already on her tongue. The words died as her gaze raked over the dark scruff, blue eyes, and slightly disheveled hair of the gorgeous man before her. He was dressed in dark wash jeans and a black button up that wasn’t entirely buttoned up. Dark hair matching his scruff peaked out of the opening along with the flash of a necklace. There was a frisson of heat in her stomach.

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Mina informed me that today was National Hug Day so uh *slides this in here*

I… did not mean to make this so complicated, but I kinda had this animation/animatic idea for a while. The Yacht Club Twitter hit like 40k followers a couple weeks ago and they posted this image and it looks like Plague Knight is gonna tackle Tinker off that tiny tank.

Also if I actually fully animated the first half of this, it would’ve been way too big to put into gif form, trust me.

@corneliascookiejar I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG i was moving back into my dorm today and figuring out my classes for the new semester and everything has been a little hectic.  apologies.  >.<

but anyway yes here???  is the fill??  i got very excited and it ended up being longer than i anticipated…and not exactly what you asked for but hEY i hope you enjoy it anyways??

ending is weird because i got overexcited and wanted to actually put plot in there but i do not have the willpower or energy to continue sO AGAIN I APOLOGIZE

Kanda is very annoyed.

Not that Kanda’s annoyance is anything new, really, but Komui senses that there’s something a little different about this situation.  For one, Kanda is standing there – not politely, but studiously silent, arms crossed, lips pursed, toe of his boot tapping loudly against the ground.

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Super Watermelon Island came out today and it was great. 

As always, here’s the link for you to get this on your body

Today is the last day of Project: A-Kon!!! I’ve mostly not been feeling great this weekend because it’s taking me longer than I thought to recover from the allergic reaction I had Thursday night
I did manage to stay in costume for about two hours yesterday and I ran in to David Ngo who it’s always great to see! He took this great picture of me yesterday and I’m super glad he did because I don’t have any pictures of my Wonder Woman!!! It also proves that I was actually in costume yesterday haha
There’s a few things I’d like to fix and improve on Wonder Woman but I’m really happy with how she turned out! Although I think I will have to wait to wear her again until it gets a bit cooler
Swan Queen FanFic | One Fine Mess - Chapter 9 (COMPLETE)

Pairing: Swan Queen

Author: Barbie Shoes

Rating: M

Spoilers: Set post season 3

Preview: Regina was late to work that morning, much to the astonishment of her assistant who knew all too well the mayor’s affinity for promptness. She really had tried to make it out the door on time, but she couldn’t seem to cross the threshold without deciding she needed one more glance, one more touch, one more kiss from the woman she was absolutely loath to leave behind for a pile of bureaucratic bullshit after what they’d just finally confessed.

Emma Swan loved her. That beautiful idiot actually loved her back. Regina couldn’t possibly focus on work today. 

A/N: I can’t believe this story is finally finished! Took me longer to write it than it did for Emma to have that baby lmfao! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love given to this story, it has been incredible and I am honored.

I know a lot of people were waiting till it was complete to read, so if that’s you pretty please don’t forget to at least leave a couple words here on this last chapter and let me know what you thought! I’m also really hoping to write a sequel, so if that’s of interest I’d love to hear.

A final big thank you to michaelawaffles for all her hard work editing! It wouldn’t have been the same without your help!

Really hope you all enjoy the end of this story and thanks so much for reading!