actually it looks like they are lost on a family trip

Stairs and Pre-Warmed Cushions

I decided to try a little experiment today: I led Tali up the stairs. Well, actually up to the landing midway between the ground and first floor. I just wanted to see how she’d navigate steps, since she’s never actually climbed them before. 

The result: She surged up them without pause, while Schuyler got as far as two steps before stopping and looking imploringly at us. And then she tried surging down… only because she’d never gone down a staircase before, she lost her footing about three steps from the bottom and went down like an ungainly sack of potatoes. It didn’t deter her from trying a second, and then a third time. On her last trip up, Schuyler summoned the courage to go all the way to join us on the landing. We all came back down together, but obviously Schuyler had not had his fill of fun because when I turned around at the door to the family room, I noticed he was gone…. and then seconds later, he came spilling down and trotted up to us with an “Hey, that was fun! ”look on his face.

He’s been coveting my large floor cushion quite a bit these days, by the way. Sometimes I’ll be sitting on the floor, fiddling with my phone, and he’ll sidle up to me, fawn over me a little (Schuyler is not the snuggly type), then gently paw my cushion. Sometimes I’ll take pity on him and give him the cushion, whereupon he curls right up beside me and goes right to sleep on my nicely toasty cushion, while I’m left cooling my arse on the tiled floor. >.<