actually it is really crappy


That one time Asami low-key confesses to Korra because you could cut the tension with a knife. Bolin thinks he’s helping.

taken from when the thing happens” by weiweipon


It wasn’t exactly love at first sight.

“My lazy brother refused to take out the trash so I had to while I’m wearing my least flattering outfit and you came along and took a photo on your phone and I flipped my shit. Turns out you just wanted to take a photo of a butterfly.” - au

This is too OOC, why did I even draw this?  ∑(O_O;)

um..uhh..ignore me.

Inspired by Bob’s Burgers. I don’t know but this image flashed into my brain  when I watched it.. Err, Don’t judge. ╮(•˘︿ ˘•)╭ ]

really good animes that are obscure/shunned everyone should give it a chance

tiger & bunny

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the show revolves around a middle aged man and a young adult in the hero business. they have to work together. they don’t. also really realistic drama of a widowed dad and his daughter. and also a lot of other things. 11/10

oshiete! galko-chan

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breaks anime stereotypes and they talk about periods, 10/10

natsume yuujinchou

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the most heartwarming anime ever. maybe. its about this orphan boy who can see youkais and a inugami. its really good. a decade strong. 12/10


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imagine a sword art online setting but all the characters are both idiots and assholes to each other. it’s actually really good and the crappy boob flopping animation just bumps up the whole self-depreciation of the show even more. 10/10


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watch it. each episodes are 5 minutes long. but they are all gold. 11/10

Locked In

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Request: Dean is a gruff cop who does what he wants. The reader starts a new job (not a cop) at the police station. Everyone tells her to steer clear of Dean because he is grumpy as hell. She doesn’t listen and gives him shit for things when everyone else keeps their mouth shut. Stealing people’s food from the breakroom, etc. They drive each other nuts until one day Dean realizes he has feelings for the reader.

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,777

Warnings: language

A/N: Detective Dean, ready to serve at your displeasure…

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hey look some main four random headcanons that no one actually asked for and are probably really crappy but hey check ‘em out

  • Killua has tried to convince Gon and Alluka to help him build a palace of chocolate. If it weren’t for Leorio and Kurapika, they would have been flooded in a sea of melted chocolate, but it would have totally been worth it.
  • The only fashion trend that Gon actually caught was the mismatched socks and he keeps doing it and Killua HATES IT WHY GON WHY
  • I’m like 95% sure that when Father’s Day comes along, Gon and Killua just get Leorio presents or whatever they do on Father’s Day because their dads honestly weren’t the best. I mean, Gon calls Ging by his first name, and Silver tried to force Killua to be an assassin, c’mon. Still, Leorio is the closest thing to a father (or I guess he could be considered an older brother because he’s only like seven years older than them) to them that either of them have ever had.
  • Kurapika would know how to dance all traditionally and stuff, you know how they have all those sorts of dancing in anime that I still can’t find the name for.
  • I really don’t want Kurapika’s hair to get any longer, but honestly, I can see him having those long flowing bishie locks. He’s still prettier than me, let’s be real here.
  • As Gon and Killua grow up, Leorio is constantly on the watch to make sure that they don’t grow taller than him. Kurapika just laughs and sighs because he’s stuck at his height anyway.
  • Since Killua’s footsteps are basically silent, he’ll scare the living daylights out of the anyone who’s deep in thought. Whether he knows them or not. I have a feeling Kurapika has fallen victim to this on multiple occasions.
  • Everyone knows about Killua’s love of chocolate, but no one really talks about how much Leorio depends on coffee. Honestly, with med school and everything else he does in his life, the man just needs a cup. Ten bucks says he drinks it black. 
  • Kurapika hates black coffee and needs to add sugar to his. Or just drinks tea…
  • Now, if we’re talking about singing voices because I love music…
  • Gon probably just yells for the most part, but he hits the right notes? (( think Luffy during the Skypiea )) He gets the beat right, so he might try rapping or beatboxing or something, but he doesn’t really sing that much in the first place. When he does sing, it’s always happy, upbeat songs.
  • Leorio is a professional jazz singer and saxophone player and no one can tell me otherwise fight me
  • Kurapika doesn’t really sing that much with other people around, but if you do catch him singing, it’s usually ballads. And his voice is so smooth and nice~ sometimes, he’ll sing some traditional Kurta songs but those usually make him remember, which either makes him sad or angry.
  • Killua raps. No questions in my mind. This kid puts on that cool front and just lets out all of his emotions and thoughts in the form of rap, occasionally with Gon either beatboxing or rapping with him. But honestly, he also probably sings ballads on the rarest of occasions. Like, lullabies for Alluka, or a sad song when he needs one.
  • As he grows older, Gon will probably disappear to places without telling anyone, and he’ll go missing for like two weeks and come back having founded a town and he was made mayor in some random forest that he was strolling through and he’s dressed like caveman, but I guarantee you that Killua always finds him and Gon tells him all about his adventures.
  • I need fluff y’all. I need happiness and joy (( dAVIE )) in this time of hiatus.
  • This guys go on road trips sometimes (also with Alluka, because she be precious) and obviously, Leorio drives and Kurapika navigates and Killua, Alluka, and Gon are in the back either messing around and playing games. Sometimes, Alluka and Gon fall asleep and Killua just stares at them and out of the window and looks back on how lucky he’s been.
  • Killua listens (or at least listened to) Marianas Trench because he’s like that and I also love them they’re my favorite band, so this is also kinda a little shout out, you should go check them out some time, y’all.

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(Casually throws in a my little snippets)

  • You cannot convince me that there was never a prank war between the main four. Like, come on.
  • Probably a given, but don’t give Gon coffee.
  • Kurapika likes dark chocolate, and Killua can’t comprehend why. Like, it’s so bitter? Milk chocolate is the only true chocolate.
  • Killua eventually gets used to eating dark chocolate and retracts his former statement.
  • On Father’s Day, if Leorio knows where Ging is, he’ll find Ging and just ever so lightly punch his face in again. This rarely ever happens, though, since it’s so freaking hard to find Ging.

- Admin A

Why I am a Muslim.

I feel like there are not enough discussions about Islam in the western world. Mostly because many don’t actually believe it is important. But it is, right?

I was born in a Muslim household. Kinda. My mother prayed but my father did not. So it was pretty weird. I knew the basics but that’s all. I was never forced into anything but they were a lot of disagreements between my parents so it confused me for a while.

I am really glad to have fallen in love with Islam in the way I did. I was 12. My brother and my sister had already learnt the basics of prayer but I had not. I was sitting in the living room one night and I saw this book. I took it and I opened it. The first thing I found was Surah Fatiha, which is basically the first Surah of the Quran. It was written in Arabic and in French. I could not read Arabic at that time so I read it in French. And for a second, the longest second of my life, everything was quiet around me. I could hear the TV on, sure. But there was this spiritual calm that allowed me to distance myself from the world. And it was the most surprising discovery of my life. I learnt to pray and God my first time praying was so exciting.

Now I don’t want to romanticize all of this. I was 12. So yeah, I stopped praying for a while and I began again when I felt like I needed to. I prayed on and off for a year or so when I finally decided to pray five times a day everyday. And I am glad to say it’s been ten years now. My parents are Algerian so my religious education was culturally biased and I certainly did not agree with some stuff. I had opinions on everything and honestly, my mom was not quite happy that I was not the definition of the perfect Algerian/Muslim girl.
I do believe that what drew me closer to Islam was having non-Muslim friends though. Because I saw them and I knew I did not want to be like them, even though I felt nothing but love towards them. In high school, I began to fast on Mondays and Thursdays because I felt like fasting guided my way towards life. I read Quran because the world stopped when I did so and every word I read was so powerful I could feel it in my bones. I went to the mosque and I listened to the imam who taught me that my strength was my behavior and that I always had to be kind and peaceful towards everyone. But I mean, I disagreed with some stuff that was said at the mosque. I disagreed with some stuff my family said. So no, not everything is black and white.

When I went to college, I met a girl. This girl taught me to never judge anyone. And I knew that already but I realized how wrong it was when I met this girl. I am still learning now not to judge people, not to talk behind their backs. And no, it is not easy. In Islam we say that talking behind someone’s back is as awful as eating the person’s flesh and organs. So yeah, I have got the image so that helps.
Now let’s be clear. I had my own battles. I struggled a lot. In Islam I found the strength to get back on my feet. But I also distanced myself from Islam sometimes. I went to parties, I flirted with guys (I still do), I judged people, I fell for non-Muslim boys and many others things. Because I am human. I am learning.

And I do understand that many have questions about stuff in Islam you don’t agree with. And to be honest, I am not the ambassador of Islam. I can’t give you the right answer to your questions. Islam took the most important place in my life because I found my place in it. I refused to marry a misogynistic guy because Islam taught me I was strong and a feminist. I refused to marry a guy that claimed he was a Muslim because his actions showed me he was not one. I refused to let money and the world take away my soul so I decided to work for people and have a shitty salary. And mostly, I refused to let people hurt me. I found a way to love and live without getting hurt and God this is magic. I can open discussions, you can ask me anything and I will give you my perspective, not Islam’s.

Islam brings different things to everyone. Some grow up in Muslim households and distance themselves from Islam. Others don’t grow up in Muslim households and get closer to Islam. Each and everyone of us have different lives and stories. Which is why we are beautiful.

Overall, Islam taught me to believe in myself, to be strong and beautiful. It taught me to trust God because my life is in His hands. It taught me to love and respect everyone. I am actually really sad to see people making crappy assumptions about my religion because it is not true.

Which is why I am so glad Sana Bakkoush exists. In a fictional world. I am so glad Elias Bakkoush exists as well (kinda reminds me of my brother). And Yousef Acar. I am so glad this question is tackled because it makes us think, and talk and share. And this is the key to happiness, to development, to a better world. Human interactions are the key to all things. No material, no new tech, no new song can do what human interactions can do.

And what business is it of yours if I am only a girl? Aravis Tarkheena.


Josh talking with his mother about her suicide attempts:

The third time, you tried to kill yourself, there was, like, a day where we didn’t know if your stomach had been pumped in time. If it had been pumped in time, they assured me you would be fine. But if it hadn’t, you were gonna die slowly over two weeks.