actually it hurts because their bro hug never happened in this timeline

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter Would Include

Tony Stark x daughter!Reader (platonic)


Word Count: 2985 (yikes)

A/N: I’m trying something new you guys. this is my first tony thing and it’s also my first headcanon so let me know what you think :)

-you were brought to him when you were two during 2009, a year after the creation of Iron man

-your mother had just overdosed (Tony did not know how to pick ‘em) and the police found you bawling in her studio apartment over her body. a blood test revealed you were Tony’s

-absolutely utterly unready to be a father

-Pepper is the only reason he (and you)  pulled through the first two months

-she created your living quarters and took care of your needs for your arrival while Tony trapped himself in his lab for the first month trying to figure out how?

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Aight Imma do this hc style cause I can’t write to save my life~

Sooo~ after a long night of no sleep I came up with this gem  so here it is ~ that moment hc-ed in my head on screen!!! THis might be long so yah sorry

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Firstly I want to say that it is shitty that us dirkjake shippers are afraid to even go under the freaken tag just because we’d see nothing but hate for the ship. What is even MORE shitty is the fact that people are sending fucking hate anons to dirkjake shippers and telling them horrid, HORRID things. JUST STOP WITH THE HATE. ITS NOT FUNNY, AND IT IS CERTAINLY NOT ACCEPTABLE. While we are all entitled to our opinions, it doesn’t mean that you can bully people and make them feel like shit.  

Now, the update. The update was important. In fact, it was VERY important in clarifying the emotions/feelings/etc that the strider bros possessed. We got to see Dave finally talk about how abusive Bro actually was towards him. Dave ranted it all out, telling Dirk of the messed up, shitty things that he had to put up with. Dave explains how Bros abusive behavior affected him, he explains how his friends never really understood his situation, and how he wished he had someone who would actually CARE for him. Dave talks about how he doesn’t like to fight or be in danger, and his thoughts on heroism. Dave had to go through so much SHIT like jesus fucking christ….I swear this update had me on an emotional roller coaster that flew off a cliff. There is so much I could go on about with Dave and his situation but I want to talk about Dirk here. We got to see Dirk admit he was toxic to his friends, esp Jake. Dirk ACKNOWLEDGED (holy fucking shit) his toxic flaws and admitted that he still has to fix his mistakes, even when he’s not close to even touching the surface. On top of that, Dirk also took blame for all of his other shitty alt selfs (aka splinters???) and their actions. Because of this DIRK FUCKING APOLOGIZES TO DAVE. Note this shit cause damn! It wasn’t even Dirk who abused Dave, it was Bro but Dirk fucking apologizes because he feels as though Dave’s abusive childhood was his fault. (How can you hate this muffin???) On that note, IT WAS BRO WHO WAS ABUSIVE TO DAVE, NOT DIRK. Dave even says “come on man. YOU didn’t do anything.” along with “You aren’t him. You’re not responsible for any of this shit…” which is so bloody true it hurts. While he is an alternate version of Bro, Dirk is just a 16 year old boy who is emotionally unstable and can’t figure things out without messing things up. In all seriousness, there is a certain point where you have to realize that Dirk is not Bro. They may share the same dna (Like Dave said) but their actions and emotions are two total differential things.  

Now back to the DirkJake because omfg…

So, Dirk admitted that he “felt pretty bad about the role [he] played in [his] friends’ lives…Especially Jake” because he felt everything disastrous that had happened to them was entirely his fault. (are you guys seeing the connection yet?) Dirk believes himself to be a toxic element to Jake from day one and wouldn’t be surprised if Jake was avoiding him as much as possible. Dirk doesn’t want to poison another person, especially the people he already cares about. Along with everything else, he never blames Jake, or makes excuses for his behavior. Dirk realizes his flaws. It is within this page too, that we get to see that DirkJake isn’t perfect. Honestly, It was never perfect and I have no idea who said it was but DirkJake isn’t an ideal star. However, the hate it is receiving is unnecessary.

All in all, the update was incredibly emotional and hussie’s character development of Dave and Dirk is just so fucking great. Like malevolentbox  said,  Dirk saw through Dave’s insecurity because his friends could not. Dave recognized Dirk for his anxiety because his friends could not and then they hugged. This update was, in a lack of words, amazingly emotional.

I had a thought.

Jazz Fenton: high school student, no real friends, hangs around her little brother’s friends (who want her to go away) to get rid of the loneliness, constantly stressed out over school and her family and supernatural weirdness and her family and life in general, tries to hide the stress with cheeriness and a veneer of professionalism, really smart, kicks butt, secrets

Wendy Corduroy: high school student, few close friends, hangs around her old-man boss (who is shady) and her 20-something coworker (who is very sweet but rather airheaded) and his 12-year-old great-niece-and-nephew (who are adorable little trouble magnets), constantly stressed out over her family and supernatural weirdness and her friends and her ex and what-the-heck-is-going-on-in-this-town and life in general, hides the stress with a “cool kid” facade, smart, kicks butt, secrets

They should meet.


First, when: Gravity Falls had something happen “thirty years ago” and if I remember correctly it’s implied that that was in 1973, so +30 years would put it in 2003. EDIT: Something happened in 1982, not 1973 (thank you, helpful anon) so GF is most likely happening in 2012. Danny Phantom aired in 2004-2007 and the official “timeline” is 1-2 unspecified years, so just put the events of season 1 in 2012, fiddle with the dates a bit because GF is set in summer vacation and DP is mostly during the school year, and you have post-My Brother’s Keeper Jazz meeting Wendy on a forum or something.

I have no idea how the actual meeting would go down. A chatroom/forum? How common were home computers back then? (Gravity Falls is tiny and isolated. Do they even have Internet? This is a legitimate question.)

But they have a lot in common and I feel that if nothing else, they’d at least have someone to commiserate with. Jazz would have someone around her age who actually likes talking to her (and not just to hit on her or cheat off her homework) and Wendy would have someone she could talk to about supernatural weirdness and how her life has gone a whole new kind of insane.

And of course neither of them would feel safe telling any kind of secrets over the phone/in chat, not to mention not trusting someone they don’t really know that well, so there would be a lot of mutual dancing-around-the-topic and I’m-sorry-but-I-really-really-can’t-explain this. It wouldn’t be all smiles and rainbows, not with these two and the lives they live.

Wendy would call up Jazz and flip out after her entire town disappeared (Reign Storm). Jazz would flip out after hearing about Robbie freaking mind-controlling Wendy (and Jazz would definitely hold a grudge even though she’s never met him, because she’s seen how that road ends; she will never trust him an inch).

Jazz complaining about how she’s clearly rusty if she can’t beat up one giant monster without getting short of breath. Wendy asking for help with creepy stalkers (and not always on her behalf). Jazz and Wendy sharing “oh crap"s over various supervillains who very few know are evil *cough*Vlad*cough* *cough*Gideon*cough* and are really well-liked and "the twins/Danny are being blackmailed help”.

Wendy complaining about getting rock dust and weird glowing stuff in her hair and it’s dried rock-hard, and Jazz sending her homemade ectoplasm remover.

And then maybe some of the others get roped in? Like Sam and season-2-not-a-total-jerk!Robbie trading gloomy poetry and CD recommendations and not bringing up their parents. Or Jazz and Mabel start talking and the topic wanders onto romance and they just collectively rant about gnomes and ghosts and “why is my romantic life a minefield” (Jazz wants to hug Mabel forever, she is the cutest little darling). Or Danny hears that Jazz’s friend Wendy knows this guy nicknamed after a constellation, and of course he gets curious and it takes about five minutes of chat to decide that the twins are awesome kids (and anyone who hurts them must suffer).

(A ha ha wow that would snowball fast, wouldn’t it?)

Just. Jazz and Wendy being bros, please.