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To the anon: do you have any human decency? seriously?? "fuck everyone i've been abused and raped multiple times fuck everyone they haven't had it as bad as me." stop being a child. if someone is going through a hard time you don't say "i've been through worse." you support them because that's what decent people do. why don't you go off anon you ungrateful shitbag. let's see what you have to say then. -from the anon who actually has something beneficial to say

This was for fucknugget 2.0 but I just saw it yay

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I actually have a personal headcanon that IkeSen has two (2) "true routes" (you know, that route where the suitor loves you no matter which route you're in). Sasuke seems to be the obvious one, but I think Mitsuhide might be the other true route, since he basically acts as your wingman regardless of what route you're in. Idk, that might not be the case, but since Sasuke and Mitsuhide are the only ones left, even in Japan, it makes me wonder.

Anon pls…

Don’t do this to me because true route theories kill me.

I’m kidding, please gush to me over these because I love them.

But I seriously agree so much with this; if they are the only ones left without routes, that immediately makes it more likely that this could be true, and they do both constantly provide assistance to the MC in all the routes I’ve seen/played so far. The way they both act with her just screams it to me, and I’ve thought for a while that Mitsuhide’s attitude, while teasing and seemingly sort of shady, genuinely feels like it’s affectionate and caring of her.

But just to divert slightly here, in case you’re interested…

Sasuke’s position in relation to the wormholes and manipulating them, and the way Mitsuhide acts so oddly throughout the whole game, I’ve got a little spin-off theory of my own very similar to yours.

If you’ve played the otome game Mystic Messenger, you might already know about this, but if not, basically:

There’s a theory called the “Reset Theory” that one of the characters is aware that the MC picks routes and plays to end up with different characters, and so each time is hoping to be the one she picks but more often than not isn’t, and is supposedly heart-broken each time she picks someone else. However, he doesn’t stop it because he knows that she’s chosen the route and will be happy with the one she picks.

And as soon as you sent me this, this immediately came to my head:

What if Sasuke has been deliberately slipping in and out of wormholes since he first did it by accident, trying to end up in the dimension where he gets picked? So, essentially, IkéSen had its own “Reset Theory” and Sasuke was the one who’s broken the fourth wall because of the wormholes and realised that there are different endings?

So, I was near tears by the time I thought of this, but then I considered it with Mitsuhide and I lost it.

Mitsuhide betrayed Nobunaga in real life and supposedly killed him, but there are so many conflicting stories of what happened and some even say that Mitsuhide didn’t actually do it, but just took responsibility or was blamed for it? And then, he was killed like 12 days after Nobunaga died?

So I thought:

What if Mitsuhide was originally from the Sengoku era like normal, but then ended up being involved with wormholes somehow and hopped between dimensions, changing his decisions each time, sometimes killing Nobunaga and sometimes not, trying to work out which decision is right?

But then the MC comes along in this dimension and changes everything:

  • She renders the assassination null.
  • She essentially prevents Mitsuhide from needing to kill him.
  • She stops the chain of events that would ultimately lead him to being killed 12 days later.
  • This would be where his route starts, with him finally able to live his life properly, where everyone lives and no one has to die.

To be honest, that’s just a Reset!AU of mine, but I seriously agree that Sasuke and Mitsuhide are the true routes of the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they loved the MC in every route and just adored her but let her choose another warlord because they know it’s for the best and it makes her happy.

Now I want to sob and I don’t know whether it’s from happiness at the glory of this ask, sadness because of the Reset!AU or feels because of the True Route Theory ;-;

Thank you so much for sending this in, though; I’m so, so glad someone’s thought of this and considered it as well! Please, if you have more headcanons or thoughts on this, send them in.

I will cry forever about this because it’s the most painfully beautiful thing ever and I adore it (and you. Like, I love you for this~)

“I’m talking about starting out as friends
I’m talking about real and not pretend
I’m talking about bros of a life time
You and I can even right the end.”


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“I belong here, Hawke.”

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Hobi: Ahh coming, coming! ~

Hobi: Ah hey Chim Chim, what’s up?

Hobi: Eh handsome guy you say? Coming my wa–

Hobi: — ?

Both: !!!!!!!!!

Hobi: !!! HOLY SHIT – hey dude I gotta go – CALL YOU BACK LATER!!!!!!! *abruptly hangs up*


Some things about Net Neutrality being threatened that I haven’t seen many comments on:

- The OOOONNLY people benefiting from this possible rollback are corporate shareholders. 

- The removal of NN would result in few if any new jobs whatsoever, so any argument that it would help the economy is null and void (btw, we’re not actually in a recession anymore, in case anyone still thought that. The US’s economy, while it has plateaued in actual growth at about 2%, it’s actually pretty high in the business cycle.)

- Limitation and partisan censorship is a major concern (I lied that one is what everyone is talking about)

- In fact it will HURT online businesses, which will damage the small business sector in general.

- And last but not least: It is going to have a majorly negative impact on the education system. I just finished highschool in May and let me tell you, even rural schools are getting more and more technology and internet dependent. Students frequently, if not regularly, are sent home with online assignments. How can students possibly be expected to finish an online homework assignment if they can’t even remotely begin to afford internet? This is already an issue in rural and poor and POC dominated areas, and should Net Neutrality be removed and access to the internet be placed back into money hungry corporate hands, it will be an even more massive and far worse problem that will only perpetuate low education levels in these areas. what if their assignment requires research on a website that their partisan provider has decided to censor? You get a zero. Especially if you’re a college student that can’t afford another $150 a month just to get ok-ish internet speeds. 

- This gives me great concern for marginalized and outcast kids. The internet has been one of the very, very few places where LGBT+ and POC children and people in general can go and feel safe and accepted and loved and celebrated for how/who they are. Imagine that that’s the ONLY place you feel safe and okay and then that gets taken away from you. Early teen suicide rates are already high enough. 

This is all just a disgusting money grab by the GOP and other politicians who are invested in cable and cellular companies. Call or message your congressional representatives to oppose. Drown them in resistance. I’ve already found several posts with links that let you do that. 

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Some fun questions for the Supergirl Comic-Con panel (mainly for the producers / writers)
  1. Why did you replace James, a kind and respectful black man, with Mon-El, a white slave-owner, as a love interest, especially after spending the entire first season building up the relationship between Kara and James?
  2. The relationship between Kara and Mon-El has shown obvious signs of abuse with Mon-El exhibiting extreme jealousy, yelling at and humiliating Kara at the DEO, undermining her constantly and attempting to guilt-trip her when she broke up with him. Why do you continue to promote this relationship as healthy and romantic?
  3. Supergirl is supposedly a feminist show centered around female empowerment, so why was Kara’s entire arc in Season 2 centered entirely around her male love interest instead, with her career, her development as a superhero and her previously highly important relationships (with Alex, James, J’onn) sidelined completely?
  4. Why did you promote episode 2x13 as Sanvers-centric when in reality the relationship between Alex and Maggie barely got 5 or 6 minutes of screentime? Why was Maggie’s traumatic coming out experience never addressed properly, let alone respected by the other characters?
  5. What was the point of turning Maggie into a cheater? Why did she receive more backlash for it in-universe than Mon-El had for being a slave-owner and lying about his past to Kara and admitting to never actually intending to come clean about his past?
  6. Season 2 has prided itself on its great work for LGBT representation, but why was Sanvers only given the bare minimum of screentime and never allowed the same amount of both casual and overt intimacy on screen as the straight couples (even the rather irrelevant Winn/Lyra pair)? 
  7. Why do you keep portraying Kara’s work as a superhero as brawn over brains, when she was shown a great number of times in Season 1 to be highly empathetic, trying to talk down her adversaries before engaging in combat?
  8. The bond between Kara and Alex has been established to be the strongest relationship on the show in Season 1, so why did you keep undermining it in Season 2, having their romantic interests replace them in each other’s lives? In what world would Alex be content to sit in yoga class while there was a bounty on her sister’s head, or let Kara’s ex-boyfriend accompany her comatose sister to an another dimension instead of her?
  9. Why are J’onn’s extensive abilities never used in investigations or in combat, having him dumbed down and sidelined instead?
  10. Lena Luthor has been very clearly shown to be a survivor of emotional abuse, going so far as to have her acknowledge it and confront Lillian about it in the Season 2 finale. She has also been shown to consistently strive to do good and distance herself from her family, and yet the producers have kept teasing that she might turn evil. Don’t you think it’s a disservice to abuse survivors to suggest that no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to overcome their past trauma? 
  11. Season 1 has shown CatCo to be massively influential in shaping the public’s opinion, and yet we have seen little to nothing of it in Season 2 and it’s supposed focus on pro and anti alien sentiments. Will CatCo and Kara’s dayjob regain its significance for the plot in Season 3?
  12. When will we start seeing more of James Olsen again? Why did he have less than a minute of screentime in the finale, never even getting to talk to his old friend Clark? Will we ever see Clark and James discussing James’s decision to take up the Guardian’s mantle?

Happy 60th Independence Day, Malaysia!

Hari Merdeka (Malaysian for ‘Independence Day’), also known as Hari Kebangsaan (National day), refers to the day when the Federation of Malaya’s independence from the British Empire was officially declared. At exactly 09:30 on 31 August 1957, the declaration was read by the first Chief Minister of Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman at the Merdeka Stadium in the presence of thousands of people including Malay Rulers, members of the federal government, and foreign dignitaries.