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Comeback - Kai Parker Smut

I smiled, looking up at the afterglow that came with a setting sun in the city.  A busker’s guitar filled the air over the sound of a bustling metropolis, a wave of accomplishment washing over me as I realized I had completed my first day at my new job.

I left everything that didn’t serve me well, including Kai. There hadn’t been a good day ever since, especially since I begged Kai to compell me to forget him because it hurt too much, which he declined. It was all over now anyway and at least I had pushed it in the back of my brain.

I had a brand new wardrobe and a fun apartment overlooking a large body of water. It was all coming out great so far and I tried not to think about Kai too deeply as to backtrack and call him as I had a few nights prior in drunkenness.

I didn’t even remember what I said to him, just that I had woken up with the taste of regret and a call log with Kai’s name on it.

I was hungry as I wandered around. I hadn’t really had a chance to look around after I arrived, what with unpacking and the crippling fear that I’d screw something up at work.

There was nothing to worry about, admittedly. I bought one rose at a stand full of beautiful flowers and tucked it into the pocket of my shirt, continuing to meander the streets.

I finally decided I’d just go back to my apartment and sleep the rest of the night. I had climbed through the flights of stairs, a wonderful smell coming from somewhere, probably in my imagination.

I opened the door, gasping at the sight. All of the cardboard boxes I hadnt unpacked were gone and instead I saw candles placed along the main room. I realized that the smell was coming from my apartment when I saw Kai sitting at my coffee table, pouring wine.

“What are you doing here?” I shut the door behind me quietly, noting the soft music coming from somewhere in the room.

“Can you sit down so I can explain?” He smiled, patting the carpeted floor underneath where he sat. I hesitated, my knees almost becoming weak.

“Get out.” I clenched my jaw, my eyes blinking involuntarily quick. Kai smiled.

“Aren’t you wondering what happened to your little roommate?” Kai said, raising his eyebrows with a smug look on his face.

“What did you do to her?” I frowned, swallowing. Kai was the most capable in the world to do terrible things.

“Nothing. I promise, I didn’t hurt her.” He smiled. “Can’t you see I’m different now? You changed me.”

“Then why are you wasting my time?” I ignored the latter of his words, trying not to show the nervousness I felt as I shifted, wiping my hands on my jeans.

“I thought you wanted me here? You really confused me with that phone call, you know.” I froze, looking away.

“Whatever.” I said frigidly. “Just get out. I don’t want you here now, that’s all that matters.” I sniffled, avoiding eye contact as I opened the door for him to leave. He seemed wounded for a moment, as if his ego had deflated for half a second.

“Wait.” He said. “I love you.” He choked out.

My eyes flickered to his, a silence cast between us, the sound of a gentle song playing in the background next to the sound of the muffled city.

“A good time to tell me that was a long time ago, Kai.” I bit the inside of my lip. Why couldn’t he love me when I hadn’t already moved away and started a new job.

“But I didn’t know that I loved you then. I know now because I missed you so much, you were everywhere but you weren’t. I tried to get you out of my head but I couldn’t.” He breathed. “I love you.”

I felt dizzy. I dropped my bag and closed the door, walking to grab a water in the kitchen. “That’s really too bad, Kai. That you just thought you could walk back in because you wanted to.” I said, blood pumping quickly in my veins.

“I needed to. Just tell me how you get over this so I can leave.” He said. “How could you forget about me?”

“I didn’t, Kai. I’ve always loved you.”

As soon as I said the last four words, my back was on the kitchen table. His hands fanned out quickly above me, removing everything from the table and smashing his mouth against mine.

My fists were in his shirt, my body aching to be touched by his hot hands. He grabbed the rose in my pocket and ripped open my shirt, buttons scattering over the linoleum floor.

Broken glass blurred my vision as he pressed kisses on my neck, pulling my bra down and adorning my breasts as he ran the rose over them.

I created friction between us, wrapping my legs around him and pushing myself against his lower body. He lifted me up as my eyes closed and stumbled into the nearest bedroom, which wasn’t mine.

He threw me on the bed, grabbing my thighs and pulling me towards him. He pulled my pants from me, his face hidden in my hair as I pulled his clothes away from him, having his perfect shirtless body all to myself.

I almost fainted as his mouth traced over my chest, my skin rising in temperature as his hands pulled my underwear away.

“I love you.” He breathed, his nose tickling me as he ran his soft wet lips up to my face, pressing an open mouthed kiss on my lips. His heart accelerated under my hand. He leaned over me, his breath shortening.

“Please.” I said in a voice not my own, coated in desperation.

“Of course.” He said softly, his fingers dipping into my ticklish spot, probably not on purpose. I bit my tongue, squirming. He pulled away and undid his belt, my head spinning as he took his jeans off.

I sat up to admire him, blushing and avoiding looking at his hard penis. “You’re so beautiful.” I ran my hands behind his back, kissing his chest as he tilted his head back.

He grabbed my arm, running his hand up to grab my wrist. I swallowed as he put my hand on his cock. I looked down at it, my heart beating fast as I involuntarily wrapped my fingers around him.

“Uh… I don’t know what to do.” I licked my lips, shifting my hand. I didn’t mean to offend him but I had little to no experience with male genitalia.

He smiled as my cheeks heated up. “You don’t have to suck it, I just noticed you were a little scared.” He took my hand off and leaned over to kiss me. “Your safe with me.” He smiled, crossing our fingers together, our palms pressed against each other.

His other hand slipped in between my thighs. The faint recall of the taste of spilled wine on his skin as I tasted the pretty skin on his neck, scraping my teeth on him as if I were the vampire. He moaned quietly as I pushed my hips against his hand.

I pushed his hair back with my hand, whisking the sweaty little curls from his forehead. I looked in his eyes as he grabbed his dick, pushing inside me.

Everything was perfectly timed and soft, warm, and wet. I ran my hands to his back, clinging onto him.

“Fuck.” I said softly. “Oh,” I gasped, falling back on my pillow as his body gave into me, rocking back and forth slowly as not to hurt me. My head hit the headboard and I winced, closing my eyes as he trusted hard. “Faster.” I coaxed him.

Kai let out as shaky breath, holding onto my thighs as he drove in me, effortlessly picking up his speed as he fucked me. His eyebrows drew together above me, watching me clutch the unfamiliar bed sheets, twisting around the singularity of our connected bodies.

He growled, pressing his tongue against his clenched teeth as he wiped his brow, fucking me against the mattress like a pro, my breaths in the stifled air.

He opened his mouth and let out a plea as I squeezed around him, my back arching off the bed, my head thrashing back as he froze in place. I let out a throaty moan, relaxing as I came with one last thrust of his body against mine, his hands relaxing their death grip as he came in me.

He collapsed beside me and I rolled over on his arm. “I’d like a few more hours of that.” I said, my voice shakier than intended. He smiled. “I’m not so innocent now, am I?”

“Don’t kid yourself, babe, you’re sweeter than a mango.” He rubbed his thumb over my back. “Me and you in the shower does sound appealing though.”

Here is actually the BIGGEST Easter Egg in The Last Jedi Trailer that no one is talking about. Those aren’t stars, those are KYBER CRYSTALS (crystals = The Whills = Rey)

The very first shot of the trailer. It seems to be depicting a night sky.


I believe this to be a red herring, and that it is actually to do something much more important.

I don’t think that’s a shot of stars. I think that’s a shot showing stones.

More specifically, kyber crystals.

Why is this significant and why do I think that this is actually what they are alluding to? 

Here is the breakdown:

Rogue one (Jedha, Guardians of the Whills, Kyber Crystals) + Skywalker lightsaber + Force Vision = Ancient Order of the Whills = Rey

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It’s okay to be confused.

This is a theory I have had for a while, and when I saw that first shot, I started to grin like crazy, because it slotted into meta so well that I became convinced that what I predict will happen, will actually happen.

I recommend to read my post for the full theory and then look back at the beginning of the TLJ trailer:

If not, I will try to make this theory explanation as short and clear as possible, but bear with me!

1. Rogue One = Introduction to The Whills, Kyber Crystals, Temples

It’s no coincidence that Rogue One introduced us to the idea of the Guardian of the Whills, Jedha and Kyber Crystals. Jedha is home to the ‘Kyber Temple’ a.k.a. Temple of the Whills, which actually tells you a lot, because it means that the Whills and Kyber Crystals are closely linked together.

The whole exploration of the force in RO has absolutely nothing to do with the Jedi but is actually tied to the Whills.

In other words, the Whills as an Order is older than the Jedi. Luke, I think, was searching for the first Jedi Temple.

But what he found on Achto wasn’t a Jedi Temple. What he found was the original Temple of the Whills. 

Why can I make this assumption?

The beginning of the trailer proves this, because, like Jedha, Achto has kyber crystals hidden underneath it’s rocky surface. Again, this is associated to the Whills, not the Jedi. RO explicitly points this out and it is completely deliberate.


There is a rumor going around that one of these books is ‘The Journal of the Whills’ and that is what Luke was searching for. I think this is actually probable.

2. Rey + Skywalker lightsaber a.k.a. Kyber Crystal Within

I  believe that the lightsaber itself is actually irrelevant. It doesn’t matter who made the lightsaber or even who used it. It is the crystal inside which is the crucial point. The crystal, which has Force energy within it, called to Rey, and the way that she reacted to it when she touched the lightsaber, is unique to her and her alone.

Nobody else, not even Anakin, Luke or Obi Wan, has had a reaction like Rey has to the lightsaber. And in fact, it’s to do with her connection to the kyber crystal, not the lightsaber.

3. Rey + Force Vision

The vision that Rey experiences involves her hearing the voice of Obi Wan Kenobi, and unlike the other voices, what he says is new and most importantly, present. This is not a voice of the past, but a voice speaking directly to Rey.

“The ability to defy oblivion can be achieved, but only for oneself. It was accomplished by a Shaman of the Whills. It is a state acquired through compassion, not greed.“

So Qui Gon Jinn informs Yoda. He explains that he learned how to become a ‘Force Ghost’, a state of eternal consciousness, from a Shaman of the Whills.

The Whills were beings who had a close connection to the Force, and it is these beings who I think might possibly be the first known Force Sensitives in the galaxy.

I think Rey’s connection to the crystal [her force vision] equals to a connection to those who are in a state of eternal consciousness, because Kyber Crystals are connected to the Whills. ‘Whills’ in the earliest draft of the original SW film, according to George Lucas, was another word for the Force.

Kyber Crystal = eternal consciousness = Whills

So…. what does this prove?

It proves that Rey herself is actually a descendant or part of the Ancient Order of the Whills.

She is clearly a Force-sensitive, but perhaps her origins are neither from the light side or dark side, but from something infinitely more ancient….. It would explain a lot about that Force Vision, for if she was a ‘Whill’, then it would explain why the kyber crystal inside Anakin’s lightsaber called out to her, in a way that it hasn’t for any other Force Sensitive in the current films.

Perhaps she has the power to unlock other Force abilities from the crystals, and this is what Luke and herself are discovering, according to the rumours about some scenes in Episode VIII.


Now, let’s look at the beginning of TLJ trailer.

We start with what we think are stars. Then the music changes as the shot transforms… from what we think are meaningless stars to…..

diamond-like stones, glinting off the screen….. surrounded by rock. They become more material and solid. I think this is deliberate.

then Rey’s hand connects to the glittering stones and we pan up to her shocked face.

This, is a visual description of her Force Back Vision in TFA.

The Kyber Crystal’s underneath the Achto Temple a.k.a. the Whills Temple, Rey connecting to it, as she did with the Skywalker crystal, and her shocked face, similar to her expression after experiencing the Force Back Vision due to her connection to the kyber crystal.

It’s clever, and if my theory is right, pretty meta.

in other words….

The Temple + Kyber Crystal + Force Back = The Whills = Rey

So hey? What do guys think? Is a load of rubbish or do you think this is a possibility? Let me know! :D

oh, and as for Kylo Ren?

im sure he ain’t happy with his cracked kyber crystal. What if he is after kyber crystals and not Luke Skywalker? He and Luke possibly found something out about the Whills and kyber crystals….

therefore he wants to get Rey because he saw her connection to the Skywalker crystal and wants to get knowledge over how to wield the kyber crystals true powers, such as force back visions? so far jedi have only managed to make lightsabers out of them, whereas Rey, a Whill?, is experiencing visions….

so far with the planning for this undercover married fic is mostly me shoving tropey situations in and maybe adding some plot

  • we have to snog a lot. for operational reasons. 
  • spooning in case the house is being watched and we have to look super married all the time
  • hosting dinner for our crime ring involved neighbours and having to gush about our fake wedding 
  • did i mention snogging for operational reasons
  • i hate u but i can’t deny ur hot as hell when you work out
  • we went on a date also for operational reasons
  • the neighbour i have to pretend to be friends with keeps making jokes about our sex life so i just blurted out that you have a massive dick and you overheard and i want to die
  • operational snogging 

plot? what plot? they’re gonna be fake married and they’re gonna love it

*mfw most people and popular Anime Reviewers are watching Eromanga Sensei and think it’s better than Tsuki ga Kirei*

you know i’m generally very open to headcanons and stuff and i don’t really set any in stone, but i have to say i am really partial to a-spec yuuri headcanons in particular, somewhat because yknow im here for that representation obvs, but mostly… i just physically cannot resist the pun value in “japan’s ace”

So my brother and I realized that you can divide just about any Jrpg protag into one of two groups which we decided to call Sora and Riku

Riku: The reserved, “cool” guy. Usually this is accomplished by the character being either quiet, brooding, an asshole or some combination of those things. Whether or not they actually are cool is irrelevant Ie wannabes count

Sora: The outgoing, happy-go-lucky. The always smiling do goer who never lets anything get them down. Makes friends super easily and may or may not be a goofball. 

I mean granted Sora and Riku aren’t the epitome of these archetypes but damn if they aren’t good examples. 

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In your discussion with @breeeliss, you said that you didn't like Mari x Nath. Would you mind expanding on that or is it something you'd rather not talk about?

I can expand on it, lol. Mostly it just stems down to the fact that I don’t like Nath. I mean, I don’t exactly have anything against him in canon, but I also don’t understand what the fandom thinks is so great about him. Like all the other characters, he represents a caricature–a stereotype of a kind of person–and I don’t see anything about him that’s extra-special. Perhaps it’s because more people can identify with him that he’s liked? I don’t know. 

But mostly I don’t like him because I don’t like that the fandom has elevated him to the status of deserving a miraculous. And it doesn’t have so much to do with the fact that his character is undeserving (his actual character is irrelevant) as it does the fact that, narratively, he is not that special and it grates on me that people keep pushing him into roles as if he just belongs there. Everyone is at liberty to do whatever they want with whatever character–that’s their business–but I get tired of seeing Nath all the time. 

Mostly because, if we do get additional heroes added to the mix, I don’t want them to be white characters.  

Chloe–an important character from the beginning who was structured to potentially get a miraculous (sorry to those who don’t like her, but it’s true)–and Adrien are enough. Alya is getting a miraculous now too (which is awesome), and hopefully Nino will in the future (I hope!). If there are any more, I don’t want them to be white characters. Maybe this seems like a small detail, but I just… get tired of seeing white characters everywhere. Especially when there are so many other potentials available for new characters. 

As far as actual character, I don’t see anything overly special about Nath. To be honest, my dislike of him stems more from fanon than canon. I don’t mind him in canon, but I get tired of him in fanon. 

That’s about all XD

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Friendly Anarchist Thought of the Day: “Victimizing the Powerful”

When I worked in restaurants I’d encounter this funny management trick. See, we workers would ask for better pay and maybe a 30-minute lunch break occasionally. I know, I know–we were being pretty selfish.

You know what the boss would say, though? They wouldn’t say ‘no.’ Ever. Instead, they’d talk about how bad the business was doing, or how their daughter had a debilitating illness, or their husband just left them.

Usually, these stories were true. And we’d feel bad for them, and feel bad for asking, and then walk away. We’d forget that they were our boss–they were people, with problems, sorrows, pain–just like us. We’d actually feel really shitty, like we were greedy for asking for all that stuff.

Thing is, they were also our boss. They had something we didn’t: control over our time, our wages, our livelihood. Their personal lives were actually irrelevant to the matter at hand, but we’d forget this. We’d forget they made more money than us, that their profit was tied to our 'productivity,’ and that they had the power to hire and fire us at will.

Worse, those of us who stuck with our demands then looked like assholes to our co-workers who bought into the emotional manipulation.

It’s a brilliant trick, one you can see happening right now with Patheos Pagan. But this same tactic functions on a much larger scale–it’s what makes Black Lives Matters protestors look like they’re being selfish by shutting down a highway, or antifascists look like violent thugs when they shut down fascist speeches.

The way around this is to remember who’s getting more money, who’s holding more authority, and who’s hoping to profit off your emotions. The manager who argues on behalf of the bosses is getting paid by them, the owner who bemoans their finances is the one who’s getting all the money. The fascist speaker is the one who’s trying to hold power over others, the cops who kill innocent Black kids are the ones with the authority.

Don’t worry if it feels like you’re victimizing the powerful when you stand up to them.

It’s just an act.

Random theories

- There is something off about Mona. I’ve seen someone say that she is actually someone else in disguise?

- That got me thinking… what if Mona was the one who died that night, and Bethany has been pretending to be her ever since (HUGE stretch, but you never know).

- Still suspicious about Kathryn Daly, but looks like next week might be her last episode, so maybe she actually IS irrelevant.

- Also, it’s convenient that Jenna was wearing the exact dress Mona picked out of all Hanna’s dresses. I think this is another clue pointing to Mona. That, and Mona just happened to pick the one dress Hanna had problems with? Mona is definitely working with AD.

- Jenna’s a liar, obviously.