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Hey, first I want to say that I am a huge fan and love your work. I was thinking the other day, and I just wanted to clarify - demons can have multiple warlock children, correct? Also, in that sort of situation, would the warlocks born from the same parent have similar/the same warlock marks? (This likely has absolutely no relevance to the story, but it was something that made me curious). Thank you! <3

Yes, demons can have more than one warlock child. They won’t all have the same mark, though they will often have similar ones. This is actually something explored a bit in The Lost Book of the White, as Magnus may reveal knowledge of a sibling or two ;)

Cuddling with the Voyager crew would involve:

Kathryn Janeway: is a secret cuddle monster. You’ll never know until she starts the cuddling; mostly after a tiring day. A fair amount of touching and cute forehead kisses and playing with hair or fingers. There will be reading and tea/coffee involved and it’s just a generally really relaxing time for both of you

Chakotay: also a good cuddler, but a lot less fluffy about it. It’s mostly just laying up against him and enjoying his warmth (Chakotay totally combs his fingers through your hair). But there are times where he’ll be the cuddlee. He highkey loves it when he can just lay in your arms and think about nothing for a while

Tuvok: as a Vulcan, I don’t think there will be a lot of actual cuddling. Maybe Vulcan cuddles?? which involve just sitting close to one another. Reading a book and talking about your day. But Tuvok wouldn’t stop you if you held his hand or something; he knows how humans like tactile contact

B’Elanna Torres: is a secret romantic and as much as she tries to hide it; she likes cuddling. Full-on bear hugs on the bed and intertwining your legs and generally getting as close as possible is her taste in cuddles. Depending on the day, she may or may not talk. But don’t expect to get up any time soon, or B’Elanna will drag you back down

Tom Paris: very much a cuddle monster. When you come through the door, he knows to just open up his arms and just accept what’s going to happen. Is almost always the cuddler; holding you close in his arms and being reluctant to let you go. Definitely talks during cuddle sessions about nothing in particular

Harry Kim: he is the Shy Cuddler. Probably won’t initiate cuddles and waits for you to start them. But once it starts, he definitely gets into it. Cute kisses anywhere he can reach. Likes to run his hands down your arms or back. Is just really into touches, in general. And he is definitely the cuddlee a lot. Finds it very relaxing to be able to just lay his head on your chest and listen to your heart beat

The Doctor: is really cliche about cuddling. Since he has no quarters, it’s done on the Holodeck, where he makes a program with a roaring fire and cheesy music and just things you would find in a bad romance movie. But in a weird way, it’s nice. He can be a good cuddle partner; puts his arm around you and just lets you cuddle the way you want to. He’ll like any position, as long as you like it

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Dear Aunt Tanya, I know you've mentioned that uncle mark scored his hot wife with his stellar dance moves, but have you ever shared how you two love birds actually met?

It was college! I was a freshman and Mark was the hot bad boy two years older than me with a leather jacket and a motorcycle. He stood outside of one of my classes so he could nod at me everyday for three weeks before he finally got the courage to ask if he could carry my books for me. I broke up with my boyfriend the next day and Mark and I have been together ever since. 

Xoxo Aunt Tanya

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There's a good number of SU books coming out this year and I'm excited!

I don’t know anything about the books … but it makes me so happy to hear about all this new SU merch coming out!

Like ‘The Answer’ book was a big hit, and now we’re getting ‘Save The Light’!

I’d actually love to know more about the comics and other books coming out! Feel free to tell me all about ‘em!!

One of my favourite dramas set in the 17th century is actually a series for children called The Children of the New Forest. It’s based on a Victorian children’s book written by a High Anglican Tory so some of it is kind of….Victorian in its values (at least the book is) but it is the cutest and it’s probably what first exposed me to 17th century Britain so I hold it in high esteem.

Anyway, it’s basically about a group of rich children whose country house is destroyed by Parliamentarian forces (it’s set during the ECW) and they have to go into hiding in the New Forest, because there’s a price on their family’s heads. They’re “adopted” by the poor forester who secretly harbours royalist sympathies so he looks after them but he’s also strict in that he expects them to live like him so as not to raise suspicion about who they really are. They go through all sorts of mishaps and troubles (even rescuing and adopting an imprisoned Spanish Rromani boy called Pablo, who makes them food from hedgehog). In the end, they end up paving the way for Charles II to leave England after the Battle of Worcester and he personally thanks them. It’s very cheesy and sweet but it’s a children’s adventure story first and foremost.

At one point, the children decide to come up with new names to suit their new identities. The youngest child, Edith Beverley says she wants to call herself “Henrietta Maria, after the Queen!” She’s told no, that’s a silly undercover name. So she says something like “I hate you all! Why can’t I be Henrietta Maria? If we’d gone with Prince Rupert, he’d have let me be Henrietta Maria!”

ajsjaosjajso aj ME!!!

hey will you look at that it’s time for another reread update! for winter’s heart this time! you know I expected this reread to take a lot longer, at this rate I’m going to be finished by june

  • no seriously I love tuon I am actually so happy she’s arrived, a Problematic Fave for sure
  • I was right, I did really like this book. a lot of good shit: the bonding scene, the cleansing of saidin, mat and tuon’s first and second and third meetings
  • knowing who she is makes anathirage about ten times as creepy, I love it
  • I remember being really annoyed by the political bits with elayne, but I actually find them much more interesting this time. probably a product of finding political manuevering much more interesting this time, even if Jordan isn’t as good at it as some others.
  • I love min. she didn’t do anything in particular to make me say that, but I love her.
  • random thing that I also love: the relationship between rand and nynaeve. like, they have this weird trust between them that’s pretty unusual for rand at this point and it makes me Feel Things
  • the amount of times Jordan goes out of his way to call narishma “pretty” is very delightful to me
  • FORSAKEN WATCH! so the ones still alive at this point are: moghedien, moridin, balthamel’gar, cyndanefear, demandred, graendal, and semirhage. am I forgetting anyone?
  • I’m thinking about the rate of Forsaken death and it’s like…Eye of the World: Belthamel & Aginor, The Great Hunt: none, The Dragon Reborn: Be’lal & Ishamael, The Shadow Rising: none, The Fires of Heaven: Lanfear (sort of), Asmodean, and Rahvin (RECORD FORSAKEN DROPPED), Lord of Chaos: none, Crown of Swords: Sammael, The Path of Daggers: none, Winter’s Heart: Osan’gar aka Aginor, take two.
  • six Forsaken left, which means we really need to pick up this “average of one every other book” pace.
  • aaaand we find out that taim is playing his own game and actually trying to kill rand. I still have to finish out the series but I have Thoughts about how taim could have had a much more interesting arc than just being Full Dark, but I’ll get around to that at some point. maybe. 
  • oh yeah also rand freaking out in the cells under far madding, a+  👌 👌
  • and now onto crossroads of twilight, aka that book where everyone keeps freaking out about what the fuck rand just did. 

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Is it possible that we don't preserve all of Shakespeare's work nowadays? What if he wrote more plays than the ones we know of?

He actually did. 

We know for a fact that there are missing plays because there are records of the plays having been published or performed. A guy called Francis Meres published a book called Palladis Tamia in 1598 which includes a list of the plays Shakespeare had written up to that point, the list contains a reference to a certain Love’s Labours Won, which is mentioned again in a book register belonging to the stationer Christopher Hunt in 1603. Some scholars suggest this is a sequel to Love’s Labours Lost, others think it might be the alternative title of an existing play. The RSC went with this second suggestion and performed Much Ado About Nothing under the title of Love’s Labours Won in 2014 as a companion play to Love’s Labour’s Lost.

The other lost play called Cardenio, performed by the King’s Men in 1613 (from surviving performance records). A record that claims its authors were Shakespeare and Fletcher survives in a Stationer’s Register from 1653. Of course, this can’t necessarily be trusted because of Shakespeare’s name-value and the lateness of the entry, but the idea that it was written by Fletcher and Shakespeare coheres with the other known performance date and details we have of the play. It’s been speculated that this play would have been about the lover Cardenio from Cervante’s Don Quixote, the first part of which was published in translation in England in 1612. There’s a play by Lewis Theobald called Double Falsehood that claims to be a version of Cardenio, supposedly based on manuscripts of the play. It’s completely possible that this is indeed true, and that Theobald re-wrote the play just like other Shakespeare plays were re-written in the restoration, but if it is true, then the manuscripts he based his version off has been lost. Many scholars recognise the claim behind Theobald’s work, and the Arden Shakespeare published Double Falsehood as part of their collection of Shakespeare’s works. More recently, Gary Taylor has written a version od Cardenio which attempts to imaginatively reconstruct what Shakespeare’s Cardenio would have been like. It’s being premiered in the UK right now.

In other lost plays, there’s also some speculation about the earlier Hamlet, generally referred to as Ur-Hamlet, which almost certainly existed and which some scholars attribute to Shakespeare. The more popular theory is that it was written by Thomas Kyd. 

Although it’s possible that there are others, it’s actually quite unlikely that there are plays we don’t know about that have been lost because early modern print culture was fast-paced, extremely consumerist and therefore full of records. Once Shakespeare’s name started to sell, lots of dodgy printers slapped his name on anything vaguely plausible to try and sell it. This suggests that if there was anything out there he’d actually written, it would have been published, legally or illegally, and if not published, at least entered on a register that would have worked to give a printer copyright over the work. So even if the copies didn’t survive, there would be some reference to it somewhere, just as there is for Love’s Labours Won and Cardenio.


It rains. I probably failed this math test but you know what? i’m happy! you know why? Because i went to buy my mom’s bday present today, saw two ladies searching for their next reads and i went to meet them holding a copy of All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr, being kike “if i may, this book was awesome,  i loved i t you should definitely read it!” and after talking with them, the woman and her friend actually bought it! reason number 1 why i feel happy at the moment! Then i actually bought the present for my mom and the cashier told me  that it was cheaper than it was told on the DVD! i spared money! reason number 2! But then i went to the bookstore…. and bought a new book XD I knew i shouldn’t have ask for this book rec to the librarian :))) So yeah i’m coming home with The Son by Philipp Meyer and i hope i’ll like it! REsaon number 3! Buying a book always makes me happy and some math and rain clouds won’! t change it ! byeeeeeeee

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After looking through many studyblr/langblr tags and blogs; I felt inspired to create my own! As someone who is interested in extending my knowledge, I thought why not join the community and grow with others who have similar interests! So here we go~

About Me:

  • My name is Tamia.
  • I’m 17 years old.
  • Currently in the 12th grade. 
  • I self study Korean.
  • I love to volunteer!
  • I’m obsessed with Strawberry smoothies (not that you guys care lol.)
  • I actually enjoy AP Classes….😅I have taken AP English and I’m currently taking APUSH!

Blog Content:

I hope to post as much content as possible… with a variety of course! There will be language book reviews, giveaways, stationery hauls, updates on my language progress, tips, and all that good stuff!! 

My Inspiration/Fave Blogs :

@elkstudies @studylustre @lycheestudy @emmastudies @focusign @studypetals @bookmrk @strive-for-da-best @coffeeteastudies @ling-n-lang

And that concludes my introduction. I hope to make new friends as well so if you are a studyblr/langblr feel free to reblog or like so I can follow you back!

Things I've had to put up with since booking my trip...

“Omg your mom is letting you go by yourself?” 

 Ok, first of all, I’m 27. 

Second of all, I’m going to civilization, not the remote jungles of Vietnam (a friend of mine went hiking through them and said they’re quite lovely actually).

Third of all, I’m 27.

 "Wow, I can’t believe your boyfriend is letting you go” 

 Ok, first of all, he don’t own me. 

Second of all, I was apparently a “cool” gf cuz I had no issue with him going to vegas with the boys last month, but he’s a “bad” bf for not making a fuss about my trip.

 Third of all, he don’t own me.

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I'm sorry if this comes across as rude, but what would you consider to be some legit, actually objective cursed child flaws?

Not rude at all. :)

I’m not going to claim the following are objective flaws, because they’re my personal thoughts. But these are some things that don’t work perfectly for me in the play. Just to be clear, while these things bug me, the things I love about the play completely overwhelm them. There are things in the books that feel imperfect to me too, and I still adore them. Nothing is 100% perfect.

1) I need more information on how the Voldemort world came to be. How is Snape still alive? Why didn’t Voldemort kill him? The path of the Elder wand must have been completely different. How was it different? Did Harry end up Master of the Elder Wand? If he didn’t, Voldemort’s Cruciatus Curse would have worked and Harry would have screamed and given away the fact he was alive. There are just a whole ton of questions. And I’ve always thought that some day I’ll go all the way back to Cedric’s humiliation and try and work out how it could have happened, but I wish I didn’t have to. I wish it was clearer and that we had more information.

2) I wish there was more friend interaction between Harry and Ron. I wanted to feel Ron’s presence in Harry’s life in a more powerful way.

3) Teddy’s existence should have been acknowledged. He’s a big part of the Potter’s lives, even if he wasn’t relevant to the CC plot.

4) Harry is a veteran Auror. There’s no way Draco would beat him in a duel. (Unless Harry went really easy on him, which I actually think is the case. Just wish that was clearer.)

5) The bit where Harry crawls under a pew when Delphi takes his wand doesn’t work for me. I’m not sure what else Harry could have done, but I don’t see him pointlessly hiding like that.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. 

Booked a flat viewing for us next week, I’m kinda excited but also concerned!! they are really gorgeous modern affordable flats but the catch is they’re really small, studio flat type deals, and since me and Ryan both love our own space, I can’t really be sure if it’d work until I see it. Personally I’d prefer a place with actual bedrooms but our budget is limited. But it seems like a good option if we could get one. I can’t afford a deposit until mid April anyway so fingers crossed if we do like them they don’t all go super quick! Also not sure if they’d need proof of employment, since I am now nearly unemployed 😂 if it came to it I could ask SB to stay on the payroll as some income but not work again until after uni. I haven’t heard back from that job yesterday and they said theyd call today if I got it so we’ll see.

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Name: Katarina 

Nicknames: Kat | Kati | Katta | Kattie
Zodiac Sign: Libra 

Height: 5'5
Orientation: I don’t really know xD all I know is that I’m not straight
Ethnicity: White

Favorite Fruit: cherries | apples | strawberries… actually, I like all the fruits
Favorite Season: Autum 
Favorite Book: Panem | Bartimaeus | do mangas count?
Favorite Flowers: all flowers are pretty. as long I’m not allergic to them lol
Favorite Scent: rain | mowed grass | fruity perfume
Favorite Color: blue!!

Favorite Animal: ALL THE ANIMALS
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Tea
Average Sleep Hours: 7, when I need to get up early around 4 or 5
Cat or Dog Person: I would love to have both ;_; I love them all
Favorite Fictional Character: *cries* don’t make me choose ;_;
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: autum & spring 3, winter around 4 or 5, summer 1
Ideal Trip: mhm, acutally i wanna visit every country. but if I need to choose… I wanna visit Britain, Japan, Russia and France

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name: Hermione
nicknames: Mione, Mia
zodiac sign: caoricorn
height: 5′2″
orientation: hetrosexual but support all orientations
ethnicity: greek french and spanish but my family leaves in uk(edinburgh) for 4 generations
favourite fruit: strawberries
favourite season: love all seasons for different reason so hard to choose(for example everytime it’s spring I say this is my favourite season the same for the other 3. 
favourite book: don’t make me choose?:))) Same:)))
favourite flower: sunflowers and daisies:)) They always make me happier:))
favourite scent: freshly baked pies and old books
favourite colour: yellow and purple
favourite animal: dogs and cats 
coffee , tea , or hot cocoa: hot  cocoa
average sleep hours:7
cat or dog person: both( I actually have 2 dogs and 1 cat)
favourite fictional character: hermione granger with elizabeth bennet,jo march and lucy pevensie as close seconds also when it comes to men definitely the doctor, endeavour morse, poirot and hastings:))
number of blankets you sleep with: 2 
dream trip: i want to literally go everywhere I had already started!!!
blog created: in August
number of followers: 90

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Hey, this is a question for whenever you feel like it and have the time, but I'm curious what you think of each of the Heap's canon SO and why or why not you ship them?

this is gonna be me gushing a lot, but also kinda salty so be warned

Simon: Lucy. I love Lucy!!! She’s one of my faves. She’s so… atypical for a character in a book series, especially as one of the main “star crossed lovers”. She’s loving, strong, persistent, steadfast, strong-willed. But she’s also loud, nosy, overweight, stubborn, in-your-face, angry, and, most importantly to me, ugly. Lucy is not typically beautiful or soft or feminine, but she’s still the main love interest!! And even though she’s not typically feminine, she still likes things like pretty ribbons and silky cloaks and cute boys, which are traditionally feminine. She’s allowed to be complex, and have this strong dichotomy with both her personality and her role in the story. And!! She grows!! In my reread something I noticed and really appreciate is the arc that Lucy goes through. It’s easy to see how she saves Simon, but she matures so much on her journey. She comes to appreciate what she has, but also trying to do better for herself. She learns to (somewhat) keep a cap on her temper when she needs to, she becomes kinder to strangers, she tries really, really hard to be a good person. And it’s so good!! She makes friends, weathers hardships, lives on her own, helps pull herself and Simon up by their bootstraps. G O D  I love her so much!! And her and Simon together??? Incredible!! She is so important in his arc, and y’all know how much I love him. They’re both so… weird. They’re kind of outcasts, they have their issues, and they never once falter on their love for each other!! Never once does Lucy think of abandoning Simon despite everything. Never once does Simon see Lucy as anything other than an angel. When he thought she left him, he wasn’t even angry with her!! He was angry with himself for not being better for her!! I love crying about them!! And like, with Lucy being kind of ugly, this becomes so much more important!! When Lucy comes out in her god-awful wedding dress, everyone’s like “oh wow, that’s kind of ugly.” But Simon!! Thinks she looks incredible and loves it because she made it herself!! Could your OTP ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam: Marwick. G o d  I love Wolf Boy. I love him!! I always knew I liked him but my love for him has skyrocketed during my reread!! He’s… so incredible, and I’m a little mentally tired after that Lucy analysis so I won’t go into why I love him so much right now (maybe another time if y’all wanna know). And Samwick!! OK, so I only have 2 problems with Samwick, and neither makes me not ship them. The first is the whole thing about Keepers not getting married, which I wanna do a separate post about sometime soon, so I’ll leave it there. The second is the age gap. But, like Septyrah, it??? Doesn’t seem to really exist in the world??? Like, Sam is 7 years older than Marwick, but I’m pretty sure canon ages mean Absolutely Nothing to Angie Sage. And they’re both adults in Sandrider, so I’m cool with it, but I still think it’s kind of odd. Angie, why are you like this. B U T!!! They’re so cute!! Talk about a #battlecouple. They’re so nature-y and wild and intense, and they travel the world together?? Talk about #goals. Sam almost dying is like, my favorite part of Sandrider!! And the way Marwick is so sweet and trying to be calm and helpful?? 10/10

Edd: no canon S/O. (I ship him with Moira Mole for no real in-text reason, but as they both have like, no canon personalities or S/Os I’m allowed to!!)

Erik: no canon S/O. OK, so I headcanon Erik as a HUGE flirt who dates/hooks up with a lot of girls. BUT!! I also headcanon that when he meets the girl who will eventually be his wife, he’s stunned!! He’s still a smooth charmer, but he loves this girl like a little puppy, and he’s so intent on taking it seriously. He knows after like, 2 weeks that he wants to marry her, but they date for a while and he’s so happy!! He has no trouble transitioning from player to ready-to-wed. At first he has a bit of trouble not flirting with everyone on instinct before he realizes His Girlfriend also does that and they laugh and use flirting to get what they want, and never ever once worry about the other not being faithful. Then they have like 6 kids (first 2 are a set of twin girls). And it’s good!!

JoJo: Marissa. S i g h. I… have so many mixed feelings about Marissa and Jorissa. On the one hand, it’s so interesting, because they’re so fucked up. But also…?? Their canon state makes me so M A D!! I’m sure I’ve ranted about it somewhere if you look in the “Starchaser,” “JoJo Heap,” or “Marissa Lane” tags. So I can like, vibe with it I guess, but I would have to do a lot of work before I was okay with them canonly ending up together. Like, a multi-chapter Jorissa fic is something I eventually wanna do, working on how I want to make them work. But I love JoJo and Marissa does NOT treat him well!! So… IDK. It’s real complicated.

Nicko: Snorri. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The original childhood OTP, my dudes. I was so sad (and angry) in Fyre when Snorri left and they broke up. Like, nooooo!!!! My heart was broken!! So when they got back together pre-Pathfinder, I nearly lost my mind. They’re both adventurous, a little snarky boat people!! And Snorri jumped into the past for him and his fam?? And he stayed in the past with her just so she wouldn’t be lost alone!! And the way they’re both changed after the House of Foryx. They went through so much together!! I love them!! And I love Snorri!! She’s really cute. The scene where she meets Jenna and Wolf Boy, and she just keeps laughing about the ever-growing number of Heap brothers?? She’s so deadset on establishing herself as her own person, but it’s not until she goes on her own journey that she realizes she was still just following in her father’s footsteps. And she does get her own journey, and also learns to appreciate her mom!! And she can see ghosts?????? I love her!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna: Beetle. Sheesh, okay, this is where it gets a little messy, but until Sage puts in writing that these two broke up and makes S/e//p/J//e/n// canon, I won’t accept it!! Even then I won’t, but still. A N Y W A Y, Beetle is such a great character. I did a bit of an analysis on his inferiority complex compared to Sep here, but besides that he’s?? Such a huge loser nerd and I love him. He loves so completely, he strives to do what’s right, he’s so genuinely interested in things!! And his crush on Jenna is one of the cutest parts of the series, 10/10. And how do I even describe Jeetle. Two cinnamon rolls who love to have fun and help people fall in love and proceed to spread joy and love and sometimes salt throughout the kingdom. They’d fight anyone for the other. I love them.

Septimus: no canon S/O. OK, so Starchaser kinda implies that he and Driffa are gonna date, but even Angie has said no way that’s gonna last lmao. #Let SepDateSyrah2k17.

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Hey Emmy^_^ I haven't watched the last episode but I have seen all the gifs, text posts and I read your review and I feel like Naruto is incomplete. I mean the episode was nice and all but I feel like it can't end there😅 But it's actually OVER!! I'll probably get emotional when I get time lol. Like Thursdays with no Naruto😢

Hey…. =)

(I’m sorry, I just feel a little sad now that Naruto’s over :O)

But yeah, it IS incomplete!! We need chapter 700!!! And I would’ve loved to see Naruto’s and Hinata’s wedding!!

And thursdays without any Naruto is….just….

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