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sometimes I would like to point out to certain segments on this site that “death of the author” does not mean “nothing in the text matters, ignore the text entirely and do what you want” but rather means “the text stands on its own and authorial intent does not define the meaning of that text”

like, look, ignoring canon when it doesn’t suit you is fine, lord knows I do it, but that is not what this particular theoretical framework means

it’s hilarious to me that aphobes think they get to determine what counts as #ace positivity and what is actually #ace discourse. apparently our positivity needs to be limited to how aphobes perceive and describe us, otherwise we are participating in the discourse and opening ourselves up to their criticism and general attacks. 

like, no buddy, if i tag something #ace discourse it’s ace discourse and you can have at it. 

if I tag it #ace positivity that’s what it is: you do not define who we are and what we need to survive so fuck right off.

‘It’s okay to be monogamous’ is honestly the most annoying sentiment, it’s like saying 'it’s okay to be a woman and wear high heels and change your name when you get married!’ Like obviously people can and should do whatever the fuck they want in their own personal lives without others using political praxis to guilt trip them, but can we not let positivity for that impede actual important criticism of harmful and toxic societal structures?

so you know the lines from Bilbo’s traveling song: 

Eyes that fire and sword have seen/And horror in the halls of stone/Look at last on meadows green/And trees and hills they long have known.

and now I’m thinking about Tolkien and World War I and coming home from it where almost all his friends died and now I’m emotional

so much of Tolkien’s ethos of war is this and the idea that he simply “glorifies war” is so frustrating to me because it’s like…no, where Tolkien’s heart is isn’t in the battles, it’s in the coming home, trees and hills they long have known.

wow suddenly I’m super emotional about this whoops

Dear CW,

I watch your shows, The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, regularly. In each series there has been many instances when the actions of the characters Damon and Chuck have been questionable, but in the recent episodes of each series they have clearly crossed a line.

Both of these characters have strayed into dangerous territory regarding their love interests, Elena and Blair. There is precedent in each show (particularly in Damon’s case) of mistreatment in relation to women, but this seems to have delineated into outright abuse.

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Friendly reminder not to throw even biodegradable waste, such as apple cores, out of your car windows, because this waste will attract rodents, which in turn attracts owls and hawks. These birds may swoop across the road to attack their prey and be struck by cars in the process.

Whether or not you can actually spot the problematic aspects of this fandom or not, you shouldn’t be the one shutting down discussions of it without actually engaging with other people about why they feel the way they do when they criticize the stereotypical and often racist lens people use when sometimes producing media for Stormpilot. So please, just take a few moments to question the things you’ve seen across the various platform where our fandom exists and the discourse surrounding that instead of simply saying “Since I haven’t seen it that must mean nothing is wrong.” This excuse is tired and I think if this is what you think when people point out the problematic behavior from the entirety of this fandom then you should engage more with the people calling it out in the first place.

Sadie’s Song

I just saw a post saying that Steven dressing up at the end of “Sadie’s Song” was just for humor. But like, OMG. 

-Steven wears a skirt and crop top and makeup to help a friend and not to make a joke out of beachapalooza or himself. 

-We don’t see anything that even implies its supposed to be humorous. We don’t see the audience laughing at him like we did when Jamie did his Miming.

-Lastly, all we see is Steven having fun on stage. He’s not embarrassed, or laughing at himself. He’s on stage, owning it, and rocking out having a great time.

This whole episode was about staying true to yourself and to not worry about conforming to what others want for you. I’m not saying Steven would rather wear skirts and makeup all the time, but my gosh, if a boy wants to wear makeup and skirts and crop tops then he can. Stop trying to diminish it as a joke; it could actually be really important.