actually i'm talking about all my otps

Tumblr is actually not my thing. But i’m glad ppl here (even a little amount) still love my art and support me and my otp canfran. I really appriciated it. Like seriously really… not like everyone thought but canfran have really less supporter (and i’m not talking about fanmade lolo) BUT i still love them as hell, and if not bc of them i wouldnt be an artist.


and we viet actually have our main new year which is the lunar new year lol

Wish you guys all the lucks!

frostcollie-deactivated20140514  asked:

After reading your 'about' page, you should definitely talk about your Numair and Daine feels. I'm very keen.

oh hello someone actually read that bit. That’s new.

Yes. My Daine and Numair feels. They are plentiful. Being my otp to end all otps and all that jazz. Also really powerful scary cuties who don’t understand that the things they do are KIND OF TERRIFYING. yes. Or being somewhat aware of it, but are happy to have a similarly terrifying loved one who understands how it feels to be uber powerful and the consequences along side it and all that shit. And 


oh no I had a thought. About when they go public about their relationship and someone (not any of their friends of course) tries to get all up in arms and Daine is a impressionable child

And Daine just going up to this person and very calmly going ‘I have torn apart an empire, just saved this entire universe from a chaos deity, and have spoken to more gods than you will ever meet in your life. If you suggest I am a child again you will be sleeping on porcupines for the foreseeable future, do you understand?’

And Numair just sits back like both scared and proud simultaneously.

(That was off topic but I had the thought and it came out - I had space to vent and it happened)

Anyways. Yes. Tell me your feelings, too. 

AU where TJ Hammond is the reincarnation of Bucky Barnes, but TJ doesn’t realize it until after his suicide attempt and he’s having all these “dreams” that are actually memories and glimpses into Bucky’s life.


Do you know what I love most about fanfiction?

I get to see my OTP fall in love over and over and over again. Whether they’re the new neighbor across the hall or at a best friend’s wedding or high school seniors about to leave for college, or even taking a different spin on the actual canon storyline, I get to read my OTP fall for each other all over again.

Yes. That’s definitely what I love most about fanfiction.

Otp: Swim With Me

Otp: The Smartest Shinobi

Otp: Tsundere Idiots (lol)

Otp: The King of Clan

Otp: Light and Dark

Otp: Just be Canon Already

Ahhh there’s so many otp actually but I can’t thinking at all