actually i'm still on hiatus

[!!] semi-hiatus from 19th June

Hi everyone! As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ll be starting life as a working adult (sob) from tomorrow (19th of June) onwards! My hours are 9.30am - 6pm on weekdays and 8.30am - 1pm on Saturday, not including times where I’ll be busy doing projects TT 

Meanwhile, a queue will be on almost every day so you can still expect content on my blog! Take care and thank you for understanding.

i  mean  i’m  going  to  decide  whenever  i  can  get  around  doing  the  rewatch  of  tvd  s3  but…  it’s  a  possibility  that  i  make  that  one  the  main  verse.  idk.  depends.  i’m  just  slightly  conflicted  bc  she’s  really  happy  right  now.

solarborne  asked:

“ I can not stand by while innocent lives are lost! “ // also hello welcome to the tt rp fandom 👀👌🏻

wonder woman starters. | accepting. | @solarborne

“i’m not saying that you have to, starfire.” he frowns, scanning a map of the affected area, well aware of the urgency of the situation. “but entering the fray and just blasting isn’t going to do anyone any favours.” he taps a spot on the map and nods to himself, grabbing a couple of spare birdarangs off the table and tucking them into his belt.

turning to face her, he places a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “i’ve got a plan to save everyone that we can. trust me.



soooo let me get this straight

for obvious reasons i haven’t been on here much, but basically i collect there’s been shitloads of drama and handwringing and ideas of possible terrible situations and etc and etc (some of which i saw on the occasions i checked in) but now we have actual spoilers from the premiere and a lot of articles/interviews and lo and behold, it confirms that, you know, the entire core concepts of the show have not miraculously changed over the summer and it’s not like a&e are suddenly writing a completely different story

  • captain swan is important and swoon worthy and has a lot of great moments and is a big part of the first half of the season, killian is the leading man, killian and henry do a lot of things, they have a lot of initiative, they will stop at nothing
  • emma doesn’t magically become an awful person overnight, is fighting the darkness, story is about her
  • outlaw queen is happily together and green green is not causing a love triangle, is still the worst
  • regina is a hero and snarky but is dedicated to helping emma because she knows she owes it to her; regina and emma are friends; emma also knows that regina is the only one who would be ok with killing her if need be because they do have that past as antagonists
  • emma and merida interact and parallel and etc
  • literally everything that myself and other sensible people in the fandom have been saying all summer
  • so if you’re ever worried and wondering if you need to suddenly start thinking that the crazies on any side of the fandom are right with their demented version of reality and predictions for the show, consider this:
  • no