actually i'm not a fan of pc

xkalisto  asked:

Have you seen the new mess explosion about Avril Lavigne's Hello Kitty video? People are getting rage attacks watching it (misinformed as ever *sigh*). Cause how dare she release a thing dedicated to her enormous Japanese (actual real Japanese) fanbase. I'm not even a fan but srsly friggin PC police makes me cringe those US-centric morons should stop complaining how everything is racism and appropriashun read a thing or two about concept of Public Diplomacy.

I had to really facepalm at everyone being angry about the video being appropriation! or even offensively racist! cause the production, director, choreography and overall stylization were done by a friggin Japanese team. *cries tears of frustration and facepalms through hand*

Oh, we’re getting it alright. I looked up some stuff about it, too - in any of the videos that are related to how it was made, you can basically see ALL OF THE TEAM is Japanese. I mean, granted, it was a little…immature-ish, for someone who’s almost 30 years old to be doing a song about KAWAII AND HELLO KITTY but I thought it was catchy and kind of funny. There were a few times I was second-handedly embarrassed but only because that stuff makes me feel silly, haha!!! 

I thought it was done well, though. I mean, SHE isn’t appropriating anything. She’s not dressed like everyone else - she’s saying things “white girls say” all the time: kawaii, hello kitty, etc. If liking Hello Kitty is cultural appropriation now, I don’t know what’s next.