actually i'm jealous


I hate seeing fanart with like love and romantic and cuddly scenarios it makes me feel so damn inadequate but at the same time I love seeing them bc they’re warm

  • someone : *does anything*
  • jungkook : *does it better without trying*
Yoonjin Idea #9

We work in the same company and your desk is beside mine but I keep catching you giving looks to my buddy who sits across from you. Look, I don’t care if you are in a secret relationship with my pal, that he conveniently did not tell me about but can you please tone down the flirtatious looks? It’s affecting my mood at work. 

“I don’t give Namjoon flirtatious looks.”

“You so do. I’m not asking you to stop. Just… less of it.”

“Well, why don’t you stop looking at us in a dirty way and mind your own business?”

“How can I do that when you’re literally beside me? And that you’re potentially fucking my buddy who did not even let me know. Fuck you Namjoon.”

“What did I do now Hyung?” 

“You keep flirting with him at work and it’s affecting me.”

“What? Jin? I don’t flirt with him. Gross.” 

“That’s offensive Joonie.”


“Yeah well, it’s weird if he calls me Kim right? I mean since he’s a Kim too…” 

“You Don’t hear me calling Jungkook Kookie or some cheesy shit now do you?”

“That’s only because you lack the ability to display affection publicly, Min.”


“Hyung… are you just… jealous?” 


“That’s why it upsets you right? Because Jin calls me Joonie and he calls you Min?” 

“Why the fuck would you think that you dumb destructive-ass cyclops?”

“Is that what this is about? Is that why Joonie and I affect you?”

“NO! What the- There’s something going on with you two and I know there is. I just don’t know what it is. That’s why it’s bothering me!”

“So… you’re just nosey.”

“Shut the fuck up Namjoon. Just because we’re friends doesn’t mean I won’t hesitate to punch you.”

“I think you should hesitate since Jimin from HR has been staring at us this whole time, Min.”

“Fuck you two and your openly flirtatious looks. All I wanted was a seatmate that does not throw seductive looks at my good friend. How difficult is that!”

“For the last time Hyung, Jin does not throw seductive looks at me. And once again, gross.” 

“Joonie, don’t make me expose what happened to your mum’s precious vase to her at dinner tonight.”

“Holy shit. You guys are still denying there’s something going on when he’s going to dinner at your mum’s and has the dirt on you.”

“Yeah, we do have ‘something on’.”

“HAH! I KNEW IT! FINALLY. Now you come clean! This conversation could have been over 5 minutes ago if you guys had just admitted it!”

“That ‘something on’ is called kinship Min.”

“Jin and I are cousins, that’s why I don’t call him Hyung…wait, you didn’t know?” 

“What the-”

“Oh and for the record, you constantly staring at me in the office is affecting my work too… Yoongi-chi”

“What even. What the heck just happened.”

“Oh wow. Jin just called you Yoongi-chi.”


“Because Hyung is a jealous little man who can only display the envy you had of me, who was getting affection from my cousin, by raging at us.”

“Fuck You Namjoon. I ain’t jealous!”

“Sure Yoongi-chi, whatever you say.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Awhile ago you encouraged me to pursue my love of space even though I wasn't great at math or science. I just found out I will be interning at NASA this summer in the comm. department! Just wanted to thank you for your words of encouragement ❤😊

woah no way! That’s freakin amazing, I’m so happy for you anon! And frankly extraordinarily jealous, that’s so impressive! Good luck with it, I’m so happy I could be an encouragement to you ^-^!