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Misguided Texts Part 2 // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Part One

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Oral (Male on Female), Overstimulation, Multiple Orgasms, Fingering, Public Sexish, and Swearing.

Word Count: 3,311

Song: Earned it by The Weeknd 

A/N: After the overwhelming amount of requests, here you have it y’all! I hope you guys like this, it’s very explicit and detailed much like part one. Also, thank you to @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading this. 

PSA: Here’s the black widow scene playing out in case you’re confused.

Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since the hotel room incident and Dylan hasn’t done a single thing about it. My phone has never received another text from him nor did he ever talk about it with me again. The topic was completely avoided when we were together, but I certainly didn’t miss the other signs he was giving me. What with the knowing glances, the winks, the smirks, the lingering touches on my arm that aren’t necessary, the way he stares at my lips whenever I talk to him as he licks his own. I knew exactly what he was doing…

Dylan was fucking teasing me. And the worst part? It’s actually working.

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House of Cards | one


genre: angst, fluff

word count: 12.3k 

preview, one, two

I looked at the teacher yet again, still not being able to completely focus on his words. Not because I didn’t want to or because I thought that his class was boring. I loved his class, it was actually my favorite. I couldn’t understand what he was saying because the people out front, the popular kids, were being too loud for whatever reason.

I rolled my eyes at them and tried my best to block them out. I had done the same thing many times before so it shouldn’t be a problem to do it once more. But when I finally managed to do it I wished that I had stayed oblivious for the rest of the class.

“Yoona, you’re paired with Jungkook”

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SWF 11

“Sailing with Fire”

Rated M for smut.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the mage life and embarks on a two week cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can, all the while dealing with uncharted feelings.

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Sand sifted through Lucy’s toes with each step as she walked alongside Natsu. It was early in the morning and the two decided to walk along the beach before the ship departed from Caelum Island and back to Hargeon. Since they walked for a while along the shore and it was still early morning, there was nobody else around them.

With their hands interlocked and pleasant smiles plastered on their faces, the two walked in a content silence and admired their surroundings. The water sparkled under the sun and gently lolled onto the shore, occasionally enough to wash over their feet. The leaves of the palm trees swayed lightly in the cool breeze.

Lucy, who was adorned in a lilac sundress, glanced towards her partner, her cheeks growing pink. Natsu had always been attractive in her eyes, but it was moments like these that she had really noticed. His smile was contagious and his eyes were so dark and alluring. His pink hair laid over his forehead rather than spiking up due to the humidity in the air.

“Hey, Natsu?” Lucy called out.

“Yeah?” the boy replied, glancing back at her.

With curiosity shining in her brown orbs, she asked the one question she had been dying to know. “When did you fall in love with me?”

Natsu flushed from the look she was giving him; her eyes were questioning, her golden hair was framing her face, and she focused all of her attention on him. Rubbing the back of his head with his unoccupied hand, the boy averted his gaze.

“That’s a tough question…” he answered.

“Try,” Lucy insisted.

Knowing he wasn’t going to be able to get out of sounding cheesy, Natsu answered honestly. “I guess I always had a thing for ya from the start. I just didn’t know it.”

The girl’s brows shot up. “Really?”

“Yeah. You were really nice to me when we first met. And weird. I mean, what normal person buys a whole meal for someone who accidentally saved them?”

“I think anyone would do that! And that doesn’t make me weird!”

Natsu smirked and playfully nudged her. “Whatever you say, weirdo. Anyways, I didn’t know I had feelings for you until you turned down a date to go on a job with me and Happy.”

“I remember that day! I never knew that you developed feelings for me since then!”

“Yeah. I thought it was just a little crush back then. I didn’t think it would actually go anywhere until we were on Tenrou Island and that pudgy guy almost killed you. You said that it was more fun when we’re together and that made me realize that it went way further than some crush.”

Lucy’s gave a face-splitting smile, her cheeks rosy and her eyes shining with glee. His words warmed her to the core and she was glad she managed to wrangle out that piece of information from him.

“What about you?” Natsu asked, bringing her from her happy thoughts.

Lucy’s moment of happiness stalled as she frowned and answered, “Truthfully, I didn’t know I loved you until the other day.”

“Seriously?” Natsu asked with an arched brow. “What tipped you off?”

“Loly, actually. That night she was bugging us to kiss. I knew that I didn’t want you to be with her but I didn’t know why. So I kissed you in hopes of getting her to back off. Well, when I kissed you, it was like I had an epiphany.”

Lucy kept her eyes glued to the sand. Her face was warm with heat and she could feel her hands growing sweaty. Admittedly, she felt bad that Natsu had known his feelings for so long and had to suppress them while she just found out.

Natsu only grinned, however, and gave her hand a squeeze. “That’s awesome! Guess we’ll have to thank Loly, huh?”

Lucy giggled, quickly forgetting her worries. They walked in another peaceful silence. Memories resurfaced in the blonde’s mind and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“I can’t believe it took me so long to figure out,” Lucy said through laughs. “I even got dressed up once thinking that you were going to confess to me.”

“Wait, what?” Natsu asked in shock.

“Mira told me that you and I would look cute together and that she thought you liked me. Everyone was speculating that you liked someone that one time you needed Virgo’s help digging something up so I just assumed it was me. Then you said you needed to ask me something and it really seemed like you were going to confess!”

Natsu gave a hearty laugh, wiping tears from his eyes. “No way! I can’t believe you thought I was going to confess!”

“I know, I know. So then I was thinking of ways to gently turn you down-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You were going to reject me!?”

Lucy chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of her head apologetically. “Only because we were partners and I didn’t want to ruin what we had! Besides, I didn’t know that I was in love with you or anything!”

“Sheesh! Could’ve at least went with an open mind!” Natsu teased.

“Oh hush! I dressed up cute and everything! I even had Cancer do my hair! And yet somebody didn’t even notice and instead told me they wanted my spirit’s help instead of confessing like I expected!”

“Wait a second… Is that why you slapped me!?”


“But you were going to say no anyways!”

“Well I might not have if you actually confessed!”

The two glared at each other for a few moments before bursting into a fit of laughter. So their way of getting together was no fairy tale and probably could’ve been done months ago. It didn’t matter now. Besides, they had grown incredibly closer over the past months anyways. Things were fine the way they were.

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could i have a scenario of rfa plus saeran and v reaction when they mention rika, mc tells them their name also happens to be rika (my full name is Henrika lol my family and friends call me Rika)? and can you also add how chat conversation would go? would they call mc by rika or full name or would they give mc a different nickname? how would they feel about it? thanks a lot

Okay but Henrika is such a nice name I love it? Your name is beautiful and I”m jealous. I don’t really know how I’d do a specific chat (it isn’t really in my writing style so I’m not sure if I could do a good job lmao), I’m sorry! ^^;
Also spoiler warning for this, for pretty much every route and the secret endings!

And unrelated note I finally got a new laptop and it’s a Macbook and I’m so hap py with this omg I can actually do writing stuff again


  • He’s actually really cool with it
  • I mean he calls you “babe” more than anything else so it probably wouldn’t come up a hell of a lot
  • Honestly he would call you whatever you want sweetie ;)
  • He thinks it’s a cool coincidence though?
  • And Rika had faith in his abilities, even when he wasn’t very well known, and it was probably one of the first times this really happened for him
  • So maybe the name is more of a blessing for him than anything else?


  • oH no
  • no no no no no no no no no no
  • Nobody in the fandom let’s go of his Rika obsession
  • Well guess who won’t now 
  • Seriously, there’s consideration into if he has issues with his cousin (especially if he goes into the stage of comparing you to Rika still)
  • Because the first person he ever gets attached to has quite a few similarities to Rika in his eyes
  • But all in all your name won’t really get in the way of anything? He’ll just have to use a nickname for you


  • Nope ^^
  • He had feelings for Rika before, and when he finally opens up his heart to someone else
  • It’s another person called Rika?
  • well k then
  • After a little bit though he finds he doesn’t really mind
  • I mean he may opt to give you a different nickname at first but it’s just a name at the end of the day


  • She’s never really shown to be close to Rika, in either a positive or negative way
  • And actually finds it amusing that the same position is being filled by another person called Rika?
  • She wouldn’t really make a big deal out of it though
  • To her, it’s just something that ended up happening and she’s chill about it
  • Both the nickname and your real name are fine with her, so whichever you’d prefer to hear, that’s what she’ll call you ^^


  • He honestly thinks it’s hilarious that this coincidence has come up
  • “Maybe it’s not a coincidence lolol”
  • Talk of Rika coming back to haunt them is pretty much being spammed into the chat for a while or until someone slaps him for it
  • But honestly? She opened up this life for him, so you having the name Rika wouldn’t bother him at all
  • until the secret ending stuff goes down :))))))))))))
  • Then he may be a little awkward with it


  • He’s really conflicted about this
  • I mean Rika was his Saviour but she also really fucked his life over
  • Something about the name just puts a funny taste in his mouth 
  • It’s nothing against you though! He may even go to calling Rika a different name instead
  • he’s pretty much used to calling her Saviour anyway, why not call her “evil bitch monster of death” or smth it doesn’t really matter to him-
  • He’s probably going to try working around using your nickname for a while though, so be prepared for that and he is actually sorry about it


  • For a while, the name will bring up some memories
  • And at first, he was worried that he’d get a weird feeling if he used your nickname
  • But really? it ended up bringing up good things as well
  • Sure, the memories of his past lover may still be painful, but she is a past lover and his present is with you
  • There were negative and positive feelings coming up with it
  • But he’s not letting the negative side of it get in the way of anything between you
Balancing Writing & College

Anonymous asked: “I had an idea to a novel 6 months ago and I started writing it immediately. I started writing during my spring semester at college but I came across a problem. Every time I sit down to focus on homework I end up continuing writing the story. I ended up getting inspiration and a great need to write at odd hours when I should be sleeping so I can get up for class. How can one manage college and a story? I don’t know what to do to manage it but my life is kind of being controlled by the story.”

To be honest, you’re probably asking the wrong person. 

During undergrad, I was always very methodical about schoolwork and writing. I didn’t write until my schoolwork for the day was done. I tended to start early - it actually baffles me now, but I used to start homework at 7 am. I’m not creative that early in the morning, but I could read and take notes and memorize Ancient Greek vocabulary - whatever I needed to do. I would decide in advance what homework I would be doing that day and plan it out for the week. That way I wasn’t working all day and then, I’d leave time for writing- usually in the early evening. I didn’t have a full-time job. I was away from family. I had time and the ability to focus. I was lucky.

When I am entirely unhelpful, I like to open up this question to my followers who are so knowledgable and helpful. How do you try to balance writing and college?

Secrets in Time // Chapter 1

Characters: Kuro, Mahiru, Lily, Hyde, Licht
Ship: KuroMahi, LawLicht
Summary: Mahiru refuse to accept that his friend killed himself and goes to the Alicein Household to find the truth. He didn’t know what to expect from the residences or who to trust. But, with Kuro, they discover secrets hidden in the mansion. {Suspense AU}

Ch. 1 // Ch. 2 //

“Help! Someone help me!” Kuro followed the voice and was shocked to find a man hanging from the wall. At first, Kuro could only stare up at him in disbelief. He didn’t recognize the man so he knew he didn’t work for Alicein family. Kuro was employed to the family as a guard and often patrol around the gate surrounding the mansion.

But the man clinging to the wall was different from the other thieves he seen throughout his employment. Kuro sarcastically called up to the man. “Hey, do you know that you’re trespassing?”

“Oh, thank God!” Mahiru looked down and saw a man standing beneath him. It was raining heavily and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold onto the edge of the wall. He rushed to explain his situation.

“I’m not trespassing but I can understand why you thought that. My name’s Mahiru Shirota and I’m here for the appraiser position. I have an interview at five but the gatekeeper wouldn’t let me in. I didn’t want to be late so I tried to climb over the wall. I saw tree branches reaching over the wall so I thought there was a tree on the other side that I could use to climb down. Thinking simply, this should’ve worked.”

“What’s simple about that plan?” Kuro sighed to himself. The tree was too far for Mahiru to reach and the branches near the wall were too thin to support a man’s weight. “Just wait there and I’ll get a ladder to help you down. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Where do you think I’ll go?” Mahiru snapped back at him and Kuro chuckled to himself. “Please be quick! I don’t know how much long I can hang on.”

No sooner did he finished the sentence, did the rain became more powerful and the water loosened his grip on the wall. Mahiru desperately tried to catch onto something to save himself but his hand slipped and he fell. Kuro rushed to save him and reached out his arms to catch him. He fell into Kuro’s arms and his weight sent them both crashing to the ground.

They were both in shock so it took them a moment to recover from the fall. Mahiru opened his eyes hesitantly and he found himself sprawled across the man. With a flurry of apologies, Mahiru climbed off the man. He could feel heat creep up his cheeks but the man didn’t reveal any emotion on his face. “I’m sorry! But thank you for saving me.”

“Can’t deal. Hugh’s going to yell at me for getting dirty.” Kuro sighed and looked down at the mud coating his pants. “But are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I probably look worst than I feel.” He gave him a reassuring smile and took the hand Kuro held out to him. Mahiru was certain that he looked like a wet dog because of the rain and wind. He took out a napkin from his pocket and held it out to Kuro. “You have some mud on your face. Let me get it for you.”

He didn’t wait for Kuro’s reply before he wiped the dirt from Kuro’s cheek. Mahiru had to stand on his toes to do so because Kuro was slightly taller than him. Kuro was surprised with the small gesture and stepped back. “You don’t need to do that. I’ll just go back to my room to clean up. Don’t you have an interview to go to?”

Mahiru looked at his watch and was relieved when he saw the time. “I still have some time. Hopefully, I can clean up a little bit to make myself presentable. I really need this job.”

“Unless you have a fairy godmother to clean you up, I don’t think there’s much you can do about this.” His hair was soaked and Kuro gently brushed away Mahiru’s hair from his eyes. He only meant it as a casual gesture but caught himself when his eyes locked with Mahiru’s.

“I’ll get one of the maids to get you a towel. Lily’s in charge of things like hiring people so I’ll tell him what happened. He’s a good guy so he’ll understand.” Kuro took his hand back quickly. He walked towards the entrance of the mansion and gestured for Mahiru to follow him.

“Thank you, Kuro!” Mahiru bowed to him quickly before following him. They walked side by side and Kuro watched him carefully. Kuro decided to trust Mahiru because his story was too outlandish to be a lie and Lily told him that he had an interview today but he still had to be cautious. The Alicein were a powerful family and others had tried to rob them in the past.

Kuro walked into the mansion and nodded to DoDo, silently telling him that Mahiru could be trusted. “He’s here for an interview with Lily but he got caught in the rain. Can you get him a towel and something to change into? I’m going to my room to change so just wait in that room, Mahiru.”

“Kuro, look at this meiping vase! This pattern is reminiscent of the Song dynasty.” Mahiru looked over his shoulder to Kuro, his eyes bright with fascination. Kuro remembered Mahiru mentioning that he was applying for a position as an appraiser. “It’s beautiful but it’s a shame that it’s not authentic. There are small hairs on the etching so this was probably made by a machine.”

“You have a good eye.” Mahiru jumped slightly when a voice spoke next to him. The tall man that stood next to him now appeared so quietly that it shocked Mahiru. But he gave Mahiru a kind smile. “My name’s Lily. We spoke over the phone and I’m glad you’re interested in the job. I know it’s rather short notice.”

“It’s no trouble at all. I’m just excited for the opportunity to be able appraise the Alicein’s legendary heirlooms.” Mahiru beamed. The Alicein family had many heirlooms that they were planning to donate to a museum and they wanted someone to appraise them before they were sent to a museum. But Mahiru wasn’t interest in the job or the heirlooms.

Mahiru only wanted to know the truth about what happened to his friend, Licht. Earlier that week, his friend took a job with the Alicein family as a pianist. From their conversations, he thought that Licht was happy so it was a complete shock when he was told that Licht had died. According to the police, Licht had jumped off a cliff located near the Alicein’s mansion.

But anyone who knew Licht would know that he would never kill himself. Mahiru tried many times to convince the police to reopen the case but refused to do so no matter how many times he asked them. He knew that if he wanted to find the truth, he would have to look for it himself. When he saw the job posting, Mahiru knew it was his opportunity.

Someone in this mansion killed his friend and Mahiru was determined to discover who.

“You want me to watch over him?” Kuro narrowed his eyes at Lily’s request.

“Yes. It’s just a safety precaution to prevent the heirlooms from being stolen. Mahiru seems like a very trustworthy and genuine person but it doesn’t hurt to be safe. You’ll be pardon from your duties as a guard and all you have to do is stay by Mahiru’s side. It’s an easy job, Kuro. Please do this for me, Kuro! There’s no one I trust more than you.”

“Fine.” Kuro sighed. Lily was his brother and worked with the Alicein family much longer than he had. The Alicein were like a second family to Lily and Kuro knew how important they were to him. So, Kuro couldn’t refuse his brother.

“Thank you, Kuro!” Lily hugged his brother. “He’ll be staying in your room to make the job easier for you.”

“Troublesome, I’m already regretting my decision.” Almost all of the employees lived in the Alicein’s mansion and had their own rooms. Most had no where to go and the Alicein provided them a home. “Can’t he just have a room next to mine or something? Sharing a room isn’t going to make my job easier.”

“I already had one of the maids move another bed into the room and Mahiru is already his things in so there’s no room for argument. Maybe you’ll actually become close with him.” Lily suggested.

“I doubt it.” Kuro had difficulty allowing himself to become close with people and could be distant so Lily hoped that interacting with people would help him. “That guy tried to climb a wall in a storm. Only a crazy person would do something like that. I wouldn’t do that no matter how much this job is paying.”

“Keep an open mind, Kuro. This should be an easy job for you. Just make sure that he doesn’t steal or damage anything. If he does anything strange, please tell the master.”

“Whatever,” Kuro sighed. “I’ll keep an eye on him.”

After they finished, Kuro walked back to his room. More specifically, he dragged his feet to his room. He liked his privacy and didn’t appreciate having to share his room with a stranger.  Kuro hoped that Mahiru would keep to himself while they were staying together. But his hopes were dashed when he opened the door to his room.

Kuro barely recognized his room. His room was now clean and organized. The curtains were drawn and light flooded his room. In the center of his room was Mahiru, sweeping. His hair was dry now and he had changed into fresh clothes.

Mahiru looked up when he heard the door open. He couldn’t stop himself from throwing a glare at Kuro. At first, he was grateful that his roommate was Kuro because he seemed to be a kind and dependable person. But seeing his mess of a room, Mahiru questioned his judgement.

“Lily told me you got the job.” Kuro said awkwardly and walked past him to his bed. “Congrats.”

“Thanks, but I want to talk to you. We’re going to be roommates so let’s set some ground rules. You may be comfortable living in a mess but I’m not. I cleaned our room for you this time but I won’t do it next time. I’m an appraiser, not a maid. You’re a grown man so you can clean up after yourself. You even left the TV on! You’re a guest in this house so it’s not polite to waste electricity like that.”

Mahiru chastised but he didn’t know if Kuro was listening to him since he only laid in his bed. “Can’t deal.”

“Look Kuro, we’re going to be roommates so we should get along.” Mahiru said and Kuro finally turned to face him. While Mahiru was angry when he saw the mess that was Kuro’s room, he didn’t want to antagonize the man. He wanted to have a few allies he could turn to when he was looking for Licht’s killer.

“Fine,” Kuro thought that it would be easier to give into Mahiru to argue with him. So, he held out his hand to Mahiru and he shook it with a smile.

The storm knocking on a window woke Licht but his vision was still blurry when he opened his eyes. The bed he was in was warm but felt foreign to him so Licht pushed himself into a sitting position. He looked around the small room and winced when he tried to remember how he came to the room. Whenever he tried to recall a memory, his head felt like it was splitting in two.

“You’re finally up!” Licht realized that there was someone else in the room. The blond man had been sleeping on the desk when he heard Licht wake. He looked relieve but Licht didn’t recognize him and narrowed his eyes. The man saw his expression and held up his hands in surrender. “Now, is that any way to treat the man that saved you?”

“Saved me?” Licht repeated but he couldn’t focus on a memory when his head was still spinning.

“You just woke up so everything must be a little fuzzy. You’re just lucky that I was exploring the caves at the base of the cliff. I was shocked to see an angel falling from the sky and I swam out to save you. If you want to thank me, my name’s Hyde.”

The man still looked confused and Hyde thought back to the night he saw Licht fall off the cliff. He had been when he heard a struggle from the top of the cliff. But when he ran out of the cave, the only thing he saw was Licht falling. He was already injured before he fell into the water and Hyde could only imagine what happened on that cliff.

But someone wanted the man dead so Hyde hesitated to take him to the hospital. He decided to take him home and treated his wounds. Licht developed a fever and Hyde was glad that he was awake now. But the man looked slightly lost as he stared down at his hands. “I fell? I don’t remember anything…”

“I told you, everything’s probably a little fuzzy but it’ll clear up in no time.” Hyde patted his shoulder. “I’ll get you something to eat and an aspirin. You willing to give me your name in trade?”

“… It’s Licht.”

“That’s a nice name.” Hyde started to stand but stopped when Licht grabbed his arm.

“My name’s Licht but that’s all I remember.” His eyes looked genuinely lost and panicked. “I don’t remember falling off a cliff or anything else. Who am I?”

I have this reputation of starting a lot AU but not finishing them XD But this idea in my head came to me. Who doesn’t like a good old mystery?

Got7 Reaction: Styling/Playing with their gf's or daughters hair

Request:Request for got7 playing with their girlfriends hair or trying to style their daughters hair 😊😊

A/N:  Sorry this took so long! I did one and one, one is gf and the next is daughter, I hope that’s okay

None of these gifs are mine, full credit to the owners


He was twirling your daughters curls with his fingers while she was asleep  when he looked up at you from across the room. You were half-expecting him to say something sweet but then you remembered he’s Jackson

“We all know where she got this gorgeous hair from” 

Originally posted by gotsxvn


He started off with playing with your hair softly eventually he tried to style it which didn’t turn out as good as he’d hoped. You looked at yourself in the mirror then back at him making the both of you burst into laughter at how your hair was sticking out in odd angles

“If it’s any consolation i think you look great” 

Originally posted by yituans


He had successfully braided your daughters hair and was about ready to leave her room when your daughter called out to him sweetly if she could do his hair now. Of course he agreed and she ran out of the room excitedly and came back with all kinds of colorful clips. Jb smiled nervously at you while you laughed at his reaction.

“Okay let’s do this” 

Originally posted by jaebeom-s


You asked him to do your hair just for fun and he purposely did a terrible job just to make fun of you. You accused him and he got up in a huff and pretended to be angry with you while making his way out the door.



When your daughter asked him to do her hair he would legitimately try and learn how to style it and maybe even ask you for help if he had no idea what he was doing. Pretty soon he was doing a better job than you were.

“Okay i think i get it now” 

Originally posted by markjin


He was trying to style your hair up and was actually doing a really good job. After he was done you started taking a million selfies with him and teased him about your hair looking better than his. He started play fighting with you and it ended with the both of you laughing and him “apologizing”

“Whatever, we all now who has the best hair in this relationship, keep lying to yourself Y/N”

Originally posted by busanplayboy


You could see the concentration he had while trying to style your daughters hair but it just wouldn’t come out right. He eventually just gave up and started brushing it out and playing with it but then took a different approach altogether 

“Well i have no idea what i’m doing but hey let’s all learn how to dab instead! I’ll start…” 

~Admin S 

hide’s Mom’s Interview (preview)

Part of the update on May 2nd~

What kind of part time jobs did he do?

He did a lot of part time jobs.  He set up displays in department stores, or set up venues for fashion shows, and it seems like he did some other kind of work that I didn’t know about.  “Today I did some work in Chiba Prefecture” he would say.  Actually, I didn’t give that child any money. Although he had asked me, “do you ave any money?”


As for my mother, she would give him some money.  I knew about that.  But the amount she gave to Hideto and Hiroshi were different! Hiroshi was the kind of child that spent whatever he had on anything, but as for Hideto, for example, if he had a record he wanted, he would go to buy it, but if it wasn’t there, he would come back home without buying anything else. He had a strong sense of purpose. As for Hiroshi, he would come home buying something in place of what he couldn’t find (laugh). That’s why Hiroshi would say “if I ask grandma, she will just give me a small change.. if it’s my big brother she’ll give him a fortune, it’s so unjust..”

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What has the unhinged bint done now to upset everyone, what have i missed? Is it because im in the uk i never know what's going on? Do i need to move? I always think Ds life would have so much happier and simpler if they had picked someone like charlene for the job, well whatever it is because calling it a job would mean she actually has to do some kind of work

Von beardy was licking A’s new gals ear. (Yes that’s a girl) Chuckles face is hysterical. Then Amelia has her arm tossed around daisy like “see we good”. Though in the next clip from buttcheek model, Amelia isn’t in that chair anymore.

Not sure it warrants all the hoopla though. I mean if you are upset now, what you going to do when the next wave of pictures come out.

It’s about being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I mean she spent the day with Jamin while buttcheek was showing off babes and babs.

reblogmonstah  asked:

Okay, so I am writing fics for your AU, and I have one question. After seeing Otabek's outfit, I was wondering if Dawn and Dusk could travel to the realms of Day and Night freely. Cuz I know it would be difficult for the Kings. Thank you! :)

yes yes they can!! ;) ;) ;)

well actually it wouldn’t be too hard for the kings to travel to different realms too, as long as they do their jobs (and that is to command the sun/moon to rise and set) then they can do pretty much whatever they want. they just never had the reason to??? until…… you know………….. now 

Steve Rogers and the 22 Push-up Challenge

Because of the video and gif sets of you know who doing pushups.  Totally un-edited and rapidly written.    What’s a super hero to do when he needs to do 22 pushup videos in 22 days?  Call in The Fixer.  Darcy Lewis.  Pairings: Darcy/Steve, background Bucky/Nat, Jane/Thor and Helen/Sam

Steve Rogers and the 22 Push-Up Challenge

“Do you understand what you’ve done?”

Natasha’s question was warranted.  Steve had just done a video on his official twitter of 22 pushups  He’d have to post another video a day of him doing 22 pushups.  And he’d made the foolish mistake of challenging two friends to do the same.  

Sam Wilson.

And Thor.

Motherfucking Thor.

Natasha’s phone dinged with an alert and she held it up without even looking at it and Sam’s response video began to play.

He was in a sleeveless muscle shirt and despite the fact that the weather had suddenly turned cool and autumnal, he was sweating far more than seemed normal.  Almost like he had been sprayed down with something before he hit record.  He heard feminine giggling in the background of the video and knew that Helen was in the background.  

“Take that Cap!  Here’s my challenge to you and Big Thunder.  Whoever gets the most likes and retweets on these videos is the Pushup King and gets to pick the other’s Halloween costumes.  Boom.  I just did that.  WILSON OUT.

“Shit,” Steve huffed out in annoyance.

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Originally posted by captainprincesskk

Prompt:  I was wondering if you could do a story where reader is just a lunch lady and there’s a food fight she is left cleaning it up herself but Kirk walks by and sees what’s going on so he stops to help and then they hang out and fall in love and stuff. Merci!
Word Count: 945
Author’s Note: Part 1!

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What Grimmjow did to pass the time in Hueco Mundo before Urahara showed up

As requested by anon. :)

So far as we know, Grimmjow is now working for Urahara. Assuming that was his arm / torso, as has not yet been confirmed (still). But anyway, even if Grimmjow is working for Urahara, he still had a period of unemployment between his two shinigami bosses. So what did he do with all of that free time? Here are some ideas!

1. Tried to figure out what the hell happened

Imagine being Grimmjow. You have a nice fight with Ichigo, then you lose consciousness, and when you wake up, everybody is dead. And the people who went to the world of the living never come back. Grimmjow must have spent a while just wandering around thinking, “Where the hell is everyone?”

Grimmjow: Well, I’ve been sitting here for 45 minutes.

Grimmjow: I don’t think the regularly schedule espada meeting is happening.


Grimmjow: I may be out of a job.

2. Smashed through walls. Just because.

With all of those empty palaces and Grimmjow’s penchant for not using doors, I like to think he had some fun just smashing walls. Especially in Ulquiorra’s palace.


Grimmjow: This was more fun when the bat was still alive.

3. Sat on Aizen’s throne

It was strangely satisfying.

Grimmjow [Aizen voice]: “Ulquiorra, why don’t you tear out your own eye and feed me some eye sparkles.”

Grimmjow [Aizen voice]: “Mmmmm….those are some fucking good eye sparkles.”

Grimmjow: Aizen was such an asshole.

4. Broke Aizen’s throne

Or at least tried to. Turns out that the throne is a lot stronger than the palace walls.

Grimmjow: This is a fuckin’ hard throne!

Grimmjow: Aizen’s ass must be rock solid.


Grimmjow: Dammit, now that image is in my head forever.

5. Practiced the speech he would make when he next saw Ichigo

Because I don’t think there’s any doubt in Grimmjow’s mind that a rematch is inevitable.

Grimmjow: Maybe I’ll say, “Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you saw the last of me!”

Grimmjow: No, that’s dumb.

Grimmjow: Maybe I’ll just punch him in the face.

Grimmjow: That works on any occasion.

6. Vocal exercises

You know, because Grimmjow has yowling powers. Presumably you have to practice that.

Grimmjow: [yowling]

[boot strikes Grimmjow in head]



Grimmjow: What

7. Hunted other hollows

Mostly just to keep his hand in. And because Grimmjow was started to get really bored.

Grimmjow: Maaaaan, once you’ve fought a shinigmi-hollow-human hybrid, all the other sport just seems lame.

8. Cat naps

Curled up on the warm (?) sand of Hueco Mundo. Or possibly in a cardboard box, if he could find one.

Grimmjow: If I could find one?

Grimmjow: Please!

Grimmjow: A cat can always find one.

9. Tried to get a job with Halibel

This is when he knew the boredom had become truly serious.

Grimmjow: Look, I need something to do.

Grimmjow: So if you need a minion for world domination or whatever, I can help. Just give me somebody cool to fight!

Halibel: Actually, this is going to be a peaceful monarchy.


Grimmjow: Are you for real?

10. Hunted Quincy for sport

Presumably that’s why he cut the Quilge in half. I mean, why else would he rescue Urahara and the gang? Unless…

Grimmjow: Hey, woman. I thought I saw you.

Grimmjow: Do you know what happened to everybody? All of the espada but me ‘n’ Halibel seem to be dead.

Orihime: Oh! Well…Kurosaki-kun sort of killed a lot of them, and the soul reapers took care of the rest.

Grimmjow: That’s what I figured. So…….is Ichigo around? Not that I care.

Orihime: He literally just left!


Urhara: Um….could we maybe move the sword away from my neck *before* we have this conversation?

Midnight Texts

Originally based on: AU: Someone gave me a fake number and it’s actually yours.

A/N: So, this was a cute little prompt that I really liked, and I promised there would only be three short parts, so I hope you guys like the last installment! :)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: some gore (hunting a vampire’s nest), swearing, character death.

Danger (Part I)

Don’t Talk to Strangers (Part II)

Redial (Ending)

Begging, Praying, and Wishing (Epilogue)

Your name: submit What is this?


The TV flashed with images in different shades of black, white, and grey, with a shaky audio really giving away the age of the movie. The characters weren’t all that unique, at least not for a movie in that time; the scenery looked cheap, and the guns were clearly so fake that it looked as if a toddler had put them together. The main female character was in love with an old man, although she was trying to make herself believe that she wasn’t. And when they would share their first kiss, which was surely bound to happen, she would probably tilt her head back and let the man wrap his arms around her, holding her up.

At first, you had been rather interested in it, happily eating the Chinese take-out you’d gotten minutes before the movie started. But then your break had been over, and so the romance film was put on the back of your mind, the arguments and monologues about love becoming nothing more than a background noise. The food was cold now, and papers laid sprawled all over the motel bed that had been clean and empty just half an hour ago.

“I swear I’m so close to cracking this down. It’s like one of those eggs you break in the middle but it’s just a little line and you can’t pull it apart,” you said, frustration tinting your words.

“Take another break, sweetheart. You’re stressing yourself out too much,” Dean said softly, his voice coming from the phone resting inches away from you.

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Prince Harry: A Year In Review

*I don’t think this one is as funny as my essay so don’t get mad at me for not being clever.  Sorry I put it together really quick.  I’ll be funnier next time, I promise.

To commemorate our favorite British ginger love muffin cupcake cutie cute (apologies to Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint but…I don’t see their castles anywhere, amiright?) turning the big 3-0, let’s take a look back at how he spent 29.

*These are my personal faves, which, believe me, were very hard to pick and choose from, since pretty much every time he leaves his front door I freak out.  Feel free to add your own :)  

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maawi replied to your post: “Job interview went well. Load of people there. Some group and…”:

Fro what you’re saying, you did great *HUGS*


So much fun but so much panic. Literally.

Also I seemed to awe the woman who asked the standard question of: “if you were stuck on an island on your own, what three things would you have with you if you were on your own?” because my response was basically: “sat phone, knife, twine” and she asked “how would you power the sat phone though?”

“Ionised water in a coconut that’s connected to the phone and replenished because salt water ocean and” basically I rambled about how certain plants can actually carry a current as well wire and that if you could manage it you had a change of recharging or jerry-rigging the sat phone to a renewable energy source.

Literally never seen someone look at me with so much awed amazement in their eyes. 

And yes, I recognise I’m a nerd. Already had my mam tell me that lmao

I mean, I didn’t tell her that building a kiln and mining some metal/using pieces of whatever you landed on the island in could also enable you to make the world’s cheapest and crappiest solar panel because I doubt she would have believed me but hey, island on your own for long time, you’re have the time to actually do that tbh xD



You’re not gonna BELIEVE what I have in store for you!! I’ve been wanting to make a commissions post for a while, and between school and job hunting, I haven't had the time! But it’s come down to this. Like all artists, I need money to survive, and I would love to help you guys out with whatever art related needs you might have! There are few things I will not draw, but I’ll let you know of them if it becomes a problem.

I do animate! Click there for my youtube channel. I can probably only do very short small .gif’s for cheap, but actual animation projects will take much longer and cost much more! 

Are you worried about getting your art in a timely fashion? No problem! I start every piece in the order I get it, and am constantly available for pokes, and you can even ask me for progress shots! I won’t stop until you get what you paid me for, and I’ll be completely honest with you through the process.

Send me an email at with information if you’re interested! If you would prefer to talk over skype, my skype is jj-dono! Please reblog if you can, I really do need the money and exposure. 

Thank you so much! 

Chapter 32: part 2

“Say I love you daddy,” I said. Putting the call on speaker, holding it up to Elle’s mouth. She and I had been in my bed most of the evening watching Disney movies.

Elle looked at the phone carelessly, turning her attention back to princess and the frog.

“What is she doing?” Chris asked.

I sighed, “watching tv.”

Chris kissed his teeth, “Kels, I know that you are doing the best you can, in such circumstances, but I think she is watching entirely to much television.”

I bit my tongue, something that I’d perfected, since I started at RocNation.

“Be quick to listen and slow to react.” I could hear Jay ’ s chastising baritone, haunting me. Shaking his oddly shaped head, looking as if he regretted Ty ’ s decision to hire me.

“I can work on it,” I mumbled, through clenched teeth.

“Excuse me?” Chris asked quickly, in a high pitched squeek.

“What?” I asked, playing in Elle’s hair, while she continued to watch her movie.

“You actually just agreed to something I said. What is this a joke or something?”

“No, you’re her father and I know you have her best interest at heart. Plus, you have a point, she’s becoming a little wrapped up in something that can be her down fall later on.”

“Nah, forreal now, where is my Kelsy and what have you done with her?” I could tell he was smiling, which put a smile on my face.

“I’m being serious doofus,” I said, letting a light heart, laugh escape.

“I know. So, how’s the little intern shit, going?”

“Hm, was that rhetorical or theoratical?” I asked sarcastically.

“I seriously want to know. Hell, I need to send them a fruit basket, some flowers or something.”

“A fruit basket?” I asked, giggling.

“Yeah, they deserve every apple and orange in that muthafucka. Anybody, that can teach you some manners, deserves their props.”

“Don’t it push Brown, don’t do it.”

“Aye, I’m just saying.” He said, chuckling.

“It’s been two weeks from hell. I shadow TyTy around, sit through long drawn out meetings, and complete odd tasks. I’m learning nothing and I feel like it is, yet again, a waste of my time.”

“Honestly Kels, I think you’re being a bit of brat, which I take full responsibility for. Your first real job was with me, and I let you get away with murder. I feel that a little structure, would do you a lot of justice.”

I rolled my eyes, “yeah, and who’s side are you actually on?”

“Their side, who else side would I be on?”

“You cold-blooded my dude,” I mumbled.

“Nah, I’m just playing. I think you should stop whining though, and just eat up whatever they throw at you. The industry is harder on women than anything, so you gotta display your strengths and hide your weaknesses.”


The beginning of week three, at RocNation had officially begun today. I had Ty ’ s secretary fetch his breakfast and coffee. His assistant Justin and I, had already gone over the notes for today’s morning meeting. So, hopefully today could be a smooth transition towards positive energy.

What Chris said to me last night, left a impact on me. This was a chance to turn over a new leaf and actually try to learn something I could use in the future.

“Didn’t expect to see you here before me,” He looked at his desk and then me, “and you have my breakfast here.”

Grabbing Ty’s brief case out of his hand, placing it on the side of his desk, I waited until he took his seat to bombard him with details consisting his meeting.

Ty and I touched bases for a few moments, before I left him to enjoy his meal.

Assisted Justin with prepping the large meeting area, insuring refreshments were properly displayed and program books handy. Keeping myself busy was a must. I’d given the wrong impression, since I’d ungratefully entered the door. Now, I had to prove myself and everyone else wrong.


“I observed you taking notes during the meeting,” Ty said walking into the meeting room where I was straightening up. I figured it’d be one less task Justin would have to do. He’d been out in the city, competing tedious tasks all morning.

Placing the pamphlets I’d collected, down on the oak wood table. I flashed him an apologetic glare.

“I’m sorry. Was I not allowed too?”

“It’s not that,” he replied, reassuringly. Pulling out a chair, he motioned for me to have a seat as well.

“What is your main career goal?” He asked, leaning back in his chair. One arm stretched across the table.

“I want to be a successful business woman.”

Uncertainty in my voice, as I looked to him. Searching for a confirmation that I had given the correct answer.

“What are your plans towards achieving that goal?”

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, chewing on the inside of my jaw. Ty sat patiently, across from me, awaiting my response.

I felt like a kid again, taking a pop quiz.

“I plan on working hard towards climbing to the top,” I finally said, after weighing my options in my head.

Ty scratched his bold head, leaning forward, to rest both arms on the table for support.

“For two weeks you’ve come into these office doors, like a repellent. Resisting all the knowledge and first hand experiences, that most college students would sell their souls for.

"I asked you two simple questions, and if I had the chance to vote again, I would still turn down your business proposal.

"You were so indecisive with each reply, it bothered me. If you don’t have a passion for something, what makes you think people will invest their time into it?

"Now, with the bad, comes a little good. Today, you impressed myself and the other staffers. I mentioned you taking notes, because for the first time, I seen you giving something your all. It displayed your willingness to learn.”

I nodded my head, soaking in his words.

“I promise there’s a change in me for the better. I just want to learn how to navigate my way to my goal, ” I said, whole heartedly.

“Now that was convincing,” Ty said. Smiling he stood up, “Prove people wrong, and make them see why you’re really here.”


“What are you and Elle doing?” I asked, while typing.

“Watching these damn hoes on love and hip hop,” Vickie replied.

I rolled my eyes, “Vick no, turn that off please. I bought some books the other day, please just read them to her before bed instead of television.”

“But Kels we all in, a fight about to happen when the commercial go off.”

“That’s fine, but I don’t want Lyric watching so much tv. Just read until she’s sleep.”

“Fine,” she said surrendering.

My line beeped, “look, I will see you when I leave work Vick.”

She hung up and I clicked over.


“If I knew I’d miss you this much, I would have never let you leave, ” Drake said, causing me to cut my eyes at the phone.

I spun around in the comfortable desk chair, staring out into the city’s bright lights. For some reason, the midnight skies, always suited the busy streets better.

“Sorry, to ruin it for you babe, but I was coming regardless,” I said seriously. My tone still playful. It’s not about what you say, it’s how you say it.

He let a small chuckle escape, “You right, but I still can’t help it. Got a nigga feeling like you wrote him a dear John letter, the way you just up and left.”

I covered my mouth, to hold in the laughter awaiting to be freed.

“Now don’t go getting any ideas, graham cracker. You know you famous for making a song about a bitch.”

Our laughter took over for a brief moment before he replied.

“Ah man, that was a good one,” he said still chuckling.

“Hey Ty man-”

I twirled the chair around, startled by the sudden outburst. The closed door was now halfway opened, and he was leaning in.

Dropping my phone to my lap, I sat up straight, pulling the chair closer to the desk.

Jay ’ s hard glare intimidated me. On the sly, I hung up on Aubrey, it was already a bad look that I got caught on the phone, when I should be solely working.

“What you doing in here?”

Authority in his tone, it was more like he was checking me, rather than asking.

“I - I stayed over to, um, to finish sorting over Ty’s files,” I embarrassingly babbled. Pointing at the computer as if it were a foreign object.

His hard facial expression never let up, staring at me a for a few more seconds he finally said something.

“I’ll be in my office if you need anything, ” he mumbled, before pulling the door closed, leaving me by myself.

I let out a sigh of frustration, sliding the palm of my hand over my flustered face. Once again, I’d put a bad taste in his mouth. Had I’d known he would be making middle of the night pop ups, I wouldn’t have been slacking; talking to Aubrey, staring off into the night sky.

The RocNation office, was one that never slept. Jay and I weren’t alone, infact there were a few others, somewhere within these halls; working endless hours to complete work.


About an hour and three cups of coffee later, I was still sitting alone in Ty’s office, sorting files.

Prying my tired eyes away from the computer screen, I sat back, relaxing my tensed shoulders. Ready to go back to the suite, cuddle with my baby, and rest my body.

Three modest knocks were applied to the door, causing my body to tense right back up.

“Come in,” I called out, rushing to busy myself.

The door opened, but he never came in. Leaning against the doorway, arm raised above his head.

In the vast pace I did looking up from the screen, to glance at him. I beat the record with how quickly I returned it back to my work.

“Anything you need,” I asked, awkwardly adding ‘sir’ to the end of my sentence.

The hand that wasn’t supporting his pose, slid into his pants pocket.

“Get your things and be in the lobby, you got five minutes.”


I knew better than to question his command, I was hanging on by the last thread at this job. Glancing at my phone, I rolled my eyes. Five minutes before midnight and he chooses now to embody jigsaw.

The elevator doors weren’t completely parted and I was already being ushered out of the elevator by two big men.

The two men, I assume security, escorted me in a urgent pace towards a black truck parked in front of the door.

Jay was already sitting in the back, focused on his phone. Before I could finally take my seat, the back door shut and the car took off.

Silent the ride was, I was quite fond of it, truthfully. This had been the first time, I’d actually seen New York while being here. My hotel was a block away from the office, so I saw the same sights dozen of times. Vickie and Elle on the other hand, had been all over the city.

“Take your heart off your sleeve girl,” the NY accent sounded thick, as the words rolled off his tounge.

My eyes pried away from the window, and I gave him my attention.

“Look, after the stunt you pulled the last time I met with you. It left an everlasting impression; put a bad taste in my mouth. Ty saw the potential in you though.” Jay stopped talking.

“I apologize for my rude behavior, that act of immaturity has left me very embarrassed,” I replied.

The last person I wanted to piss off was a a person of his status. Being blacklisted still existed and I feared being a part of that entourage.

“We’re going to visit June Ambrose,” he replied casually. The way he said the woman’s name, any outsider would have swore the three of us had been friends since diapers.

Who? I Thought to myself.

“Ok,” I mumbled.

“You don’t have any clue who I’m talking about?” He asked, shaking his head.

With the shake of my head, I admitted that I was a social outcast. He went on to inform me of this woman’s status as a style guru.

As cool and laid back he was at the moment, his authoritative side came back. Stressing the importance of networking.


I’d literally just got in the bed an hour ago, and now I was stumbling on my own two feet getting out the door.

Shades covering my baggy eyelids, my hair in a messy bun, the only thing I accomplished was a nice hot shower. I would have to finish getting dressed in the ladies room, before Ty’s meeting.

Last night, was mad real. The witching hour, was all hard work and ambition. He took me on set, while he shot scenes for the trailer with Sean Penn and Don Cheadle, to the upcoming ‘on the run tour’ with his wife.

I met the infamous June, who in so many flattering words, told me my style was shitty.

Each person I did meet, gave me words of wisdom and tips towards my ultimate goal. Jay, still was a intimidating person throughout the night, but he schooled me the entire time.

“No matter how small the role a person might play, get to know them, because you never know where the cards might shuffle yall tomorrow.”

“You gotta sacrifice sleep for success.”

“Never let your right hand know what the left is doing.”

His phrases I repeated in my head, all the way to work. I was determined to manifest my drive to stand on my own two feet.


4 weeks later

I jogged across the parking lot, coat over my head, protecting me from midnight rain shower.

I was lucky enough to catch the door right before it closed; following behind someone who’d just entered the building.

It took a few moments for the elevator to drop me off at my designated floor. I contemplated whether I should turn around and leave, or complete this act of spontaneity.

Standing in the hallway, pacing infront of the door, I prepped myself for whatever outcome, that would transpire once I knock on the door.

I knocked twice, standing back from the door. I heard her yelling for me to hold on.

Seconds later, the door opened slightly, her head peaking out. Her eyes traveled from my feet, up towards my face.

Her face soften, swinging the door completely open.

“How?” She asked, anxiously throwing her body into mines.

“I kept my release a secret. I didn’t want to get yall hopes up and then worse case, I would have more time to serve.”

“I missed you,” she mumbled into my chest. Tightening the hold she had around my torso.

Pulling Kelsy closer, I ran my fingers through her hair, kissing her forehead. We stood in the doorway to her apartment, in that position for a while.

This was the first time, we’ve ever been apart this long.

Kelsy finally let go, looking up at me, placing her hand gently on my face.

“You’ve gotten so chunky,” she said in awe.

“Yeah, that’s what happens when all you do is eat and sleep,” I replied, following her into the house.

Closing the door, I looked around, and noticed she’d had the holes, fixed in the walls.

I guess she could sense the regret i was feeling, because her small hand, grabbed mine.

“Go check on your daughter,” Kels said, pointing towards the back.


Elle had fallen fast asleep in my arms. I placed her back in her crib, turning on the night light.

Closing her door halfway, I began walking down the hall towards Kelsy ’ s room.

Her room door was open, but I still knocked to make my presence known.

“In here,” she yelled from her closet.

My heart skipped a beat, upon approaching the closet door. Skin oiled and glowing, hair wet because she’d just got out the shower. Kelsy stood on her tip toes, hanging something up, in a black lace bra and panty set.

Her body looked more toned, it wasn’t a huge difference, but I did notice a little more curve to her petite frame.

“What’s wrong?” Kelsy asked turning around to face me.

Holding my fist up towards my mouth, I cleared throat. Looking at everything in the closet, except her.

“You mind if I crash on the couch? I kinda wanna be here when Elle wakes up in the morning. ”

“Sure,” she said, grabbing a red silk robe and putting it on, “I still have a few of your things. I’ll get them for you to sleep in.”

I followed closely behind her, walking back into the bedroom.

“I thought you dropped all my shit off at Karrueche’s.” I said, checking her out from behind, switching.

She abruptly stopped, turning around, pushing me on the bed, “I did, everything that I don’t wear of yours.”

I laughed, as she pulled out damn near an entire outfit. Shorts, shirt, and boxers.

“Damn, you got all a niggas essentials,” I joked.

“Yeah, well be glad. Now go shower and I’ll make you something to eat,” She demanded, closing the dresser with her knee.

I stood up to my feet, grabbing her arm before she left out of the room.

She turned towards me with a look of perplexity, “What’s wrong Chris?” She asked.

Placing my hand firmly, on the back of her neck, I pulled Kelsy’ s face closer. Hovering for a moment, our locked on one another. Taking me by surprise, She leaned in on her tip toes and kissed me, indicating that I was taking to long.

“Damn, you really did miss a nigga,” I mumbled. She giggled, pecking my lips twice more.

“I did,” she admitted, shifting back onto her feet.

I pulled her closer, wrapping my arms around her body.

“You getting a little thicker, ” I admitted, rubbing on her derriere.

“And I see your dick is getting thicker, as we’re standing here.” Kels said, above a seductive whisper.

I grabbed a handful of her ass, massaging it, “How could you expect a nigga to stay on soft, prancing around in yo’ come fuck me panties,” I replied, giving her ass cheek the nice firm spank it needed.

“And that muthafucka giggling, damn. ” I said, looking down at her.

Her hands went under my shirt, rubbing on my abs.

Looking me squarely in the eyes, her lips parted, “Fuck me.”

Her tone was so sexy. The look in her eye mischievous; begging me to take control.

“I guess, that shower and meal can wait,” I replied, kicking the door shut.

My arms around her waist, I bagged her up towards the bed.

Kelsy ’ s small frame fell back onto the bed, hovering over her, my lips lowered to connect with hers.

Standing up, I tugged at my pants to unbuckle my belt.

“Get naked,” I demanded.

I’m finna yeet all in this pussy. We bout to wake the neighbors up, Elle bet not cock block. I ain’t had no pussy in two months, I’m in that thang.

I snapped out my thoughts, when her small hand touched mine. Pulling my hand away from my pants, she unfastened them, slow and seductively.

Slowly unzipping my jeans, she looked me in the eyes. “Once I take these pants off you, you’re going to let me strip for you.”

I couldn’t control myself, I was beyond aroused. I was caught in a sexual euphoria and Kelsy was keeping me on my toes with these tricks up her sleeve.

Her slick robe twirled to the floor, posed infront of me, with her underwear on.

Slowly winding her hips, Kels looked across her shoulder at me giving me a smirk.

“Stop playing with me,” I groaned. Grabbing her arm, pulling her between my legs.

“We usually don’t allow customers to touch the dancers, ” She joked, as I trailed kissed along her stomach.

“So glad I own this muthafucka, cause I always get first taste,” I mumbled, ripping her panties off her body.

She moaned, shocked at my aggression, but turned on. You could see it in her eyes.

“Slow down baby, all we got is time,” She moaned, pushing me back. undoing her bra, she tossed it aimlessly on the floor.

Climbing ontop of the bed, stradling me, Kelsy began to roll her hips on my erect penis.

I bit down on my lip, trying to control the nut i so desperately needed to bust. Giving her ass another hard smack.

“Ooo, spank me daddy. I’ve been a bad bad girl,” she purred.

I couldn’t take anymore. Flipping her over on her back, I was now the one on top.

She was trying to take control.

“It’s been a long time,” I said inbetween the kisses I trailed along her nipples.

“I’m bout to fuck the shit outta yo ’ lil ass tho,” I mumbled.

In one motion, I pulled my dick out of my underwear, sliding right into her moist intersection.

Kelsy’s back arched, slinging her head backwards, I began slow stroking.

“I still fit it like a glove, you aint been too bad,” I said. Pulling all the way out and ramming back into her.

This was my pussy.


My eyes opened lazily, the smell of food easily awoken my senses. Getting out of bed, I jogged to the bathroom for my morning piss.

Glancing at myself in the mirror before washing my hands, I was shocked at my war wounds.

Bite marks, hickies, and clawing were visible; on my neck, shoulder, and chest.

After last night, Kelsy almost had a nigga ready to go buy a ring. Something about her was so different. During our sessions she was confident, sexy, mysterious, and freaky.

For a moment, she and I were in competition to bring one another to our climax first.

After fucking me good, she was now In the kitchen fixing my breakfast. Had a nigga feeling like a king. This was what a woman was supposed to do.


“You done laid it down, now you feeding him. I see a relationship in the future.” Vickie said.

She and I, had been talking since I started breakfast.

“I told you, him and Karrueche supposed to be working things out. This is just my welcome home gift to him.”

“Why does it seem like I should be reading between the lines right now? ”

“Because you should.” I replied, scrambling the eggs.

“Explain to me please,” Vickie sighed.

“I’m just showing him his options, that’s all.”