actually i work 10 to 6

Things to expect in your first year of uni:

1. Sometimes you don’t make a solid group of friends straight away, so don’t feel too upset. I’m a second year and I’ve only really now started adding people on Facebook and forming casual friendships. It happens. If you do make good friends - awesome.

2.  Pre-readings and online modules prior to lectures and/or tutorials. DO THEM. Skim through readings if you’re short on time, and do the prep work the week before. Trust and save yourself from having to go through everything within days (multiplied by X units) before your exams.

3. Realising once you’re in your new home no, you did not need to pack every belonging you have, because yes, everything DOES. NOT. FIT.

4. Realising how much stuff you have but don’t need.

5. If moving out of home, bills and rent or paying for accommodation can be STRESSFUL.

6. ~Adulting~

7. How sometimes boring general core units are. It sucks but have to be done.

8. Your tutor not haggling you about studying more and stuff, ‘cause that’s all on you. If it’s the tutor’s fault, I would suggest bringing that up with the head of the school/faculty or even your student guild to think of solutions.

9. By approx. week 5 to week 6, class numbers begin to exponentially drop, most significantly within the last three weeks of semester.

10. Yes, older people study at uni too. Most of them are nice, genuine, and nervous. Yes, sometimes they do older people things.

11. There are many, many intelligent and kind people in university.

12. Some people have significantly different work ethics.

13. Going to the wrong class across the year is a-OK. I walked into an upper year math lecture and realised the lecturer wasn’t who mine actually was. Whispered very loudly “OH MY GOD” and walked straight out. We’ve all been there. Just kindly walk out and pretend nothing even happened.

14. University life is more than academics. Take a leap and do things.

15. You’ll have to do more than your degree to get to where you want to be.

16.  People party a lot, you can be one of them but if you want to keep up your grades, please balance it with your studies, work and other commitments!

17. University can either be harder or easier than high school. For me? Easier so far. Further units will be difficult. But you’ll learn a lot of useful and enriching knowledge which is worth something more than what you might learn in high school.

18. Seating plans don’t exist, but if you’re gonna change seats every week, you’re most definitely messin’ up the system.

What other things can first years expect? Whether you’re fresh out of first-year like me or a tertiary education veteran, I’ll make sure to update this continuously with all of our input!

yo! i have finally finished getting my shit together lmao, so you can now watch

every moment of andrew rannells on hbo’s girls, without having to watch hbo’s girls

whether you don’t want to watch the show at all, or just want to rewatch his parts specifically, i have you covered with some handy compilation videos!!

i was gonna put them on youtube, then they were blocked, then i tried again and idek if they’re working anymore, but i gave up on youtube and headed over to google drive, so you can now find the first five seasons of andrew rannells compilations RIGHT HERE


Originally posted by girlshbo

some warnings for the videos:

  • blanket warning for course language and sexual references
  • sex scenes (season 2, around 7-9mins; season 5, around 12:10-12:50)
  • other nudity (season 4, briefly around 8:25; season 5, around 7:00-7:35)

let me know if anything goes wrong with the videos (but with the ~20-30 hours i’ve put into actually getting them online, they’d better work i swear…..)

1. What is one word you would use to describe yourself? Happy.

2. What is the song you can’t stop listening to right now? “Wait For It” on the Hamilton soundtrack.

3. What are you currently watching on Netflix? “13 Reasons Why.”

4. What is your favorite sports movie of all time? “Friday Night Lights.”

5. Go-to pregame meal? I’m an omelet extraordinaire. I have an omelet with veggies, meats, cheese – the works. And before workouts, I always make this yogurt parfait.

6. Do you have any pregame superstitions or rituals? I actually rid myself of superstitions, but I do a quick 20-minute meditation before games.

7. If you could have any three celebrities over for dinner, living or deceased, who would they be? The Obamas. Just me, President Obama and Michelle.

8. What was your AIM screen name? brownsuganumba9.

9. If you weren’t a professional athlete, what would your occupation be? Therapist or psychologist. Something in that field.

10. What is your go-to karaoke song? “Hey Ma” by Cam'Ron.

11. Who was your sports idol growing up? Serena Williams is my sports idol.

12. What is your favorite thing to do on an off day? Be in nature. Hike, or go to the beach. I love to be outside.

13. If soccer had “walk-up” songs, what would yours be? Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like”

14. What is your go-to emoji? It’s called pop star, but it’s the new one of the girl with paint on her face. She embodies me as a person.

15. If there were to be a movie about your life, who would you want to play you? Angelina Jolie.

16. What if your coach had to describe you in one word? What would he say? Brave.

17. Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies outside soccer? No hidden talents, but I have a lot of hobbies. Acrylic painting. I got a whole set and I light candles at night and sit there and paint and look out on Lake Michigan.

18. Favorite cheat meal? French fries. Skinny, thick cut, garlic fries, TRUFFLE fries … I love French fries.

19. One place you’ve never been that you want to visit? Tokyo.

20. First concert you ever attended? Spice Girls

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hi! do you have any ideas of words that can replace "i love you"? (like that "okay?okay" one)

Alright. I love this ask. I love it, because it gives me the opportunity to talk about something that I absolutely adore. I am 100% in board for this kind of thing, and heres why;

Language is an illusion. Seriously. The only meaning words have, are the ones we give them. Words and phrases only mean whatever we want them to mean. Words are tools. We use them how we please. Dont believe me? Loot at how many words and phrases Shakespeare invented. It took me a while to realize this, and I actually learned it through acting. See, as an actor, you take the script given to you, and you have to give it meaning. You have to use someone else words to convey emotion. The same monologue can be done 50 different times by 50 different actors, and each one could be entirely different, because each time they gave different words different meanings. It’s all in the way you say it, and the context you put it in. Anything could mean ‘I love you”, anything. 

If the emotion is there for the character, it will be clear in their words 

Now,I happen to have a set of characters that are hopelessly in love, however, they are absolute idiots who do their best to avoid actually saying the words. So i have a lot of examples. I am also a person who finds it a bit difficult to tell someone I love them, but again, I find away. I hope these work;

1. “Are you okay?” 

“Are you?” 

2. “Im sorry”

“Apology accepted”

3. “Are you happy?”

4. “Good Morning”

5.”Good Night” 

6. “Good Bye”


8. “Yes or no?”


9. “Really?”

“Of course.”

10. “Always.” 

11. “Ive got you back” / “Im right behind you”

12. “Im right here.” / “Im here” 

13.”Sweet Dreams”

14. “Do you mind?” 

“Of course not”

15. “Thank you”

“You’re Welcome” / “Any Time” / “Anything for you” 

16. “I hate you” 

“The feelings mutual” 

Here’s a couple of classic/common examples that I hope either work for you, or I hope sparks inspiration in you. Remember anything could mean ‘I love you’, if that’s what your characters are thinking, then it will shine through whatever words they say to each other. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 

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What's some langst ya read recently? If you read that. I need some recommendations, I'm immensely bored.

ohhh you know lio he love the langst. okay, here we go:

when i dream it happens in blue

is a langst fic i just read recently. the writing is amazing and the author is so nice and awesome.

All the stars in the universe

short but nice langst. please disregard the major character death tag i don’t think anyone actually dies

He sleeps in the Sky of Ice

19 chapters and completed :)

The Paladin or the Wheel?

i can’t remember much about it, but i do remember it being pretty good

Trembling Lips

this one was pretty awesome ngl i loved it. 6 chapters and completed.


also can’t remember much about this one but i remember being so… emotional after finishing it. trust me you wanna read this. 10 chapters complete.

These are my personal favorites :) also if you feel like sticking around, I have a langst fic im working on that you can find here. i’m 2 chapters in but there’s a lot more to go.

Shit I have heard vet techs say (myself included)

1. Sorry I squealed in delight about that giant abscess…in front of the client.

2. Can someone please help me get the vomit out of my hair and bra.

3. Can someone pull up my scrub bottoms I think they are about to come off…tech was restraining at the time.

4. Do you think that client actually knows how freaking crazy she is?

5. Would it be possible for you to give me a ketamine dose IM for the screaming toddler in room 2?

6. Pretty sure the client in room 2 is more stoned than the dog.

7. I will rock paper scissors you for the hot client in 3.

8. A client just called and requested I never be their tech again. Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

9. Working with Doctor A is like herding cats through a field full of mice while the cats are recovering from ketamine.

10. I don’t get paid enough for this shit.

11. Do you think they teach a class at veterinary school titled “how to write as shitty as possible so that your techs can’t read it”? Because I do and all our docs got an A.

12. You do know that “pussy” isn’t the right word to chart in regards to what is coming out of that abscess right? (Think pus)

13. It is 10 am and I have already had vomit, anal glands, urine and shit get on my scrubs. I deserve hazard pay.

14. There is the cutest little bulldog puppy in 4. Too bad I can’t tell the owner how much of a medical shit show that sweet thing is going to turn into.

15. How many vets does it take to change a light bulb? One, but it takes three techs to clean up after them.

16. Hey your patient in recovery just had explosive diarrhea. Just thought you should know.

17. Doc C has a hot client in 3 so we are going to be running about 30 minutes behind now.

18. Whatever you do don’t let Doc S touch the

blood machine. He will break it and I will blame you.

19. J wins the betting pool on the weight of the mass we just removed. And K wins the pool for how many times Doc A swore during the removal.

20. Will there be food provided during the staff meeting? (This is universal in every clinic.)

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as a fellow artist idk how to say this nicely but ur charging a lil too much for ur commissions

as a fellow artist, you would be aware of how much time and effort goes into commissions and how, for a lot of them, I’m not really charging enough

as a fellow artist you should know that my icons are digital paintings that take me at least 2 hours, putting it a little bit BELOW minimum wage here in California

as a fellow artist you should know that my sketch commissions also can take up to two hours and I should have upped the price ages ago but the only reason it hasn’t been changed yet because I felt BAD for wanting to charge a price that would actually make sense for a liveable wage

AS A FELLOW ARTIST you should know that halfbody and fullbody commissions can take up to 6 hours - sometimes even LONGER than that

I have charged at even more absurdly cheap prices in the past, taking on 70 $10 icon commissions at a time and the result was me barely scrapping by and fucking up my wrist and forcing myself to work because I lived in a motel and money was the difference between living in my mom’s car and staying with a roof over our heads and I didn’t even stop to think that people would pay a somewhat reasonable wage until PEOPLE COMMISSIONING ME URGED ME TO RAISE MY PRICES and here I am still cutting myself short because I wanted to make these commissions ACCESSIBLE out of some fucked up sense of guilt that shouldn’t even be there

As a fellow artist, there’s really no kind way for me to say this nicely, fuck off

I don’t study on weekends. 

It’s the simple reason as to why when it comes to my days of productivity there is (and pretty much always will be) two days that I skip before I continue on with my days of productivity again.


There’s actually a number of reasons why this approach benefits me, and I think it could potentially benefit all of you as well!

1. Avoiding burn out

Most of my life I had an issue where I was studying a minimum of 6 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, and this was while I was also working 10 hour days as a waitress. All it ended up doing for me was that by Monday morning I was struggling not to fall asleep in my 9 am class and ended up playing Tetris on my iPad instead of paying attention to the class.

That last step is definitely not recommended.

By mid-semester, I was exhausted, grouchy, highly unmotivated to do anything, falling behind in all my classes, ridiculously stressed and tiny things would set me into a fit of rage or leave me crying my eyes out. Basically, not a good look. Also, definitely causes your mental health to deteriorate.

Taking at least one day a week off study to relax can definitely help you with this.

2. It creates a goal for yourself to finish the tasks, and you get a reward too!

Basically, it acts as a bit of a mini reward!

If you finish all of the things you need to do by Friday, you get to have the whole weekend off to spend time with friends and family, or just do things that you enjoy! If you aren’t finished, you can also take Saturday to catch up on work but at least you still get the time off on Sunday.

Up until now, I have barely needed to use the catch-up Saturday. The only times where this is something that I need to do is really when I have a couple of assignments due at once, but even this can usually sort of be planned out so that you can do them in advance. Trust me, it’s a whole lot less stressful if you submit it a few days early and can check and edit your originality, then praying that it’s alright when you submit it one minute before the deadline.

Now that we’ve covered the why let’s go onto the how:

1. Get organised

This is what I’m going to emphasise the most. I generally just use to-do lists in my bullet journal, under the headings of different days.

This is organised by looking at the required readings for the week, any assignments due in the coming weeks and revision for different topics that have already been covered (which means you’re more prepared when it comes to exam time).

Now split all of it up. You have a class with readings on Friday? Then you’re going to want it done by Friday? That class has 70 pages of readings split into 6 sections? Then try to do two of those sections every day until you’re done with those readings.

2. Don’t worry about being too pedantic

This one seems contradictory.

Basically, I don’t worry too much if I haven’t accomplished all of the tasks in the day, as long as I have started all of them. Some days I have more motivation and also brain capacity to get through things quickly and understand the content I’m looking at.

Using this system, I’m usually still ahead by the end of the week! Like last week, I’d accomplished everything on that week’s to-do list, and also some of the stuff that was carried over to the next week! Just keep doing a little bit every day and you will get there.

But do remember that you do have to put a certain amount of time and energy in otherwise you will fall behind. Currently, Monday and Tuesdays I work 9-5, get home around 6 and do a solid 4 hours of study a night. Same goes for the days I have classes, including study during breaks where I have the time.

3. Have a plan for how to relax

This is another one that probably seems odd but was touched on earlier.

It can be super hard to switch from a really intensely studying mode to a mode in which you are allowing yourself to relax and not to worry about things. I have the awesome benefit of an amazing boyfriend who balances me out, and just being with him helps me destress. He also makes me feel like a weekend cuddled up on a sofa, not moving except to get up to eat and binge watching a weird tv show is 100% alright and completely worth it.

If you don’t have any friends who can help you to snap out of the studying mindset when you’re doing nothing, then you need to plan a way to achieve that!

Plan to spend some time doing something with your family. Plan to go out to the movies with friends if they’re free. Go do something that you and someone you know enjoy. Just make sure that you write that plan down in your bullet journal, and you go out and make the most of it.

Affordable Beginner Tablets Under $70 + Cintiq Alternatives

Lately I’ve come across younger artists wanting tablets but not being able to afford them, or get their parents to buy them. Which is totally understandable. My first tablet was a Wacom Bamboo and it was a lot for my parents at the time. Luckily, there’s more options now a days. So here’s a few good tablets that are affordable to start out with. Some of these aren’t Wacom and maybe aren’t as fancy as Wacom, but they will work just as fine. 

Huion 4 x 2.23 Graphics Tablet

Quite a small tablet, but at $21 on Amazon, not too bad if you really want just a tablet.

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I don't mean to upset or disrespect you, I'm only telling you because I like you and am genuinely worried about you. You should do something about your weight, body positivity is really good and I'm happy you like yourself because you really are beautiful, but being overweight has lots of health risks. I know it's a delicate issue and I'm really sorry to bring it up

I appreciate the concern but I’m actually in perfect health. I work out 3 times a week, can deadlift 350lbs, walk around 7 - 10 miles a day, and eat healthy.

There’s a difference between being healthy and fat, and I’m in excellent physical heath /and/ I’m fat.

Actually, and I’ve just recently learned about this and think it’s interesting: adulthood weight has more to do with genetics than we ever thought it did. (Can’t find the article atm but it’s talked about in one of the Bill Nye Saves the World episodes) And considering most of my family are giants (6’+ and 250lbs+), it’s not necessarily an indicator of poor health that I’m a large woman.


03-12-16 ∴ I run.

I can’t imagine what they were asked to look like because here we have Emma knowing she’s just the most beautiful girl in the world, we have Daniel trying to look really serious but slightly suspicious and then we have Rupert being his cute self like

this makes no sense

it looks like an old cheesy band album cover

Tracklist of “Not Slytherin, Please”: 

1. The Boy Who Lived

2. Diagon Alley

3. Welcome To Hogwarts

4. Not Slytherin, Please 

5. Fame Isn’t Everything (ft. The Bravest Man)

6. 10 Points For Gryffindor (ft. Albus The Great)

7. We Could All Have Been Killed, Or Worse, Expelled (The Cleverest Witch Of Her Age’s Solo)

7. The Restricted Section

8. I Should Not Have Said That (ft. The Gamekeeper)

9. What’s Under My Turban (ft. MC Quirrell)

10. Wicked

11. Troll In The Dungeon

12. Quidditch

Bonus Tracks:

13. Norbert

14.  The Forbidden Forest

15. Trapdoor

16.  Two Faces

The Deluxe Edition includes: 

17. Weasley Is Our King

18. Saint Potter (ft. The Slytherin Prince)

19. One Day My Evil Plans Might Actually Work (Cover of The Dark Lord’s Single)

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When will you upload new drawings? I understand that multicolaboration is hard, but i can't wait anymore!!!

I understand that you don’t WANT to wait any longer, but unfortunately asking for faster updates doesn’t actually make them happen faster. 

Let’s say that each picture takes me an average of 5-6 hours, and that I draw 10 pictures in one chapter.  That’s 50-60 hours of work for each chapter that I’m not getting paid for, that I can only do in my (very scarce) free time.  I don’t HAVE to do it.  I’m doing it because I enjoy helping tell the story and it’s because it’s fun.  I know you didn’t mean anything by it, but when people pressure authors and artists for updates it takes some of the fun out of it.

So, while I appreciate your enthusiasm, please remember the amount of work that goes into a single chapter and understand that we have other things going on in our lives other than writing/drawing fanfiction.  There are countless other extremely talented content creators in the fandom, so please be sure you show them some love.

If you really want to support me specifically, consider donating to my Ko-Fi account.  My dinosaur of a computer is in dire need of replacing.  ;) 


Er…so this probably isn’t what you expected from a Big Hero 6 x Frozen crossover…sorry!! not sorry :P

And for those of you who just wanted to see Hiro in a dress, here! <3

(also, please tag this with Big Hero 6 spoilers since it really does kinda spoil ^ ^;  Thankees!)

No, It’s Bucky: Part 11

Fic Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/ Female Reader

Word count:  2,665

Warnings: Bad writing (lol) A few curse words, more bad writing and more curse words

After a fight in the 12th grade, the reader and Bucky don’t speak for 6 years until the reader moves back to her home town for a work.


A/N: Here is Part 11. I think the next Chapter will be the last so guys, It’s nearly over!!!

All errors are mine.

| Part 10 |                   | Part 12 |  

Job interviews are actually the bane of your existence. How does answering a series of predictable questions show your work ethic and prove to the potential employer that you are the best person for the job?

And why the hell did you insist on being interviewed for this job, honestly!  Are you insane? Have you actually gone off the deep end?!

Your potential new boss Peggy looked at you with a smile on her face, it was a look that scared you and comforted you at the same time. With an exhale, you continued on with the interview. From what Peggy had explained about the position was that this class is the outcome of an influx of new students and no space in other classrooms. Basically you had a whole new class to teach if you accepted the position. And the pay was about double what you are making now.

Your heart was definitely torn. This was the kind of position that you have dreamed of, not many out of college students get the opportunity to have; let alone be offered a full time position this soon. And if you take the position, all you have to do make arrangements with the school you are at and then you can start Monday.

With a smile you shake hands with Peggy and make your leave. Your decision had been made. Now it was time to let everyone know.

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- ̗̀august 21st 2017☀️ ̖́-
been enjoying my semester break for the last three weeks but now i’m back at writing my research paper 📖
luckily this one is much easier to get done because i actually know what i’m writing about. new semester doesn’t start until october but this piece of work is due at the end of september and since i’m doing an internship at my local high school next month (yay teaching) i pretty much only have about two weeks left to get this baby done. or at least mostly done. ☕️

currently listening to // 6/10 — dodie

ps: how do you post high-res pictures on tumblr?

Colors (Part 1) [Min Yoongi x Reader]

Genre : Mafia/gang AU (M)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12/ Part 13  / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 16 / Part 17/ /Part 18 / Part 19 /Part 20 

M A S T E R L I S T  

“Crooked grin, sly hands and a dangerous voice” - Min Yoongi was a cold man with dead eyes and a wicked mind.
One cold night, you collided into each other. Your stares clashed like steel swords on a war ground ; There was no light in his eyes, no faith, no mercy and certainly no fear. His eyes were a pool of nothingness, threatening to swallow you whole, vanquish your whole existence and make you surrender. 

and strangely, you would let him..

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Top Ten Worst Responses to My Makeup Post

for reference, here is the original post:

fairly innocuous, right? just me, talking about my life, sharing an experience I thought other women would relate to. And they did! A bunch of responses were from other women talking about their own annoying makeup experiences.

Except, uh. Some people got really upset. Here are a few of my (least) favorites.

12. @b—y-femisnist (bitchy? butchy? buoy?) is number 12 because, um, sure 

I guess that’s true, but have you considered: 

11. Strangely, @if-it-all-ends-well reiterated my original post exactly

they enjoy makeup because they aren’t required to wear it. but then goes on to give me unsolicited and condescending advice! Baffling!

10. Everyone makes mistakes

@merrybitchmas2 gets number 10 for being innocently uninformed and making a nice dinner suggestion! Thanks!

9. I don’t know where they got “oppression” from, but @lenaluthorapologist is apparently a medical doctor! 

I appreciate the free diagnosis; psychiatrists are expensive.

8. @wasteyourlife saw an opportunity to hit on his tumblr crush, and he took it 

original post be damned.

7. @toxicmutantslimefreaks actually Slime Freak, it’s called having a job :)

I really don’t get it. Are you guys all 15? Have you ever worked in a professional environment? Have you ever looked at the dress code for women, where it describes what kind of makeup to wear?????

6. I truly feel for men who have unfortunate facial shapes, @keyhollow, 

but if you think it hurts their careers, I suggest you take a look at the United States Senate.

5. @la-femme-noelle is either a fucking liar or some kind of super human

in which case it’s really not fair to compare the rest of us :/

4. I’m truly not sure how we got here… 

…but @amarretto-cowboy blames the public school system for not teaching me to cook. Also very clearly a 55 year old man masquerading as one of the “youths”

3. @egoisty clearly isn’t that curious, because I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned multiple times that it is a requirement. 

They then suggest I use exposure therapy on my coworkers so that they aren’t triggered by my makeupless face! Brilliant! (I cut this one if, it’s long and I just Don’t Care)

2. To be clear, @pancakesbejealouswaffles isn’t suggesting you quit wearing makeup. 

They’re suggesting you just QUIT YOUR JOB if you don’t want to wear makeup! Can you imagine???? I really couldn’t have made this shit up, bless this site.

1. This is one of the first responses to this post, but it’s just so good. 

@realspaztastic ‘s suggestion is so brilliant, my lady brain actually skipped over it the first time I saw this post. But look again: after suggesting I simply buy a better foundation, his penis brain goes to absolutely full capacity and reaches the magnificent conclusion that we should just MAKE OUR OWN FOUNDATION ON THE WEEKENDS

Tl;dr at the end

So my university runs a very well known polling service. Seriously, if you follow politics at all, you know exactly which one I’m talking about. I don’t have work study and it’s one of the only jobs on campus that offers non-aid employment AND it’s $12/hr which is pretty well over the state minimum wage, so I applied and got a job. Today (10/1) was my second day, on a 6:30-9 pm shift. I somehow got stuck with almost exclusively numbers that repeatedly had gone to voicemail or hadn’t picked up, so I barely made any actual calls. The few that did pick up bitched at me for calling so late on a Sunday, as if I had any control over that. The place where weekend and national polling takes place is just one large open room with awful acoustics, so everything was really loud and I was in crazy sensory overload for the entire shift. At one point I had to go get ibuprofen out of my car and my supervisor gave me the glare of a lifetime as if my thirty second trip to the parking lot was the crime of the century. He also worked us 15 minutes past our shift because we just barely missed quota BECAUSE NO ONE PICKS UP THE PHONE TO AN UNKNOWN NUMBER AT 8:30PM ON A SUNDAY and of course it doesn’t count as overtime even though the system was literally telling us “hey this poll isn’t technically active right now” once 9pm hit. Overall I was just super anxious and idk how I got back to my dorm but when I did I cried for like half an hour because I don’t even have enough money for gas right now but I really don’t think I can handle this job.

Tl;dr new polling job sent me into an anxiety attack on my second day but I can’t quit because I don’t have work study and nothing in the area is hiring and I have $14 change in my bank account rn