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May I request RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC proposing to them?

Okey-dokey artichokey!!

prepare for like mr. snuffleupagus fluff okay

Also for this I’m doing a female MC just cause it’s easier for me :)


- MC decided to take him to a park for a picnic

- she brought his favorite foods along with omelettes hehehe

- she knew the wimp he is wasn’t about to propose anytime soon so she took matters into her own hands

- so while he’s going on about something at work, MC gets up behind him and taps on his shoulder

- when he turns around and she’s on one knee his eyes go so wide and he’s so red oml

- he gets really “mad” he’s actually the happiest man alive because he wanted to propose to her but I mean thank gOD he didn’t have to go through the stress of a proposal

- he says yes before she even says “will you marry me” this boy is ecstatic


- so she knew this guy would do the most romantic proposal

- but she wanted to beat him to it cause she can’t let him win

- so MC decides after one of his shows to do it

- she hides in his dressing room thing so once the show is over and he goes in there, MC goes behind him

- “MC, what are you doing?”

- “proposing you handsome dummy”


- who needs stereotypical rules anyway??

- he obviously accepts but wants to propose to her anyway cause he’s gotta be that guy

- Jaehee

- so for this relationship the stereotype thingy doesn’t apply obviously

- MC would probably be the one to propose anyway since Jaehee already has had enough stress in her life

- MC would do it in the cafe, during a not too busy not too empty time, in front of the entire store

- (I like to think they would have like live music and stuff because I mean obviously Zen would sing no doubt)

- so she gets up on the stage and says the typical “can I have everyone’s attention?”

- “Jaehee, will you marry me?”

- it’s the happiest moment of Baehee’s life


- I’m not really sure how this would work

- cause I mean he proposed to MC like right away

- so quick

- but if he didn’t, MC would probably do some cliche thing and do it on the top of a Ferris wheel

- but she’s gotta get to that Ferris wheel first

- “MC why are we going to a commoner’s festival”

- “MC I’m not touching that”

- “If you wanted cotton candy don’t eat this garbage the chef would’ve made it”

- “Why are we going on this ferris thing I literally have a helicopter”

- but once they get to the top and MC proposes its so worth it

- he still says he’s gonna propose to you because he’s Jumin and he’s gotta get you the biggest ring but he loves it anyway


- Seven’s always ready to mix things up and this boy has so much anxiety and self-consciousness I doubt he’d ever be able to propose (even though he technically does in his dream but shh)

- so MC would probably get back at his for Valentine’s Day and make him go on a scavenger hunt

- he would find little notes reminding him of the best and worst times of their relationship

- at the end, MC is standing there with a ring pop in her hand and asks Seven…

- “Saeyoung, will you meow-ry me??”

- He’s honestly so surprised but really happy and holding back tears because omg she loves me

- he says “are you kitten me? paws-itively!!!”

- cue Saeran in the back screaming his head off because oh god I have to deal with these two help me


- it’s so chill

- like have you ever seen my big fat greek wedding where the guy just proposes like “you wanna get married” and she’s like “yeah sure” but the both of them are obviously really excited

- that’s how this proposal is

- they’re both sitting on the couch kinda snugglin

- MC knew it would be awhile before he proposed cause he’s kinda new to this ya know

- and she asks him “hey, you wanna get married?”

- he stops dead for a second and then says “yeah sure”

- thank god it’s dark in there cause the two of them are smiling and blushing so hard

- it’s adorable


- this boy

- so sweet

- he’ll propose to MC or if MC proposes to him he’s cool with it

- he actually thinks it’s nice to mix up the rules and have her do it

- so MC decides to do it after V gets the surgery

- when V gets up after and actually is able to see again he starts crying and can’t see anymore gosh darnit

- MC sneaks up behind him and does a cute little “boo!” and V doesn’t even turn around right away hes gotta prepare himself for this

- when he does turn around he doesn’t see her until he looks down and OMG SHES ON ONE KNEE MC I NEED TO PREPARE FOR ALL THESE THINGS IM GONNA EXPLODE

- it’s the happiest day of his life

- he also ends up buying her an engagement ring anyway because why not

Done! Hope you like it!!

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Frog from Frog and Toad 🐸

im so sorry idk frog and toad but lookin at it on google they look like gay amphibians so nice

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine i guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: no idea soz
best quality: gay?
worst quality: doesnt wear a shirt 
ship them with: the toad, they’re married right?
brotp them with: toad husband 
needs to stay away from: whoever made this 
misc. thoughts:

lmfao im sorry if u didnt want 2 see this 

send me someone!

I’m gonna start picking apart Church’s backstory comments to see if I can pick up which ones are Church and which ones are Jimmy’s memories leaking over

First up is: “Nooo, man, she’s just my girlfriend, you know. We were gonna get married but, I got shipped out, ‘n.. you know how it works.”

…which goes against everything we know about Tex, about Tex’s relationship to Church, and about their history together, and thus we can assume is Jimmy, whose only canon lines prior to s14 included one about wanting to propose to his girlfriend when he got home. (Since Jimmy hadn’t proposed yet at the time he was killed, I’m assuming that he and she had been talking about getting married, and just never actually got officially engaged.)

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1. genre of book you will never read?
lollllllll anything that has nsfw content is Uncomfortable akshjdghf

2. top item on your bucket list.
I want to Visit all my friends weeps quietly

3. do you want to get married?
im. Actually super cynical abt marriage. Like….i Love romance and fluffy slow build and shit but i…..just Don’t Like the concept of marriage. I guess eventually I’ll get married tho bc it’ll be Easier (and then mimi can run the finances lol //fingerguns @ the wife)

4. left or right handed?

5. sugar or sweetner?
sugar? Sugar tastes Nice on french toast

6. name one childhood crush.
u h h i don’t. Rlly ??? I like. Faked crushes. I think I wanted like….Tori from PRNS to be my best friend tho. and I Loved Blake and Hunter like. They were So Cool.

7. do you drink enough water?
most of the time!!!

8. earbuds or over the ear headphones?
o v e r. Earbuds are Gross. Gross!!!!!!!!

9. one phobia.
trypophobia!!! >.<  The holes thing gAGS

10. do you like going to the cinema?
I LIKE GETTING CINEMA SNACKS ;u; its one of the only times i eat whatever the fuck i want l OL

11. how quickly would you die in a horror film?
hahaaaaaaaa Look if we’re going tropes style i might actually be Last/the only person to escape but also in RL I’d just cry and then I’d Die

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1. Most recent movie - what was it about and do you regret watching it?
2. What’s a line from a book/fic/movie that made you immediately go no and close it? 
3. What’s your least favourite story trope?
4. What’s your most favourite type of photograph? (bonus points for a favourite example)
5. What’s your current top interest? 
6. What do you want to see more of in media?
7. How do you cheer yourself up? How do other people try and cheer you up? Does it work?
8. Could you find where you lived on a world map?
9. Could you find where an overseas friend lived?
10. Describe one of your closest friends in a sentence
11. What’s your favourite place to be?

but like. if when kara and mon-el get married, i’m 100% sure she wouldn’t take off her ring to fight aliens / villains as supergirl. and could you imagine national city speculating who she’s with?

like consider: the day after her wedding with mon-el, she’d have to head out and perform duties as supergirl, obviously. and of course there would be videos and everything would be normal until someone would notice the new ring, and of course look at previous photos to see if it was there before. 

(and then imagine the surprise when someone decided to look at valor’s hand to find that there’s a similar ring on it)

also. consider kara having to stop villains in the middle of the date. they’d comment about finally making her afternoon exciting, and she’d just retort that she was in the middle of a date, thank you very much. 

Yuuri’s final proposal.

I just love how they actually went through with this scene.

You all get it now, Yuuri’s asking for ONE MORE YEAR, specifically because he knows that IF IN ONE MORE YEAR, HE’S ABLE TO WIN GOLD, THEN THAT WOULD MEAN THEY WILL BOTH BE ABLE TO GET MARRIED.

And just look how delighted Victor is with the idea.

But what comes after is what I adore. Because you see, Victor knows how much Yuuri loves to be on the ice, he knows the boy still has SO MUCH TO GIVE. Even if it means they’ll be able to get married after Yuuri wins gold he wants the other boy to keep on going. He wants the boy he loves to keep on skating.

He loves to see him skate.


While Yuuri’s actually surprised with Victor’s new proposal. He then comes to understand what it means. Both Victor and Yuuri love to see each other on the ice. Victor for his part wants Yuuri to never retire, while Yuuri’s willing to retire just so the other man would not have to worry about him, and be able to do his comeback next year.

But Victor then clears all of his doubts. He says, he will make his comeback, both as a competitive figure skater and as Yuuri’s coach.

That’s when it all clicks for Yuuri, and he just can’t believe it, because this man is not just willing to stay with him for just one more year, but for as long as Yuuri remains on the ice.

This is the smile of a man who’s got his complete faith put on the other boy. He has no doubts about his choice.

At the end he can’t really decided wether to laugh or cry, because this russian man in front of him is just ridiculous, becoming a five-time world champion?! He has to be joking… But Yuuri knows better, and that’s what brings the tears, because he believes each and every word the other just said, despite of the odds, he believes Victor perceives it as a possibility. And he knows what Victor sees in him… greatness, and Yuuri is proud.



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Hi Cassie! I love your books so much, and I feel like reading them actually makes me a better writer! I was wondering, if Clary and Jace ever have children, the blood of Ithuriel would then run in their veins as well, right? So would their children have special abilities like Clary and Jace do?

That’s a lot of “ifs.” I think it’s better to take a wait and see approach. Who knows how long angel blood confers powers, if it gets passed on like that, if they want kids, if they get married at all, if they both live….

i won’t fear love

         happy sciles day, everybody!
Are we sure that wasn't an ACTUAL proposal??

Okay, hear me out.
I researched Japanese traditional proposals (after reading another tumblr post on this). And found that TRADITIONALLY they are very indirect.
Yuri asks for Viktor to “Take care of him until he retires please”. And Viktor calls it an almost proposal, grins, agrees silently by kissing his hand, and then they hug again.
While they are hugging, Viktor pretty much makes it a PROPOSAL. He says, “I wish you’d NEVER retire.”
And Yuri GETS that! He gets that Viktor is proposing! That’s why he cries. And I feel like he confirms and agrees to this by telling Viktor, “let’s go TOGETHER and win gold at the GPF”.

Or I’m desperate for them to be married already because I LOVE them so damn much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

here’s some fun dorian facts!!!

  • as a child, he would do anything to make his father happy
  • at some point he had or wanted to have a small wooden duck with wheels on it
  • is a huge magic nerd like the biggest nerd of all
  • has been to the anderfels (weisshaupt), kirkwall, and nevarra prior to joining the inquisition
  • when he was in nevarra he desperately wanted to visit a necropolis, but wasn’t able to actually go
  • his parents had planned for him to marry a woman named livia
  • according to himself, he has excellent teeth
  • has examined the art in the magisterium’s archives
  • saw the black divine at a party but didn’t get to meet him
  • before the inquisition, dorian had never spoken to an elf that wasn’t a slave
  • “some of my best friends are murderers”
  • for all his talk of his taste for fine wine, dorian spent at least one night in the tavern drinking “disgusting dwarven ale”
  • repeatedly refers to blackwall as “that hairy lummox”
  • is cold everywhere that isn’t tevinter (he’s a hothouse orchid)
  • camped alone in the ferelden countryside for two weeks when he first got to the country
  • was very seasick when he crossed the waking sea
  • “i’m not made for the wilderness, i’m more taverns and big cities”
  • his mother had servants take dorian boating in the summer rather than doing it herself
  • “i was never good at doing what other people wanted”
  • does NOT enjoy fighting dragons
  • his response to the fear demon? “rather uncalled for”
  • josephine restricts him from the inquisition wine cellars after taking more than 14 bottles of wine
  • has a list of his critiques of the inquisition’s soldier’s armor

I was thinking about Victor. About how much of a winner he is. Since he entered the seniors division at (16?) he has been on the top. He stopped skating when he was still the one to beat.    

This is how he describes himself. Always winning, pure gold.

He is the kind of person who wins, succeeds, and gets what he wants. It’s actually not surprising that he would travel across the world to hunt down the one that got away and marry him.

And he still got gold.



  • Garnet wants Steven to get a wish, too. So sweet.
  • The best thing about Ruby’s scream as she enters the atmosphere is that it’s not even a cartoony, or comical scream. It’s just straight up, genuine, terror. I love it.
  • Garnet blushing about her love story with Sapphire, hehehe
  • I love how Pumpkin always looks 100% checked out of every situation
  • Lapis does have a point. But of course, Peridot talks her into it. I hope this goes well for them.
  • I wonder if Lapis can actually control the weather… maybe atleast rain clouds.
  • Wet hair Peridot, yes please.Where did she get the alien umbrella.
  • “This is our Gem Cave. Lapis hates it when I call it that, so I don’t” They’re so f*cking married
  • Peridot teasing Lapis about snoring is amazing, honestly.
  • Lapis is 100% done with Ruby.
  • How can anyone hate Pumpkin? Pumpkin is so pure.
  • Steven and Peridot just saying “fuck it” and rolling in the dirt, too. Friendship goals.
  • “WHY DON’T YOU GET MAD?!” a bit of projecting there, Lapis.
  • Peridot using the trashcan to fly. <3
  • “No one said there’s a rush”. Peridot loves her so much, Jesus Christ.
  • I love how Steven and Peridot don’t really have an answer to Lapis asking why it’s taking her so long to get use to Earth. Not every question really has an answer, and that’s ok.
  • “Hit that button behind you” Oh, here it comes. She’s fucking with them.
  • Wow, she turned quite mean there.
  • Peridot not being able to hear the evil, oh bless her.
  • Garnet popping the balloon was classic


reasons why the princess diaries 2 is actually the best movie ever made

ok so i know that when we were all young fanchildren we all watched this movie and sighed dreamily. but i am here to tell u that this movie is even better than u remember

1. the main conflict in the movie is the arranged marriage. i’m gonna stop right here, because princesses in arranged marriages are a classic fanfiction trope that we are all trash for. don’t lie to yourself. but it gets BETTER. not only is there an arranged marriage… the guy she’s arranged to marry is actually a really chill dude. u like this dude. u know they would be good friends and partners. he would make a good king. but sHE DOESNT LOVE HIM!!! she doesn’t love him. and it would be so easy for the narrative to say ~oh look at this selfish girl she has a handsome titled good man ready to marry her she’s so SELFISH for wanting passion and true love, so naive~ (see fuckboys: i’m so nice and handsome why doesn’t she love me she’s horrible) instead the narrative presents her not marrying him as a perfectly valid choice and one the viewer sides with her on. the narrative supports her choice and makes it clear it was the right decision. ADDITIONALLY, the solution presented to fix the arranged marriage problem is to DESTROY THE PATRIARCHY. like???? don’t fuck with me this movie is perfect

2. literally the other main conflict is the love interest. he’s essentially a conman trying to convince mia to fall passionately in love with him so he can steal the throne. but along the way… he falls in love with her. THIS IS LITERALLY THE PLOT OF THREE THOUSAND FANFICTIONS PEOPLE

3. speaking of fanfiction…this movie is one. like, i’m not even joking. the first princess diaries movie essentially compiled the first 3 books into a movie, but the sequel wasn’t based on the books at all. disney just pulled something out of their asses and was like “this will make the fangirls happy”

4. at the beginning of the movie mia graduates from princeton’s woodrow wilson school of international affairs… literally one of the best international studies programs on the planet.. then she’s flown to a castle…where she’s a princess..and has hot men falling all over her…and wears ballgowns…like…mia is such a mary sue but somehow the movie manages to avoid making her one AT ALL

5. also holy shit??! mia doesn’t just stand around looking pretty as a princess.. she’s clearly really smart and genuinely cares about the people of genovia and does her best to serve them well even to it’s hard work… like damn mia is fucking committed to being a good queen she’s not just a princess because castles make good backdrops for romances

6. the queen/joe YAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS u fucking know u shipped that shit


8. chris pine. what a hot piece of ass amiright

9. the number of times something fucking bizarre happens to mia and she theoretically looks into the camera like she’s on the office is comedic gold honestly. the maids?? flirting with her arranged husband?? climbing out a window?? the fAKE LEG!? mia is just trying to live her life but the universe keeps fucking it up. i feel u mia. 

in sum i have n o idea how the fuck this movie got made but goddamn is it not god’s gift to man

the fact SP is going to animate NH’s wedding into an hour long special just makes me despise them more naruto is a god damn action anime, why do we need to see them get married !! especially when we already see bits and pieces of it after the last!! there are so many other things i’d rather see but they keep shoving this pairing down our throats & im sick of it i was actually glad naruto kept going bc i love it so much but now i just want it to stop bc evidentially all they want to animate is hinata bouncin on naruto’s dick

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If you’re looking at Tina Goldstein and Newt Scamander, then reading the blurb about FBaWtFT2 and wondering how long it could POSSIBLY take for these two idiots to get their shit together and get married…you really didn’t pay attention to the first movie at all, did you?

Here we have Tina who:
- is the career girl, a MACUSA Auror at 25 (I mean holy shit that is impressive)
- supports her baby sister
- probably has no interest in playing house for any reason (see: Career Girl)
- almost certainly doesn’t want kids (see again: Career Girl)
- does not want to live in England OR a suitcase and actually only wants to live in NYC (see: MACUSA and sister)
- doles out 10 “oh no you did not just do that” looks for every half-smile
- dresses in menswear
- literally is too oblivious to notice mustard on her nose
- can’t verbally express actual emotions to save her life
- Thunderbird

And then there’s Newt who:
- is happiest when he’s traveling the world
- works at MoM (England) when he’s not traveling the world
- has a fierce connection and loyalty to Hogwarts and Dumbledore
- literally lives out of a suitcase
- already has like a hundred children (make no mistake I mean he calls himself “mum.”)
- annoys people
- sulks when he doesn’t get his way at age 29
- gets flustered and sad when Tina yells at him
- is still hung up on his ex who is clearly a sociopath
- can’t verbally express emotions to save his life
- Hufflepuff

I mean, you guys. This could take a decade.

So I was talking to a Muslim guy I know

Who was born and raised in the U.K., about consent, or rather the lack of it in Islam.

I asked him why his God thinks that a man is entitled to his wife’s body, even when she is unwilling.

His actual response was “consent was made up by the Jews to make Islam look bad.” Followed up by the classic “no rape in marriage”, because apparently that’s what you sign up for when you get married.

Feminists, if you want something valid to be outraged about, HERE IT IS.

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Why is it always dean and cas fighting though.. :'( like sam will forgive cas the same day and talks to him but dean and cas keep snapping at each other and doing the silent treatment for days? do they want to make sam and cas the bigger friendship or..?


Oh dear, haha! I get what you’re saying, but quite the opposite, actually. Especially in last night’s episode. :p

To be completely honest; I’m not always a fan of the bickering and snapping between them either. It depends on the context and how they’re selling it, it’s not always satisfying to think about it as ‘cute’ and ‘married’ when your favorite characters treat each other that way, I get that.

But I think that the great thing about how they show the Sam/Cas relationship as compared to the Dean/Cas relationship, is that it’s a never ending mirror that just screams “THESE TWO RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT THE SAME”.

Tonight’s episode made that blatantly clear, yet again; Sam’s reaction to Cas breaking the deal with Billie (the reaction of a concerned friend who is still capable of rational thought and communication), and Dean’s reaction to the same thing (the reaction of someone worried sick about the person they love, to the point where all rational thought is gone, and it makes him angry that Cas could put his own life at stake for them (for Dean)).

And we’ve been there before in different situations, take episode 11x18 “Hell’s Angel”; Sam is capable of thinking rationally, to come up with plans, whereas Dean is completely acting on his emotions. He gets angry at Sam, at Crowley, at the world. He stands there crying out Cas’ name beside that circle of fire while Sam quietly waits and assesses the situation to see what can be done.

Because it is NOT the same.

Why are Cas and Dean always bickering like that while Sam remains the calm and sane one? Because Dean just can’t think rationally whenever Cas is involved. Like at all. And he can’t talk about his emotions most of the time, so he just gets angry. Not because he doesn’t care, but because he cares too much.

Anyway, the great thing about this is; it’s probably been discussed a million times before, the parallels between the Sam/Cas and Cas/Dean relationship, but getting back to the point: it IS frustrating when they bicker and fight and bitch at each other. And the thing is, usually we have to meta it away. We talk about all of the above ^^^ and we say hey “it’s just because they care about each other to the point where it breaks them”. Which is a great theory that I’ve always completely accepted for my sanity’s sake, BUT it sometimes sucks to have to fill in those blanks all the time. It SUCKS to see your favorite characters flip out at each other all the time with little to no background or context as to why they’re doing it, because at the end of the day there’s no scene that confirms it or says it out loud because apparently no one on this show likes to talk about feelings. :p

And then along comes 12x10. And they’re at it again. And Sam seems to be way more forgiving than Dean. So what’s different this time? At the very end, Dean FINALLY does what he should’ve done all those times when it mattered. He communicates. And he says to Cas, on screen, for all of us to hear “I’m not mad… I’m worried”.

Confirming all of the above: at this point Dean would die before letting Cas die for him. Which ironically is double confirmed in the same episode when Dean doesn’t use the symbol to banish Isham, even knowing that saving Cas would mean that Dean himself was going to die. 

And in Dean’s eyes Cas ‘screwed that up’ with the Billie thing, and Dean feels like he’s lost either way if something would happen to Cas because of it.

So whereas Sam might be sad and concerned about the consequences that breaking the pact with Billie might have for Cas, Dean is already absolutely devastated at the mere thought that it might result in him losing Cas, and this is why he -unlike Sam-, just can’t deal with it like a normal human being. 

Which, as a Destiel fan, makes me laugh and cry at the same time, lol!

The best decision I ever made was forcing myself to learn to be happy on my own. Not everyone is meant to settle down and get married, not everyone is built for the ‘traditional’ lifestyle. Give yourself time to learn to be alone, figure out if you actually want a partner or if you’re just checking off boxes on a list that someone else made for your life. 

I know society makes it seem like single women, especially older single women, are unhappy. Don’t buy into that narrative. Write your own damn story. Write your story so well that other women look at it and are inspired to write their own stories too.