actually i want them get back to together :('

So I have been seeing some Roisa hate after the finale, saying that their relationship is toxic and unhealthy, and I am the first to admit that it is.

Rose has no regard for Luisa’s feelings, at all. She does things without thinking of what it will do to Luisa.

Killing Emilio was nothing to her, she probably hadn’t even considered what it would do to Luisa. Because she does not understand emotions very well, she’s a sociopath, she doesn’t feel emotions like other people, and Luisa feels so much and she can’t comprehend emotions beyond the very basic ones. She thinks in black and white while Luisa’s emotions (the ones concerning Rose for sure) are more grey.

Rose does genuinely love Luisa and she knows Luisa loves her too, but she does not understand that Luisa’s love for her is conflicted.

So when Luisa said she loved her Rose saw that as confirmation that Luisa would chose to run away with her, because if she loves her, why wouldn’t she?

As they are both minor characters, I can only speculate about their motives. We simply don’t know.

But I believe, judging by the timing, that Rose “became” Susanna to protect Luisa (also to get back at Elena and to get the chip/money but mostly for Luisa) Because Susanna appeared the very same day Mutter released Luisa. And to make sure Luisa never got hurt again, Rose wanted to be there for her. She might have never intended to have Luisa fall for her again. But it happened, and canonically Luisa is Rose’s only weakness, so it is very possible she tried not to (judging by Susanna’s earlier reluctance to kissing Luisa) have Luisa fall in love again.

But they are minor characters and we just don’t know.

So once again Rose messed up and hurt Luisa. So that is why I (and I am pretty certain everyone else in the Roisa ship) do not want them to run away together right now. It would be unhealthy and Luisa would be miserable.

Once again she started to rebuilt only to have Rose tear it all apart again. Luisa needs to take care of herself first. She as an individual is more important to me than this ship. I want her to be happy.

What I would like to see is Rose actually growing as a character, she does most of the things concerning Luisa out of a misguided form of love, but her schemes and plans still came first. What I would like to see is Rose putting Luisa first. To work on understanding Luisa’s feelings.

What I want is Rose to give up the 200 million for Luisa. To disband her business. To let Luisa actually know the real her. Not the trophy wife and not the detective. Just who Rose really is behind the fake identities.

So I want them together, but not in this fucked up state. I want real character development. I don’t want this stalker thing Rose pulled to be romanticized. I want her to put in the work and change.

Because I truly believe they belong together, but they have a long way to go. A Very long way.