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Voltron training headcanons for the soul

  • listen there has to be some kind of workout routine before they get to actual training w their bayards
  • shiro usually has them run laps or jump rope for warm up and then the workout is more crossfit-ish w some other stuff mixed in
  • shiro ALWAYS plays olivia newton-john’s “physical” (1981) and it’s super bass boosted and everyone hates it so so much
  • one day they’re lifting weights and shiro leaves to use the bathroom or smth and he comes back to find hunk bench pressing lance
  • he has to stop pidge from climbing on top of lance so he could bench press her while hunk bench presses him
  • it’s lance’s goal to burp everytime they jump up during burpees and one time he threw up
  • shiro: okay guys we’re doing suicide runs
  • pidge: shiro i will commit suicide if we do these
  • keith doesn’t know how to properly wrap his hands when they punch the bags so lance does it for him
  • he loves it bc that boy is so gay and omg his hands are touching mine oh man he’s so focused
  • however, after one particularly grueling workout, keith is all nauseous and shit and all he can think is “don’t throw up on lance don’t throw up on lance don’t throw up on lance oh god he’s so cute”
  • he kept it down until lance finished and then he ran over to the bin and hurled up breakfast
  • lance: oh shit did i really smell that bad
  • keith, internally: hey god. it’s me, keith. what are you doing to me?
  • hunk is the BEST at speed bags. he can keep a fast af rhythm for so fucking long it’s crazy
  • sometimes the other paladins just stop and watch him go at it
  • they find a box for pidge to stand on bc the speed bags are too tall for her
  • when they get to sparring they’re usually tired and tap out a bit too soon and shiro goes “WOULD ZARKON GIVE U A BREAK?????”
  • lance to shiro: why don’t you ever work out with us?????
  • shiro: don’t need to. see these muscles? these are from the emotional baggage i carry me every day
  • lance: what?
  • shiro: haha i have my own workout routine :^)
BTS Reaction to: Their girlfriend getting a lot of hate

Anon asked: “Hi there! If requests are still open could u make a reaction of bts dating a muslim girl, and now shes getting alot of hate ?? and maybe if youre comfortable enough, she starts to have suicidal thoughts ?? like your my favourite writer now okay and im gonna have a mental breakdown if u reply to this!!! I LOVE YOU <3”

Author’s note: First of all THANK YOU that really means a lot to me! Second of all I decided to not go for a certain religion because just as with the name things I want everyone to relate to this. I don’t want to limit it to certain things such as names for example. I hope you can understand that. Gifs aren’t mine. x 

Warnings: Mentions of suicidal thoughts. If you’re not comfortable with that please don’t read this. x 

You knew that dating and Idol would come with getting some hate from ‘fans’. Even though the majority of the fandom would eventually warm up to the idea and accept it, there’s always some immature people who feel the need to tell you that you’re not worthy of dating him and that you should kill yourself. This happens in every fandom and you were prepared to get some hate, but you weren’t prepared for this. You always thought sending people you don’t even know hate just because they’re dating someone you like them as well was total bullshit and you still think that up to this day. But when every comment on your social media is filled with negativity it’s not hard to doubt yourself. Doubt if you’re indeed even worthy of dating him. Doubt if you’re indeed ugly and fat. And doubt if you shouldn’t just end it to get rid of all the hate. 

Your boyfriend knew that you got hate and that really hurt him. However, he didn’t know what kind of hate you got. He thought it was just immature stuff like calling you fat and ugly but when he saw that his ‘fans’ told you that you should kill yourself he really started to worry and ran up to your room. Not even knocking on the door before opening it. When he saw you curled up underneath the covers, sobbing uncontrollably he felt his heart break into tiny little pieces. 


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It would hurt Seokjin that people felt the need to send you hate. They judged your relationship based on what they saw not what it was like in reality. Besides, they didn’t even know you and the things they sent were just really immature stuff. However, Seokjin knew that getting a lot of hate for a certain period of time could really knock someone’s confidence. So he wasn’t surprised when he found you curled up underneath the covers in your bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed as he pulled the covers down enough to gently run his fingers through your hair. He loved his fans but he didn’t approve of them sending this immature stuff just because you were dating him. They didn’t even know you and he was sure that if they did, they’d love you. Seokjin moved you so your head was resting in his lap as he gently stroked your hair, trying to calm you down a little. 

“I’ve read the comments baby. I know what they’re saying to you. Please know that they’re just jealous and that this is absolutely ridiculous. I love you and they should know that. If they feel the need to send you this type of stuff they’re not real fans. I’ll tell them what I think about it tomorrow, okay? Just please know that I’m here for you if you want to talk about it.” 

“So you don’t agree with them?” 

“Of course not Princess. You’re absolutely beautiful and I’ll love you no matter what.” 


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Yoongi knew hate comments were a part of it and he got used to it after a while. He knew the haters were just jealous and immature people, but that didn’t mean their words didn’t hurt. Yoongi learned how to shrug them off over the years but you didn’t. You hadn’t gotten used to it and figured you never could get used to it. It just really hurt you that people would send you still like that just because you were dating Yoongi. So when you read that you should just go and kill yourself you cracked. You ran up to your room and hid under the covers, sobbing uncontrollably as you let all your sadness out. Yoongi’s heart broke at the sight of you looking so sad. He didn’t expect you to take it so badly so he climbed in bed with you and pulled you against him. Gently running his fingers through your hair as he pressed soft kisses all over your face, kissing away your tears. 

“Why are you so sweet to me? Don’t you agree with them?” 

“Of course not Jagi. They’re just immature people who think sending you hate will get me to break up with you, which isn’t gonna happen.” 

You flashed him a soft smile as you nuzzled your face against his chest, wrapping your arms around him as he rested his chin on top of your head. 

“I’ll never let go of you Jagiya, no matter how much hate they send. I love you.” 

“I love you too Yoongi.” 


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Tears filled Hoseok’s eyes as he saw you curled up underneath the sheets. He knew getting hate was hard, especially when people told you that you should just kill yourself. Hoseok wanted to make sure that you knew how special you were to him. So he wiped his tears before joining you in bed, straddling your waist and tickling your sides. You whined as you tried to push him off, which obviously didn’t work. You couldn’t help but laugh as he continued attacking your sides. Tickling had always been one of your weaknesses and he knew that. Hoseok felt a lot better seeing you smile and wiped your tears before pressing kisses to your cheeks. You giggled at the feeling as you stared up at him. Your eyes were still showing sadness but there was also another emotion visible, love. 

“Y/N, I know it’s hard but please don’t listen to them. They really don’t know what they’re talking about.” 

“How do you know that?” 

“Because they don’t know you, or us.” 

You sighed in defeat before letting your head fall back against the pillow. Hoseok moved to lay down on top of you as he gently brushed your hair out of your face. 

“Maybe we can do a livestream tomorrow and talk to people about it. I think that could actually help and give people a clear image of what we’re really like together. It will probably stop some of the hate.” 

“You think?” “I’m sure.” 

“Okay, let’s do it.” 


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As someone who’s dealt with a lot of hate himself he knew exactly how you were feeling. You know you should just get over it but when you get so much hate every single day it doesn’t take long before you start to believe that what they’re saying is actually true. What he didn’t understand however was why people told you to kill yourself. Was that really all because you were dating him? Namjoon didn’t even want to spend his time on immature people like that and instead focused on making you feel better. He knew you weren’t exactly confident and that this must have only made you more insecure than you already were. So when he saw you hiding underneath the covers he let out a deep sigh before lifting you out of bed. Namjoon knew that laying in bed the entire day would only make you more depressed than you already were. 

So he took you downstairs and sat you down on the couch. He went to the kitchen to make some tea for you before he pulled you close and put on a nice movie. He knew he’d have to talk to you about this eventually but right now didn’t seem like a good time. You were very emotionally unstable and at this point he just wanted to make you feel better, not worse. Once the movie ended you felt a lot better and Namjoon knew that this was a good time to talk to you about it. 

“Maybe I can talk in an interview about it and try to explain to the fans how much I love you? That way they might realize that sending you hate is just stupid and unnecessary.” 

“You’d do that for me?” 

“Of course baby. Anything to make you feel better. Besides I do not tolerate this kind of behavior from them. This is just crazy.”  


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Jimin knew exactly how you felt when he saw you laying underneath the sheets. People told him to lose weight and when he finally did they said that he should get abs again. It took him a long time to realize that it shouldn’t matter that those people thing, just as long as he’s happy with himself. But he also knew how hard it was to realize that when you got hate comments like that every single day. Let alone when you got hate comments saying that you should just end it. He didn’t understand why people felt the need to do that. If they knew what you were like they’d absolutely love you. He was sure about that. So Jimin tried to come up with a way to let the people know that they should stop sending hate and that he loved you very much. 

Once you had calmed down from your breakdown he pulled you in your lap and snapped a cute photo of you two together before posting it on Twitter. He made sure to add that he loved you dearly and that the people should stop sending hate comments. Surprisingly it worked. After about 5 minutes Jimin saw nothing but love in the comments. A bright smile spread across his face as he showed you the tweets. You felt your heart warm at the sweet comments as happy tears spilled down your cheeks, making him chuckle. 

“Jagiya! I’m trying to cheer you up and now you’re crying again!” 

“I’m sorry! I’m just not used to people saying nice things about me and this is just really sweet. I love you Jimin. So much.” 

“I love you too Y/N. You know that.” 


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Taehyung took a deep breath before gently pushing your hair back and climbing on top of you. He removed the covers from your body so he could see you and pressed kisses all over your face and neck, making you giggle. Taehyung felt a lot better seeing you smile again but he knew he had to so something. He simply couldn’t handle seeing you like this more often. Especially when he coudl fix the problem. Just like Namjoon Taehyung would come up with a way to tell the fans how proud he was of your relationship. Seeing you so sad broke his heart and he didn’t want to see you like that every again. So when the interviewer mentioned you Taehyung took that as his chance to clear things up and to tell the fans how happy he was with you. 

“I just want to say that I’m really happy with Y/N and it really hurts me that some people feel the need to send hate to her. I love her so much she doesn’t deserve this. She really is amazing and I wish people could see that.” 

“You’re really happy with her aren’t you?” The interviewer asked, making Taehyung smile brightly. The others laughed at their friend’s behavior as they all looked at him with fond smiles on their faces. 

“I definitely am. She means everything to me and despite all the hate she gets she still manages to see the good in people. I really do admire that in her.” 

“Seems like you two are a great couple!” 

After the interview aired your Instagram page was filled with nothing but love and apologies. You seriously couldn’t thank Taehyung for everything he did for you. 


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Jungkook would be hurt that people would sent you stuff like that. He simply didn’t understand why they’d hate on such a sweet and lovely girl like you. Was it really all because you were dating him? He just didn’t get it at all. It broke his heart when he saw you sobbing so he needed to come up with something to make it stop. Jungkook knew that you were in no rational state to talk to people so he sat down next to you, rested your head on his lap as he started Vlive. In the mean time your sobs had quieted down and you were looking up at him. You weren’t sure what he was doing but as soon as he started talking you realized what was going on. 

“Hey everyone. I’m doing this vlive because I’ve noticed that a lot of people send hate comments to my lovely girlfriend for absolutely no reason. If you knew her you’d like her just as much as I do. She means everything to me and I love her so much. It really hurts her to read stuff like that and seeing her so sad really hurts me too. I’m not asking you to support our relationship. All I’m asking is for you to support it. If you’re really my fan you want me to be happy and Y/N makes me happy. Really happy even.” 

He looked down to see you smiling at him with teary eyes. Quickly wiping them before wrapping your arms around his waist. 

“Just looking at her makes my heart beat faster. She’s laying on my lap right now if you’re wondering why I’m looking down.” 

You laughed at his words as you moved to sit up. Flashing a smile to the camera and waving. “Hey everyone.” 

The rest of the time was spend talking to the fans online, who were nice in case you were wondering. You really liked the change of events and were happy that Jungkook actually took the time and effort to talk to his fans about it. You really had a great boyfriend. 

When I Was Your Man

Pairing- Steve(Pre Serum) x Reader , Bucky  x Reader (This is during CATFA)

Words - Approx 1.3k

A/N - This is my entry for Jess’s @caplansteverogers 900 followers celebration(I am so fucking late , I know that . I am so sorry). 

I chose the song When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. I love this song and its amazing you should probably give this a listen if you haven’t.

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:-) Actually yeah! That anon should try running a blog that gets a ton of new requests each day (upwards of 30), making sure the queue is good and sacrificing half your daily input to it, posting a certain amount of boards everyday (yesterday was 26, the day before that 20, and so far today [12pm for me] already having 11 boards done, while also trying to keep everyone happy AND living our actual lives! So, sorry that we don’t QUITE meet some people’s quality standards but unless you want to trade places, that’s just too bad. :-) (Mod Luna)


I’m having a little trouble with it. I’ve never really had issues with the big number birthdays. But this one. Maybe because I don’t actually look or act my age. ;)

And then there’s the fact that I never thought I’d make it to 50. I figured I’d either have killed myself or been done in by cancer long before now. But no. I’m alive, medicated so I’m not thinking of killing myself every day. Living in China, of all places. Teaching English, of all things. 

What the fuck is my life?

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I have a big problem with Queen for a Day: Rapunzel's hair is FREAKING MAGIC, and everyone's there all "Well this is clearly just a fairytale and you can't prove anything" SQUEEZE ME BUT IF THE PRINCESS'S HAIR IS MAGIC DON'T YOU THINK MAYBE THERE CAN BE MORE MAGIC?

I actually think that everything has been a bit more magical since Rapunzel arrived. The first few times Eugene saw her hair in action, he freaked out. That probably means he’s never encountered actual magic before then. And while everyone went searching for the Flower, only a few people saw it, and even fewer saw it in action.

And really, how many people have seen Rapunzel’s hair acting magical? As far as we know, it’s only reacted those few times, and usually it’s in a very private setting. The people who protested her looking for the Demanitus Device are all really pragmatic people.

Also, have you considered that Frederic has been squashing the idea of magic existing in Corona? Because Rapunzel’s hair is what got her kidnapped, he may be trying to convince everyone to forget that it’s real. I honestly, truly, and with the whole of my heart believe that he and Quirin know significantly more about the spikes than they’re letting on. I think they’re deliberately keeping that information from everyone.

I’m not normally one to delve into conspiracy theories, but I honestly think there’s a conspiracy going on here.

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Seriously I’ve been crying and having anxiety/panic attacks all fucking day because of the Net Neutrality thing, THERE HAS TO BE SOME HOPE OR SOME REALISTIC WAY TO SAVE IT

I would seriously organize locally for municipal broadband. Like I think it could be broadly popular. And I guess we will see if the public pressure actually prevents it - I’m obviously just a jaded anarchist that doesn’t think the government ever has the people’s interests even anywhere near their mind when they make decisions - but we’ve saved the net before. We’ll have to see. The decision isn’t final yet.

But organize locally for municipal broadband or locally controlled community internet!! Local action really gets the goods and makes a huge difference, eventually on a national and global scale. Grassroots scale up.

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How about the Libra boys caring for their blind s/o? How they met? When they began to date? Saving them from dangerous situations?



  • tbh Klaus probably accidentally ran into his s/o while trying to do something and apologized before he realized that his s/o was blind
  • ah, after that, he can’t help but think about them and worry about them as he goes through his days
  • when he runs into s/o again (like, actually, really running into them - he feels so guilty again RIP), he asks if he can go out on a date with them ((lowkey anxious about it))
  • s/o can honestly probably tell whenever he’s around/where he is based off of how tall he is and how his presence is so present and how his heat kinda radiates off of him
  • Klaus will always feel his heart pause if he sees s/o near a monster and they can’t see it and they keep on tripping over the things they can’t see
  • absolutely terrified for them and somehow gets there so fast that it’s almost like he teleported and he takes that motherhecker down before it can hurt s/o


  • he meets s/o one day by chance in the street when they keep on bumping into people and some people are a little less than forgiving to them
  • swoops in and ‘saves the day’ in a way – he stands up for his s/o and puts whomever is getting angry at s/o in their place
  • he likes to describe things to s/o that he sees purely because he loves seeing his s/o tilt their head slightly and smile softly and he knows that (even though s/o is blind) they’re seeing what he is – but it’s even prettier than what Steven sees he just knows this
  • Steven gently leads his s/o through the streets and likes to keep them close by just in case something’s going to happen
  • s/o becomes accustomed to Steven’s ice at this point lmao because he panics whenever something comes near his s/o
  • they know that if they feel something extremely cold and everything freezes, they should stay where they are until Steven is by their side once more


  • whoops, he ran into s/o one day while running away and accidentally knocked them down to the ground
  • which, uh, actually saved them from being hurt by a stray bullet, so it wasn’t completely bad Leo still feels so guilty though, and he doesn’t stop apologizing
  • s/o leaves shortly after that, flustered and thinking that it was their fault for running into Leo while he honestly can’t stop thinking about s/o and how different he and s/o are in their eye situations
  • s/o always helps comfort Leo whenever his eyes are overworked, which makes Leo feel kinda bad because here he is, with these amazing powers and the ability to see so much while s/o is blind (you can’t tell me that he didn’t try to use his eyes to help s/o see just a little bit - not that it worked however)
  • he always feels so useless whenever there’s a dangerous situation and s/o may be caught in the middle of it – but he somehow manages to get them out every time, before something bad happens
  • gives a little yelp if s/o begins to accidentally stray near a battle or just something sketchy in general before dragging them away desperately


  • he was about to snap at s/o to watch where they’re going when they run into him until he realizes that they’re blind
  • then gahhhh, he feels so guilty and tries to hide it behind a small laugh and oooh, s/o looks kinda cute when they’re relieved
  • afterwards, the two go on a date because Zapp thinks that s/o might get killed if he doesn’t keep an eye on them is kinda cute and he loves watching the way that they get around
  • he tries to describe the things around him for his s/o then gets frustrated when he realizes that there aren’t any words for it while s/o laughs lightly behind him and tells him it’s okay it’s NOT
  • omfg, he does not like leaving his s/o alone during a battle or a fight on the street or something because he’s scared that they won’t hear/sense something near them in time
  • his movements and fighting is always it’s best when s/o is near him because nothing is going to get past him and hurt his s/o 


  • ahh, his s/o running into him was kinda a bad start to the day for him, honestly – that is, until he realized that they were blind and they started to apologize profusely
  • he’s fascinated by his s/o and how they get around and live in a seeing world while they’re blind and he’s kinda curious about how they do it
  • which leads to him taking his s/o to lunch while they patiently ask his questions which Zed feels slightly embarrassed about, for some strange reason
  • he likes to read his s/o some book during their dates, keeping them close to him - s/o tries to teach him how to understand Braille sometimes as well, which is something Zed pays attention to with a very determined look on his face (because he likes to LEARN)
  • he is blunt in battle and he makes sure that s/o is either out of the way pr they’re right by his side
  • he almost chokes when he sees that they’re near something and he almost destroys everything in his path (yes, especially if Zapp’s in the way RIP) until he’s by their side and whisking them away from the fight
My Religion

I’ve never talked about my religion on here but here we go.

You could say I’m a realllyyyyyyy reformed/liberal Christian, I guess? I believe in science, witchcraft (NOT WICCA. I REPEAT. WITCHCRAFT IS NOT WICCA.) and God.

This is how I think it goes: in the beginning, there was nothing but darkness and God. He decided to create the Universe. First, he made the Big Bang happen.

The universe just sorta expanded on it’s own at that point. God decided that he wants to make a very special planet just for life. So he created Earth. However, he took quite a long time making it before any life actually appeared.

So God thought that microscopic creatures were good and well, but he wanted something bigger. So he made bigger animals, but obviously the ‘7 days’ that are described in the Bible actually took thousands of millions of years. It was 7 days for God.

He made them veeeeeeerrrrryyyyy sloooooowwwlllyyyyy (because the Lord took lots of care in making each animal perfect and unique) and constantly “updated” them to become better, this process is evolution.

One day he decided he wanted a caretaker for the animals. So he made Man. When Man got lonely, he created a Woman to help him with his task (AND THEY WERE EQUALS! WOW WHAT A CONCEPT). Also their names were not Adam and Eve because no-one can actually know what the names of people who lived 25000 years ago are. By the way, they were black.

Then Eve ate the forbidden fruit (which was an ambiguous event believe it or not) and they were exiled from Eden. The Bible can take it from there.

Also, while all this shit was going on, a totally different force existed which had nothing to do with God. It is what modern witches call Energy and is literally the other life force in the Universe apart from God. It and God are not enemies because Energy isn’t conscious. Energy controls a lot of things. I won’t go into detail because I’d be bored too.

Oh, and as there became more and more people they had different views of God and saw different aspects of Him. Some saw Him as Allah, others as the Christian God, some people saw different aspects of Him as different personalities and treated each aspect as it’s own God or Goddess…etc.

I believe that all religions can coexist because the one God doesn’t belong to Christians. He can take many forms in different cultures and all of them are fine. He does not discriminate.

Also yeah, I follow the Bible and STILL think God loves LGBT+ people and people of different religions. God loves EVERYBODY, that is the whole point.

The only real sins are things that actually harm people, like murder or pedophilia.

LGBT+ is not a sin.
Sex is not a sin.
Women’s rights are not a sin.
Suicide is not a sin.

What is a sin though is bullying and discrimination (especially in the name of the Lord. If I hear this “God hates f*gs” bullshit one more time I swear I’ll cry)

So yep, that sums up my views on the Lord. I believe in Jesus too, and everything he did was true. He died for our sins to save us.

I know that God intended me to be as I am: otherkin, bi, autistic. And I’ll thank Him for that for eternity.

Thanks for reading! (If you read this far)

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colleen !! i’ve never actually talked personally w/ you before so i don’t think you know me, but i do reblog a lot of your stuff on another blog i run 😅 i’m just spreading some late night (for me) positivity to a few fave blogs of mine, so heyo !! i hope u have a good day !! [ -💛 ]

Awwwww this is so sweet, thank u so much, 💙💙💙

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When Donald first brings up his sexuality/gender questioning to his moms?

I don’t have the wherewithal to actually write that right now because it will be very emotional and take a lot out of me but…his moms definitely know before he brings it up, but they want to let him figure it out on his own.

They take him to Pride every year because it’s fun and it makes him happy, and a few days before the parade the summer after his freshman year of high school he brings up his sexuality at dinner and says he thinks he likes both boys and girls and asks if they can maybe check out some of the bi-themed events at Pride this year.

Gin and Toni both hug him and tell him they love him and are very proud of him for being brave and coming out, and say that yes of course they can check out the bi pride events. 

That year Donald comes home from Pride with a tiny bi flag that he keeps in the pen cup on his desk, and a bi flag bracelet that he wears until it falls apart (and then replaces at the following year’s Pride).

He brings up his gender much later, in college, because he needs to spend some time away from home to figure out if he’s actually agender or if he just thinks he is because Gin is and they’re such a formative influence on him. 

He comes out to his moms when he comes home for Christmas break in his freshman year of college, and Gin immediately gives him a bunch of pamphlets on being trans in college and how to force the school administration to respect his identity. 

Proposal Story

You asked for it, so here’s the fully story of what led to the madness of Saturday night at RTXL.

For context, @cenizacaer and I had been planning the beauty and the beast crossover since about July time and eventually decided Yang would be the beast and Blake Belle. We were pretty hype for RTXL and doing a crossover we’d never seen done in cosplay before somehow. (Also our first date was to see Beauty and the Beast).

So cue about a month and a half before RTXL, I’ve basically got my costume together at this point other than my steampunk robo arm. I’m sitting in my flat chatting away to my sister, joking about how these outfits would be perfect for a cosplay proposal, but that it’s probably too soon for any of that. And she just flat out says “Well, why don’t you? If you’re so sure about it why care what other people might think?”

And suddenly a switch is flicked in my head. The only reason I’m delaying this is for the sake of other people’s opinions, and that’s no way to live or make decisions in my life. I’m sure of doing it now, I’m not even remotely nervous, because I know I’ve never felt more certain about a person or a choice in my life. I don’t really believe in soul mates, but how quickly I clicked with @cenizacaer and just how well we get along, it’s definitely made me reconsider that view.  

So all of a sudden I’m planning this proposal, down to the moment, exactly what I want to say. Not many people know this, but @cenizacaer‘s had a lot of people go in and out of her life without ever really committing or being steadfast when things got rough. It makes her worried that people she cares about will just leave when things get difficult. That was part of my decision, I wanted to show that I wasn’t fair weather, I was someone she could put all her faith in. 

Cue RTXL, I’ve got a ring, all of my group of friends that are with me know the plan and wait for the moment I’ve decided on Saturday night to give the signal. We’re taking these pictures beside the river after the con is over for the day, 

And by this point I’ve put the ring box in my pocket, just waiting for the right moment. 

And here I’m getting ready to, I’m waiting for @cenizacaer to stand up so I can start the whole speech, but the gurl doesn’t. She stays rooted even when I stand up and I’m like wtf is going on. All of our friends are standing watching in silence behind us. 

So Ceni straight up pulls out a ring box and I’m so confused and in disbelief. She starts with “This isn’t an engagement, it’s a promise.” Basically, she’s giving me a promise ring, and keeping one for herself, one gold, one silver. At this point my own script has gone out the window but I still go forward with my plan in a somehow smooth manner. 

I start with, “I’ve got a better question…” And yank the ring box from my pocket. Cue Ceni basically being unable to talk for the next minute (which is a very rare occurrence) 

Surprise, she said yes! Kinda, I think this kiss tells you all you need to know. One of the only actual scripted lines from my proposal I got in was “You’re the Yin to my Yang.” Followed by a wink. (Barb appreciated that the next day when we met her)

So basically my sister had been scheming for both of us the whole month before, keeping both of us in the dark to each other’s plans, until this absolutely perfect, fairy tale moment, where we both end up planning to do the thing at the exact same time. It’s honestly the most crazy thing that’s ever happened to me but I couldn’t be happier for how it happened.

Do you ever think about how hard harry tried to miss the 2012 NYE haylor fiasco?

1. “forgets” his passport while at the airport checkin counter at Heathrow and waits 3 days before attempting to fly again to NYC

2. Goes to a Coldplay concert the SAME NIGHT (missing her performance lol) on the complete opposite side of town

3. Actually got the kiss to not be televised after it had been promoted continuously all night that it would be

He tried So Hard :(

There’s a Ball?

So, this was a prompt. I have included the ask at the very end this time because I don’t want to give away the spoiler! Another one that was slightly longer than expected. Oh well. 


            “Did you hear?” A boy whispered in delight, voice echoing around the now silent corridor. Draco rolled his eyes heavily. What was with immature people being obsessed with gossip? One would think that there would be better things to talk about than mindless shite.

             “Harry Potter is coming back for the Remembrance Ball next month!”

               Draco froze as he fought the urge to demand the boy to spill his sources. It wouldn’t do well to bring himself attention, especially about Potter.

               Excited whispers broke out as they all waited for Slughorn to open his door for class.

               “Where did you hear that?” Smith asked doubtfully. “Someone else brought up Potter at the beginning of the year but it turned out to be false.”

               For once, Draco was rather grateful for the Hufflepuff’s insight. He just hoped that it wouldn’t be a recurring thing.

               “I overheard McGonagall telling Flitwick about it when I was passing by the staffroom.”

               Draco furrowed his brows. If Potter was stopping by for a visit, Granger or Weasley would have acted like it, wouldn’t they? He shot a look towards Granger, who had a book on Modern Goat Conspiracy Theories compared to Anciently Deceased Theories open in one hand and their Potion’s book in the other. Surely, she couldn’t be reading both, right? Weasley had his head resting on Granger’s shoulder and appeared to be asleep. His mouth was open and Draco was pretty sure he saw drool.

               The clang of the door opening had Draco putting this behind him. It was no doubt just gossip.


               “If Potter is coming back for the ball, who do you think will be his date?” Abbott asked as Draco sighed heavily, a few seats away from her in History of Magic.

               “Who says he has to have a date?” Macmillan asked with a scoff. “I’m going stag and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

               Finch-Fletchley snorted loudly. “You’re going stag because everyone you asked turned you down.”

               Draco was incredibly sick of everyone talking about Potter. This was getting out of hand. What was with everyone being obsessed with the savior? Merlin, there had to be better things to talk about.

               “That’s because he is blind to Abbott’s desperate pining after him.” Draco snarked, not bothering to turn around. He was just fed up with the whole conversation.

               There was a stunned silence that filled the room. Macmillan sounded as if he was choking on his own tongue and that was certainly the highlight to Draco’s day.

               “Is—Is Malfoy telling the truth?” Macmillan whispered, sounding awed. As if he hadn’t noticed that the girl had been in love with him for seven years.


              Draco spared a miniscule moment of guilt as the girl sounded positively miserable. But it was for the best. He knew how this would end. And really, what was a little pain as long as it ended in happiness? Well, if they actually lasted as a couple that is. As a realist, he predicted those two would break up after one or two children.

               “Would you like to go to the ball with me?” Macmillan’s tone was scared, which had Draco rolling his eyes.

               “Yes!” Abbott squeaked out far louder than was necessary, causing Draco to nod approvingly.

               And if a small smile also escaped, well, no one had to know.

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【Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】BTS My Biography – Jimin’s part  

The middle school student who loves dancing became a member of BTS

My earliest memory is when I was 4 – 5 years old (nominal age) and we were moving to a new property nearby where we lived at the time. I held the rice cooker’s inner pot and helped my family to move. When I was a child, I loved to go outside to play with my hyungs and friends in the neighborhood every day. We often played football and hide & seek. Once I ran too far away and even ran to the nearby town (laughs).

In primary school, I loved to play with my friends. During the breaks, we often played football. Although I really liked drawing, I hated coloring. My future dreams changed constantly every day, I wanted to become a chef when I watched a cooking anime. When I watched ‘Galaxy Express 999’, I wanted to become the Galaxy Express’ driver, and I wanted to become a pirate when I watched ‘One Piece’.

I have a very good relationship with my young brothers, who’s 2 years younger. Sometimes, we play games together at home, or watch movies. I remember that we watched the anime ‘Dragon Balls’ and the movie ‘The Host’. We’re just like friends.

I got along with everyone in middle school. Although there’re 6 classes in my school, I pretty much knew everyone. I joined the football and table tennis clubs at school, I was happy every day back then.

I became interested in dancing during the 2nd grade of middle school. I used to go to practice punctually after school, and I started to attend a dance academy in 2010. I was also happy in the dance academy. Whenever I had time, I would go practice dance. I’ve also participated in big performances, but I was really nervous. Actually, even now sometimes I still get nervous when I stand on the stage.

A year before graduating from middle school, I started to think about attending an arts high school. I couldn’t even concentrate on studying when I was in the self-study room, I was worrying about “which high school should I attend? what do I want to do in the future…” While I was contemplating, I thought about having a job where I could stand on the stage. So, Busan Arts High school became my target. In dance majors, I wanted to learn dances that’s modern so I chose contemporary dance as my major. During high school, I spared no effort in dancing. At the time, my friends and I only knew dancing, we got together and practiced, messed around and then continued to practice. During high school, I also had to deal with the dance academy’s workload, but I worried about the tuition fees so I said: “I won’t attend the dance academy anymore.” However, the teacher said: “Jimin, you can attend even if you don’t pay.” The teacher took so much care of me, I wanted to repay the teacher so I practiced even harder. I learnt a lot under the guidance of the teacher. I’ve never thought about giving up dance, not even once.

During spring 2012, my middle school dance teacher contacted me so I auditioned and got accepted, then I decided to go to Seoul in May. The first member I met was Hobi hyung. Hyung welcomed me and said, “let’s work hard together!” Other members also came to talk to me, it just reminded me of the time when I arrived, I went to eat with everyone in the canteen. The happiest moment during the trainee life was when we eat and play together. I still have the amusement park ticket that we went together, I still carry that around in my wallet. It’s because it was the first time and first place that all of our members went together to play. So, it’s engraved on my memory. I’ve been carrying that ticket for about 5 years.

In Seoul, I got transferred to the same school as Taehyung. I was in Class 4 but Taehyung was in Class 2, the whole school knew Taehyung. Because Taehyung has a lot of friends so when he came to my class, he said to the students, “be nice to Jimin!” I’m really shy with strangers, but I gradually got close to my classmates thanks to Taehyung.

The most difficult part of the trainee life was the uncertainty of my future. I got anxious when I hear “you might get eliminated this time”, so I wanted to do my best with practicing. If I practiced until 3, 4am, I would sleep a bit and go practice singing at 6am for an hour and then go to school. This routine continued for about a year. At the time, I’ve never thought I could become a member of BTS, but I was chosen as a substitute member. The hyungs said: “we want to debut with Jimin”, and that became my strength. The feeling of wanting to debut with these hyungs grew stronger.

I was so excited when we debuted. The memories of when we had the showcase, we received a cake from our fans for the first time, after the showcase BTS members and staff members all cried, we went on music shows the next day, and Jin hyung cried. No matter how long it has been, I can’t forget those memories.

I don’t have anything new that I want to challenge in the future, I just want to challenge and see how far I can go with the things I’m doing now. I’m also diligently learning Japanese because I want to speak Japanese fluently!

V’s palm reading; Jimin; Suga; Rap MonsterJungkookJinJ-Hope
Q: What do you want to challenge yourself this summer?
BTS Ranking Q1 - 8
BTS Biography - V (Vol.3)BTS Biography - Suga (Vol.2)

Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)

[All of this happened because I wanted to write something about Stiles not being able to sleep without his pillow. Spoiler alert: his pillow is Derek.]


Derek tries not to look too hurt when Stiles says he’s going back to Washington, but when the Sheriff claps his back and Scott offers him a friendly hug, he knows he failed. But after everything, after the other night - it just doesn’t feel fair.


“It was a nice road trip, wasn’t it?” Stiles had said after they’ve won, after everything was done, their friends were alive and fine and Derek finally got his loft back. “I mean, we had some fun, right?”

Derek smiled without looking away from the flowers the Sheriff got him as a housewarming gift. “Yeah.” He answered, finally turning around. “It was nice to spend time with you.” It was more than nice and he cursed himself for not being able to say it, still, after everything, after the nights spent driving and talking and fucking in deserted roads.

“Yeah.” Stiles agreed easily. He was the one who started it after all, always showing up to save Derek - despite Derek saving him back plenty of times - always being there, trusting him, smiling and laughing like Derek makes him happy. “What will you do now that you’re a free man again?”

Derek shrugged. “I always wanted to start a farm, maybe raise some sheep?” When Stiles blinked at him, surprised, Derek let out a snort.

“Fuck you, I almost believed it!” Stiles said, punching his shoulder.

“You’re ridiculous.” Derek shook his head, still smiling. 

You’re ridiculous.” Stiles stressed, his hand still on Derek’s shoulder, touching, teasing. “I’m -“ Derek didn’t let him finish then, turning around and just pressing their lips together.

He didn’t want to listen then - and in hindsight maybe he should’ve - but without the haste, the guilt of having a nice time whilst their friends could be dying, Derek couldn’t wait, he just wanted to worship Stiles’ body, just wanted to kiss all the places he couldn’t reach before when they were squeezed in the backseat of Stiles’ car. 

And so he did, he made Stiles moan his name the entire night and he moaned Stiles’ own just as louder. Just to have his heart crushed the morning after.


“I’m gonna miss you.” Stiles says, his Jeep packed and ready to go. To leave everything behind.

It’s unfair, Derek knows. Stiles didn’t make promises and neither did he, but he can’t help how he feels. He understands Stiles doesn’t want to be in Beacon Hills anymore and that’s his choice, but Derek made his own and he’s tired of running away.

He’s never felt closer to his family than when he’s here, he’s already lost enough and he doesn’t want to lose his home. But somehow, as Stiles drives away, he feels like he just did.


I miss you, Derek thinks every day, staring at the black screen of his phone and wondering if he should actually write those words and send them to Stiles. He decides against it and despite the fact he was joking before, on the third day after Stiles left, Derek buys a farm.

He tells Lydia first during lunch at her favorite restaurant - she was adamant they had to become best friends and Derek enjoys her company so he lets it happen easily - and she tells him he’s not allowed to wear plaid around her. Then he tells Scott and two days later, he shows up at Derek’s front door with all kinds of seeds - “We need pumpkins for Halloween, Derek. Make it happen!”.

It’s something to do with his hands, something to work on. Create life, instead of ending them, build things, instead of destroying. He feels good, better and healing. Cora says he’s calmer now and Derek smiles, despite knowing she won’t be able to see him, and tells her he is.

Some days Stiles texts him, others he doesn’t. Derek reads the ones he has every night before going to bed, but he never answers them.

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anonymous asked:

what did they write in the autograph book...?

phil about dan:

“Dan Howell, whose name rhymes with hand towel, bland scowl, and sand owl, was created when a woodland creature had a baby with Liam Payne from one direction. When not procrastinating by eating the entire fridge or staying awake until 6am, he makes youtube videos on the channel danisnotonfire (which was his username back in the lolrandom bebo days.) Before becoming a Youtuber, teenager Dan worked in a DIY shop until one day he sold an axe to an eight year old. Dan’s Greatest Hits include “what not to do at the beach” (where he actually went outside), “sexy internet dating” (where he invited a naked 58 year old man called Manesh to our house), and “what is my life” (where he spent eight minutes pritt-sticking various meat products to his face). I know what you are thinking, “I want some Dan facts!” WELL HERE THEY ARE, JENNY! (I just totally freaked out anyone called Jenny) Dan is scared of trees. Dan eats cinnamon cereal every day (except the days I steal his cereal). I am sat next to Dan now and he said if he could have any dog it would be a Shiba Inu. If you haven’t checked out his videos yet then you are missing out - a LOT. Also you might want to check out his pretty cool friend Phil.

Get his autograph below! or find someone else called Dan and get him to forge it. Just convince yourself it was true.

Ok bye.”

dan about phil:

“Phil Lester is the by-product of two related grandparents and a haircut that was cool in 2006, but that’s okay because he has a lovely personality. His quirky videos and idiosyncratic editing sets him apart from other YouTube vloggers - that and his unique life which seems to attract a worryingly large amount of strange people and situations (which he relives for your enjoyment). If you look at yourself in the mirror and think “wow i am so weird, how do i function?” - Phil’s the guy that teaches you to embrace your individuality.

If you see Phil this weekend, do not be alarmed if his hand is facing backwards towards his pocket in a claw shape, he can’t help it. And he was does not condone irresponsible use of a permanent marker on your face.

Remember, normalness leads to sadness.”

listen i could fucking die

I like to think that logan has casually called something a square before and roman tries to correct him like “actually that’s a rectangle” but logan’s head just Twists to him and his eyes twitch as he explains with a Special voice that everything with four sides technically counts as a square

it’s at this moment that, unfortuntely for him, patton walks in and asks if that makes thomas a square too