actually i think he was staring at luhan

TAOGU Cut Scenes

So I’ve got seven parts that I wrote that didn’t make it into the actual fic. I figured I’d share them with you guys, so enjoy! If you have any questions about them don’t be afraid to send me an ask! 

I’ll put the actual writings under a cut, but the scenes are:

~ Jealous Sehun
~ Sehun meets Luhan
~ Fighting off drunk Baek
~ Jongin’s mom
~ Sehun cries to Kyungsoo
~ Kyungsoo thinks about Jongin
~ Sehun comes home 

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Exo Reaction When seeing their GF with another member

Chen: if you touch her again i’ll kill you. she’s mine okay? *puts his hand over you.

Luhan: *omg* what is this? she’s only belong to the manliest man in this world, which is me…

Kai: *stares at the member with dead stare*

D.O:  *plans for his lovely revenge to night*

Sehun: *open his mouth wide* Is he really trying to steal my GF?

Xiumin: *gives the member a poison strawberry*

Suho: do you really think you can actually make her happy? after all i have all the experience with 11 kids.

Kris: to be honest i really like you , tao. but, it still don’t mean you can take my Gf away from me.

Chanyeol: *look at you two…* baekhyun, what should i do…

Lay: oh really, you actually think you can take her away from me? I’m the only unicorn in this world that can make her heart melt.

Tao: I’m too fabulous to argue with you, but if you lay your eyes on her again you go another thing coming.

Baekhyun: no no no *shakes his head* i disagree she’s only mine okay?

EXO Reaction when their GF parodies their songs

Love you all! 

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*Stares at you for a few minutes* “I’ll just pretend she is dancing.. yes… *keeps walking*


“You are doing a good job! The guy in my role is cool” *GIF* 


*He is actually your fan* “Wait… do that one again.. the Galaxy move”


*Sassy more* “Look at that mini me! He is even wearing Gucci!”


*Doens’t think it twice and joins your overly dramatic version*


*Not sure what to say* “So this is what you do when I’m not around? You must miss me a lot babe”


*He is the one behind the whole plan* “Oh the boys will gonna love this! Never imagine it was my idea”


“What. Is. Gong. On?” *Catches you and Baekhyun being mischievous*


*Tries to be even better so he looks like the cool guy in your videos*


*He knew you were up to something* “So this was her big secret hm? Good material for black mail xD”


*Probably he doesn’t know because he falls asleep every time he turns the TV on*


*He is your sponsor, it always makes him laugh how the boys react to them*

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