actually i might just do the scene where they jump at the screen

Yuri!!! On Stage Event Report!

So today (4/29/2017) I went to the Yuri on Ice Yuri on Stage event. To clarify though, I was not at the actual Tokyo event, rather a live viewing at a local movie theater. Which of course does alter the experience but it’s the next best thing. At first I thought the theater was only doing the afternoon session, but very last minute I ended up being able to attend both!

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Late Late Show

Summary: At the launch of your new series Riverdale, you and Cole’s relationship has finally become public after KJ leaked a photo of you two out of character onto Twitter. In addition to dating him, your character is Jughead’s love interest, and so you have an interview with James Cordon.

Word Count: 1141

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“Everyone please welcome, one of the newest stars of the CW’s hit Riverdale, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!”

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Spoilers Ahead

DEH (7/12/17) Things:

-Everyone losing their shit when Colton came on stage.

-Colton is talking so fast without breathing and i don’t know how to handle this?

-Evan rolling over the top of his bed to get his backpack

-OMG Rachel and Jennifer in the first number. Slayyy

-Wow Mike Faist is even prettier in person

-The amount of sarcasm in “Am I not laughing hard enough for you?”


-Kris singing “Waving Through a Window”. it’s short but kills me. I love her.

-The social media constantly lighting up the stage is phenomenal.

-One of the social medias downstage shows that Jared has a snapchat and i cant handle this info.

-Omg Cynthia crying makes me cry


-Colton has such an amazing voice and he needs more appreciation

-His giggle and little gallop in “For Forever”. HELP ME??

-Zoe bounces her leg nervously a lot during the first act.

-Watching Evan’s face go from happy to heartbroken in the “he’s coming to get me” line. Like, protect the boi.

-Colton dramatically draping himself over the bedpost 👌👌

-The embarrassed pause before “secret email”. Colton did that perfectly and the audience loved it.




-Connor did a Newsie jump during “Sincerely Me”

-Evan went to hug Connor during “Sincerely Me” and made an :0 face

-Connor snapping his fingers during “if i stop smoking pot then everything might be alright.”

-I saw the knee thing in person. I have lived.

-All the finger guns during “Sincerely Me” saved me.



-Laura’s vocals

-Cynthia hugging Connor’s pillow during “Requiem”

-Zoe crumpling up the letters

-Protect Zoe Murphy

“You were not the MONSTER” (complete silence in the audience)

-Evan looking at Connor’s comic books

-Zoe looking like she’ll cry during “If I Could Tell Her”


-“You looked really pretty” music stops *awkwardly clears throat* “it looked pretty cool” *music starts back up*

-Colton singing “I love you”.

-The kiss was so awkward. Evan, why are you like this?


-Evan looking terrified at the idea of disappearing.

-My heart couldn’t handle when Connor did his “when you’re falling” reprise.

-OMG Alana and Jared. YEE

-Larry looking through the Connor Project pamphlet with an unreadable expression.

-The silence when Cynthia said that Connor didn’t get invited to any Bar mitzvahs.


-Somebody in the audience laughed when he messed up his speech and Evan just froze and it was absolutely painful. After that person laughed it was dead silence. And Evan fell to the ground, started crawling backwards, sobbed, and clutched onto Connor’s tie. This was such a painful scene to watch and Colton did it flawlessly. Bless that boy.

-All the social media in you will be found.

-The 👏 vocals👏 in 👏YWBF

-All the pictures of Connor lighting up the stage. (one of Mikes toddler pics is in there and it’s presh)

-Larry breaking down and clinging onto Cynthia

-All the screens with Evan giving his speech

-Evan starts out so small in that number and just watching him grow and be awed by the media, my heart.

-I was shaking throughout the entire number and intermission.

-Omg Alana and Evan working on the Connor Project is gold. She’s slowly hiding Evan away and the audience loved it.

-Evan awkwardly trying to be cool around Larry.

-“Kid that’s lost control” dead silence.

-I actually kinda like Larry after seeing it live??

- “I’m not breaking up with you” *Evan places his finger tips on her waist* “Thankyou”

-Evan is a bean


-OMG the scene where they were trying to give Heidi and Evan money was super uncomfortable. Evan just looks like he’s gonna be sick throughout that whole scene.

-Protect Heidi Hansen

-Will’s solo in “Good For You” 👌👌That is the good stuff.

-Jared looking like he’s going to run up and punch Evan. Evan running away timidly.

-Everyone cornering Evan and he looks so terrified.

-In the scene before Evan shows Alana the letter and he’s talking to Connor, the “suicide note” is lighting up the stage.

-Heidi in the “YWBF Reprise” and you can see the moment when she realizes that Evan wrote the note.

-Larry’s shell faltering for a second when he found out that Evan wrote the letter.

-“No mom who just was there” Cynthia sobbing and moving across the stage away from Evan.

-Colton was outstanding in “Words Fail”. he was bawling and looked so small. And after the “Worst of me” line he looked so defeated and helpless.

-OMG all of the sniffles from audience members during words fail. #me (i sobbed too)

-Heidi is my mom now

-Heidi giggles as she cries.


-Evan falling half off the couch and just clinging to Heidi. Heidi crying more as he does this.

-Colton’s eyes were so red from crying during this scene.

-The Orchard set is beautiful.

- The final speech and finale. Im wrecked.

So in final words I love Colton Ryan (i met him after the show as well as Rachel) as Evan and the whole cast. I have no idea how they all can do such an emotional show over and over. I’m so fortunate and honored to have seen such an amazing production. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Eight

Summary: You go for your first scan, skype with Gen and Danneel, and announce your pregnancy. Everything seems to be going well
Warnings: pregnancy, mild angst
Words: 3.5k
Jared x Reader (Jared x Reader x Gen), Jensen, Danneel, Clif
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

Your name: submit What is this?

You called up your doctor the next morning, apologising for the rude way you ended the last call.

She assured you that there was nothing to apologise for, knowing that the information would have come as a bit of a shock.

You were booked in for an ultrasound scan on Monday morning.

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Wedding Series #13 Part 1: The Night Before (His POV)

A/N: I’ll have it from your POV after this! I hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie


“Hyung, are you okay?” Jin looked up as Jungkook took a tentative step towards him.

“Of course I’m okay! Do I look not okay to you? Why would you be asking if i’m okay?” Jin rushed out.

“Because if you chop up those vegetables anymore, there will be nothing left to put in the stew.” Jin looked down to see what is now practically onion zest from how finely he’d chopped the vegetable. He quickly dropped the knife and leaned against the counter, gripping the corner so tightly his knuckles turned white as he heavily sighed. He felt Jungkook approach him and place his hand on his back in a comforting way. “It’s okay for you to be nervous and have doubts.” He said as he rubbed Jin’s back. “It’s normal actually. But the reason why you’re having doubts will determine if you’re ready for the marriage.”

Jin looked up at him. “What if she decides that I’m not what she wants? What if we go through this whole wedding, and she just packs up and leaves me? I don’t know if I could handle that.”

Jungkook smiled at him. “And that’s how you know you’re ready. You’re not worried about not being single anymore. You’re worried about what would happen if you become single again.”

Jin let out a half hearted laugh. “When did you become so wise?”

“I’ve been hanging out with Namjoon hyung a lot. You should try it, you might learn a lot from him.”

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“Come in!” Yoongi called out as he heard someone knocking on his studio door.

“Hey, hyung.” Hoseok walked in and set a cup of coffee on the desk in front of him, glancing at the computer screen to see that Yoongi was editing together a video of pictures of the two of you, a song that he had never heard before playing in the background. “What’s this?”

“A wedding gift for y/n.”

“And the song?”

“A part of it.” Yoongi made one final click before deciding to take a break and turning around in his chair to look at Hoseok. “Thanks for the coffee.” He said as he picked up the cup, inhaling the scent before taking a sip.

Hoseok’s eyebrows furrowed at how calm Yoongi was. “Are you not nervous?”

“Why would I be nervous?” Yoongi looked up at him.

“Because you’re about to marry the love of your life.”

“Exactly. She’s the love of my life. There’s no reason to worry.” Yoongi said, taking another sip of his coffee.

“Well, okay then.” Hoseok said, shaking his head at his friend’s logic.

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“I know she wants to stick with the American tradition of not seeing each other for 24 hours before the wedding, but maybe we should just call her.” Jimin said to Taehyung as they stood in front of his and Hoseok’s shared room.


Jimin simply opened the door to reveal Hoseok curled up in a cocoon of blankets in his bed as an answer. “He’s been switching from jumping all over the place talking about how excited he is to…well, that.”

“I’m not dealing with that.”

“Come on, Tae.”

“He’s your roommate, so have fun.” Taehyung patted him on the back before quickly leaving.

Jimin sighed as he cursed Taehyung in his head before sitting on the edge of Hoseok’s bed. “Hyung-”

“What if she leaves me at the altar tomorrow?”

“She won’t.” Jimin assured him. “And even if she does, then she wouldn’t be worth being this upset over.” Hoseok peeked his head out of the blankets to look at Jimin. “I’ve seen the way she looks at and acts around you, so trust me when I say there is no reason for you to be having these feelings.”

Hoseok sat up. “You’re right, I’m being ridiculous.” He jumped out of bed with a bright smile on his face. “Have I told you where I’m taking her for our honeymoon?!”

“Only about 20 times, but I’m glad to hear it again.”

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“Now, a lot of people are against marriage because it’s a ‘government construct’. But marriages happened way before our modern governments were even in place. Even neanderthals had ceremonies and rituals they would do to bring couples together. The only difference is now governments like to give benefits to couples who are married, which I don’t agree with, because why should two people who choose to marry each other get more money than someone who doesn’t feel the need to marry to prove their love for their partner? I mean,-”

“Hyung, I’m more than happy to listen to your philosophical rants, but right now I’m trying to go to sleep.” Taehyung groaned as he stared at the wall, long having given up on playing Overwatch once Namjoon had started his rant.

“Sorry, I guess talking is helping calm my nerves.” Namjoon admitted, glad that the lights were off so Taehyung couldn’t see his face.

Taehyung turned over in bed so he was facing where he knew Namjoon’s bed was. “What was that you were saying about marriage and the government?”

Namjoon turned his head towards Taehyung’s face. “I thought you were trying to sleep?”

“Yeah, but what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help ease your nerves? I can sacrifice some sleep in return for you being happy.”

Namjoon smiled and continued on with his previous rant.

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“Jin hyung.”

“Yes?” Jin walked over to join Jimin off to the side of the studio, away from where everyone else was gathered.

“Am I making the right choice?”

Jimin’s question shocked Jin. “What do you mean?”

“I’m completely, head over heels, in love with y/n. And I do want to spend the rest of my life with her. But I can’t help but be worried.” Jimin leaned his head back and hit it against the wall behind him.

“If you know you’re in love with her and want to spend the rest of your life with her, then what do you have to be worried about?”

“I’ve heard all these stories about couples who had wild passionate romances, only for all of that to disappear once they put the marriage label on it.” Jimin looked over at his hyung. “I don’t want the love to disappear.”

Jin sighed. “Look into the future, how you see yourself with y/n.” Jimin nodded. “What do you see?”

“I see us, sitting around the kitchen table at dinner with our children, joking and laughing as we talk about our days.”

Jin nodded. “And is that scene loveless?”

“The exact opposite.”

“Then what are you worried about?” Jin smiled at him before standing up and offering his hand out to Jimin. “Let’s get back to practice so we can finish and go home to rest before your big day.”

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“And when we get to the place I rented, we’ll immediately start trying for a family.”

“Please make him stop.” Jungkook said as he banged his head against the table.

“I’m trying to tell you my plans for my wedding, but if you can’t appreciate that, I’ll take myself somewhere else!” Taehyung dramatically closed his laptop and picked it up off the table before stomping out of the room. “Oh, Hobi hyung!” He sang as he entered Hoseok and Jimin’s room.

“Yes, Taehyung?” He froze as he looked up and saw Taehyung pulling up a presentation. “Oh, no.”

“You’re the only other person here and Jungkook has already rejected me. Oh, yes.” Taehyung gave him an evil smile before plopping on his bed and starting his detailed explanation of the day to come.

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“Am I too young?”

“Depends on what you mean.” Yoongi responded to Jungkook’s question without looking up from his phone.

“Too young to get married.”

“There are countries that force 8 year olds into marriage.” Yoongi finally looked up. “You’re old enough.”

“Are you sure?”

“I mean, if you’re ready for marriage is really based on if you’re mature enough for it. So if we’re talking about mental age, then no, you’re probably not old enough. If we’re talking about actual age, you’re at a perfect age to get married.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right.” Jungkook threw a pillow at Yoongi, then immediately ran to his room and locked the door to avoid his wrath. “I was definitely right about the mental age.”

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time lapses/jumps v continuity errors

it’s come to my attention that some of y’all tend to confuse one for the other,,, which saddens me bc skam is literally all about time lapses/jumps; it’s one of the things that makes it!!! so special!!

the time jumps in skam are meant to show you exactly that – a time jump from one cut to another. it’s a very, very small cut that could mask as a continuity error, but taken in the context it’s actually presented to us (a time jump) it has a huge impact on the scene if you keep an eye out for one

thank you @stardefiant for being a bae and helping catch some of these

anyway ahem

an example of an actual continuity error:

even’s arm in this shot is obviously around emma

but when the shot pans out, even’s arm is back at his side:

we know this is a continuity error because this scene is dialogue-heavy and meant to transition smoothly. no time has actually lapsed between even’s greeting and emma’s excited greeting in return, so there is no reason why his arm shouldn’t have stayed around emma. silly skam editors. 

now, here’s a (very obvious) example of a time jump:

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Camp Headcanons (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Anon. requested: “This could be hc or a fic but reader and Evan go to a wilderness camp (trees!!) (they don’t know that the other is going) they end up thinking Evans name is a girls name (like evana or something like that idk) and you get put in a cabin together (like each cabin has two people or something ) and it’s too late to change so you spend the summer basically living together and find out you actually really like each other maybe smut idk”


I liked this a lot!!! So here’s my first headcanon feel free to request more!!!

*fem!reader btw

Warnings: smut smut smUT SMUT


-Heidi probably saw the camp on Facebook and signed Evan up bc “you need to get out of the house” and “you’ll like it look at all the nature!! Trees!!!”
-hes low key hype bc there’s so many new trees!! he’s only seen pictures of them!!! now he’ll get to go and see them irl!!
-but also high key anxious™ because he knows he’ll have to interact with all new people
-and he’s not all excited about having to share cabins with people but hey at least it’s boys with boys and girls with girls, right? (wrONG)
-you’re going bc you wanted a change of scenery
-you’re v outdoorsy and have unfortunately already seen everything to see in your town nature wise, and even been on hikes and walks outside your town.
-you saw the camp and were like “why not, new people, new scenery”
-you and Evan go to the same school btw you know each other but don’t talk. You’ve seen him around and smile at him in hallways and class and such but it’s just bc you’re nice.
-usually he tries to smile back but just averts his eyes and walks
-you’re just so nice to him?? and he doesn’t understand but he definitely has a low key crush on you
-like you know what I mean he isn’t pining after you very much but he low key would date you and wants to ask you out but he’s so anxious and you’re so pretty?
-you get to the camp first and go to information station and get ur cabin # and roomie name
-it says Evana Hansen (eh-vawn-uh)
-“wow what a cool name hehe that sounds a lot like that Evan kid at school wonder if they’re related”
-“wow that would suck if they are why would you name your kids so closely” ((side note fun fact my friends Mom almost named her and her twin Alexander and Alexandria yikes))
-so you go to the cabin and choose a bed and start putting some clothes in the dresser and closet on that side of the cabin
-door opens, you turn around to greet evana
-ur met with a very red, shocked, Evan
-“oh, hey? I think you have the wrong cabin, sorry?”
-“n-no so-orry they, uh, they had my n-name as E-evana? A-and though I-I-I was a girl I g-guess, sorry”
-“oh, haha, that sucks. Well, hey roomie, I’m y/n”
-hes just so shook bc you’re not like freaking out?? He thought you’d say he was a creep and that he probably hoped they’d think he was a girl and put him in a cabin with a girl or something
-but you’re so nice to him and you introduce himself and then the whole “I know” scene happens"
-“you know?” “Yeah well I’ve just seen you in science class and you know a lot about nature and trees and stuff and I just really like trees” or something along those lines
-you ask him his favorite tree and he’s so shocked bc!! That’s like such a weird thing for someone to have and you actually thought he might have a fav tree!! And he does!!
-you guys talk for a while about trees and nature in general until it’s time for dinner and then he’s all nervous about it
-so he’s definitely fidgeting with the hem of his shirt and you notice and recognize his tick and carefully take his hand in yours
-he jumps a bit and at first you’re like “ah shit sorry I should’ve asked you just looked nervous i was trying to help calm you”
-and he just kinda stutters that is okay but he’s blushing so much
-so for the next couple weeks of camp you guys have this best friends relationship and talk and hang out even when you don’t have to and stay up late talking together
-and then there’s a few movie events at camp where you can lay out a blanket on the lawn and watch horror movies (mostly cabin in the woods type bc teenagers are fucking masochists) on a big screen
-you love horror movies and were hype to go and Evan is like meh not so much but he’s still gonna go he’s just gonna probably cry a lil bit
-but he ends up getting the courage to ask you out to go
-“do y-you maybe wanna, go to th-th-that, uh, that horror m-movie, uh, to-together? I mean I guess we’re already going together but like together together like as a d-date” he speaks hella fast and ur just
-“Evan, honey, calm down, yes I’d love to go on a date with you” and he’s just a happy blushing mess
-you kiss his cheek and go out to the dining hall and he blushes again
-he doesn’t know you heard him go “yES!” when you left but you did and giggle until he catches up to you.
-low key holding hands under the table from now on
-so Evans a nervous wreck during the movie bc it’s scary and creepy
-and it’s Friday the 13th so he’s all kinda of freaking out bc there’s a big lake near the camp you’re at
-(you notice he tries to stay far from the lake there ever since y'all watched the movie)
-you see this and stroke your thumb on his hand
-jump scares definitely scare and make him jump and he squeezes your hand a bit each time so you just lay your head on his shoulder and kiss his cheek every once in a while
-he’s hella blushy at the nude scenes
-but y'all survive the movie and hold hands walking back to the cabin
-and you get there and he’s still hella freaked out so when you come out of the bathroom after putting in pajamas you see him sitting on his bed fidgeting and sit next to him and just hug him
-after a few minutes you get up to go to your own bed and he just holds on
-“p-please don’t l-leave”
-so you cuddle all night and it’s kinda awkward and clumsy but it’s still so warming and comforting
-you guys keep going to some of the movies but none of the really creepy cabin in the woods ones (no matter how much you want to)
-you take the time that almost all of camp is at movies to go on cute little dates and walks together and you just talk and maybe make out a little (you guys had your first kiss the morning after that first movie and like two weeks later he got comfortable enough to do some light making out)
-and then sometime a month and a half after y'all do the nastayyyy
-okay but they’re playing Nightmare On Elm Street and you both decided the last thing Evan needs is to be afraid to sleep so you guys definitely skip this one.
-You chill out at the cabin instead and just talk and cuddle
-you guys kiss and start to make out
-you were both sitting on his bed (which is both of yours now lets be real yall fall asleep cuddling there like every night) at first but after like five minutes you’re straddling him and sitting in his lap with your arms around his neck loosely.
-you can definitely feel the tent in his pants get bigger after you’ve been sitting in his lap for a while and moved a bit to adjust your position and pull back
-“o-oh go-od i-I’m sorry I-I get it I-if y-you wanna dump m-me and g-get a n-new cabin n-now”
-“Evan it’s fine… do you want me to, maybe, help you out?” ;))
-“oh, uh, y-yeah, I-if you want though”
-so you go back to making out and slowly make your way to his jawline and neck and start with kissing lightly but after a moment you’re giving him hickeys around the neckline of his t-shirt.
-he just mOANS but he’s so embarrassed by it and blushes
-he’s rolling and unrolling the hem of your shirt now and you pull back and put your hands on It like you’re gonna take it off
-you look at him like ‘is this okay?’ And he just nods (a little excitedly and it’s just so cute’
-so you slowly take your shirt off and fling it onto your bed and he just doesn’t know what to do so you slowly take his hands, again checking to make sure it’s okay, and direct them to your chest.
-at first they just sit there but eventually he starts to slowly massage them
-you bite your lip and ur slightly holding back a moan but also wishing he would pick up the pace a bit
-you reach for his shirt and he tenses but give you the okay and you take it off and fling it to yours
-your hands instantly rest on his chest and you’re just shook because he seems like he’d be a baby and have like no hair but he’s got a hella hairy chest
-and it def turns you on a bit more
-after some more making out he eventually lets his hands travel to your back and he fumbles with the clip but gets your bra off pretty fast
-Youre hella impressed like that was good for his first time
-he kisses your lips and slowly and hesitantly travels down to kiss your jaw and then collarbone and then the top of your breast
-he leaves a hickey there and you just let out a moan and man that turns him on
-this boy definitely could get off to your pleasure and moans
-after a while you stand to take off your shorts and he slips his off too real quick
-you push him to lay back on the bed and climb on top and straddle him again
-you grind down a bit and he lets out a groan and it’s so deep and turns you tf on
-you lean down and kiss his Adam’s apple and then down his neck and leave more hickeys on his his collarbone and he moans and rests his hands on your waist
-he’s rubbing the fabric of your panties between his thumb and finger and you can tell he’s low key itching to get it off so you stand up to do so and he has this look of realization
-“uh, do you have a condom?”
-at first you’re like shit and upset but remember you have a few still in your backpack
- thank god ou never empty the small pockets and you brought this bag
-hes so relieved and watches as you take your panties off and walk over and slowly pull his boxers down
-hes leaning against his elbows (and looks hella hot with the amount of hickeys and his swollen lips and bare chest) and blushes when his member springs free
-youre kinda rushing and rip the condom open and quickly put it on his cock and he’s just biting his lip
-“have you ever done this before?” “N-no, sorry, I-is that a problem?” “No, it’s fine, babe, I’m just gonna take the lead”
-climbing on top again you give him a gentle kiss and sit up, slowly lowering yourself onto him
-he suppressed a moan and you bite your lip, making sure he’s okay before you start riding him
-hes a groaning mess and he slowly stars to thrust up every time you slam down onto him
-your hands travel to his hair and you lace your fingers through it
-he definitely finds this hot and has a kink like this, not necessarily hair pulling but just running fingers through his hair
-your eyes are closed so you don’t notice his hands move to rest on your waist until they’re there and then his thumb is at your core
-you shudder a bit at the contact and he slowly starts to rubs your clit a bit and you moan so loud
-you both come within a minute after that and when your done you tie up and throw the condom away and cuddle
-after putting on underwear at least because you both agree sheets and blankets on your dick/vagina is hella weird feeling
-needless to say you both are very glad you came to camp :) ;)
-youre both glad you came to camp because you both came at camp ((BRB DELETING MY BLOG IM SORRY FOR THAT))

Hacker - Avengers x Reader

Originally posted by geekcomics

Words: 1062
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers
Warnings: hacking, mention of guns and fighting
Requested by @fandomstucklover87love
can you do a image were the reader is a new member to the team and shes like 13 nd shes there cuz she hacked tony ? and yes is kind of like my story but I love the way you wright
Authors Note: i loved your story idea man i couldn’t wait to hear more of it, honestly :) GUYS IM GETTING SO CLOSE TO 5000 FOLLOWERS I LOVE YOU. 

Age was not specified. Just says “kid” a few times, but age does not matter unless you have a problem with kid” :)

Avengers Masterlist. Masterlist.

“I never thought I’d see the day where Tony is losing money instead of gaining it,” Clint walked into Tony’s lab.

“We’re not talking about it,” Tony grumbled.

Clint tried to hold in his laughter when he saw the statistics on his computer. The number was dropping by thousands in a matter of seconds. Tony didn’t know how to fix it, and he had no idea why everything was dropping. He never spends this much money at once, and he knows how to invest, why was it going down?

He called Pepper to see if there were any problems he didn’t know about, and when even she was freaking out, he knew this problem was far above them. Something was going on behind the scenes that he didn’t know about, and he had no idea how to solve it. “I don’t just lose money. And if I do, it’s definitely not that fast.”

“I’ll check with Natasha, she might have an idea of what might be happening,” Clint suggested and walked out.

“FRIDAY,” Tony started, “Do you have the report yet?”

“Yes, sir,” FRIDAY began, “There seems to be tampering on the-”

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Rental Love* (1/?)

(*Read Terms & Conditions)
Male/22/Long Island N.Y.C.
Tired of showing up stag at holiday events? Want your family to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you? Just want some arm candy for a work event?
Look no further. Your solution is here!
I will attend holiday events with you as your paid date.
Accepting all genders as applicants.
Email if interested. Interview & application will be set up there.
Nico di Angelo has been telling Hazel Levesque about his boyfriend for weeks. The bad part? Nico doesn’t have a boyfriend, the holidays are coming up, and not all of Jason’s ideas are horrible.
They’re all a bit surprised about the last one.

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Overall thoughts on the finale: part 2

*Read part 1 here*

Me being dragged through the last half of this episode:

Do you ever just want to take back 41 minutes of your life?

  • Lmao why did Peter do that little half-jog to run over and push Malia towards Lydia? Like?? Why couldn’t she move on her own, it’s just her arm that’s hurt? No reason she should be immobile? And I know she pushed Lydia out of the way, but in the last shot, Lydia was still right next to her? And what was the point, even? Like Lydia can do shit to protect her? 
  • And Peter just roundhouse kicked a ghost riders and now suddenly it does have a corporeal form. What the fuck.
  • Did he just put a ghost rider into a headlock?
  • And now he’s yelling for Malia to go. Jesus fucking Christ. And only after that do Malia and Lydia think to move? K haha. 
  • Who fucking choreographed this scene? I want a name. 
  • And now Malia is hesitating. Because of fucking course she is. You’ll never get me to buy into the daddy/daughter bond, Teen Wolf, these two don’t even fucking know each other.
  • Oh, great, we get this shot again: 

Twice in one episode. That makes how many times this season? Are we supposed to be impressed with Shelley’s weird whine/grunt coupled with Facial Expression #2 of 2?

  • And Lydia kept running. Ah, so this was all a ploy to set stydia up and get Malia out of the way. Go figure.
  • And Lydia definitely just sensed something. I’m gonna need some hard rules on how this banshee thing is supposed to work because they literally just make up her abilities as they go and they change it like every other episode.
  • And now Scott is trapped between the ghost riders. So he can’t be with Stiles. Boy, they’ve had to go some lengths to separate the characters just so Stiles and Lydia can be alone. You’d think they would realize that if you have to force a moment so hard, maybe it doesn’t fit, but apparently not…
  • Posey has some real wild arm movements when he runs haha. That right arm looked like it was trying to fly off his body just to escape this scene. I don’t blame it. 
  • Man, they don’t even try to be subtle with shoving Mason into Stiles’ role haha.
  • Y’know, I’d rather be watching the forced stydia and the utter lack of romantic chemistry between Holland and Dylan than watching any of these three characters:
  • Oh my god: 

What the fuck are you even doing, Teen Wolf?

  • Why does Stiles keep ending up in the locker room? Like, I get that they’re being spit out other places, but why does he keep ending up in the same one? Unless he’s just trying to use the same door over and over again like a moron, this doesn’t make sense. And I cannot be the only one thinking of that episode of Spongebob where they keep trying to jump off the Dutchman’s ship and it doesn’t work? 
  • Always:

How do we always end up here?

  •  …did…did he just walk into the barrel of that gun?
  • And Lydia magically saves him. 

And if she has this power, why not whip it out, say, 2 minutes ago when her, Malia, and Peter were being attacked? 

  • These effects: 
  • Holland is always doing this thing with her lip: 

And it just


fucking bothers me. 

  • Here come the stydia. 
  • “LYDIA: I didn’t say it back.”
  • Well, that happened a lot quicker than I anticipated haha. There wasn’t even any build-up to that kiss? They just automatically slammed their faces together and I can’t stop laughing
  • I feel ya:
  • I cannot be the only one finding this scene uncomfortable. The lack of romantic chemistry is actually making this physically hard to watch. 
  • How am I supposed to even focus on this kiss and not the fact that Stiles just straight up tried to die like 15 seconds ago??????? Like what is up with teen wolf and terrible romantic timing???? First kiss: Lydia stops his panic attack. Second kiss: she saves him from literally WALKING INTO A GUN?????
  • This part was cute, though:
  • I am laughing so fucking hard at this Chris/Melissa scene. Chris tells her to get back, he barely touches her 

and she just


lmao where’d she go

  • Did he just shoot the ghost rider with his own gun? What.
  • I suppose it was only a matter of time before this season involved a full-on duel: 

complete with spur sounds, music, and twitchy trigger fingers and everything. Teen Wolf, you really don’t do shit by halves do you haha


I mean, I knew it was coming because it’s not like Teen Wolf was at all subtle in the way they forced these two together this season, but yo…no. This is weird, isn’t it? I’m not the only one who thinks this is weird? Like her son was in love with his daughter? His dead daughter? Has Allison even been mentioned this season?

  • CHRIS: What was the for?” “MELISSA: That was so hot.” 

I feel like I’m watching my parents make-out. 

  • “SCOTT: Step back from the diverter - or I’ll make you step back.” How did Posey say that with a straight fucking face
  • “NAZI: Now that’s a German way of doing things.” Who wrote that haha.
  • “NAZI: You would have made an excellent nazi youth.” 

How to Destroy Your Main Character in 10 Words or Less: A Lesson Brought to you by Teen Wolf

  • I had to pause the fucking episode. I can’t believe they actually said that.
  • Hahahahaha:
  • Wow, I feel like we haven’t seen Scott shift fully in a long time. When was the last time?
  • If there are so many ghost riders, why was there always only 1 to 3 when they did something important? Like every time they went up against the pack, suddenly only a couple of them existed? 
  • Oh my god, so now Stiles is hearing his mom’s voice? Teen Wolf really does love their fanfiction, huh? I swear they just went on ao3, found the most prevalent tropes, and attempted to cram them all into ten episodes. 
  • Oh, they’re actually showing Claudia. Why? Gotta show off that A+ casting haha?
  • What the fuck?

They really can’t leave well enough alone, can they?

  • … 
  • Bro, the acting level between these four…
  • So, wait, Corey is cognizant enough to tell them to save everyone, but seemed totally mindless while on the PA sytem? 
  • “NAZI: Unbelievable. Even in the face of insurmountable odds. I don’t know if it’s suicide or stupidity.” “SCOTT: Maybe both.” Is this episode going to end with a sciles suicide pact? What is happening
  • “NAZI: You of all people, Scott, should know what happens to a lone wolf.” And a wild Theo appears
  • I have so many questions: 
    • Is this really the time for Theo’s redemption arc? Really? 
    • How did Theo find him? Did he see him at the school and follow him? Like, was he just hanging out on that balcony this whole time, waiting for Scott to stroll on by lmao? 
    • How long was Theo there before he piped up? Was he just hiding behind a tree whispering to himself like, ‘not yet, Theo, not yet. You need to wait for the appropriate dramatic moment to jump in here. Wait for it…wait for it…lone wolf?…THUNDERCATS GO!” 
    • Lone wolf? That term has never meant a wolf that happens to be alone, it meant a wolf without a pack and that’s not Scott. 
    • How would Scott know what happens to lone wolves? I mean, he saw one get bisected early on in the series, but he was never an omega? He was never really close with omegas? Unless they’re taking about his semi-packless state in part of 5a? 
    • Even if we consider that brief time in 5a as some huge less in being a lone wolf, how would lion nazi fuck know anything about this?
    • Nazi knows the rest of the pack, doesn’t he? Like, he knows Corey, Hayden, Mason, and Liam at the very least? He presumably knows they are Scott’s pack? 
  • “MALIA: And Theo’s not in it. But I am.” 

She is forever showing up just when I don’t think a scene can possibly get any dumber. 

And, again, I have so many problems with this:

  1.  If I didn’t understand how Theo found Scott, I really don’t understand how Malia did? 
  2. Is this implying she defeated the ghost riders in the library? How? Why is she alone stronger than like an entire pack? 
  3. Shelley really doesn’t understand inflection, does she? I have never heard a line delivered in such a deadpanned manner when it….wasn’t supposed to be…And why does she literally have 1 facial expression? Looks like we’re playing ‘Guess That Emotion’ round #374894 with her. 
  4. Can Scott never get a moment to shine that isn’t handed over to fucking ?alia? He’s the goddamn alpha, why do they always make him useless just to boost her up? Like it is the last season, let the titular character have a fucking moment to himself and stop forcing her mary sue ass in everywhere? Why are they still trying so hard to make her special? Unless they’re angling for a spin-off or they’re writing him off the show and keeping her around. 
  5. Most importantly, where the fuck did she get this hideous coat and how the fuck did she have the time?

The only way this scene could get worse is if Peter shows up.

  • Yep: 
  • “PETER: I’m not in the pack, but no one likes a nazi.” How in the everloving fuck is that a line that made it onto the screen
  • “NAZI: There are too many of us and too few of you.” Please, do not bring the rest of the pack into this fight scene. I cannot handle it.
  • What is this show doing: 

Having Stiles have to pry Lydia from his undead not-mother’s chokehold? What the fuck? And I love that this show is so hellbent of forcing stydia that even a moment with such potential for drama and Stilinski family angst gets reduced to utter ridiculousness.

  • Every fucking time I convince myself that this show cannot possibly make Malia any fucking worse than she already is, they go and pull this shit:
  • Oh and way to halt this scene for a glamour shot of Shelley
  • How is this episode still fucking going? I feel like I’ve been watching it hours. 
  • Oh my good fucking god: 

this little shift in the tracks might be the most anticlimactic thing this show has ever done.

  • And…like…where is the train going? 40 miles east? Did they just fuck the next town over? Are they even gonna touch on this?
  • “MALIA: You missed your train.” 
  • How long has Claudia been choking him haha? How is he still alive?
  • Ah sheriff did show up! Maybe we will actually be getting a touching family moment.
  • …nope. Lydia saves the day instead. Because god fucking forbid this one moment is not about stydia.
  • Also, Lydia’s “fire again” comment?

What the fuck was up with Holland’s delivery?

  • And the whole building starts shaking and sheriff just puts his arm around Lydia. Never mind his kid that’s four feet away. 
  • Bruh, I don’t even speak german and I know this dude’s fucking it up haha.
  • All right: 

That was even dumber than I thought it was going to be.

  • Literally me as I watch watch each passing scene:
  • Yep, me too lmao:
  • And time for another segment of ‘Mason is suddenly a genius because we could no longer afford Dylan O’Brien’ 
  • I think what drives me so crazy about this is that Stiles was always treated like an idiot or like he was crazy or paranoid, but Mason is the exact same way (except how he acquired any of the knowledge is never explained and completely illogical, but whatever) and he’s actually getting recognized as smart? Like he’s actually getting the credit and respect that you would have thought Stiles would have received by this point but never did?
  • I was wandering when the Toyota ad would happen:

And it’s a 3-in-1 this time. Oh boy. 

  •  …

Sometimes little things just make me really hate this show. 

  • Uh-oh we just hit the 5-minute countdown mark.
  • “Have a great summer, everyone.” How the fuck is it summer? Did a time-jump just happen without being acknowledged? Did they fuck up their timeline again? Have the writers been out of high school for so many years that they don’t realize a semester isn’t only 3 months long?
  • Oh my good motherfucking god: 

This outfit is a fucking mess:

  1. She already wore that damn shirt this season. Only 6 episodes ago. You really can’t afford another shirt, Teen Wolf?
  2. I really want the name of the person over there in the wardrobe department who is singlehandedly trying to bring back denim jackets and vests. Let it die.
  3. If I ever see those ugly-ass camouflage distressed American flag shorts again, it will be much too soon. Why does she live in these? How many times have we seen them just this season? If you’re going to insist on putting her in these ridiculous shorts, maybe invest in a few more pairs? 
  4. If it’s cold enough to be layering two jackets, why the fuck is she in those tiny shorts?
  5. Why is that denim jacket sleeve rolled up to reveal that striped hoodie sleeve? What kind of look is that? 
  6. And these colors? Pinkish shirt under red striped hoodie under denim vest over green camouflage shorts with black boots? @whoever made this choice:

I mean, this is quite possibly her worst look yet and that is really saying something considering there has been no end of terrible looks for her.

  • And Teen Wolf, don’t you dare for one second fucking think that you got away with giving Malia another one of Stiles’ jackets:
  • One more question: who in the fuck thought Shelley sitting like this:

was okay? I mean, if the goal of this scene was to get a vulgar crotch-shot that made her thighs like huge and gave her a cameltoe, then mission success. 

  • “STILES: It feels so anticlimactic.” – Could not have phrased it better myself, Teen Wolf.
  • “MALIA: I’ve gotta go to summer school or I can’t do the whole graduation thing.” 

They couldn’t just leave her ass out of this one fucking scene? 

  • And good luck to those fuckers watching 6b because y’all know that’s how they’re keeping her ass around lmao
  • Those shorts are so not dresscode:

And she so has a wedgie in this scene lmao. 

  • Yeah, buddy, me too:

Me. Fucking. Too.

  • “SCOTT: It kinda feels like nothing really changed.” Except now:
  • Haha

Way to stay completely noncommittal right to the bitter end, Teen Wolf. 

  • I almost feel bad for the shippers who legitimately thought they were going to get some magical stydia ending, but:
  • And time for the official passing of the torch scene (take number like 5 because I swear to fucking god they’ve been doing a version of this every goddamn finale since season 4). 
  • “STILES: The most important thing you can remember is that Mason is always gonna be the one who’s there to save your ass all the time.”
  • I will never understand why Teen Wolf seems to think it’s a good thing that Liam and Mason are literally ripoffs of Scott and Stiles? Like? Why are they proud of the fact that they are incapable of creating unique characters so they have to settle for shitty carbon copies of the original characters?
  • And he gave Mason his bat.
  • Did…did Stiles just fucking give Roscoe to Scott? 
  • DC? What the fuck is in DC?
  • And Lydia is starting MIT as a junior…Teen Wolf, that might have made sense before you repeatedly SHOVED HER ASS INTO THE SAME MATH CLASS AS MALIA STOPPED-GOING-TOO-SCHOOL-IN-THE-FOURTH-FUCKING-GRADE TATE
  • And Scott’s going to UC Davis. How close is that to Beacon Hills? 
  • Is 6b going to take place over the summer? So, Scott, Malia, Lydia, and the 2.0s are around? Because why would Stiles be the only one who had to leave right when the school year ends? Or is it going to be during the school year and Lydia and Scott are still inexplicably there but Stiles isn’t?
  • FBI? Stiles is going fed? And I like how McCall wasn’t mentioned for like 3 seasons just to randomly be brought up now as if this makes any sort of sense.
  •  I get that this is supposed to be some emotional moment where Stiles gives the jeep to Scott, but I am just confused:
    • Isn’t he still gonna need a car in college?
    • Lydia’s the one driving him? How about his fucking father? Or his best friend? Nope, gotta keep the vague and noncommittal stydia bullshit up to the last second.
    • It doesn’t seem in character for him to give this away and it’s obvious they’re only doing it as an excuse to have the damn thing in 6b so it’s kinda just pissing me off.
    • I feel like Stiles has already given so much to Scott. We’ve already seen Stiles sacrifice a lot and this moment would have been more powerful if Scott was the one doing the giving this time around.
    • And if Stiles drives off in a Toyota, I swear to fucking god…
  • I know this key bit is supposed to be funny, but again I’m too distracted to laugh:
    • A key to Scott’s house? Yeah, that one is a nice call back. I’ll give them that one.
    • The key to Scott’s room? Why does Scott have a lock that take a key on his door? Also, no he doesn’t. He does, though, inexplicably have a slidelock as of season 5.
    • The master key to the school? As if this school isn’t perpetually unlocked haha? And we’ve really only seen them have to unlock anything in the school like once and it was when Stiles unlocked them chem room during 3b and realized he put the hit out on Kira. And it was this whole big plot about him not knowing where the key came from? Remember that, Teen Wolf?
    • And key to sheriff station? They used cards, not physical keys. Again, that was a pretty important part of an episode in 3b.
    • Lastly, if Scott is leaving too, why is he the one being given the keys?
  • “STILES: I need you. You know that.” “SCOTT: I need you too.” 

My sciles heart is a sucker for this shit, but there have been a lot of times now where Stiles has expressed this sort of sentiment to Scott. We got that whole speech in 3x06 about Stiles needing Scott. It might have been nice to see the roles reversed this time? Why can’t Scott ever be the emotional instigator?

  • “RADIO: You’re telling me there’s a body in the woods?” Okay, fine, that’s actually funny. It’s entirely too coincidental, but I’ll let it slide because I like it haha
  • …that’s it? No send off with the sheriff? We got a fucking scene of Stiles weirdly telling the new fucks he loves them, but NOTHING WITH HIS OWN GODDAMN FATHER?
  • I just…is that seriously how they’re ending this? 
  • wait..wait a second..

…is that…



Did Jeff Davis need a cameo that badly?

Y’know, in a tragic sense, I am kind of impressed: they managed to fuck up in the actual last second

Looking at you (Part Eleven)

Lots of healing in this Chapter. Tony is finally on the upswing of things, and the team is pulling back together.

This is the second to last update, so catch up on Chapters 1-10 HERE so you don’t miss anything before chapter twelve!

Enjoy :)
It seemed like forever, but things slid back into a semblance of normal at the compound.

The once a week nights at the hotel helped a lot.

Sometimes Tony held tight to the cool metal arm, shaking, screaming his pleasure into the dark as Bucky took him apart slowly, carefully, expertly. Other times the soldier was the one shuddering, groaning, crying out as he came with Tony thrusting deep inside him. And then some nights they would just lay together and talk about their days, with the lights off and the covers pulled tight around their shoulders and their foreheads touching, their hands roaming gently all over each other.

But no matter what they did, it all helped.

Tony still jumped if someone startled him, was still much quieter than he used to be, but he wasn’t running from the room every time the team argued. He didn’t flinch away when Steve spoke to him. The lab had music playing again, even if it was much softer than it had ever been before.

When Natasha sat next to him on the couch now, Tony didn’t automatically get up and leave. He could sit with her to close to half an hour as long she didn’t expect too much conversation.

Sam made a point to come and eat breakfast with Tony every morning, even if Tony was only having juice, and they could talk over breakfast for several minutes before Tony started feeling uncomfortable and wanted to leave.

Wanda had started doing things like levitating items over to him, and flicking a door open any time Tony needed it, He’d nearly fallen over in fright the first time his office door shot open and banged against the wall to let him out, but he had managed to smile at her anyway, and she had absolutely lit up, thrilled to be doing something for him.

Vision flitted in and out, as he usually did, ending his day with a visit to Tony’s lab to wish him goodnight, and to reassure Tony that he was there if he ever wanted to talk. Tony had stopped grimacing every time Vision spoke, and the (being?) man took that as a personal victory.

Eventually, even movie nights started again. The team certainly didn’t dogpile on the couch like they used to, and Tony still sat closest to the door, but he smiled along with the comedies, and discussed plot points during the dramas, and didn’t leave before the movie ended, content to stay with the team until everyone was heading to bed.

It wasn’t perfect.
But it was better.
And he hadn’t had a panic attack in weeks.

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A Fallen Hero

It had been a while, being confronted like this in his own home. That same psychotic grin was always unsettling, and the knife loosely held in their hand did not help matters. It usually meant one thing when that weapon came into sight.

“Get out,” Chase pointed to the door, eyes wide and jaw set. “You’re not welcome here, and you never will be.”

“Now, is that a way to treat a guest that has a bit of an anger problem?” The freak somehow lifted himself into the air of the apartment, his heterochrome eyes boring into Chase’s baby blues. “You’ve kinda been a thorn in my side, whether you think it or not, Brody,” The knife dangled from the glitch’s index and thumb. “I think it’s time we got you out of the picture, hm?”

Chase was frozen on the spot. How in the hell could he have gotten in Anti’s way? His breath caught in his chest; had he been found out? No, he was so careful. There was no way. Anti’s grin turned into a sneer and his head glitched around, his grip on the blade made his knuckles turn white.

“Never again, Chase. Been ‘round too long for you to come along and mess everything up for me,” Anti pointed the tip of the knife, shaking with rage and power. An unholy cackling filled the room as the villain charged forward, the knife angled right at Chase’s throat. “SHOW ME WHATCHA GOT!!!

Time seemed to slow down with each passing moment. First, his head moved, the blade barely touching his pale skin, causing a tiny cut. Then his body kicked itself to the side, turning to meet Anti’s quick movements. The knife was quick to return, slashing across Chase’s cheek, sending crimson to the floor. He was too slow, arms stretched out to try and catch himself only for a hard hit to the jaw to send him to the floor.

“Oh come on!” The glitched being hovered above, grin terrible and eyes crazed. “I know our beloved hero has more in him than that!”

Chase felt a buzz in the air as he struggled to get up, the cuts on his neck and cheek seemed to fizzle and crackle. His eyes widened as he felt an explosion of electricity shoot out from Anti’s fingers and connect with his broken flesh. He cried out in pain, body seizing and twitching as the power coursed through his veins. Chase grit his teeth, muscles flexing to try and regain control of his own body, but it was all for nothing. Then it was gone. Chase gasped for breath, eyes wide. Anti was gone.

“Wh-what?” The man scurried to stand, looking around in a frenzy. The devices in the apartment all had a green glow about them. His phone buzzed in his pocket, causing him to jump. He threw it away from his person in an attempt to not let Anti any closer. Chase stood in the middle of the room, looking around at every electronic it had. A burst of green electricity shot out of his television, morphing into the glitch that was Anti. He tried to dodge out of the way, but he could never match the speed Anti possessed without revealing himself.

The being caught him by the shirt, hurling him to the center of the room. With his glitching of the devices, he was all around Chase. The momentum of each hit to Chase’s body kept him in the air, slinging him around each time. All he could hope to do was shield the most vital parts of his body and hope for the best. His hopes were terribly wrong. Anti struck Chase in the chin after glitching out of his phone on the ground, trailing near him in a flash of green. Chase’s back hit the tv, making the screen shatter and the device to go through the wall. His feet hit the ground but his legs were too weak to stand properly.

The next wave of pain was unlike any other. Anti had conjured a mass of electricity around his knife, enjoying the screams of Chase as the new blade plunged through his abdomen from behind.

“C’mon, hero. Surely you’ve felt more than this!” Anti kicked Chase off his new weapon, giggling with a sick glee. “Surely you jest. You have to be stronger than this, right? You are this city’s savior, after all,” Chase coughed, holding his stomach as a trickle of red left his mouth. He tried to stand, stumbling to his knees in an attempt to gain some distance. He groaned when Anti’s hand grabbed the back of his shirt to pull him up.

“Why?” Was all he could muster at this point. Anti hummed, grabbing the back of Chase’s head to get him to look up.

“You got in my way, simple as that. Now that I know who you are, this is going to be so much fun!” The glitch, with Chase still in his hands, flew through the apartment, slamming and breaking the window to the outside. Chase tried to struggle, his shaking hands grabbing at the villain’s wrists. Anti’s next words made Chase stop for a moment. “Why don’t we make a show out of this, hm? Show the city the death of it’s own hero,” Anti looked around, clicking his tongue. “I know the perfect place, let’s get it on the news. We’ll make it in the headlines within a minute or two!

Anti streaked across the sky, Chase having no choice but to follow in his wake. He could see the city’s center coming into view, dread filling him at the thought of others being on the receiving end of what Anti had planned. The being flew through the air, descending between cars and people before spinning and throwing Chase into the large fountain the city was built around. Green electricity acted like an aura around Anti as he dropped down on the street. People all around were screaming, running away, or too shocked to even move.

“Gather ‘round everyone! I’ve got a little show for you all, today!” Anti cackled, grin wide and terrifying. Chase grunted as he stood, everything hurt. He wiped his mouth of the blood that kept dripping. He looked around, all these people… “Today, you will all bear witness to the death of your beloved hero!” Chase froze, the likelihood anyone would recognize him was very slim. He wasn’t much of a figure in real life, even online his persona wasn’t well known. But it was still a worry. “I wonder if there’s anyone out in the audience that recognizes this pitiful excuse for a man,” Anti began to look around, everyone that was around looked between the two. Some kept starring at Chase, obviously scared out of their minds.

“Anti, don’t–

“Daddy?” Chase froze, eyes widening and voice suddenly gone. Anti, if it was possible, seemed even more delighted than before. His head glitched with laughter as he slowly turned to look at Chase. He lifted his eyebrows, absolutely enjoying the scene before him.

Daddy?” Anti giggled. Chase felt a small tug on his shirt, and he wanted to believe this was all some sick dream. He felt his stomach tighten as he looked down to meet a set of baby blue eyes. It was his daughter. She needed to go, she needed to go now.

“Honey, please go back to your mother. Please. Daddy’s… Daddy’s got something to take care of,” His eyes glared daggers into Anti, a small sob escaping someone in the crowd. Chase had to look, he just had to look. “Stacy…”

“Well we’re just havin’ a good ol’ family reunion, aren’t we?!” Anti kicked off the ground, eyes crazed. Chase felt his heart drop, he was not going to lay so much as a finger on any of them. “Oh don’t you dare give me that look. You’ve been expecting this for a while now, haven’t you? I mean, it’s not like I kept it a secret  the last time we met!”

The last time they met, Chase never expected his identity to be found out. Anti’s words reverberated in the back of his mind as a costumed Chase had believed to have cornered the villain. ‘You can bet the next time I see you I’ll be prepared. I’ll know everything about you then. And there’s nothing you can ever do to possibly stop me. That’s a promise.’

“Sorry, didn’t expect you to actually follow through. You’re not exactly the smartest foe I’ve had the displeasure of meeting,” It happened so quickly Chase thought he’d missed it. Anti’s facade broke, pure rage and anger showing through for a split second. Chase noticed his daughter hadn’t moved, she was scared stiff. “Honey, I need you to go to mommy,” She nodded, but didn’t move. His breath was shaking, Anti looked like he was hungry for a mass murder.

“You know, Brody. It was only a matter of time for that mouth of yours to get you into more trouble than you bargained for,” The being shot forward, Chase held his daughter close as he jumped out of the way. The jump was much larger than a normal human could muster. If he was found out, he might as well use what he has at his disposal. He held his daughter, hand over her head, body blocking anything Anti had for her.

“Sweety, I need you to go find mommy. Daddy has something to finish, okay? Remember how you were the fastest in your school. I need you to run that fast, even faster, for me, honey. Please,” She nodded, sniffling and giving him a hug around the neck before darting off when Chase let her go.

Where do you think you’re goin’ lass?” Anti watched the young girl stop in fear, her tears dripping from her little chin and hitting the pavement below her. “We were just havin’ fun!” The glitch charged towards her, knife poised. But he never made it very far. Chase wouldn’t allow him to. He shoved himself in Anti’s way, grabbing the wrist that held the blade and pointed it upward, his hand gripping the being’s throat.

“See, there’s one thing you seemed to have missed about me,” Chase watched Anti’s eyes widen in a moment of fear. “No one, messes with my family. No one makes them feel scared. NO ONE WILL HURT THEM WITH OUT FACING CONSEQUENCES!!!” He headbutted Anti in the nose, twisting his hand in the glitch’s black collar and hurling him into the fountain. The structure broke under the power, causing water to spray everywhere and the fountain to fall on top of Anti.

An eruption of cheers caused Chase to realize where he was. He was still in the city’s center, he was still surrounded by people who could potentially be hurt. And he was still in pain. His abdomen felt the worst out of anything. He had to get them all out of there.

“Everyone! Listen to me! You all need to leave! It’s too dangero–”

Every streetlight, billboard light, advertisement screen, even every phone, exploded. Chase watched as some people screamed in immense pain. Quite a few people here holding their hands close and some were on the ground with burns all along their legs. The buzzing returned to the air that Chase had experienced before, every open cut began to crackle and burn.

N̸o̡w̡ ͡ju̢s͘t w͘ho̡ ̶d͏o͝ you͝ ̀thi҉nk yo͘u ͡a͠r͡e.́..̶

Chase saw several people shouting in agony as green electricity covered their bodies.

You̷ mu͏st͟ ͟ţḩin͢k you're͞ ͡som͜eo͢ne̸ pre̶tty d̕a̵m͟n͘ s̀pe̴ci̡al…

Every muscle in his body shrieked with a renewed pain, he couldn’t move, only watch as the citizens around him cried out for him to help them. Chase tried to move, but a strong shock erupted through his body, making him shout and nearly crumple to the pavement.

An͟d̴ t͢h̨a͟t̕ r̨eall̴y ̧p̀i̧ss̀es mè off..̛.

An arm shot out from under the rubble of the fountain, skin a light green tint. Chase watched the being slowly climb out of his temporary tomb, the glitch’s body living up to it’s name. The being’s power was leaking out, making him twitch and shake. Anti’s eyes were wide, sclera black as night and iris’ radioactive green.

I̵’m a̕ ̴ma͞n of my word̶,͡ Br͟ody͞.͡.̶. Le͢t́’s ͟give͡ ̡t̨hęse͠ ̧pȩơp͡le̴ ͝a ́sho̡w ͡tḩey͠’ll n̡e̕v͝er͠ ̴f͢orģét!

Chase raised his arms to block, but the glitch’s newfound strength moved them away as if they were made of a light plastic. Anti raised his knee to Chase’s stomach, doubling him over. His next strike was with his knife, plummeting itself right in his shoulder blade. Chase didn’t have a chance to even blink. Anti kicked him down to the ground, holding a hand above him, like a taunt.

I ͏t͝h́i̡nk̡ it̶'̀s f͟i̡t̢tin̡g.̛.̕. ̡A͠ fam̷iĺy m͟a̢n̨ ̧dying n̕ f̢r̴òn̨ţ o̷f ͢hi͜s fam͟il͞y…̢

Chase felt the air shift, his eyes closed as he felt the pain enter his body once again. He shouted. Everything hurt tenfold. His body began to spasm, he couldn’t control anything anymore. He heard crying, when had he started crying? No… it wasn’t him. They were saying something…

Stop! Daddy!!! Make him stop! IT HURTS!!!“ Chase’s eye snapped open, when had Anti left him…? “DADDY!!!

Chase shot up, looking around in a haze. He saw Stacy on the ground, and his kids… His body was on autopilot, legs moving at a speed he didn’t know he had, hands grasping at the black clothing in front of him, arms locking around the other’s head and chest. He drug them away, ignoring the electric bursts, the hard, solid hits to his sides. Anti was screaming something Chase couldn’t hear. His vision was fading, but he wasn’t done yet. He lifted the glitch up, putting his hand over the villain’s mouth. His words were soft and scratchy.

“What did I say… No one hurts my family without facing consequences,” He heard screaming, death threats for everyone he ever held dear, coming from Anti. It was amazing. Whatever he was doing was obviously affecting him. His arms were twisting, his hands on each end of Anti’s head. A loud scream and then nothing. Just a sickening pop. And it was done.

Chase dropped the body, stumbling backwards until he too was on the ground. His vision was blurring, body finally giving out. Someone was shouting something, he couldn’t understand them. It was like his head was in water. They were loud but he couldn’t decipher their words. Everything was getting fuzzy…


Chillton’s Saviour Unmasked?

The Fallen’s Last Moments

It may have been a mystery who the masked man of Chillton was if the events of yesterday had not taken place. The man, Chase Brody, had been assaulted in the city’s center. He had defended the city until his last breath. Everyone mourns this day. We have lost one of the few who ever seemed to care about our great city. It is unknown of the whereabouts of Chase Brody and the villain Antisepticeye’s bodies. Police were unable to uncover where they had gone after returning to the station. –

“My my,” He set down the paper, gloved hands running a finger over the last few sentences. “It seems zeh verld vas not quite ready for my experiments… How sad,”

The Doctor turned around, arms behind him as he walked.

“I vish you two had not been so rough on each ozer. But, you can and vill be healed. I just need to run a few more tests. I need to find out vhat vent wrong…”

He laughed.

Zen ve can move onto phase two of my plan. But I need you both to be ready. The verld believes you both to be dead or at least very injured. You vill prove zem wrong. You vill prove zem all wrong…

The Doctor tied a masked behind his head.

“Now, let’s see vhere I vasn’t fully prepared…”

Based off of the “Fallen Hero” post, the “Chase Brody is Jackieboyman” post, the “Dr. Schneeplestein experiements on Chase and Anti” post. This came to mind and I just HAD TO OKAY?! My poor boy… All he wanted was to protect the city and see his kids…


Pairing: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 5.6k (haha whoops)

Warnings: Ridiculous amount of cussing (usual in my writings), OC’s, minor humour, size!kink, hip!kink, nail scratching, hair!kink, dirty talk, sweet, sweet passionate smut.

Summary: You win a competition to film on the set of Supernatural and meet your idols. During your first day on set, you notice not only that Jared Padalecki has been eyeing you, but discover the fandom’s biggest headcanon on him in the bedroom is true.

A/N: This is entirely written in first person BUT it is still technically a reader insert, just a different format. For the purpose of this fic, Jared is single. Obviously no hate on Gen, it is fiction for entertainment purposes only. This was written and posted within hours, so all grammatical and spelling errors are my own. I apologise if there is a slight switch between tense, I was tired and in a rush to get all my thoughts on screen and posted that I wasn’t too stressed. It’s fanfiction, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Anyway, please enjoy. Feedback is appreciated.

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Beep beep beep beep beep.

“For fuck sakes,” I groaned, slamming my forefinger on the ‘stop’ on my phone to silence the alarm. I closed my eyes for a few more seconds, already knowing my phone was about to buzz yet again with a second alarm. My sensible self knows how much I like to sleep in. My sleepy self wants to fucking punch my sensible self for being so… sensible.

After silencing the second alarm, I stretched and rubbed my eyes, already reaching back for my phone to browse my social media like I do every fucking morning because I like to ignore my daily responsibilities and shove my eyeballs onto a screen to pretend like my life is interesting.

I go through all of my notifications, none of them worth really looking at, and begin to scroll down my Facebook page. I stop suddenly when I see Jared Padalecki’s latest post, my eyes catching the photo of Jensen, Misha and himself holding up a sign that read ‘WE WANT YOU!’

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 3- First Kiss

Thanks for the feedback a couple months ago! Seemed that a number of you liked the idea of me covering this day’s theme, so I went for it. Hope you enjoy it! ;)

First Things First

Sherlock shoved the lift button aggressively.

“Alright, relax,” John counseled. “The button didn’t pull Molly into an unexpected meeting.”

“It could have worked today, John! I could have done it!” Sherlock complained as the doors finally opened and they got in the lift. “It’s been almost three weeks now and I can’t understand why this is so difficult!”

“Maybe you’re making a bit more of this than you need to.” After receiving a glare, John put his hands up defensively and clarified. “No no, look, I’m not saying that asking Molly out isn’t a big deal. I’m just saying that maybe you need to put a bit less pressure on yourself to do it perfectly.”

“But I have a speech, John!”

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Quartet Night Live Evolution: Live Viewing Report

Okay, here is my report on the Quartet Night Live Viewing. It’s a little scattered and mostly just my opinion on things. I tried to remember as much as I could about it all. It’s long so I’ll put it under the cut. 

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Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Headcanons Dump
  • On valentine’s day the drama club members all sign a card for Hori-senpai (pitying him because he’s too club-driven to get a girlfriend). The card is a fairly plain american-style one with a candy heart “Be Mine” on the front. Very simple, easy to understand. But of course Kashima somehow misunderstands the card to be potential writing ideas for candy hearts. So when Hori opens his card, he finds smack dab in the middle, “Eat me, senpai,” written in neat script. 
  • Sakura has a venerable collection of hair bows. When Mikorin finds out he is quick to point out that she has no right to judge him for his games and figurines when she herself is an otaku.

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I’ll Always Come Back To You (Steve Rogers x Reader One Shot)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,325

Warnings: Kissing, cussing and that’s it (:

A/N: There’s a smutty version of this one shot in my files but I decided to keep it low key lmao I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think (:

Originally posted by naih-reedus

It’s pitch black dark in the living room of your apartment and the only source of light is coming up from the flat screen TV mounted on the wall. The horror film has Steve and you entranced and to be honest you’re scared shitless right now. These type of movies weren’t your favorite but it was Steve’s choice and this is what he picked. You keep stealing short glances at him, the sight of his chiseled face grounding you to reality and making the movie more bearable to watch.

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We’re 3 months away from this glitter-bomb and they gave us some stuff to scream about. I think I’ll do just that. I took my sweet time putting this together, I know, but there’s a fair bit to unpack and a lot to be excited about so, let’s go through it all!


Okay, so first things first: people are calling this a 2D movie and that’s not really that accurate.

It certainly has some 2D elements, like the backgrounds, but the style of animation only makes the characters look 2D, when in fact they’re 3D models.

You can tell in how they move. If I were to give you a still screen shot, you might guess that it was from a 2D animation, but in motion, you can tell what it actually is: cel-shading.

I had a hunch that’s what it was so I asked a storyboarder who worked on the MLP movie (and the show) if I was right and she said: 

The program they’re using is ToonBoom, which does rigs with 2D toon shaders, among other things!

You know, I don’t often call things, but I fucking called it. Let me have this. Just to give you a quick definition from Wikipedia:

“Cel shading or toon shading is a type of non-photorealistic rendering designed to make 3-D computer graphics appear to be flat by using less shading color instead of a shade gradient or tints and shades.”

3-dimensional figure with cel shading, has the effect of making it  look 2D. Typically seen with thick outlines on the outside and little to no outlines on the inside:

(Team Fortress 2 itself isn’t normally cel shaded, but that’s a great example a fan made of what cel shading usually looked like when I was growing up)

Cel shading without outlines, as seen in Wind Waker. 

  • Like I said, just seeing this still image, it looks 2D, but watching it move, you can tell there’s a 3rd dimension to the character with the features and lineart mapped out onto the models to make it look 2D
  • Which by the way, is really unique for a major release! I don’t know about anyone else, but I was excited that MLP: The Movie seemed to be 2-D since there hasn’t been a domestic 2-D animated movie since Winnie the Pooh in 2011. 6 damn years! While I maybe would’ve ideally liked a completely 2-D animated movie, the backgrounds and the cel shading works in really neat ways, and it will definitely make the movie stand out 
  • The purely 3-D objects seem unfinished at the moment (but that’s not out of the ordinary, CGI seems to be one of the last processes). It needs texture or shading or something, and I can tell because most of the ship looks too soft (too much like a model) to be metal. I really think this will be fixed for the final product, but that’s probably the most jarring part of the style at the moment
  • Not all of the 3-D looks unfinished, but the best looking parts are still the painterly, 2-D stuff (look at those towers; they’re really stylized, but you can tell they’re 3D in a more 2D environment)
  • The light effects are definitely 3-D in the fireworks and rainboom
  • Oh, and speaking lighting, so much of it looks so pretty! There are one or two times when the colours are slightly off, but the majority of the time it looks freaking gorgeous
  • You can kinda see by looking at Rarity that the shading is juuust slightly off here (kinda like they were for the teaser trailer), but then you look in the background and see this BEAUTIFUL background and Twilight all upset and worried about this invasion, and it feels like such a nitpick to worry about what will probably still be cleaned up before it hits theaters
  • We also get some really great expressions, so they’re not really limited by the 3D models underneath (if I’m right about that)
  • Also, just as one last little note here, the style is detailed enough to see little things about the characters we didn’t know up until now, like the fact that the spines on the side of Spike’s head are translucent, or that the colours of RD’s mane aren’t 100% perfectly separated
  • Overall with the animation, I’m so impressed not only by how gorgeous it is,but by how willing they were to take a risk and incorporate a 3D element in the form of  (I think) cel-shading. This only really matches the creative spirit of the MLP team, though. Whether or not you agree on how well they always execute everything, they always try to step up their game with every new season and push themselves to be and do better.
  • And while I will say that if some of the more 3D parts (yeah, I’m talking about the zeppelin/airships mostly) aren’t fixed for the final release, I would have a bone to pick with them, but I have faith that we’ll be seeing a much smoother integration of that 3D on the big screen.

Story and Character Details

I really appreciate that they didn’t outright spoil anything too big. It’s definitely a well-cut trailer! We basically only know about the same information we did before, with just a hint or two as to things like who the true villain is.

  • Just based on the focus given to these characters in the trailer (and what I know of the Storm King’s characterization in the first Movie Prequel comic that was just released), seems like he’s not as big of a threat as the commander of his fleet, Tempest. 
  • It’s a kind of villain we haven’t seen on the show or even in EQG, and not only that, but 
  • She’s got a fantastic voice actress behind her, so she can pull off the deliciously evil vibe well without, say, reminding us too much of Chrysalis or other powerful animated villains from Disney classics
  • Plus her design with the broken horn and her magic sparking up out of it is instantly intriguing to me: for such a powerful presence, it’s awesome to see her weakness (and most likely shady past) is always on display—especially for a commander character, that’s just really cool
  • Grubber seems to be pretty standard so far, nothing he’s done has really impressed me quite yet, but I’m hoping his best stuff is saved for the movie itself
  • The sky pirates (or skyrates) look like a lot of fun, and in context I can see how well the bipedal birb pirate blends with the universe (the bipedal designs were the ones I had the most trouble with)
  • On top of that, we have sea ponies at last! And they’re far more adorable than I ever could’ve hoped
  • The original sea pony designs from G1 looked a lot more like sea horses, with curling tails and fins on either side, but I think the meraid-ish look is both more marketable for Hasbro and more appealing to look at (the original sea ponies always seemed like a joke in the fandom to me, I admittedly never understood why people would actually want it in G4)
  • And a-ha! Good queens do exist! Poor Celestia and Luna. Always a princess, never a queen.
  • Oh, and Seaquestria? It’s freakin’ beautiful. I LOVE the rich blues and purples here. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the 360 image of the underwater palace complete with an excellent piece of background music, treat yourself.
  • The Mane 6′s sea pony designs are pretty dang adorable. I don’t have anything interesting to say, I just like the cute water horses, okay?

Minor Details and Incidentals

I’ll start out by saying Twilight’s narration in the trailer is pretty standard, but still heartwarming (mostly because I already know and love these characters though). It sort of reminds me of the bits of narration from the How to Train Your Dragon movies, although those had a bit more character to them. 

The what could possible go wrong? line, though. It just makes me laugh thinking of all the flashbacks we could have to the series. 

Originally posted by fisherpon

I guess she’s talking about that festival specifically that she’s organizing, and in that way it’s a show of character development (in a similar way to the character development on display in A Flurry of Emotions, where Twilight is told she’s late and doesn’t have a panic attack or worry about what could go wrong… too much), but it’s still hilarious to contrast the idea that nothing could go wrong in Equestria to… literally all of the show. 

  • AJ and RD protecting their friends even before the others have gotten over the shock of whatever they’re seeing tho
  • Starlight and Trixie get a bit of screen-time together and it’s adorable. Starlight might be stuck in Canterlot for the duration of the adventure, but I’m glad to see her included. Characters like Discord who might be too hard to explain to new audiences are understandable losses, but even if Starlight’s cameo is brief, it’s good to see her role acknowledged
  • In terms of music, Sia’s looking adorable so far, and Lukas Graham’s as of yet unreleased Off to See the World sounds pretty catchy (it’s the song at the end of the trailer), so they’ve got talent behind the vocals!
  • Jumping back to little details, it’s neat how sea pony magic has a very distinct look from unicorn/alicorn magic. Also, the bubbles are really cute
  • And, okay, I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate how serious this ponk is. Can we all just stop and take a look, because in this scene Twilight’s saying how she’s the one Tempest is after, and she should probably face this alone, which seems to be our Princess of Friendship’s big dilemma in this movie, and Pinkie’s clearly trying to tell her she’s crazy
  • Gotta love that they didn’t just go for hyperactive comic relief Pinkie Pie; they don’t seem to be boiling down these characters to just one trait (which is partially why I loved the moment where RD and AJ defend the girls; RD’s ego will no doubt be on display throughout the movie, but you’ll also see she’s ready to lay down her life for her friends)
  • And hey, lookie here! Canterlot got a make-over… and a contractor. There’s more pink than there typically is and it doesn’t necessarily match what we’ve seen of it in the show. Especially places like the throne room:
  • And you know, I’m a little torn on this detail? It’s beautiful, and I’m digging the starry night mosiac they’ve got going on back there, but it would’ve been nice to see the throne room we know and love rendered in this new style, you know? I’m gonna miss the deep magentas and the stain glass windows of the Mane 6′s accomplishments. I know that’s mostly the fangirl in me, but I like seeing continuity nods back to the show (like hey look: Cadence gets a cameo!)
  • Unless Canterlot gets destroyed and subsequently rebuilt in the season 7 finale, in which case I’ll shut my mouth
  • Speaking of which, I still have to wonder exactly when this will take place in the series, or if it exists slightly to the left of canon like the Equestria Girls movies (which, I mean, I consider canon, but still). I know there’s ties into the comics, but I wonder if/when the show will acknowledge the events of the movie… I guess only time will tell

And for now, I think that about wraps it up! All in all, I’m beyond excited to see this thing, as anyone could’ve guessed. 

It should also be noted that a lot of kids movie trailers focus on the fun, comedic portions of the movie, so while I do think it’s mostly going to feel like this, I’m also looking forward to the more character-driven feelsy parts. As we well know, you can never get the full scope of a movie from just the trailer, but it’s usually especially true for kids movies.

Even just from what we have seen, it looks like we’re in for a ride. Can’t wait to get on.

Hey, if you’d like more MLP stuff, you can click right here to see my editorials or here for episode reviews. And if those links don’t look pretty enough, have the last three things I’ve done right here:

Parental Glideance Review, Celestia/Daybreaker Editorial, and LGBT+ Editorial

Year of the Pony

[6/5/17] Hyper Projection Haikyuu “The Winners and The Losers” - fan report

ハイパープロジェクション演劇「ハイキュー!!」"勝者と敗者" 東京凱旋公演

*!Spoilers alert!*

*!Accuracy warning!!*

  • This is a viewing from the second last day and the third last performance
  • And this time, aided with my brand-new concert binoculars… I paid even less attention to overall scenes and fewer people (sorry Kindaichi and Kunimi and Nishinoya and Asahi and Ennoshita and Hinata actually)… but in greater detail! 
  • So this report will be sporadically categorised by characters instead of by teams

Iwaizumi Hajime – Kohatsu Allen

  • Oh my god he’s so handsome all the time
  • He has a tendency to scowl in frustration and of course I can’t put the way he twisted his face into words, but for reference just refer to the Iwaizumi “WHO ALLOWED THAT POUT” meme
  • What was the “wordless understanding” between Iwaizumi/Oikawa that Kohatsu Allen told fans to watch out for in the magazine interview from before? I finally know. He didn’t mean their physical compatibility during the matches, since this is a stage play, but he meant the way Iwaizumi knew/revealed all of Oikawa’s concealed inner thoughts
  • Because Oikawa doesn’t let hurt or fear show (he’s only confident, cold, angry, shocked or cocky), those feelings showed on Iwaizumi’s face instead
  • Generally around the time Oikawa started to crack Iwaizumi’s face turned permanently worried:
  • It’s compounded by the fact that Oikawa stopped meeting his eyes around the same time, so he could only stare after Oikawa’s back;
  • When Kita-Dai Oikawa and Iwaizumi kept losing to Shiratorizawa and Ushijima in spite of repeated efforts, and they fell onto the ground together
  • When Kita-Dai’s coach told Oikawa to take a break, and Iwaizumi’s face dropped because he knew Oikawa was going to take it the wrong way, but he still had to win the match, so he quickly straightened his face and called Kageyama for a toss
  • When Kageyama brightly asked Oikawa to teach him, unaware that he’d crossed the line, and Iwaizumi remarked of the poor kid: “He doesn’t know. That Oikawa isn’t a genius.”
  • Iwaizumi was really sorry that Oikawa just tried to attack Kageyama, but he also sounded really tired that things had to come down to that
  • And towards Kageyama, Iwaizumi was two figures at once - the understanding senpai (that Oikawa wasn’t) and also the enemy, because he saw Kageyama as a threat to Oikawa and constantly glared (or frowned) at him when he saw Kageyama’s progress in training

Oikawa Tooru - Asuma Kousuke

  • Oikawa’s conducting was really really beautiful to watch. I couldn’t emphasise enough how graceful and professional he looked last time, but even his face looked completely peaceful as he conducted “Seijou’s music”. It looked like his eyes were closed. It looked like he was dancing
  • When Aoba Johsai made their appearance by walking through the audience seats there were many many loud screams for Oikawa-san
  • Kita-Dai flashback scenes, x3! First flashback occurred from Kageyama’s point of view, explaining his admiration for Oikawa’s skill. Second flashback occurred from Oikawa’s point of view, which was his assessment of Kageyama Tobio’s skill. Third flashback occurred from Iwaizumi’s point of view, from which we got to hear about Oikawa’s insecurities and fears. Difference in mood, difference in angst, with Oikawa’s POV being the coldest and Iwaizumi’s POV being the saddest
  • Trivia: Yahaba handed out towels when the teams called for breaks during the game and I know the actors would be sweating a lot, but Oikawa/Kousuke just dabbed his face with the towel gently. Possibly he didn’t want to smear his makeup. Iwaizumi/Allen as well
  • Because Oikawa can be really frivolous (as we know from the rest of his team) his hatred to Kageyama (all the cold glaring) really stands out in stark contrast
  • They had to shake hands with Karasuno after the match but he didn’t. He only walked forward and coldly grabbed Kageyama’s hand for a single bare second

Hanamaki Takahiro – Kanai Sonde

  • Anyways do you know what Hanamaki’s lucky item is? It’s Watari Shinji’s shaved head. Regardless of whether they scored or missed Seijou members would high-five one another, but for their libero they would sometimes pat his hairless head instead. Except Makki always goes for Watari’s head and one time when he really needed it he went and furiously rubbed Watari’s head
  • Anyways Oikawa monologues a lot even during midway during matches, analyzing left and right, but as we all know sometimes Karasuno defeats his expectations. One time that happened - with Hanamaki leading - all the other third years jumped on him with kicks to (jokingly) blame him for his shitty judgment call
  • Matsukawa has good height on him, so at one point Oikawa wants to used that to shut off Hinata’s spikes. To prepare his friend for it, Hanamaki jumped forward and massaged him from head to toe, chopping his neck, legs, arms and shoulders, etc., generally annoying him
  • There’s this minor detail… whenever there’s a missed block or blocked attack from their team, most of the members (mostly Makki) would come over and high-five them in support with a “don’t mind” face. But when the attack is successful Makki will beam really widely and make you, watching him, also feel elated

Shigeru Yahaba and Watari Shinji – Yamagiwa Kaito and Saito Kenshin

  • Surprised that I focused on Shigeru? Me too, and it was at the expense of an iwaoi gag. I actually zoomed in on Not-Kuroo and Not-Kenma when they sat next to Team Seijou during a break. Not-Kuroo’s nervous around males (except for Oikawa) but Shigeru was totally trying to chat him up by offering him one of their water bottles, that sly bastard, and Not-Kuroo seemed to warm up to him a little
  • The iwaoi moment I missed was the part where Oikawa tells Iwaizumi not to overwork his (lack of a) brain; matsuhana was watching them. By the time I took my eyes off Yahaba’s shitty flirting I could only see Iwaizumi’s bottle fly - instead of hitting Oikawa it flew all the way to Karasuno’s camp on the right side of the stage, and matsuhana had to awkwardly ask for it back
  • Like last time there was a gag in the middle after Matsukawa confesses to Oikawa that he thinks he’s got shit for personality (Oikawa: “Why?!”), where Watari imitates their captain spying on Kunimi and Kindaichi while they gossip about Yahaba:
  • The contents of their bitching was different this time and I didn’t really catch it fully, but I’m making a calculated guess that the first case Kindaichi makes is that the way Yahaba pants is really weird
  • Yahaba runs in from the side of the stage in a white jacket, hood up, panting in this breathy and affected voice, collapsing dramatically on the floor
  • They bitch a bit more until Watari (as Oikawa) reveals that he’d been eavesdropping the whole time and said (something like) “Hoho! So that’s what you two think of Shigeru!” Panicking, Kunimi goes, “Wait Oikawa-san, that’s not-”
  • Oikawa (aka Watari): “Shut up”, in English (pronounced: sha-tup)

Kuroo Tetsurou and Kozume Kenma - Kondou Shouri and Nagato Takato

  • The gag duo of this play. They had an extended sequence right after the first intermission ended (before the screen pulled up), where Kenma was saying all sorts of “taboo” things - like how the audience needs to switch off their electronics and how come there was only them for Nekoma, and Kuroo kept interrupting him with “taboo” and “That’s taboo!” And then finally Kenma says:
  • “Actually Kuroo I have something important to say.” “Yeah what is it?” “I misplaced my jersey so I can’t play in the match.”
  • And Kuroo said something like “Man actually I have something to tell you too” and then he unzips his jacket. He’s wearing jersey no. 5 - “I’m wearing yours.”
  • He’s wearing Kenma’s shorts too. They’re really tight on him and at that moment Kenma/Takato starts to smile. Kuroo/Shouri’s just grinning and half-laughing but that’s at least understandable for but the gag was so funny that Kenma/Takato could barely hold his laughter in and that made it even funnier for me watching him
  • That’s not all (this might not be chronological) but anyways Kenma says something like “So where are the other Nekoma members?” and Kuroo goes “They’re here.” “Are they really-” “Yeah they are. I’ll show you.” and then Kuroo calls for Kai. “Kai!!”
  • And Kai #1 pops up from the right side of the stage - it’s Watari Shinji from Aoba Johsai. Kenma smile got wider and he goes (something like) “But that’s the wrong baldy Kuroo.”
  • Watari Shinji just looks confused as he rubs his head. Kuroo and Kenma banter for a bit more and Watari retreats. Then Kuroo says he’ll call for Kai again. This time he’s gonna summon the right one for sure. “Kai!! Kai!!!!”
  • Kai #2 appears from the right side of the stage - it’s Tanaka Ryuunosuke from Karasuno, wearing Karasuno’s dark red winter shorts. Anyways it’s still the wrong baldy and Takato’s laughing while Kenma’s tired of Kuroo’s bull so Kuroo says he’ll go a third time to prove Kenma wrong
  • This time after he calls for Kai he runs to the side and pretends to be Kai (he threw an arm over his face and talked like Kai) and Kenma just walks off while Kuroo does his one-man nonsense
  • On Not-Kuroo and Not-Kenma: when they first came onto the spectators stand, right before the match started, they were excited and (I think) Not-Kenma asked Not-Kuroo how excited he she was feeling, and in response, Not-Kuroo’s so excited that she yanks one of the pigtails attached at the bottom of her Kuroo-wig off
  • So Not-Kuroo’s wary of men, but Not-Kenma’s a lot more bubbly and sociable, so she keeps chatting with Mart-san during the match to ask him what’s going on, which didn’t really sit well with Not-Kuroo who of all the men in the world considers Oikawa Tooru to be her gold standard
  • So one time Not-Kuroo’s had enough and leads Not-Kenma by hand away from Mart-san, since it’s not safe to talk to weird old uncles (Mart-san “Uncle?”). Feeling misunderstood, Mart-san tries to stop them to clear himself up - he grabs Not-Kuroo
  • Not-Kuroo jumps and shrieks. “He touched me!!” Then Not-Kuroo bolts with Not-Kenma. Mart-san runs after them - “But I didn’t even want to touch you!!!”

Kageyama Tobio – Kimura Tatsunari

  • I remembered from my first viewing that he flinched really hard in the Kita-Dai flashback so I’m sorry that I didn’t watch him when Oikawa almost socked him… Sorry I’m sorry for myself
  • He sounded really cute when he was in middle-school… even when they had his doubles onstage, the voice that they played was most definitely Kimura Tatsunari’s high-pitched one
  • This time he was in much happier in his sparkly blue frilly tobiuo (flying fish) costume, and even the match spectators (Ukai, I think?) pointed it out - “He’s laughing!” And he was! He waving his flippers around with a huge smile so bright it looked more like Tatsunari himself even though they were restrictive. The tobiuo moment by the way was triggered by Tsukki (and Yamaguchi I think) for making that joke

Sugawara Koushi and Sawamura Daichi – Ino Hiroki and Akisawa Kentarou

  • Opening introductions! The members from the two teams had one-on-one dance-offs with each other, and it was Iwaizumi VS. Daichi, but when they extended their hands to shake Daichi swiped his hand super fast past Iwaizumi’s hand to stroke his hair instead
  • Suga to save the day~ Phenomenal acting that really made you feel the difference between the confident Karasuno third-year setter with his infectious good mood and the self-conscious third-year aware of his limits as well as the overwhelming talent from his junior and their rivals
  • I don’t know how to explain the chilly feeling you get hearing his quiet voice. It’s quiet because he knows and Kageyama knows and you know that Suga can’t change the fact that he himself isn’t strong enough - to go against Seijou or his junior
  • I paid a lot of attention to his face during the serious scenes (aka with Kageyama) since he always sounds so close to crying, and not that he did, but I noticed that after Karasuno’s loss and during the izakaya scene Ino Hiroki’s and Kimura Tatsunari’s noses were red  
  • Despite saying all that, Suga’s voice never cracked even once, so you could feel how great of a front he was putting on-
  • In contrast to Daichi, whose voice cracked both times he had to tell his juniors not to apologise to him

Yamaguchi Tadashi and Shimada Mart - Miura Kairi and Yamaguchi Kentarou

  • “The jump float serve??”
  • Shimada’s so horrified when Ukai called Yamaguchi up as a pinch server. In the last match (in the last stage play) when Yamaguchi’s convinced Mart-san to mentor him, he’s the one horribly embarrassed when Mart-san shows up pre-Date Tech match with banana groceries as a form of support. This time, when Karasuno’s bewildered over Yamaguchi’s entrance, Yamaguchi goes “Shimada Mart - he’s my mentor!”, like blame him!, and Mart-san makes the kill me now face
  • But he can’t get away because Not-Kuroo and Not-Kenma have helpfully tangled his legs up in the net. It’s so badly tangled that he has to sit down and detangle all the while Not-Kuroo unhelpfully pulls his foot in the wrong direction, until Mart-san swats her away
  • And then… Yamaguchi lines up for his serve. It misses and he goes still. He falls onto his butt and his face freezes in panic. He apologises twice in a quiet voice, and the third time he yells it in a cracked voice at Daichi while standing in the midst of everyone
  • In the final scene, when Karasuno was moping in the izakaya, Hinata shoves Kageyama for apologising right into Yamaguchi, who was sitting next to him. Yamaguchi grabs and helps him regain balance, but from that point just keeps his head bowed on Kageyama’s shoulder instead of looking back up at the others again

Tanaka Ryuunosuke - Shiohei Kouta

  • His opening introduction!! He was on his knees on the floor jamming the hell out of an electronic guitar!! So cool!!! 
  • I was watching him when he slapped his face to snap himself out of his temporary stump, and his actor actually didn’t slap his face at all! He patted his hands on lightly, just that there was a loud sound effect
  • Also he was the young Asahi, alongside Noya with his puffed-out chest as the young Daichi and Ennoshita as a young Suga

Additional things that were personally very impactful from the stage play adaptation and miscellaneous opinion:

  • Is Iwaizumi protective of Oikawa? Yes, but not in the sense that he’s Oikawa’s best friend and partner, but in the sense that he’s (portrayed as) Oikawa’s other half. Instead of defending Oikawa for Oikawa, it felt like he was defending Oikawa for himself because that’s the extent that their thoughts and feelings are in sync
  • From that perspective it’s also interesting to think of Sugawara and Daichi as one, but with a bit of a role reversal from the traditional expectations people have of them. This stage after all played up Daichi’s insecurities about staying in the team after their loss, whereas Suga confidently declared that he was staying. Daichi got to be sadder while Suga’s tenacity came through
  • After watching it twice I more distinctively get that from beginning to end Kageyama never once understood where Oikawa was coming from, and most probably still holds a misconceived awe of Oikawa’s talent. He had to battle his own issues of abandonment, and after so long, from Kita-Dai to Karasuno, the biggest help he received to move on from the past only came belatedly, and in the form of Sugawara
  • And even then it was at the cost of him taking Sugawara’s position in Karasuno
  • I hope in the DVD they include at least one flashback sequence each from Iwaizumi, Kageyama and Oikawa’s faces
  • I watched a lot more Kageyama than that short paragraphs’ worth but it’s kind of pointless putting great acting into wordy descriptions so just… wait for the DVD
  • I hope if they do another stage play we get a Kiyoko-san or Yachi but that’s probably really really unlikely
  • Please let there be a next stage play I miss Nekoma and their mayhem
  • Shirakashi Judai looked exactly like Matsukawa from the manga from my binoculars especially when he just stood around judging Oikawa
  • So the binoculars were a damn good investment and I’m not sure if I should blow money on a second knb stageplay viewing or just go for the live-viewing. The live-viewing already zooms in on faces but of course that’s different to zooming into my biases 
  • My view was good (not that I had a choice in picking the location) and showed me the full stage choreographies and lighting effects; only sometimes I couldn’t see the full projections 
  • Disclaimer warning! I don’t have photographic memory and only a passable understanding of whatever the actors said from the play, so whenever I quote them it’s not verbatim!! 
  • If you ask me something about any of these characters I probably will have an answer but if you ask me something about the others I probably won’t be able to because I really didn’t watch them enough YOU CAN’T BLAME ME MY BINOCULARS WAS SIMPLY TOO USEFUL
  • Click here for previous report on I wrote from my first viewing of haisute in 24/3
Gen is Human - An Analysis

The idea that Gen is actually a human, not an ajin, is something I’ve been pushing for a while. I wrote the original post in may last year, but that original post is pretty out of date. There’s a surprising amount of evidence for what was originally a crack fan theory, so under the cut I’ll jump right in and go over it all.

Keep in mind this is long and image heavy, since I tried to include all the evidence.

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