actually i laughed to tears


“Love actually” + 13 years later


I just had to stop and drop everything I was doing to make this!! Min Yoongi !! I laughed till there was actually tears!! 😂😂😂😂 by far one of my favorite episodes!!

lmao my brother just told me that today, when he was doing grocery shopping with our dad, the two of them were at the female hygiene section and they were picking up the brand of pads my mom and I use (my dad and bro have always been the ones in charge of stacking up our bathroom with pads and tampons whenever we so much start showing signs of our periods coming up) and this guy that’s around his mid 30′s suddenly comes up to the two of them and says shit about ‘how embarrassing must be for him and his dad to be getting this items’ and that ‘next time he should just tell his wife or girlfriend or daughter or whatever to pick the pads themselves, it’s not like they’re drying or something’ and my dad and bro are just there speechless because of the attitude of the guy and they look just a bit off to the side of the guy and there’s a girl that’s clearly with him, and my dad just looks directly at her and says, from the bottom of his heart, ‘I’m sorry you have to deal with this kind of shit, dear’ and she kinda just nods and says ‘well, not anymore’ and looks at the guy that’s suddenly aware that she was standing there and says ‘because guess who’s without a girlfriend now. We are OVER (insert asshole’s name here cuz’ my bro couldn’t remember)’ and she just drops whatever items she had in her hands and walks away

so tonight was the first night of kcon mexico and Astro was brought on as the special stage guests and obviously I lost my shit so my video is really shaky and you can hear me freaking out the entire time but I hope the aroha’s who couldn’t be there can still enjoy the video!!

@piperfulcrum replied to your photoset “its been a rly rough week but the upside is i finally read legal…”

WHAT IS THIS???? i see the first picture and I am emotionally comprimised, and it’s for a fan fiction I HAVENT EVEN READ??? is too much.

llisten u gotta i started it up bc i saw so many people recommend it and i have never been more emotionally compromised by a fic in my whole life it got so bad i stayed up til 4am reading it despite needing to get up at 6 bc i hit a rly sad scene and needed to make sure they were okay before i could rest its Good




I just wanted some pretty pictures of Keith I was not expecting to come across this today

john comes home and hears weird noises coming from sherlock’s bedroom, so decides to check, because he’s worried about his friend. he wishes he never did. he finds jim moriarty - yeah the criminal mastermind, the one who strapped a bomb on him - naked and handcuffed to the bed, a curly familiar head between his legs. 

it gets even worse when sherlock notices him. he panicks and all he’s able to say is “i’m interrogating moriarty, john. look i handcuffed him.”. jim laughs so much there are actual tears on his eyes. john is in hell, he doesn’t know if he should kill them or himself.