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@pocpotterweekmarch 23rd: favorite ship

“Then she was kissing him as she had never kissed him before…and it was blissful oblivion, better than firewhisky; she was the only real thing in the world.”

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Everytime I see u and ducky's cup/bowl video I get so angry because it's a MUG

and if you ~actually ~watched it you would ~see i ~say “are you willing to accept it’s a mug. cause if you are - mugs are cups”

mugs are a type of cup. mugs are cups. they’re cups, fam. fucking cups. mugs, glasses, goblets, etc – all types of cups. if i knew, had i known, had i had an inkling, had i had a single shred of a half of a piece of an iota that i’d get really smart feeling kiddos messaging me about “hee hah her merger it’s actually a mug” i would have filmed the whole thing with a big fat disclaimer saying “I KNOW ITS A MUG. MUGS ARE CUPS THIS IS KNOWN” in flashing neon lights accompanied by 50 asterisks and a dancing frog with a little hat and a cane.

christ almighty™ cup v bowls has taken years off my life


feeling kinda icky so I made a comic to cheer myself up?

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u got any headcanons for peacock!nino?

A thousand and a half. His teammates are lowkey attracted to him, the worst is Volpina and Cat Noir poor babies. Has to do with how showy and ‘strut your stuff’ peacocks are, and nino constantly has a crisis like “Why is everyone into paon??? its cause im a superhero right like… its not like im actually attractive its just…” and then he bums himself out. But then Dusuu gets sassy with him like “Boy just because i know how to work with what you have and your ass doesnt don’t mean you havent got something worth showing.” And Dusuu tells nino that maybe if he didnt hide under baggy jackets, loose fitting shirts, cargo pants big glasses and hats he might actually realize what he looks like. So Dusuu is like “You like all your clothes right? you wouldnt own them if you didnt like them or were uncomfortable in them yeah? so whats the harm in letting me pick what you wear for the day if you like it all anyways.”

and nino is like “…yeah whatever if it makes you happy, doesnt matter to me.” 

But Dusuu knows how to play up Nino’s features and actually just not hide him under a pile of baseball caps all the time and the first day he strolls into school just wearing what Dusuu asked him too (No hat, no glasses ((he doesnt need them ever since he got his miraculous he just uses them)) dark jeans, just overall complimentary everything)) his class is like “oh sHIT”

And then he has another additional crisis because wtf is he actually attractive??? i thought it was just the hero factor??? WHAT HAPPENS NOW

He starts to eventually gain more confidence through being Paon, but overall maintains his genuine humble nature. He doesnt take it as an opportunity to be like “im the shit” hes just happier because hes more confident in himself. 

He takes early morning patrols to lowkey sing with the song birds because singing in front of other people embarrasses him. He teaches the song birds in the city tunes and you can hear them echoed all over throughout the day. And he teaches them his made up theme song for ladybug and cat (the theme song he is too embarassed to admit he actually wrote) so you can hear the melody of “Miraculous, simply the best” occasionally in the city. But he starts to notice a new tune he hasnt heard before whenever the birds see him, like a greeting, and he realizes that they knew that song wasnt for him and wrote him his own theme song that they sing for him whenever they say hello. 

Birds love Nino. Adrien is not super into the fact that birds love him but over the course of several years develops a tolerance. 

When he gets pissed his tail does the thing where is sticks up and fans out and its lowkey Cat Noir and Volpinas favorite thing in the universe so they have a competition over who can get him to do it the most 

His gold eyes glow slightly brighter when he uses his power (this is my same headcanon that i have for Jade when he uses Time Crawl)

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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M
Summary: Look, no one told you - warned you – about how good Dean Winchester looks in glasses. The worst part? He totally knows what he’s doing. 
A/N: Fun fact, I haven’t actually watched this episode yet. I just saw the glasses, and was inspired. Ahem. This is short. Sorry.

Dean is walking slowly next to you, eyes scanning your surroundings, and he’s clearly trying not to smile. You kind of hate him. 

Kind of.

The thing is – okay, you’re not dumb. Dean Winchester might be in his late thirties, but he’s hot, okay. He knows it, too. How could he not? People are always swooning over him and you’ll be damned if you’re going to be one of them. 

He’s wearing glasses today. You know it’s for a job, but still. It’s been hard for you to take your eyes off him since he put them on. You’re pretty sure he’s noticed, if the self-assured swagger in his step is anything to go by.

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So, @ernmark‘s Penumbera musical post got @typehere452 and I a bit inspired, and we wrote Juno and Peter’s Rex’s love song for the end. We’re planning on actually putting up a recording of us singing it tomorrow, but until then, we figured we’d post some of the lyrics as a sort of teaser.

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The Signs as Things My Psych Professor Said
  • Aries: You keep should-ing all over yourself.
  • Taurus: Go ahead Becky: rip my heart out. Go ahead and break the friendship bracelets we made when we were five too.
  • Gemini: At that moment, my first two instincts were to rip off my shirt and punch myself in the face. And I did. So that's why I have new glasses.
  • Cancer: Who the fuck is Martha?
  • Virgo: He (his month old child) makes noises to let us know its time to go to brunch.
  • Libra: You guys can go early, I have to argue with my wife on the phone.
  • Scorpio: Imagine all the brothers and sisters you could have had that ended up in the trash.
  • Sagittarius: Nah man, do it. Be an asshole.
  • Capricorn: Just take your poptarts and netflix and live at the top of a mountain.
  • Aquarius: And I let the dolphin embrace me.
  • Pisces: Through the vigorous act of love making, I infested my wife with a parasite.

“It’s good to see you again, Inquisitor. It has been too long.”


Finally had some free time to work on the plot for his manga.

little things to love about wonwoo
  • middle school dancing machine LMAO
  • he knows how to play the guitar wOw
  • his singing voice can put me to sleep
  • he’s the cutest gardening fairy OMG
  • but didn’t know a thing about vegetables
  • he had to ask the staff what spinach was lol
  • doesn’t rly know how to cook so he lets mingyu do it
  • “I flirt frequently”
  • crowned as the cleanest member
  • read a book called “Me Before You” and cried
  • he LOVES watching movies
  • could binge-watch movies if he could
  • LuckyCharm!Wonwoo
  • not good with hacky-sack but that’s okay
  • “my life is hamburger”
  • doesn’t like aegyo but is good at it regardless
  • his blank stares are super cute actually omg
  • glasses!wonwoo
  • charismatic on stage aS ALWAYS
  • but when he’s off-stage, he’s a lil precious excited bean
  • had a Rice Krispie once and it changed his life
  • loves his mommy and daddy u w u
  • apparently great at animal sounds
  • or any sound for that matter
  • he’s a very expressive child
  • #RamenOverEverything
  • pls protect this bean from pups
  • when he laughs, his nose crinkles and I !!!!
  • sloth!wonwoo
  • according to coups, he has a lot of old man jokes LOL
  • plays league of legends
  • mains teemo :-)
  • he likes to listen to sad music before he sleeps aW
  • wonwoo is such a precious human being
  • I hope he gets better soon

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lol walter's new design includes ugly glasses a missing tooth a swollen drunkard's nose and 50 pounds

LMAO i know this is a joke but i think its a perfect time to mention that he’s actually relatively the same! i’m not trying to make him UGLY, just,,, less onceler if you get what i mean? he looks very generic and he’s been compared to a LOT of characters so i want to give him some uniqueness. so far i’m really digging what i’ve come up with and i feel like it makes a huge difference, at least in my eyes! i’m having fun with him for the first time in a while 

father craven still looks the same tbh, at least with what i have right now 

friendly reminder that Chaol initially point blank refused to go to the Torre Cesme even though it was his only chance at ever walking again because he didn’t want to leave Dorian again.

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Welcome! Let’s begin 😈

Countries I’ve lived in: the US….born in Louisiana, raised in Texas.

Favorite Fandom: TRANSFORMERS ❤🙌❤
(more specifically MTMTE)

Spoken language: I speak English.
My mom used to live in Germany so she taught me a couple German words/phrases. But I do not know enough to actually speak it.

Favorite 2015 film: Jurassic World!
I love me some screamin’ dinos 😹😹

Last read: ‘Change Your Energy’ by Krista N. Mitchell
Its about crystals and their healing properties.

Shuffle your music (3 songs):
Like Eating Glass by Bloc Party
Immortals by Fallout Boy
The Nobodies by Marilyn Manson

Last thing you bought online:
I haven’t bought anything online since last Dec, and it was my moirails Christmas present (the Monstrumologist series).

Phobias: I guess bugs? I’m not really afraid of them though. I just don’t like them. However, I am very afraid of flying roaches. (In my opinion, if God existed then he made those effers just to spite me 😹😹 )

How would your friends describe you: ‘The Mom Friend’

If you have any spare cash, what would you buy?:
I would buy a new Decepticon t-shirt, the IDW MTMTE series box set, and some more crystals (a rose quartz or more moonstones).

I tag @biblet01, @1337banna, @brokenbydawn, @unholyopossum, @lord-overlips, @ratchet-says-i-needed-that, @citrus-art-and-life, @spectre-the-decepticon-queen, and @thatonepinkdress900

Have a great day! 😜

Glass Stone Magic

Maybe because I have a vain side that loves glamours and appearances (probably cause I’m ruled by Venus) I love working with glass stones. There are some that appear naturally in nature or that are man made but they have a much different use than other crystals. Glass is classified as a ‘rigid liquid’ because it cools too rapidly for a crystal structure to form (though it has similar makeup to crystals, just the formation is different) but its too hard to be an actual liquid. Glass can be used for glamours and illusions. Illusions can help create attractions (so if you would like to attract a certain thing, kind of how wanderers in a desert go after mirages), or they can help hide what is there. Glamours can create desired presences and appearances. My favorite stone is Opalite and I have created a huge bond with my necklace. Its sometimes incredibly off putting but people I know, work with and even strangers would approach me to grab at it because it’s a very alluring stone and I do a lot of magic work with it so the glow attracts them like moths. You can use each of these for all kind of illusionry. Glamours help with shielding as well which you can apply the protective glass stones to your shielding or hiding truths. 

  • Opalite-
    You can use this to be alluring in a mysterious way. It’s glowing and ephemeral and moonlike. It brings a dreamy attention towards yourself. It attracts people.

  • Obsidian-
    Almost the exact opposite of Opalite. Best worn with dark colors or all black. It can be used to hide yourself for protection. Obsidian is a stone made from volcanic glass that can help ward people or unwanted entities. It helps you be ‘invisible’ and does not attract people.

  • Mirrors-
    helps with protection as well since it reflects harm (good for curse wards) and can show hidden truths and bring clarity (since it reflects and shines light). It can help with illusionry where if you want to hide something it can help distort the truth. It attracts people and can be used as a trap.

  • Sea glass-
    helps to be more secretive and hard to read (think of the mysteries that lie deep beneath the ocean waves). It neither attracts nor repels people in my experience, it just a stone that helps conceal things.

  • Tektites-
    rare but incredibly powerful. They are naturally forming glass when meteors hit the earth and can come in small sized bodies of black, glowing green, brown or gray. They can be used to shed light where there need be inspiration and give off a glamour of otherworldliness. I’m sure it attracts people- especially the glowing green kind probably attracts weirdos and people that want to leave this earth.

  • Fulgurites-
    strange spiky stones that form when lightning strikes sand. They can be used for protection such as warding and shielding (especially if you like to work with electricity or are a weather witch) and can either help to repel people by intimidation or attract them magnetically. 

  • Marbles-
    can be used for wishes! Many use marbles for luck. A marbled ring can be created to be a luck charm and charged in sunlight. Can give an illusion to be cheerful. It attracts people. (People like to grab at this too like opalite).

  • Colored glass stones can be charmed to give off a glamour depending on your correspondence to it’s color. They are incredibly vibrant and can be found in any color and can help give off the vibe you’d want to achieve by it.
    Colored glass also comes in glass rings as well that makes it easy to wear and accessorize to your everyday outfits for glamour. I usually wear crystals to promote a kind of energy within myself but there are times I just want my outfit to match so I use glass stones and rings instead. Hints here can be with simple associations like pink can give you an appearance to be more intimate and flirtatious- deep gold to appear more assertive and influential- blue to appear more sensual secretive and empathetic etc. 

  • Multicolored glass stones/iridescent glass stones-
    to appear to have many sides or help with gender fluidity.

  • Glittering glass stones-
    same as the colored glass stones but the sparkles adds more of an allure and attention. It attracts people.

  • In many cultures glass stones are turned into charms like the blue eye to ward evil for example.

All glass needs your energy for it to work because unlike crystals it does not vibrate on it’s own since it has no structure. Therefore it makes it incredibly malleable to use and activate for almost any purpose as long as it resonates with you. Glass can be charged powerfully by the sun since it’s a substance that reflects or absorbs light. 

Mikaelson Charm

Requests: “Elijah Mikaelson taking you to your last dance because your werewolf boyfriend backed out last minute and sweeping you off your feet (fluffy)” “Yes please write dancing with Elijah 😍😍😍😍”

“He just backed out. I don’t know why he was so nervous-” You shook your head and squeezed your glass in your hand tighter, it would eventually shatter and you predicted it. Your friend nodded, a sincere look on her face and her mouth pressed into a slight smile. “What do I say to him when he actually comes around? Its a stupid reason to get upset-”

“No it isn’t, Y/N. You guys planned for this dance for like five months and it obviously meant a lot to you.” Your friend smiled wide. “On the bright side, that guy with the jawline is staring at you.” She pointed across the room and on the staircase was Elijah Mikaelson. His family was having a house warming party for you, you had been an old friend of theirs and you finally agreed to move to New Orleans to see them and you then met your boyfriend from Hayley’s pack, but you never got into that crap.

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Your least favourite SJM character (not including villains ofc)

Okay, nobody better get mad at me, because I’m not gonna say that I dislike this character, but I will say that he is the one I would most disagree with if this were real life and thats how I’ll answer this question. 

Aaaannndd, some of you already know this, but it would be Chaol.

Now listen, its not because I hate Chaol, I actually really love Chaol but he and I have clashing personalities and irl I KNOW I would do everything with the intent of pissing Chaol off.  I think it’s mainly becasue I find he is sometimes self-righteous, like hes superior, and that specifically what I HATE about the assholes at my school.  But again, I’m not saying I hate Chaol, because I don’t, but I do think that to ME he is problematic.  However, I really enjoy reading his POV in all the other books and I CANNOT wait for Chaol’s Novel!

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Selfie: I don’t usually wear my glasses but I can’t afford more contacts right now so…here have a picture of me wearing my goggles :/

Homescreen: I actually keep a separate homescreen free of icons just so I can look at him. 

Lockscreen: I found a thing in my settings that said “leave a message for people on your lockscreen!” and I thought, what would I want to say to someone picking up my phone? You can see where my snark reared its big ugly mug.

Last Song I Listened to: The Sound of Silence by the Disturbed in the video I reblogged

Relationship Status: Me+My Man Forever!

Favorite Color(s): Emerald green

Lipstick or ChapStick: I answered this in another post so I’m substituting another inane question: Shoes or Sandals? I prefer wearing shoes because if I need to break out running it’s easier. 

Last movie watched: Can I answer in a future tense? Going to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie next weekend! Excited!

Top three characters: Are we talking all from one show or like across all of the fandoms that we enjoy? Because it is physically impossible for me to pick three favs out of that giant mass of nerddom. 

Top three ships: Oh god this is the same problem. Okay, okay. So right now my top ship from Naruto is MadaKaka (THANKS TUMBLR). From SPN my fav would be Destiel. From HP I think my fav would be FreMione or WolfStar, From ATLA my fav would be Zutara. From FMA:B my fav is RoyEd, and there’s just waaaay to many others for me to pick a top three???

Books I am currently reading: The Halls of Stormweather by Philip Athans

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Feel free to substitute random questions for anything you already answered!

tomorrow alfie:

  • ellen is going to wakeup call you at ass oclock
    • please try not to be awful about it and actually do get up. please don’t be a shithead about this.
  • put teen vogue, deo, flask, in your backpack
    • maybe also flipflops ?
    • TAKE THAT CAN OF TUNA OUT OF YOUR BACKPACK you won’t eat it and it’ll
    • doublecheck that purse you wore for purim to see if there’s anything crucial in there i know it’s where the flask is but jic
    • bring 1 glasses case and your glasses and sunglasses
    • don’t forget to pack your water bottle bitch!! hydrate!
  • look @ your knitting box and see what you can easily and effectively pack
    • take down a couple of the mini skeins, maybe one or two of the bigger circ needles and dpns - do you want to make another hat?
    • plan: all your white and red marled threat in a bag, your 24″ dpns (8 & 10), your 8&10 size dpns. possibly also your LITTLE bag with the miniskein projects and sock dpns and notions in it?
  • you can probably drop by mail services @ 8ish?  if the shuttle’s running? maybe the blue room is open with union workers?
  • get a coffee you will NEED one
  • maybe try to last-minute find your phone recharger and a microusb wire
  • YOUR CANE HAS YOUR WALLET ON IT AND ALSO YOU’RE GOING TO GO EXPLORING? you’re going to need it. don’t forget your cane.