actually i just laugh at it but i had to use this pic

ngl I feel a little weird partaking in #asianinvasion mainly because #reclaimthebindi happened so recently for south asians but I feel like I have a lot to say and there’s never a bad time to post selfies so hello hi i’m raveena

i’m bengali and i think the most annoying part about it is that people automatically assume i’m indian or when i tell them that my parents are from bangladesh they just laugh and say ‘so, like, that’s basically india.’ and that joke would be funny if, you know, millions of people weren’t dead from the war that now lets us be called bengalis or bangladeshis instead of east pakistanis or whatever we were supposed to be called. nobody cares about the actual genocide that my parents literally saw from their backyards. not to mention that south asians are literal slaves in the uae and i had a friend who visited singapore and she lied and said she was indian because she found out the extent of horrible racism towards bengalis in particular and didn’t want to be attacked for it. 

i’m also muslim and i think that’s kind of a given. don’t really need to outline my struggles there…

so there ya go :)

Reasons to love Candice Patton

Still not over the fact that I met Candice Patton this past weekend and I told her that I wanted to be a screenwriter. Still not over the fact that she told me to absolutely pursue it “because we need more women of color writing for TV.” Still not over the fact that Candice Patton fully endorsed my desire to write. Me. A stranger. Someone she had just met. She supported this because she could tell that it was important to me and we both had a desire to see the landscape of television change for people like us. Representation does matter. To us both.