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ok so i did all the frames yesterday and slapped them together in movie maker to judge the timing and figure out what to put where? and i thought that maybe i could figure out how to put the finished thing together by today, but that is definitely not happening at this rate because im a complete animation scrub who has no idea what she’s doing, so uh have this wip for now lmao

edit: I finished it!

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I was wondering about a continuation to Keith's Mom. Since they went to bed that night I was wondering what would happen the next morning. I really love what you did with the ask and I'm desperate to see more lol

hey dude! i’m so glad you asked because i’ve actually had this sitting in my drafts since the same day i posted part 2 but i wasn’t sure if anyone wanted it to continue or not lmao so here ya go! :)

(part one)    (part 2)

i have no idea how to portray the next bit in text form but just know that lance sprinted through the halls of the castle until he got to keith and then absolutely destroyed him with kisses. :)

(part one)    (part 2)

Mission Bad Boy - 9

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Warnings: softcore smut(?), once again - self loathing, scalding tea

Notes: lol. I must really hate every character here. GIF CREDIT GOES TO THE ACTUAL OWNER. 4.2 k Words

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You had no idea what had happened after you had fled from the party, but when you had gone back to school the next week, you had witnessed something you never believed would happen. 

While you stood near the entrance of the classroom, you had gotten a spectacular view of a familiar girl sitting in your place, a shy smile playing on her mouth whilst she received a kiss on her cheek from your desk mate.

“You’re so cute,” You heard his quiet hum, making your fists clench as you bit your lip.

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Hahaha , by the way , I wished Yamato saw TK asking Taichi to be his brother 😂 . OMG who knows what would happen to three of them . Maybe yamato would kill taichi or leave the group once and for ever. It's is good idea to be fanfic . But sadly I'm not good in writing. I hope someone do

That could have actually happened if Yamato and Jou decided to run away from Digitamamon’s restaurant together. xD

« read from right to left «

Sorry I got too lazy to finish this lol


it’s been forever i know i’m terrible at this,,,,,,,,and i completely got carried away with this it’s like 3k of messiness i’m sorry (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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I've seen a lot of complaints about the mating bond and how they don't want nessian to have one because it's supposed to be rare and now feyrexrhys and elainxlucien have it, but couldn't it just be rare because of the divide between fairies and humans? i mean both lucien and rhys only had that mating bond snap into place once feyre and elain became fae. what if all fae had a mate, but the reason it's rare is because most are human and thus not allowing the bond to snap into place?

The rarity issue is an interesting question. Is it stated explicitly in ACOTAR that mates are rare? It is in ToG, if I’m correct. I believe that Remelle mentions it in the short story she appears in, when explaining why no fae would ever want to be with Aelin, which lol. (We talk about this in the ACOMAF podcast as well at some point, if you are interested in listening to that.)

This might be a world-building issue, tbh, because there are a lot of questions about how this bond works, what the point of it is (reproduction? or something else?) and how/why people are considered “equals”.

It is totally possible that the bond can only happen when both people are fae, like you mentioned. Lucien’s first lady was a lesser fae, not High Fae, so it’s not a divide in that way (since he was waiting for their bond, one can assume it’s possible). But perhaps there is a divide between fae/humans. It would be kinda weird for the Cauldron to pair two people who little to no chance of meeting/mating, though - because then you would have a lot of pairs that will never happen, because humans being turned into fae isn’t exactly common, either. So if we went that route, then yeah, mates would definitely be rare, basically because they would never have the chance to find each other or be…. compatible in a race/species way? (Sorry I don’t know how else to describe that lol)

Personally, I have no issue with anyone else having a bond or not. They could all have one and I’d feel the same as if no one had one. I don’t like the idea that people are destined to be together, because…. shit happens, people fall in love and grow apart, and if there are cases of mates not even liking each other, what is the actual point of it? And it takes away the characters’ agency. Even if they can choose to not be with their mate…. this is now something they have to deal with, and in a way they would probably always question, if they fell for someone else, if it was real? Which would suck. And let’s say you hated your mate. You are still equals in some way, there is still some reason, theoretically, that you were paired. And how can you escape that? So yeah, lack of agency isn’t cool.

And also, it’s pretty heteronormative, thus far. There is a mated m/m couple in ToG, but it’s one couple and again… we can’t say that the same rules apply in both series. And ALSO, in ACOTAR, with the female presenting the male with food, like wut? Why? Anyway, I hope we get more info about this - maybe Elain and Lucien’s situation will provide us with some more context about all of this.

Thanks for sending me your thoughts!

Happy ✧ Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: After telling you what happened on his trip to Germany, Peter attempts to introduce you to Happy. 

Warnings: nothing, this is just really short and full of fluff asfjk

A/N: my first imagine!! this actually went in a completely different direction than I expected. it started out as a different prompt, but as I was writing it a new idea came to me. I hope you guys like it, although it’s pretty much just pure fluff; it doesn’t have a plot lol. I imagined the gif as how Peter would laugh :) enjoy xx (also I know my title sucks but I had no idea what to name this ffkjdhs)

“Honestly, I thought I was gonna die—he was huge! He was smashing things, left and right—” Peter’s eyes widened in excitement, with one thought interrupting the other as he spilled all the details about his trip to Germany. “He kicked a bus, flung War Machine around, tore off the wing of an airplane...”

Leaning back on the park bench, Peter sighed deeply. “I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to see—to live through that.” He stared dreamily into the horizon before turning back to you. 

You gave Peter a concerned look. As much as you loved listening about his adventures as Spider-Man and watching his face light up with happiness and passion, it was hard not to worry about what could happen to him. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” You asked, reaching up to touch the black and blue bruises surrounding his right eye. “I mean, are you sure you’re not seriously hurt? Did they check you for injuries?” You picked up his arm, inspecting his skin for any more bruises. 

Peter tossed his head back slightly, laughing at your overprotectiveness. “I’m fine, Y/N! I’m fine, it’s okay!” You put his arm back down, curling your lips up into a grin at the sound of Peter’s laughter. 

“Mr. Stark made sure I was okay; he got his manager to scan me for any harm. His name’s Happy—pretty cool guy.” He rested his arm around your neck, before jolting up again. “Dude! Do you wanna meet him?” His brown curls bounced along with him as he pulled out his phone from his pocket. “I got him on speed-dial.”

You were hesitant at first, not wanting to disturb Happy, but after seeing Peter’s hopeful face, you gave in. You would do anything to keep that smile on Peter’s face.

After quickly tapping through his phone, Peter pulled up a video chat screen. A cool spring breeze blew past as you both waited for Happy to pick up.

Finally, the call was answered, revealing a man dressed in a suit and tie giving out orders. A large group of people could be heard in the background.

“Hey Happy!” You could see Peter grinning in the left hand corner of the phone screen. “How’s it going, man?”

Sighing deeply, Happy fixed his collar. “What is it now, Peter?”

“I thought maybe you would like to meet my girlfriend!” Peter signaled for you to move in closer so that you could fit into the frame. “Her name’s Y/N.”

You smiled as you met Happy’s eyes. “Hi, nice to meet yo—”

“Damn it—you’re killing me Parker, I told you to call me for emergencies only!” Happy narrowed his eyes, looking accusingly at you and Peter, before hanging up abruptly. 

“Call ended” flashed on the screen as Peter furrowed his eyebrows. “Geez, Happy.” Looking over at you, he sighed. “Sorry you didn’t get to meet him.” 

“Aw, it’s okay, Pete.” You rested your head on his shoulder. The tree above you swayed in the breeze, casting shadows on the sidewalk while you fiddled with each other’s hands. 

After a few seconds of comfortable silence, you spoke up with a smug look on your face. “I guess he wasn’t feeling so happy today.”

Peter playfully rolled his eyes, causing you to burst into a fit of giggles. “That was the lamest joke you could’ve made.” 

“Really? This coming from the guy who wears shirts with science puns on them.”

“Shut up, you love my science shirts!”

You laughed. “You’re right; I do.” Wrapping your arms around his neck, you whisper quickly, “I also love you.”

Peter started to turn a light shade of pink, with a sheepish smile. A laugh started to rise up in your throat again.

“I love you, too.” Peter lays his head on top yours, engulfing you with his warmth. 

a random thing i was just thinking about:

it’s pretty clear from the show that yuuri never wears contacts, he just like. skates blind

as a fellow glasses-wearing athlete (i’m a gymnast and a cheerleader) who trains without contacts, i’d like to share some things that inevitably happen during practice and competitions :)

- “lol how long have i been practicing i can’t see the clock”

- victor using some sort of hand motion from across the rink and thinking yuuri’s ignoring him but actually he has no idea he did anything

-migraines (oh look, whump. what a surprise) i get SO MANY migraines from training without glasses. note: this may include but is not limited to: headaches, nausea/vomiting, dizziness, temporary loss of vision in one or both eyes

-”dude why have you been staring at the score board for the last 5 minutes” “I’M TRYING TO READ IT”

-“seriously what the fuck is my score”

-*accidentally starts training with glasses on* *glasses go flying* “FUCK”

-no really what time is it

-”look out, there’s a little dent in the ice there” “where” “right there” “WHERE”

-yuuri squinting to see yurio, prompting a “WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT”

-drinking out of the wrong water bottle

-almost walking into the wrong washroom (especially in st. petersburg where he wouldn’t have the building layout memorized)

-yakov or victor writing down a training plan and yuuri just being like. fuck

Okay so what if this is set after all the Seattle stuff. So this explains why in that article it says she was reuniting with both Henry and Killian AND it also explains the writers and Colin say we will get our Captain Swan endgame - because we will get to see what happens after everything. This is legit my only explanation for everything.

Or I could be talking shit and this won’t happen lol


Imagine Naruto getting ready to making love to Sasuke after suuuuuuuuch a long time of not seeing each other due to Hokage duties, and when it’s getting hot and heavy and Naruto is really into it…

You know… touching him. Making sure his hands feel every inch and crevasse of Sasuke as if the next moment he’d be gone…

Sasuke would make little noises or grunts or moans or whatever those beautiful sounds were and it made Naruto even hungrier for his body. He’d nip at his porcelain skin and lick the spot after and massage the tense muscles beneath him. He loves the way Sasuke responds and ultimately just loves to make his lover feel good.

Imagine Sasuke lying on his back and enjoying the heat and closeness of his most precious person. His arm is over his head, fingers gripping the sheets and loosening every time their groins even touched. His toes are curling and his teeth are grinding - signs that Naruto takes as a go-ahead to touch him more personally.

He feels like it’s heavenly; he doesn’t feel like he deserves the love omitted from Naruto but he’s sure as hell enjoying it for all its worth. It’s emotional and vivid and real and he can’t get enough.

He gasps when Naruto pushes against him in that suave motion he knows Naruto knows he likes. He groans low in Naruto’s ear and whispers something that makes Naruto smile and then kisses him passionately on the lips.

Imagine Naruto holding Sasuke and moving his hips against him and even though they’re so close, Naruto knows he’s getting too excited, too frantic – it’s too much for him.

Breathe, he thinks.

He needs to calm down… take a deep breath… and inhale that sweet, musk scent that is Sasuke… his best friend… the one person who makes him feel this weird way that he can’t explain…

Like the organs in his chest are inflating and his heart or whatever is in there is about to burst before he can actually finish the job for him…

No, that’s not likely… deep breaths…

He thinks about Sasuke from before, when he was lost in darkness, then how he changed after that battle, how he lost his arm and used the light to be a guardian of the world… how he dedicated his life to Naruto and his dream and how he would never let anything happen to Sasuke… his one and only…

And one more inhale with his eyes open and Sasuke looks at him that way he does, and puts his arm around Naruto’s neck to kiss him softly and quickly.. and that’s when that burst happens

Or… at least that’s what it felt like. Naruto’s looking at Sasuke half-lidded and with tear filled eyes and says “I love you” before choking back a sob and falling on top of Sasuke.

Who just chuckles and holds him until he has it in him to switch their positions and make sure he repays Naruto for… everything, in slow and meaningful ways.

He knew that already, dumby.


Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Previously: AO3 link

Words: 4361

Plot: Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? Here the part 4: Nyx and Luna leave Lestallum, headed to the Disc of Cauthess, ready to wake up the Titan and fulfill their destiny.

Personal Comment: I promised this chapter would be long, but it’s actually shorter than I expected, lol, forgive me. But now the story gets slowly interesting. I hope you like the ideas I had to explain things that in the game were never explained xD 

Thanks as always to my lovely beta reader @loveiscosmicsin and to @ramibriidge for the amazing art <3 what would my fic be without you, girls, please go on supporting me like this, I love you <3

The healing session, as Luna called it, was short and it took place just one hour after Vyv’s article was published on the newspaper. Nyx escorted Luna under a marquee which was situated not very far from Lestallum and then watched over her closely as she used her powers to help everyone was in need. It was impressive how many people came even if they had so little time to prepare. Nyx tried to imagine how huge the crowd would have been if only they announced the event earlier.

As the Glaive and Oracle headed to their designation, the soldier noticed collections of graffiti on the walls throughout the city. There were quite a few probably written by delinquents like Dis Town Iz 2 hot 4 U, but the phrase that stuck out to him the most was a proclamation, a beacon of hope: Long live the Oracle.

Once again, it hit him the way how Lunafreya was loved and almost worshiped by everyone. Just mentioning her name got people got emotional and waterworks cannot be stopped in time. If he was in her place, he wouldn’t be able to bear the burden of their expectations and all he was able to think about was that the princess shouldn’t have either. It was true indeed, she was special, with special powers and a special destiny to fulfill (even though he still didn’t get the clear picture about that destiny either). But as far as he could see, she was human, too. An elegant princess with white magic destined to be the beloved bride to be of Prince Noctis, but also the girl who likes cream in her Ebony and who wants to buy only fancy dresses at the market. 

“Don’t push yourself,” he whispered after she healed the first girl, touching her elbow. “You don’t owe anything to these people.”

But Luna’s thoughts were adverse to the concern. She watched as the small crowd came by, with hope in their eyes, and she just couldn’t follow Nyx’s instructions anymore. He was right, she owed nothing to them, but at the same time, her gift afforded responsibility in using it for the others’ sake. Oracles don’t have the luxury of being selfish or to exclude anyone from treatment. She was born to serve humanity.

In that very moment, a man afflicted by the Starscourge was brought in her proximity. He sat on a brink of considerable pain, breathing heavily and looking numb. Luna shook off Nyx’s hand and went straight to the sick man. Nyx couldn’t do anything but rolling eyes.

“Lady Lunafreya…” The sick stranger said, lifting his eyes to watch her. She was deeply touched by his condition. He had black spotches on his pallid skin, clearly marking the long progression of the illness. The ailment had already deformed his face. 

“Please, set your heart at rest. I shall do what I can to ease your suffering” Luna whispered, swallowing. Sighing deeply, she had to be strong to give courage to these people. She gently cupped his cheeks, trying to be as delicate as she could and started to pray, “Blessed stars of life and light, deliver us from darkness’s blight.” The magic was successful, but left her exhausted. “That is all I can do for now, but trust that relief will come in a matter of days.” She nodded, trying to hide her tiredness.

“It’s a miracle! Oh, bless you. Thank you, Lady Lunafreya.” Seeing the relief in his eyes made Luna’s day. 

Nyx stepped closer once again, speaking a bit more harshly this time: “Okay, Princess, we’re done here now–” 

“Oh, Lady Lunafreya!” A old lady yelled, stealing Luna’s attention away from him once again. Nyx eye rolled… again. “I left on foot from my house to come see you.” 

“You must be exhausted.” Luna said, helping her walking. When she got herself comfortable, Luna decided to heal her too, but after that Nyx had really to impose his way.

“I know you won’t like what I am about to say, but we really have to leave now. Soon the Empire will know about you being here and they will come to look for you in Lestallum. If we want to sneak in the Disc of Cauthess unnoticed we have to go now.”

“But all these people–” 

“It’s your destiny we’re trying to fulfill here, not mine” he replied, raising his eyebrows in a peremptory way. 

Luna squeezed her eyes and then finally nodded. Nyx was right, healing people was important, but waking up the Astrals and give the ring to Noctis was even more important. She let him take her by the hand. 

“Alright, guys, the show is over!” Nyx called out as he pulled the princess away. 

They got in the car as fast as they could.

“No GPS. We can’t have the Empire finding a Tenebraean car fleetingly away from Lestallum right now, can we?”

“Do you know the way?” Luna asked, tying the belt. 

Nyx smirked. “Of course, Your Highness.”

Luna felt asleep pretty fast after their departure. Nyx was expecting this: so, even though she wouldn’t have ever admit it, healing people really tired her so much she had to sleep for hours immediately after. 

Goodness, that girl was really stubborn, why couldn’t she just confess it when he asked? Actually, Nyx had have multiple times the impression that Lunafreya was hiding something. Maybe even something dangerous. But even though he had a lot of questions about the whole situation - about the Six, about Prince Noctis, about the Oracle herself - Nyx had decided to not insist and to not force her to talk. The Princess literally begged him to trust her and that he would have do. The reason? For the Astrals’ sake, Nyx didn’t have any reason. Actually, he had more reasons to NOT trust her: afterall, she was the crazy lady who had the heart to jump from a 20 meters high flying airship on her heels just to have the chance to go back to King Regis. 

Nyx sighed deeply. The road ahead was clear and the bright sun warmed his bones throughout the window. He tried to keep his eyes focused on the road but they were constantly slipping on his right, where the princess rested. Why was he so worried? She was just having a nap.

He lengthened a hand and gently caressed her cheek, moving away a rebel lock of hair from her face. She moaned in her sleep because of his gesture, but didn’t wake up. 

Somewhere deep in his heart, Nyx had a bad feeling about all this.

“Princess? Princess!” 

Luna opened her eyes with the usual difficulty of the last time. 
“What happened?” she asked, noticing they were at a gas station.

“We’re going to have our last pit stop before the big event at the Disc. Five minutes only. I thought you wanted to have some time for yourself to concentrate for whatever you have to do there. … Or maybe just some time to use the bathroom or have an Ebony to wake you up” he said, with a small smile. 

“Oh, yes…” Luna answered, grabbing a bag from the backseat and getting out of the car. It was late afternoon already and soon, dusk. She had slept for a long time. “I’m sorry, Nyx.”

Somehow, Nyx understood what she was trying to say. Luna was not apologizing for sleeping so long, she was apologizing because she still couldn’t explain him the reason beyond her half-truths and hidden purposes. 
Nyx rested his elbows on the rooftop of the car and wave at her with two fingers.

“It’s okay. Take your time now.” 

Luna smiled, innerly glad for his empathy. That attitude made of him the closest thing to a friend she had right now. A diligent guardian. A loyal supporter.

After five minutes, Luna came back wearing the long white dress she bought in Lestallum. 

“You must be kidding me” Nyx murmured, gulping at the sight of it.

“Do I look terrible?” Luna asked as she turned on her heels, worried by his reaction.

Nyx made a funny expression which was a mix between embarrassment and exasperation. “No! I mean, yes! Yes, you’re gorgeous, but that’s—”

“Gorgeous?” Luna stopped her twirl to look at him with surprise.

“What I mean is that,” Nyx quickly continued, his face blushing, “a long white dress like that isn’t quite the most comfortable outfit for facing the Titan.”

“Oh, really? And what do you know about the Archaean that I don’t?” Nyx made a grimace and opened his arms but couldn’t say anything. “What I’m going to do is a proper ceremony. You’re right, it may get a bit ‘dusty’, but at the same time you must realize that we are going to be in front of a deity. I’m sure they shall appreciate manners and elegance, the whole showing off.”

“Well, as far as I know, what deities do appreciate are their purest virgins naked and covered in blood… Which would actually be interesting to watch for me too, so let me know if we’re going to have that, okay?” He smirked, raising his eyebrows very high, trying to joke around and cheer her up a bit. 

Lunafreya froze in the place. She just stood there, with no reaction, her face suddenly blank, staring back at him. 

Nyx’s smile died pretty quick. “Oh, wait, that was …” He started to murmur. “Princess? That was a joke. I mean… a very lame joke. I’m so sorry for being an ass, I …” He wanted to put his hands on her shoulders, but he stepped back instead, trying to catch her gaze so to wake her up from her trance. In the meantime, he cursed himself for being so stupid. What the hell was he thinking? What kind of joke was that? The sexual allusion really had been highly immature and also 'unprofessional’ - and that was probably the reason why she reacted like that. “Princess?”

Luna moved a bit, putting a hand over her heart. “Don’t… apologize.”

“Yes, of course, I apologize. I am clearly not used to manners but I promise that I’ll shut up and–”

“Nyx.” Her voice was firmer this time. “Do not worry. Let us go.”

Nyx bit his tongue and nodded. Something was wrong, he thought as he watched her get on the car, something that laid deeper in her heart and that she wasn’t telling him. And that had nothing to do with his lame joke. She was keeping something away from him on purpose and whatever that thing was, it was consuming her.

They stopped the car in a safe place and they continued on feet. As they reached the front, hidden by darkness, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“My plan actually worked. There are just a couple of magitek soldiers guarding the Disc’s entrance” Nyx said, gently pushing the princess beyond his back so they wouldn’t have been noticed.

“But if you knocked them out, the security cameras will record it and others will come.”

Nyx studied the situation with his military-trained eyes and answered: 
“Not likely. It looks like the Empire came here recently and they surely didn’t have the time to adjust the cameras.” He then smiled. “But who really cares? We have to sneak in anyway, right?”

Luna nodded. “So what can I do?”

“You? With that pretty dress, nothing. Leave the dirty for me. You just have to save your breath for the ritual.”

Luna looked at him, with worry and gratitude in her eyes. “Please stay safe.”

He nodded, thanking her in his mind for not reminding him again that he was almost powerless without his magic.

Nyx stepped ahead with caution, staying in the darkness to avoid to alarm everyone. The first MT’s would have been easy to knock down even without his warp, but the other four would have been a challenge. But they were the only thing between them and the Titan, so he had to succeed. 

He wielded the kukri, feeling underneath his fingers the familiar consistence of the weapon. He knew he could do it. He was trained for this. He wouldn’t have permit the Empire to hurt the Princess like they hurt Selena and his mother ages ago. This time he wouldn’t have been that powerless. 
Nyx glanced at the Princess for one last time to find the last encouragement he needed and then the show started. 

He took the first soldier by surprise, stabbing him in the neck with his kukri and then he acrobatically jumped back to shutdown another one too. Two done. Three magiteks to go. 

This time he was totally exposed under the light, there was no way to take them by surprise again. The three MT’s approached him the same way they always did: they mechanically pointed at him their guns and tried to shoot. But they were just machines. They were slow and Nyx knew their moves because he fought them for years. He ran fast, confusing them with some quick moves they couldn’t catch nor anticipate. The third soldier was stabbed in the chest and the fourth fell under the punch of his left arm. Since just one was left, Nyx decide to use the kukri for a precise throwing. He didn’t fail. He stand there, watching the magitek soldier falling, realizing that even without his powers he still had some moves. He was actually surprised he did it all with such a velocity. 

He took his kukri back and looked around. A giant door was closed in front of him but a switch positioned right on the left would have opened it. He quickly pushed it and like he expected the door opened. Everything was so silent. Even if with all the shadows he couldn’t see well, he thought it was safe enough to let the Princess coming out.

“Clear! Welcome to the Disc of Cauthess, Princess!” He screamed, but exactly when Lunafreya came out a Magitek soldier appeared on the top of the wall and start shooting. Luna immediately stepped back but Nyx lift his eyes to check the position of soldier. He was too far to throw the kukri, he had to take him from another angle. 

“Princess, go!” Luna hesitated because she couldn’t see where the bullets were coming from but in the end she decided she had to take the risk. She lift the hem of her dress and started running towards the huge door. She stopped there, watching Nyx taking cover a bit further.

“What about you?” she screamed, hoping to be heard.

Nyx was barely listening. He was trying to find the dangerous magitek soldier in the darkness. “Well, I suppose I will manage it somehow. But you’ve got deities to wake up, right? What are you waiting for? Go!”

Luna hesitated once again, this time worrying about him and his safety. What if he got shoot again? What if leaving him behind meant losing him this time? But sadly enough, there was nothing she could do if not obeying him and entering in the Disc alone. Her magic was revejuvenation, not meant for offense and time was running out now. She couldn’t fail him. She swallowed hard and then started running.

The Disc of Cauthess was a huge mass of rocks which would have been beautiful in the morning light, but which was pure hell in the shadows of the night. Some fires where lit on the ground, like residues of lava, but except those it was only darkness. 

Luna moved carefully, touching the rocky walls of the path with her fingers to provide leverage. Nyx was right about the dress: it really wasn’t comfortable to walk in the Disc and she thought about it with a smile.

“I have to move fast” she whispered, remembering that her friend was behind, to risk his life for her at the entrance. Every second could have been his last if she didn’t act quick.

She reached the peak where the tomb of a Lucian king - Noctis’ ancestor - lied and took a deep breath. That was the place. That was the moment.
But before she could start, she felt a presence behind her. She turned around to see beyond the shadows a familiar face appeared. 


The woman stepped ahead, her eyes closed as always. She was holding the hands clasped in front of her but as she reached the Oracle she lift her palms in the air and a trident appeared, shining in the darkness with the light of thousands stars.

Luna awed in wonder, recognizing pretty quick the marvelous weapon. “But that is…”

“The Trident of the Oracle. The heirloom of your family that connects you between the two realms: that of mankind and heaven above.”

Luna regained her composure and quietly sighed. “Ravus didn’t allow to take it with me in Insomnia so I thought I left it in Tenabrae.”

“Your brother was the one who entrusted it to me. It was his gift, a sign of peace.”

Lunafreya felt her heart clutching and her tense expression changed in a pained one. “Ravus… wants me to have the trident?”

Gentiana opened her eyes, her emerald eyes gleamed fondness. “Lord Ravus deeply cares for your well-being as kin would. His lust for power would never obscure that.”

Luna couldn’t bear her gaze and looked down at her own shaking hands. 
“I don’t understand. He doesn’t want me to bond with anyone of the line of Lucis because he thinks that this will kill me in the end. Why does he send the trident to me now?”

“It’s a silent vow. For him to support you til the very end. No matter how sad your destiny will be, your gentle soul has touched the hearts of many beings, young Oracle. And your brother makes no difference.”

“Is Ravus… alive?”

Even if she didn’t show, Luna missed a lot the Ravus which used to be an actual brother to her. She was fond of memories of him in their native homeland, playing in the gardens of the palace or secretely reading together books in the library that their mother considered 'for adults only’. Before Noctis, Ravus was her best friend. And yes, she missed that because after the Empire came, everything changed.

“Being alive is a fleeting commodity for him as it is for you.”

“What I do is for the sake of the world. He must know that by now.” Luna said, this time more determined. 

“Yes, you’re tied to the world’s fate and this places a heavy burden on your shoulders. The barter will cost you something that not only your brother would have spared.” 

Luna took a minute to understand about who she was talking now. But when she did, she suddenly felt sad. “This is the reason why I must not tell anyone” she answered, her brow furrowing. “I will bear alone the heavyweight of my destiny.” She lengthened her hands, ready to welcome the glowing trident, which Gentiana gave her with a nod. 

Luna stared at the weapon for a while, reflecting about how that weapon would have accompanied her to the end. It was strange the way she was attached to it anyway. Her foremothers, the previous Oracles including her late-mother have rested their faith into that weapon as they faced the darkness with unwavering resolve. She shall not fail them.

“Keeping it secret is a wise choice” Gentiana started again, whispering this time. “Not even the unwavering wolf can stop his moon from a eclipse.”

“Nyx is a man of honor.” Luna swallowed. “He will do what it takes for the destiny of the world, too. As must we all.”

Gentiana smiled, gently nodding and then disappeared. 

Luna wielded the trident with a fierce satisfaction. With that she was finally able to use all her magic and that made her feel useful. With that she felt powerful. But with that came also a bizarre feeling of sadness and almost anguish, probably due to the conversation she just had with Gentiana, a deity who stood by her side for years as much as she considered her more like a friend than like an actual goddess. She couldn’t be wrong: if Gentiana said that Ravus would have tried to support her even if he didn’t agree with her decisions, she was surely right; and if she said that Nyx would have tried to stop her like her brother did in the past, she was surely right in that case too. Thinking about these two men made her lower the trident and hesitate. What she was about to do… was it really fine? 

She thought of Noctis, too. Their destiny was more similar than she liked to admit. Maybe he would have tried to stop her, too, if he only knew what would have expect them. But then again, she couldn’t be stopped now because she chose this path and she did it for the greater good.

Yes. The greater good.

She couldn’t let doubt cloud this vision, not with the trident in her hands, not right in the Titan’s lair.

She decided to stop thinking, that was only hurting her. No turning back now.

“God of the mountain,” she started, raising her voice towards the huge mass of rocks in front of her. “I beseech you! Wake up from your slumber and listen to my call. The fate of mankind relies on your blessing!” 

For a long minute there was only silence and then suddenly the trident started to glow like it was on fire. Lunafreya didn’t drop it, on the contrary, she raised it to the mountain and repeated the incantation: “God of the mountain, I beseech you! It is me, Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Blood of the Oracle, and you will heed my call!”

A earthquake started to shake the floor, and its intensity grew stronger as what it looked like a mountain took a semi-human form. A inhuman scream came from it, something terrific and powerful too. 

Luna watched the Titan appearing with fear in her heart but calmness on her face, certain that whatever it would have happen she had to show herself strong in order to succeed.

Titan roared once again and what he said was not understandable by anyone but Lunafreya. 

“Yes, I need you to respond to my prayers, for you are a stepping stone in guaranteeing the True King his ascension.” 

The earth trembled once more. The floor she was on started to fade underneath her feet. Rocks fell from Titan’s arms, she breathed the powder and smelled his heavyweight.

For two minutes it was pure chaos, yet she stood firm, feeling a thousand emotions within her. 

And then, the silence.

Nyx limped in the darkness, touching the wall to stay on his feet in case that another earthquake came. After the destruction of Galahd and the fall of Insomnia, what he just lived was legitimately one of the worst experience he had ever have. The floor trembling under his feet - and the entire situation in general - gave him the awful feeling of being helpless like a child and he didn’t like it at all. 

Even now for example, he couldn’t see where he was stepping, but he had to find the princess and escape, before the entire Imperial army found them. 
He glanced into the shadows and just felt that the princess was somewhere near. He didn’t dare to call her though, amazed and also scared by the sight of the Titan from afar. It was incredible that such a powerful creature was summoned by a petite girl like Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. It was incredible and also, fascinating. 


Her voice came out of the darkness so suddenly that he shivered.
“Princess?” He turned around but couldn’t see her. She had to be close though. “Where are you?”

“Here.” The gentle touch of her hand reached him right on the arm she already healed once. Nyx boggled and moaned softly. “You’re hurt.”

Her concern hit him a bull’s eye on a soft spot of his heart. “Nah, it’s just a scratch.” 

“You said the same thing the last time as well,” Luna rebuked, “and we all know what the reality was.”

Nyx smirked. “You got me there. It’s also the same arm, maybe my destiny is to lose it.”

Luna sighed and even if he couldn’t see her face, he could see the delicate glow of her white magic spotting the wound and starting to heal it. “No!” he said, taking her by the hand to stop her. The glow disappeared and they were in the darkness again. “I’m fine, I don’t want you to heal me.” 

“Nyx, you’re wounded again because of me. Healing you is the least i can do—”

“No, I understand now that healing takes a hell of a toll on you. Save that energy for yourself.”

Not seeing her permitted him to feel everything else better. He felt her cold skin, her hands being unsteady, her delicate presence, her breath on his shoulder.

“Tell me now about you. How did the covenant go? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she said, too quickly for him to believe it. He reached out to her cheek with his larger, calloused hand and gently caressed it. 

“It looks like you’re lying, too. Let’s get out of here, Princess. Your job is done, right? Let’s find a place where you can rest.”

“The Titan will grant his blessing to Noctis, the alliance was successfully forged. So, yes, I think my job here is done.”

They distanced themselves a bit from one another, but didn’t let their hands go. It was a quiet neccessity, the physical closeness amid the darkness brought security. They turned back toward the entrance, but Luna halted for a second. 

“What?” Nyx asked.

Luna raised an eyebrow, a amused exspression she usually didn’t dare to show in public. “The Archaean has a strange way in showing his favor. I guess that Noctis will suffer a bit of migraine in the next days.”

Domestic Drarry feels

im such a sucker for cute stuff with drarry at home tbh. like just hear me out:

• i love it when they’re lounging at home naked all day doing nothing but staying wrapped in each other’s arms, intoxicated by each other’s scent and all that

• i love it when they’re taking turns cooking for each other, draco telling harry how strange his spaghetti and meatballs look like but loving it anyway, harry involuntarily moaning in pleasure (and then getting embarrassed afterwards) bc draco makes a mean shepherd’s pie

• i love it when they’re teasing each other mercilessly and everyone else finding it so amusing, draco telling everyone how poor harry’s fashion sense is and harry calling draco a girl for always taking an hour in the bathroom fixing his hair

• i love it when teddy lupin comes over and the pair of them have to babysit him, harry giving him home baked (by draco ofc) chocolate chip cookies and milk, draco spoiling him by buying him a muggle ps4 and telling the best imaginative bedtime stories ever

• i love it when draco and harry are hosting the annual christmas party at their house and their friends coming over, draco fretting over every little detail on harry’s clothes and “borrowing” the malfoys’ house elves to cook a scrumptious meal, harry being the “doorman” and greeting all the guest and taking their coats by the door; they’re so in sync i fucking love it

• i love it when draco, who’s more often than not a suit/robes person, is wearing harry’s worn out hoodies that are too big for him like it’s the best thing ever created (hell yeah it is)

• i love it when harry is reading draco’s fave books just for the sake of impressing him even if the classics make him want to fall asleep on the spot (draco knows this ofc and finds it cute anyway awwwww)

• i love it when they are surprise attacking and tackling each other with kisses when their other half gets home late, harry yelping in surprise but melting into the kiss and draco giving harry’s pert arse a nice squeeze while using tongue

• i love it when draco is taking a soothing long bubble bath and then harry joins him, giving him a well earned handjob and vice versa

• i love it when draco plays the piano and harry sits down beside him with teddy on lap, both are equally fascinated and excited, harry is proud af while teddy laughs and presses random piano keys

• i love it when i think about how rad it would be if draco and harry adopted a dog named cliffe (heh rad cliffe heh), both men giving cliffe a bath and getting soaked through (harry is wearing a white t shirt so we know what happens next !!!)

• i love it when they’re trying to assemble ikea furniture, harry being absolutely smug bc he actually understands something that draco mr. know it all malfoy doesn’t and milking draco’s confusion for all it’s worth (like afterwards they have this heated make out session on the couch but then it just collapses under their passion lmao it makes both boys laugh really hard ofc)

• i love it when harry is making coffee with the fancy machine (draco bought it bc it makes harry happy even if draco has no idea how the fuck it works lol really)

i love how to draco and harry, its always the little things that matter

i just love domestic drarry ok???? its gOT ME FEELING A TYPA WAY BRUH and i didn’t notice how long this got srsly haha

anonymous asked:

idk if you answered something similar but i just saw one of your posts about kaz finding out about jesper's crush on him. How do u think kaz would react to that? I feel like kaz already knows about jesper's crush (cause he seems to know basically everything lol) but if he was forced to confront it for real, how do u think it would go? To me, it seems like kaz would do everything to avoid talking about it for real but if he was forced to i have no idea what would actually happen lol.

ok ok oK 

  • welcome to this month’s episode of “the dregs have no chill” 
  • starring drama king of ketterdam Kaz Brekker 
  • he realizes the matter one day, observes how Jesper smiles around him and always tries to make him laugh even though he’s considered an emotionless rock to everyone else 
  • how Jesper comes rocketing to his side guns blazing when someone tries to draw a knife on his back 
  • so he confronts Jesper about it one day as they’re discussing the new ships coming in Fifth Harbor
  • he’s not even remotely subtle about it the little bastard
  • “Are you in love with me, Jesper?”
  • Jesper chokes on his drink and comes up sputtering and laughing hysterically 
  • while his mind’s just screaming “ABORT ABORT ABORT” 
  • “Kaz, I’m flattered, but I don’t think we’d be a healthy couple.”
  • Jesper bites his lip to keep from screaming
  • “No, we wouldn’t be, but that doesn’t stop you, doesn’t it?”
  • Kaz is just staring at him and Jesper just wants to take his guns and shoot out the window so he can escape
  • “What if it didn’t?”
  • Kaz turns back to his desk again 
  • “Then I’d suggest you rethink your interests.”
  • because of course Kaz can’t do feelings and emotions right now and of course he’s a jerk about it 
  • Jesper indulges in cards and boys and girls, avoids being alone, avoids being with the Dregs as much as possible especially Kaz
  • and if the people he kisses are more pale skinned males with raven hair now well
  • maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all

Living under bad days / Shaking in my own cage / What do I believe / Stumbling down the street I swear to god you don’t wanna test me 



I felt the sudden urge to draw zane and kc???? and I was given the idea to draw them kicking ass so here we are  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I dont actually know why they’re on a dock in Starlight tho??? I mean i just gave them the outfits bc i havent drawn the starlight designs yet so i have no idea whats happening in this picture lol

Types of people I know (by INTP)

(updated x2)
I’m not so social to know all 16 types. Still some of the types I know don’t entirely match the stereotypes, so I wanted to show that, too.

- nerdy jokes
- writes actually cool poems and posts them everywhere
- sends you selfies with geeky t-shirts
- doesn’t mind listening to you babbling about your problems
- wants to help
- gives you awesome presents you didn’t ask for, somehow knows what you’ll like.

- honestly, I don’t like them much, so it’s not 100% even-handed description
- they have their cool moments and jokes,
- can listen to you but after 2 mins they are bored and check their phones
- selfie queens and kings
- always dating someone/breaking up
- great cooks, really great.
- Mood Changing Championship winners
- try to explain why is something bad/wrong instead of making it better.

- master of nerds and memes and jokes
- will watch their favourite show for the 7th time just to watch it with you
- conspiracy theories 24/7, aliens and shit.
- awkward feelings, often hides even the positive ones.
- faux pas
- builds complicated stuff based on the internet blueprints. It works.
- easily stressed, can run away from responsibilities

- precious buns, must be protected
- overuse stickers on fb messenger (not that I mind)
- stubborn but shy
- remember about you after a long time
- try to help, they actually care about you

(not sure if I typed him well)
- witty jokes or dirty ones 24/7
- center of attention
- breaks rules on daily basis
- made a birthday gift map like in Indiana Jones
- sensitive, has many insecurities
- fast mood changes

- depression is his second name
- sensitive as hell, takes everything seriously
- talented artist (like, WOAH IT’S BEAUTIFUL)
- knowledge is power
- many different hobbies, practice makes perfect.

- actually has a plan for the whole week
- like, seriously, planned dinners and work during specific hours
- sticking to this plan is a different thing, but usually works more or less
- dirty daddy jokes 24/7
- woMAN in womans clothes (lol jk clothes are also manly)
- secretly a nerd, loves airsoft and swords and epic battles, you’d never tell

- cinnamon rolls
- creative and talented perfectionists
- always happy, unless they have a really good reason not to be happy
- walking chaos but somehow manage to make a living
- 10000 ideas a day, some of them actually come to life, most are just impractical/unrealistic tho
- spontaneous social activities, they drag you in by force.
- make friends in 10 seconds (seriously how??)

- born leader, but doesn’t throw orders everywhere
- try their best. Always. Sad when something goes wrong, even when it’s not their fault.
- awesome music taste, they explore different genres
- does everything with 100% accuracy, talented.
- 4chan king

- try to help you using logical arguments,
- understand their feelings and handle them quite well, easily triggered tho
- constructive criticism,
- joke usually by using funny analogies. Or throw puns at you.
- the “start talking about feathered lizards, end with tusken raiders sex” squad
- medically explains how to make a giant cyclop with one surgery and hormones

 (I didn’t check if it’s 100% his type but it suits him best)
- says stuff which is basically translated into “I’m brilliant!”
- Actually is clever, but kinda throws it at you so it triggers many people.
- does research for the sake of it, finds really cool stuff
- finds memes and ridiculously funny youtube videos, sends them to you
- whispers to your ear their conspiracy theories right in the wolf’s den

- perfect perfectionist perfection
- creative descendant of a female dog, (I’m jealous)
- talks in binary, can’t into feelings
- helps everyone with hard school stuff, can be a leader if necessary.
- actually cute and shy, hides it well
- asks me for relationship advice, poor thing

- “It depends”
- remembers tiny lil’ facts from books, doesn’t remember to eat
- can’t into feelings (and actually dates INTJ)
- memes, puns and pure chaos
- “Lol poke it with a stick and see what happens” squad
- has awesome ideas, giving them life is another thing
- Can spend 5 days in a room and go out just because humans have to eat


Kingsley’s snapchat story is the actual cutest thing ever

Sick on Christmas

Summary: Washington is leaving for one of the most iconic nights of his life. One that would be documented for all history…Yet, it seems like an empty victory without him by his side.
a/n: for Kookie, @kookookarli !
warning: canon musical-era; historic FICTION(aka I have a rough idea what happened but by no means did this actually happen LOL); sick-fic

December was unforgiving this year. The winds howled and bite at raw flesh like hungry wolves trying to get down to the meat with their frosted fangs. It was a cold that was unshakable. It embedded itself deep into the rebellion army as they walked along the campsite. Luckily for them, a good amount of these men knew what the winters were like. Luckily for them, most of the British did not. That had always been a term of advantage this side had graciously considered whenever they were beaten into a corner. This was their land, their home turf. There was so much more to lose for them.

“General!” John Cadwalader strode in on horseback, his eyes squinting as he struggled against the setting sun and the reflective snow-white layer on the ground. George had been standing right outside of a large, tent. The dark green tarp blending into the forest which a few dozen of men called home, and a few hundred strode in before death could come to him. “I heard word from the captains up a few miles by the bank you would be here…ill, are you?” John dismounted and made big strides to their capable general.

He might have been. However it was not illness that plagued his mind nor the anticipation of what was to come. His eyes looked sleepless, empty, his face unreadable other than concern. Nervous, yes that was what Cadwalader would chalk it up to. “No illness, restless. Are we prepared?”

“As instructed, we will be traveling in three crossings. I have some older gentleman who urge us it must be tonight.”

“Must?” George was not one to be rushed, especially now…he needed more time now.

“Yes, this shall beest the warmest night to come for another few dawns. The ice has already thinned, the durham boats will cut through with ease.” These were facts George could not ignore. A long plan finally coming together, the things they had to do to make this attack come this far now it was the time to strike. Strike them in New Jersey as they struck New York. Harder even. That bloodied summer will look pale compared to the color of red that would spill on the snow now. “This first cross…we do this, we can assure for a second, then a third…”

The stakes were so high. It seemed when it came to the war for America the stakes were always high. George didn’t see a battle were it was not win or lose, life or death, there was no middle. There was no simply retreating to how things were once before. “I will cross with the Viriginan troops and Adam Stephen….” Washington began. “Have the men ready by sunset, we need it to be dark enough so that the Queen’s army cannot detect us on the open water…”

“—but light enough so which we can see the ice…most Durham boats were not built to withstand a sail through ice waters…most men cannot swim and if so will not survive longer than mere minutes to the exposure of such frigid temps.” John, steadied and knowing well he was stationed to be among the last to cross was nervous. If they lost this, if they lost Washington…it was done.

George gently clapped his hand over Cadwalader’s shoulder. “Knox…he told me countless times the odds of our crossings success was not in our favor…most of this war hasn’t been.” He gave the man a small squeeze. “Supply the men with muskets and flint, I don’t want a single man unarmed…”

“Yes Sir General.” John saluted and turned away.

“Oh, and Lieutenant.” George stood there posed as John turned to face him. “Victory or Death.”

The password fell on knowing ears, John rose his fist “Victory…or death, sir.”

Good man he was. George hoped for the sake of the men he was taking good men like him would see the end of the war. See wives and children, see a nation and freedom. Suddenly the flood of all he had to do came back to him. The men he was taking with him on the crossing tonight had no idea what they were in store for truly. No one really did, it was only few of mind that could carry such a burden. He could not delay this trip…and soon sunset would be here and he would have to leave…he would have to…

“General” the doctor exited the tent with surprise written on his face. “…have you been waiting out in the open air like this?” He noticed Washington was wearing light winter gear, his uniform with only a cape draped over one shoulder.

Washington gave a curt nod at the on scene doctor. “How is he?”

“Finally got him to sleep…fed him between his fits.” Washington would have laughed if he found Hamilton’s timing to get ill not …worrisome. “Between you and I, sir, I was ready to feed him mallow. His both fevering and suffering from digestional symptoms.”  

“I would like to speak with him—“

“Kind, General, your aide is asleep. He was been bathed and …” honestly the doctor wanted to keep him asleep for as long as possible. Out of many patients he had seen, some who were bloodied and screaming in pain, Alexander was the worse. He argued and probed all of the doctor’s treatments, challenged his diagnosis just so he could leave and join the fray again. Still, George’s face did not look like one who was ready to press the matter again. “as you wish.” The doctor lifted the sheet up for the General, letting the cold slip into the heated tent.

Washington didn’t move until the sheet was closed behind him. The room was stuffy, smelling faintly of sweat and thick with hot air. On a single cot, as instructed, Alex laid there in his bare white under blouses. A two thick blankets pulled to his chest with an icy cold, dripping cloth planted on his feverously pink face. “…Alex…” George muttered walking close, light steps so not to disturb him. He looked so…young.

Though Hamilton had always been young but now especially with silence his age was true. His face pink like a child who had been crying for far too long, even a bit plumper, swollen with illness. Alex always spoke older than he was, he challenged ideals and authority like he was a man that earned that right by living it. Alex was always speaking fast, moving fast, to see him so still. Even his breathing was slowed, like a flutter then a pause…a flutter again…

Was this going to be how Washington last saw him? Was this his final image, the boy—no the man he named his aide. The man closest to him, the man who made it his duty to know Washington’s mind better than George did, was reduced to a pink, supple boy. “Wild be your curls when they’re unfurled by sweat and lack of a wig.” George muttered, his fingers reaching to pinch a particularly chocolaty, brunette curl. He pushed it back and found a stool to sit on beside Alex’s cot. “I must say, you not speaking is a rare sight…the first I believe, I suppose fitting firsts to be lasts.” Washington spoke to Hamilton’s sleeping face somberly.

His eyes scanned over the features of his face. Smooth, hairless, olive tone and warm, a strong nose, pinked lips with a thick cupid’s bow. Strange how features melted away when Alex tensed his face, cocked his mouth into a smirk, his coyly unsettled. It was now in the months George had Alexander by his side.  “I had plans to make you my aide, Alexander.” Washington muttered. Alex would have made a fine aide, if George could stand more victories he had planned to steal Alex from his position of a footman with a gun and equip him with a quill. Keep him by his side…safe.

It was all foolish now. Keeping him safe that is, now that illness gripped him. A force that George could not protect him from, “I sail tonight across the Delaware…if all goes well this will open communication for several more trips before we surprise the British troops. A victory long overdue.”  George spoke soft, his hand moving to Alex’s hands which were neatly folded over his chest. “I know you would have been the first to join if this hadn’t happened. In all honesty now I confess to you and God, I am elated you will not join…this mission…” George didn’t want to say it.

“Could be my last if all fails…”

Uncertainty of tomorrow, Washington had been fighting for as long as he could remember. And even now, in his age, in his command the uncertainty of tomorrow never was an easy reality to swallow. “If I am victorious, if I live to see the new year, I have plans for you. For us, if you live through this night Alexander. I’ll promise you you’ll live through the war with me.” George squeezed his hand tightly. He was ready to leave the young man, whom through letters and personal experience around him, left an imprint on the great general. A stain like ink to cotton, deep, soaking, and permeant.

Alex’s hand twitched, his clammy fingers clasped tightly around George’s hand before he could retreat out of the tent. His eyes opened just enough George could see the slivers of his violent, brown eyes. His eyes darted to George, they held him for a moment as his lips unglued themselves. They trembled and in the hoarsest voice Alex delicately whispered.


“Don’t?” Washington’s heart raced. Don’t what? Don’t go? Don’t fail? Don’t…what could he mean? Alexander, for once in his life, didn’t go into depth. He did not have it in him to explain, leaving George at a loss. He took a long moment, Alex’s eyes still open, his mouth still moving as if to speak. Their eyes held in a moment, George had a laugh dance out his lips. “I can’t wait for you, I have to go tonight.”

It took him a minute, but he understood what Alex was getting at. “men…ice…you have to wait…”

“There will be horses there, we’re setting up along the banks. With all taken into consideration, tonight is the night. We cannot wait.”

“George…” Alex closed his eyes, more out of dull anger than sleep.

“Yes, Hamilton.” Washington amused to see even in illness and in a fever induced stupor, Alex still had little regards for him as his superior.

“See you soon.” He closed his mouth and steadied his breathing for some time. George had no doubt Alex would find his way across soon. Hopefully not too soon, he wished Alex would take this time to heal properly or risk succumbing to death now before his legacy was even created.

Washington stood, pulling Alex’s hand to his mouth as he did. “Soon” he repeated, keeping those words in his mind. There were many possibilities for failure, but with Alex waiting to see him soon. There was not a single room to accept anything but success.

On a Christmas night, cold as ice, George stood at the end of his boat waiting as they crossed. Silent was success on that Christmas night.