actually i have no idea whats happening lol

I guess this wouldn’t make much sense if you haven’t read my other post here:

Yeah, I really wanted to draw this sequence haha

Basically, the background here is Mahiru took Abel (assuming that it is the object Jeje gave to Mikuni to complete the contract). He did it to gain the Envy pair’s cooperation. Simply put, it’s like: Cooperate or we’re going to destroy your contract! or something like that (Yeah, I’m disregarding the fact that not just anyone can destroy these objects).

Unfortunately, the object is actually the spring Jeje carries around. What happens next… I actually have some ideas, but for now, please leave it to imagination lol

Oh, read from left to right please~ Sorry if the flow is a bit awkward.

Okay i just saw now what happened to tiffany and i’m going to tell MY OPINION if you don’t agree you can simply pretend you’re blind and i won’t reply any message about this subject so don’t waste your time. What she did was wrong? Yes, I bet she did this without thinking. She should’ve known this day is important for the korean people but this is also not an excuse. What makes me sad is actually international fans who don’t have idea what this day means and have nothing related to Korea are acting now like they’re all nationalists. So who are the fuck you to say a thing about her when you don’t live there? Let this be handled by the korean fans, not me or you international fan. But this also doesn’t mean she deserves all this hate, she already said how sorry she was about this mess. So instead of keep criticizing, take your time to send a nice message to her because I don’t know if you noticed but she is also a human and she has the right to make mistakes even though this mistake can hurt someone.

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Hey, so I saw an article about the Runaways series show and I was wondering if you think Karolina Dean should be casted as a darker skinned girl bc her powers come from the sun y'know bc Melanin Aliens sounds super cool!

Hmmm, well I’m certainly open to it! Thinking about it, that does actually sound like a fitting casting decision. Then again it’s not really up to me lol. As long as Marvel cast the right actors/actresses for the original POC Runaways, I have no problem with maybe characters like Karolina or even Gert darker skinned. If they can do it with Spider-man Homecoming, then they can do it with Runaways!

A while back, I kind of had an insomnia attack. I fixed it the day after, of course. But because of that (sleeping in earlier), I didn’t get my original incentive for that particular week done.

So what do I do when that happens? (or if I don’t have any ideas?) I dig into my gigantic boxes of notebooks and loose papers and see if there’s anything interesting! These sketches were actually done in the EARLY pages of Ch. 3, so at the time, sketches like Miss Cassandra there were spoilers and I decided against uploading them sooner.

My fave of the bunch, though, has GOT to be the grumpy Koneko doodle.

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Hi, I love your screencaps, they are so pretty. Just curious, how do you choose which ones you use for each edit?

Thank you so much!! 99% of the time I freestyle it! I kinda have an idea of what I want or I search through the screencaps and find stuff and see if they work together. I usually spend a few days finding photos here and there, or sometimes I’ll find them all in one setting, each time it’s different. You’d be surprised how many times I’m almost finished with a photoset and I attempt to arrange the photos and then realize I don’t like a photo or two and search for a new one lol it happens quite a lot actually. I’m very indecisive and a major perfectionist to say the least lol

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You seem to get a lot of anons. Any idea how many you regularly get? Like there is the suffer nonnie and maybe that aussie nonnie, but they seemed to disappear maybe? Idk what happened to them. Do you have many others?

I have so many wonderful nonnies that have blessed me tbh

I’m not really sure how many I have since most of them don’t mark their asks in any way. I was lit just thinking about how I wished I had a way of keeping tack of which nonnie sent what lol

Aussie nonnie is one of my original nonnies actually <3 They’re off being Aussie somewhere out in the outback I guess, but they drop in every once in a while which is nice~

Sufferer is my latest regular that provides wonderful AUs for my lil mind to ponder <3

:D but I’m just happy that I get so many friendly nonnies~ You all have been so wonderful to meeeeeee <3 <3 <3

I think I'm taking an art break

I think I’m going to take a digital art break for a bit. Idk, it’s getting a little frustrating so I’m going focus on writing for a bit. :D

What to do… I have an idea but idk.

Started unpacking this weekend and happened upon an old note book. XD it was my Hobbit fanfiction from when I turned 10.
It’s freaking terrible and the OC is a damn Mary Sue.

But while I was reading I could help but fall in love with Aega Stumbletoe. XD a motley hobbit obsessed with steal silverware and shiny things. :) lol I think he gets together with an actually character but it’s been so long. (Elrond, I want to say?)

XD I actually think Aega is where I get my usernames from … Stumbletoe. Lol XD

Should I rewrite this weird lotr story?

it lowkey really sucks that I haven’t been In a real relationship or have talked to anyone in like 3 years idk I don’t want to be one of those people that complain about being lonely but shit it sucks when you see everyone else happy with someone or crushing like, why do I have to only get crushes on the most unattainable people?? it fucking sucks, because idk maybe there’s something wrong with me or there’s a reason I haven’t talked to/dated someone in years idk maybe I’m ugly as fuck lol
I don’t really know at this point I guess I’m just not meant to have a relationship. like honestly the idea of someone having a crush on me is so wild like it hasn’t happened in so long, the thought of someone actually getting the feels for me seems literally like not a possible thing. I wish I knew what was wrong with me or at least at some point someone great can come into my life and I can like who won’t completely fuck me up emotionally. I really hate how annoying I sound about all this too, it’s not like I constantly be feenin for a relationship I just have been feeling lonely lately idk whatever though I guess