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time to dance // panic! at the disco

Oh nice, my mom isn’t speaking to me. Is it because i, 1) bought something with my own money, 2) am bad at focusing on schoolwork, or 3) she’s angry at something else and taking it out on me via the silent treatment

marauders x 100 midnight thoughts
  1. “I wonder why McGonagall wears that hat all the time”
  2. “dyou guys think Evans would say yes if I asked her to Hogsmeade?”
  3. “I really do have fabulous hair, dont I?” “shut up, Padfoot.”
  4. “I could use a butterbeer right now”
  5. “if we cut our hair, would our animagi form be shaved?”
  6. “I should not have eaten that second piece of pie”
  7. “where IS Sirius??”
  8. “I wonder if anyone lives on the moon”
  9. “its so bloody dark in here”
  10. “did any of you see that cat in Dumbledore’s office?”
  11. “why are there so many staircases?”
  12. “why does Padfoot get all the girls”
  13. “I really hate tomatoes”
  14. “could I learn to actually speak dog?”
  15. “I’m seriously considering sneaking out”
  16. “why do we keep so much stuff on the floor?”
  17. “MERLIN’S BEARD Moony, your books weigh tons!”
  18. “what was that crashing noise? is someone sneaking out???”
  19. “did we have herbology homework?”
  20. “I need to get less linty socks”
  21. “why do americans think tomato rhymes with potato?”
  22. “I hope I didn’t fail that exam…”
  23. “how did I get stuck with Wormtail for a nickname”
  24. “we need to add the new passage to the map”
  25. “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”
  26. “I just realised I’m not wearing any pants”
  27. “any particular reason Padfoot isn’t wearing pants?”
  28. “how many days until the holidays?”
  29. “I really fancy a chocolate frog about now”
  30. “to whom it may concern: I’ll kill you for eating all the chocolate frogs”
  31. “how best to ask Evans to Hogsmeade…”
  32. “don’t be surprised if I’m not at lessons tomorrow”
  33. “I can’t BELIEVE we lost that match”
  34. “full moon next week.. we’d better start preparing”
  35. “stars above, Wormtail, where have you been hiding all that food?”
  36. “but what do the Muggles use the internet for
  37. “just because you’ve grown up magical doesn’t mean we all have”
  38. “that idiot Malfoy set my robes on fire this morning”
  39. “double transfiguration tomorrow”
  40. “and McGonagall is already onto us…”
  41. “I still do not understand how she could hang out with him
  42. “brooding about Snivellus again, Prongs?”
  43. “midnight is my brooding time”
  44. “I absolutely cannot take another holiday with my abysmal family”
  45. “Prongs, I’m cold” “Padfoot you idiot you’ve left the window open”
  46. “where’s the light coming from? whuzzat?”
  47. “one more chapter guys, then I promise I’m done”
  48. “remind me to deck you in the morning, Prongs”
  49. “running low on Honeydukes supply…”
  50. “tomorrow, homework. tonight, we prank the Slytherins.”
  51. “Prongs, why are you making the annoyed deer noise?”
  52. “we’re just… stuck here in school while a war happens. it’s infuriating”
  53. “now is not the right time to be existential”
  54. “yeah, or to have a death wish”
  55. “do you ever wanna just…. leave”
  56. “why am I even friends with you”
  57. “dogs are man’s best friend, remember?”
  58. “I think I should write inspirational sayings for a living”
  59. “I’m hungry. let’s bribe the house elves into letting us into the kitchen”
  60. “you are literally always hungry. shut up”
  61. “that thing you’re thinking? stop thinking it”
  62. “but like… why do you think my animagus is a rat?”
  63. “I’m emotionally unstable, Padfoot”
  64. “everything is louder when you’re a dog”
  65. “hold up. you’re telling me we were supposed to attend classes today?”
  66. “it’s a tuesday, idiot. of course we were meant to be in class”
  67. “that one girl… looking at us weirdly… she knOWS OUR SECRET !!!”
  68. “paranoia doesn’t suit you, Moony”
  69. “my feet… so cold… of all the unfairness…”
  70. “road trip. what we need is a road trip. all five of us.”
  71. five of us, Prongs? when did we become five?’
  72. “when His Royal Dorkishness finally convinced Lily he wasn’t a jerk”
  73. “we could take a car, a real muggle one !”
  74. “I call shotgun.” “you can’t call shotgun on a nonexistent trip” “watch me”
  75. “I’m adopting a bird” “you already have a bird. feathery, delivers mail?”
  76. “why doesn’t Hogwarts have a musical?”
  77. “okay but hear me out…” “nothing good ever started with that”
  78. “burn it. you can’t fool me, Pads, I saw the letter from your mum. burn it.”
  79. “is your hair… in braids ??????????
  80. “how do you think people would react if I just started wearing a tiara”
  81. “better pay attention in defence next week- werewolf unit”
  82. “who exactly does our laundry? its not me. is it you? dumbledore?”
  83. “the house elves, you dolt, the house elves”
  84. “yeah, and all my clothes are darks. whats up with that?”
  85. “it’s a side effect of being punk rock, I think”
  86. “I’ve got ten galleons on that match tomorrow, make me proud Prongs”
  87. “can you make sure Lily’s watching?”
  88. “you should look over at her every 2-3.5 minutes to make sure”
  89. “actually I think I’ll just appoint Moony to watch her the whole time”
  90. “but why… do we wear shoes… or even socks…”
  91. “guYs I’m an artist !!!! I drew a smiley with perfect proportions!”
  92. “oh so Padfoot can have a man bun but on me it just looks weird?”
  93. “is someone hurt ??? there’s wailing?? are you dYing ??????” 
  94. “nah, Wormtail’s just singing in the shower again”
  95. “merry christmas!” “mate its april go back to sleep”
  96. “I’ve got it. I’ll send myself a flattering howler and then lily will hear…”
  97. “…and think you’re a self absorbed idiot. face it, Prongs.”
  98. “tomorrow, the full moon.”
  99. “tomorrow, we help Moony survive. whatever it takes.”
  100. “tomorrow, I’ll survive for them. whatever it takes.”

some quick doodles of a bungou stray dogs & boku no hero academia crossover <3


illustration © attack on titan: lost girls by seko hiroshi

a very merry late christmas to attackthekilljoy! ta-dah, i’m your secret santa. i wasn’t sure what you wanted, so i hope this graphic isn’t too disappointing. i hope you had a great holiday!

The Best Liar (Sirius Black)

 awkward when ur not a hp writer and have specifically kept yourself from writing hp except a fic gets solid notes so here you are, at it again. what can i say? i’m an attention hoe.

this is a prequel to The Best Ass

“I love dogs,” says Evan Rosier, a seemingly sweet-tempered guy who actually hid a straight up loon. “They’re loyal creatures and isn’t it sweet the way they often seem to worship their owners.”

He laughs lightly and you smile awkwardly.

“I actually hate dogs,” you mutter- a complete lie, and he frowns. “They’re so slobbery and they leave hair everywhere. That’s without mentioning when they bark loudly and growl at you. I definitely hate dogs.”

Evan stares at you and you wonder if you laid it on a little too thick.


“Did I just hear you say you hate dogs, Y/N?” Sirius gapes, a too sharp look in his eye and you’re instantly regretting your words. It’s like being caught on a swinging wire with two knives at the apex of each swing.

Crazy Rosier or Crazy Black?

“What’re you even doing here, Traitor?” Evan asks Sirius and your head starts to pound.

“I really have to be going,” you mumble, excuses bubbling from your lips that neither of them are hearing. You’re more than glad when you step into the cold air outside and exhale a puff of steam.

“I’m not interested in James,” Lily squawks and Dorcas sighs gently. You slither up beside Lily, faking a shaky shiver and cuddling into her side, to which she wraps her arms about you absently, her gaze still glued to her interrogators.

“You’re sad and he’d make you happy,” Dorcas says, utterly reasonable, while Marlene clucks like a chicken at Lily, utterly idiotic.

“He’s a moron and he’d make me more-onic,” she counters and you hiss a sharp breath at the word play and proffer a low-lying palm. When she slaps it, you beam at her from your position cuddled up against her side.

“We’re defeated.” Marlene sighs, shaking her head just slightly at Dorcas when the other girl moves to protest.

As the four of you turn, all at once, you lock eyes on a giant black dog staring at you down the alley. It blocks the only way out and you wonder why and how the four of you even ended up in an alley.

When it growls, moving forward a step, Marlene and Dorcas step back with choppy breaths. Their panic is palpable. Even beside you, Lily is nervously twitching and you consider the fact that the reason she hasn’t moved back is because you’re holding one another.

Releasing her, you step forward and crouch slightly. Lily hisses, but is dragged back into the hold of Marlene and Dorcas.

“Hey, puppy,” you coo, one hand sinking into your robes for your wand, the other holding out a lax hand. “Who’s a happy puppy?”

The growl rumbles from its chest violently and your hand forms a fist for a second, only for the growling to stop and your free hand to go lax again.

“You’re a liar, you’re totally a happy boy,” you continue, your voice low and soft while you pull out your wand and hold it flat to your thigh. “I can see it in your little puppy smile wrinkles.”

The dog seems to pause at your words and you want to laugh.

Same, dog.

“You’re a happy, happy boy. Your fluffy tail says so, don’t think I can’t see the way it’s wagging,” you say, sidling closer and between one moment and the next, the dog seems to decide and launches itself at you.

Before you can get your wand up, before the girls can even scream, the dogs on your chest and you’re staring up at an overcast sky. A soft panting comes from above when paws press into your chest and a shaggy black dog head peers down at you.

“Lil’ happy boy,” you laugh, groaning at the weight of the animal, only to grunt when he lays down on you, stretching to sniff your chin. Sinking your fingers into his fur, you scratch up and down his back, beaming when he leans into the touch.

“Woah, are you guys okay?”

“Sir-uh Fluffy! Get off her!” Remus snaps and the dog on you growls at him. For a second, the two of them seem to have a loaded staring contest before the dog slides off you, not moving from your side. Struggling to your knees, you bury your fingers in the fur on the dogs back and grin up at Remus.

“You guys know the owner?” You ask amicably, hearing soft words behind you and the girls hurried explanations.

“Ye- ah. We see him all the time,” Remus grits, glaring at the beast and you coo gently to him, feeling quite special when he leans against you and shoots you a doggy smile.

“I’m so jealous- other than the whole growl and pretend attack thing, that was awful.” You prod the dogs back with each word and barks a quiet sound. “But having a dog? Like this one?”

Remus laughs awkwardly, his eyes darting and you frown, looking about you.

“Weird, where’s-”

A bark sounds right in your face and you gasp, glaring at the dog who smiles at you.

“Maybe I’m not so jealous of your owners,” you say, scowling at the beast who whines softly and headbutts your stomach, nibbling on your fingers.

“This is too much, I… We’re going,” Marlene says definitively, pulling you to your feet and away from the dog and guys.

“What was that?”

“I’ve never been so scared.”

“Bye, Puppy!” You call laughingly, grinning when Remus grabs the dogs ruff to keep it from chasing after you.

“Wanna go on a date?”

“We’ve been on a date, Sirius. It was a disaster,” you scoff, your eyebrows high as you take in the dark-haired boy leant over your desk.

“Maybe it was a miscommunication.” He shrugs easily and you roll your eyes, giving him a deadpan look. “Okay, maybe I was a little at fault.”

“It was all your fault!”

“You escalated it! Look. Neither of us are blameless, I may carry more of the load than you but we were both wrong.” Sirius ducks slightly to meet your eyes, his gaze pleading and you groan. Those stupid eyes are what got you last time. No, Lily said, Sirius is a known player and he’s an absolute troublemaker. But you’d fallen for it and ignored every warning and example she’d shown you because of those stupid eyes and look at you now.

Gonna do it all again. Idiot.

“When?” His expression brightens considerably and you glare hard, “this is not a yes. I want to know when and whether I show up is in the air.”

He grins, not hiding his delight, and you hate the way his eyes sparkle.

“There’s a Gryffindor party tonight, Lily will take you if you bring it up and if she argues, tell her James will be there and he’s going to chaperone.” The thought alone has you wanting to go and you’re not even interested in James. Not that you wouldn’t be, he’s utterly dreamy, but Lily has a subtle dibs going on.

His body is burning, hotter than anything you know and you arch up into the touch, moaning his name.

“Sirius,” you whisper, your voice thick and wanton as he lays a trail of kisses down your throat and he growls. His hands trace up and down your body, warm paths of heat that have your head spinning in circles.

Across the room, a party in the Gryffindor common room rages but your only focus is the dark head boy on top of you, on top of the tiny couch furthest away from the warm fire.

“You’re so beautiful, all I think about,” he breathes, the words tangible on your skin and you’re dragging his face back up to yours. Your lips crash together, tongues plunging and sliding against one another and you’re unsure what you’re drunker off. The fire whiskey or the boy between your thighs.

“Stop that,” someone says and Sirius hisses, going stiff and curling around you. “I said stop that.”

You peek over Sirius shoulder, Remus standing over the two of you with a long ruler and a giant smile.

“Sorry, Sir,” you tease, laughing at the way Sirius growls and Remus’ cheeks flare red. In seconds, he’s muttered an excuse and disappeared and you’re pushing Sirius up. “He’s right.”

“He’s a dollop head.” Sirius scowls but sits up all the same, pulling you onto his lap and wrapping his arms around you. The position is intensely cozy and you can’t help from setting your forehead against the side of his throat and melting.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, this isn’t a thing,” you mumble, your fingers fisting the material of his shirt and he hums indecisively, staring out at the raging party and holding you close.

i attempt to make these as house nonspecific as i can so yah

Mars series epsiode 2(The long horned bull) 🌷

Mars in Taurus(natal):
•kinks:the sensation and how it interlocks with the 5 senses enthralls these bulls, they adore the touching and skin to skin of physical sex. Many are suckers for rubs and well placed fingers and kisses. The prospect of touch or being touched tends to easily arouse these folks and at times they can be over stimulated by “touch” in general and often times can be averse to physical contact as it can easily over stimulate them. Some one I knew with this use to actually hate being licked by her dog because it made her feel “weird” aha. Sex here is slow placed in focused on hitting all the spots. It’s about the moans and the’s about the slow caress and the warm hands. Here sex takes on a very aphrodisiac like form and one the will arouse the walls surrounding the room. Men here are usually tops and aren’t usually the aggressive type and tend to lean towards slow strokes rather then erratic ones likes Aries. (Might be the type to go in and out slowly for the “sensation”) women here are usually verse and Lean towards the sensual aspect of sex more-the neck is a radar for men and women here.

Persona mars in Taurus(mars and Venus persona chart);
•no matter their natal mars be it in the detached mars in aqua or the dramatic mars in Leo when romantically invested they will always be a more tender and earthy nature. They strive to fulfill there lovers needs in the most comforting and erotic way imaginable-their lover becomes not only their desires cause but their lover becomes their vixen. Sex here takes on a flavor drenched in sweet and savory there’s a more aggressive quality here and one that takes on a more suavmente-like twist. They become both slow burning but erringly focused and demanding sexually, they want sex to be open and pleasurable but in a way that intertwines both the body and its senses. Sex takes on a necessary consistency here and may need to occur often for men and women here. There could be a routine as with all earth signs and specific comfortable sexual positions unless the house or other aspects and signs say otherwise.

Draconic mars in Taurus:
•the rude lover, unlike their counter parts these natives have a more bull headed and soul engraved intensity about them. Slow steady as they may be their inner sexual nature is the embodiment of the earth itself and they often give off a naturally zesty and horny energy similarly to Capricorn but less nervous then Virgo. It seems well spread and equally expressed in a smooth and magnetic way. Many have a strong willful nature and don’t easily open up sexually and even tend to close off to the idea of it in some cases if the energy of the draconic chart is rejected by the native. Since the draconic chart rules ones more soul nature these natives due to tend to crave physical touch and deeply need it to feel fully sexually satisfied and often don’t do well with emotionally closed or lovers who fail to feed them that human touch they long for, once more Tauren lovers or lovers whom have Taurus planets/personal planets tend to draw them in

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yesterday i said i was gay and then this guy said “wait are you a lesbian?” and i said “no” and he said “you shouldn’t say that then” but this is the same kid who says f*ggot a lot and uses gay as an insult



  • killed every monster encountered
  • Papyrus simple said ‘well at least I still have my head’
  • Undyne blurred and melted without becoming undyne the undying
  • mettaton collapsed and alphys said she could build a new robot
  • Sans asked 'if you have a special power shouldn’t you use it for good’ i said no and he said 'heh thats your opinion you dirty brother killer’ then disappeared
  • killed asgore but flowey still shattered his soul
  • still had to fight photoshop flowey and the souls helped
  • killed flowey and he said 'you finally got it’
  • on phone call sand said everyone was losing hope, told me to go to hell
  • was met with continue and reset
  • continue put me back to the barrier, killed asgore again and flowey showed up and said 'i’ll always be here in your save file’
  • did reset and was sent back to the beginning but stuck with name, everyone was there but no flowey, before first save point had save from the barrier
  • made it to LV 13 with 68 HP


  • True genocide run
  • Did the back and forth at the beginning of each section (had to do it again at snow puzzle before dog couple)
  • Got through and Papyrus, stuck on Undyne the undying and eventually gave up

We know what happens
Why are we recording this
To pretend like all we did was just a test?
A test of our power
Of our ability to kill without consequence

To see what it would be like to have their dust on your hands directly

You’re the real monster here

Such a wimp that you even erased all the files so sans wouldn’t remember either
But you always will
All those times you broke down crying because of what you did
They were fake
* I know it
* ỵ͖̺̳͔o͇̯u̲̹̭͙͚͉̪ ̼d̲͉ͅi͔̜̖r͙̯̰͉͍͉ͅt̯̣̺y̲ ̰b͉̝̰̹r̞̣ot͙̻̭̫̟͉ͅh͇e͉͇̖̼̺̯r ̘̟k͎̲̻̝̭̖̦i͙ḽ̭̖̗ͅl̘͓͓͉̫̻̼e͖̫̭r̞̙̯̫̮̱̬
*  ͎̳̤̎̾̃̾ͧ.̪̤̳͐̈ͫ̅ͫͪ.̪̪̘̝͙̯̭͆͒ͬ.̺͕̱͚̈́̉ͯ͊̉͆̓̽
* B̵̨͚̬̳͙̜̩̟̳̼͚ͯ̑ͭ̔̈́̌̾ͮ̎ͪ͒ͣ͜ͅŮ̲̩͕̠̯͇̮̻͔̱͖̲̥̻̠͎̮̪̲̃͂͗͗̈̽͒ͨ͂̃ͦ̂̂͜R̸̥̤͚̝̟̞̹͉̦̎̽̊̆̎̄̋ͥ͞N̡̪̣̹̳͉̲͉̻̮̓̈̒̆ͨ̌̉́̂̎͂̓̀͌͟ ̢̢͕̣̭̟͈̟͎̯̼͓͙͎͈̼̪̘͛ͭ̊̽ͥ͊́̈́̚͠͡I͍̥̜̪͍͈͂̅̃ͦ͛͛́́̚N͆ͣͧ̿̅̆̈́͒̆̑̽̃͒ͩ̈̚҉͏̘̹̜̜͉̳̺̖ ̛̛͇͉̣͕̺͈̜͎̗̝͈̹̪̹͓̱͈̋̉̔ͤͬ̍͌̃ͯ̾͐͛͋̀͜ͅḪ̢̨̧̮̙͔̯̈̌ͮͩ̿̊̽ͦ̄̑̄̊ͪ͆͊́̚Ę̸̱̘͔͇̦͉͙̝̖ͪ͑̊ͫ̆̒̇ͬ̔́̃ͅL̸̵̡̬͖̤͔͕͉̖̳̹̳̒̋ͮ́ͧ́ͭ̀L̛͓̠̹̤͓̘̭̹͍̩̼̫̓ͧͦ̽̍̋ͬ̍͌͒͂̒ͩ̀͜͞