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PruCan ‘Comic Strip’~

I definitely need new ideas for the next requested ships help….
It’s not animated I’m sorry for that but I currently work on my 2P!talia stuff ^^;

Replace Plus Extra Chapter 14: Christmas Miracles

What if the Generation of Miracles were Santa?
Kagami: *snore*

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アニメージュ編集部 on Twitter

Wuh… wha?

Yes, I know it’s Animage, but… is… this serious…?  

I wish someone would scan the interview…

Btw the Twitter caption is along the lines of, in quick&dirty translation, “Having developed human-like emotions, how will Yaha-kui zaShunina confront the ‘frustrating, unclear feelings he has for Shindou’?”
And in the magazine scans you can read “the first experience of ‘love’“ and “Zashunina’s affection and jealousy”.

(have I ever mentioned how much I hate ‘moyamoya’…)

I have so many questions and words and I can’t really find a way to express myself about this but here we go. I remember the day louis wore his first givenchy t-shirt for the dmd video like it was yesterday. I remember the custom speckle suit at the ama’s, that trip to chicago with sandro coats, the early margiela sweaters. I remember these louis fashion moments like they were mine because they were rare, and shining and so so so precious after wwa and that period where him wearing stuff for public outings wasn’t correlating with who he actually was and stories we got from bts. so now when he’s proudly posting what he’s wearing all the time and one of a kind garments are all over his instagram, I just feel so happy that it’s where we are right now? I don’t know how to say it so that it would fully translate but I’m really… happy that  we get to see it now, after all this time. 

Bangkai Woes

Continuing from Here with @omegaaskblog

The Arbiter simply stares at Omega’s description of how the SOULs within him would theoretically control how he looked.

“……….Wait.” Internal dialogue ensues.

“Hey… SOULs?
Yeah you heard that too?
-what do you mean!? Of course I can’t do that on my own!”

“NO I - I want to be a flower so I can be mobile again?!?? Actually, try fitting this thing ANYWHERE. I can’t even sit on anybody’s shoulder and loom at people!

-And if I COULD do it on my own, I WOULD have?

-!?? NO I DID NOT CHOOSE THE RUSTY OVERGROWN INDUSTRIAL LOOK. I thought you guys did that? As some weird symbolism for how long we’ve all been at this song and dance! 

Nooonononono don’t you start telling ME that I chose this. I did not have ANY hand in this. -WHAT DO YOU MEAN DON’T GET POETIC ON US?”

“Y-you’re joking me. ‘The FLOWER switch?’ I have ‘switches?’ I - no, oh my god. No, no metaphorical switches in my he- ok. ok ok .. .”

“Omega? They say they have no clue they had any say in what I looked like, nor do they know how to change any aspect of that. But..! At least you helped us figure out that the SOULs have something to do with it, and can actually be the ones to help change that!”

“Guess that even though I might be one of the older ‘Floweys’, I’m still pretty new to being a functioning Omega. Sheesh, negotiating with the SOULs can be difficult at times. How do you even do it??”

mmmondegreen  asked:

okay so I know "da" means "when" and is used for things that happened in the past/that are non-recurring and I also know how to use "jo" when it means yes as there is a similar conceot in french with the word oui vs. si. BUT I've seen both of these terms used a lot in contexts where they don't seem to translate to anything in particular in english. for example, when "jo" is used in the middle of a sentence, or "da" and then end of one. could you maybe go throgh the different uses of the terms?

I’ll do my best, love!! c: 

There are actually multiple ways to use both of them – but some of these alternative meanings are actually semantically empty (in other words, they don’t actually mean anything specific) and are merely there to give the sentence a slightly different “feeling”.  

Basically, they can be used as modal particleswhich makes them pretty hard to translate, but let’s give it a go!

#1. Usage of “da”

So, while most of the time, “da” would either mean “when” or “then” depending on the sentence, e.g.:

Da jeg var ung…”“When I was young…”


“Jeg likte det da, men ikke nå.” - “I liked it then, but not now.”

 – you can also stumble across sentences like this:

“Vær forsiktig, da!” - “Be careful!”

 – where “da” doesn’t seem to mean any of the two options above. This is because “da”, in this case, doesn’t actually mean anything. Yep - nothing at all. It simply gives the sentence a slightly different feel – an untranslatable feel. We can find words in English that give the same kind of feeling – however these words wouldn’t be an actual direct translation of “da”. 

For example, an alternate translation of the sentence above, which would give a quite similar feeling, could be:

“Be careful, though!”

…or, perhaps even better:

Just be careful!”

There are multiple ways to translate “da” in this case, simply because there is no correct translation. In other words, “da” isn’t actually necessary for a sentence, either. “Vær forsiktig!” means the exact same thing as “Vær forsiktig, da!” - the only difference would be the pragmatic meaning.

Ahhh – I hope this makes at least an ounce of sense – but this one’s tricky, so just send me another message if there’s anything you’re confused by!!


#2. Usage of “jo” 

And, basically the exact same thing applies to “jo” – except it gives off a slightly different feeling. 

Like you mentioned, it’s primarily used as “yes” when you’re disagreeing with the information in a sentence/question, eg.:

“Skal ikke han gifte seg?” - “Isn’t he getting married?”
“Jo, det skal han.” - “Yes, he is.” 

But it can also be used like a modal particle, e.g.:

“Men du likte ham, jo!“But you liked him!” “But you liked him, though!
“Men du likte ham jo?” “But you liked him?” / “But you liked him, didn’t you?

Basically, “da” and “jo” can be used to convey your underlying feelings – attaching a “da” to the end of your sentence could sometimes make it sound slightly more exasperated or annoyed than it usually would, etc. – it all depends on the context. 

I hope that made sense!! c:

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wow now that i know that the original, raw japanese had sanji actually calling zeff his father (im still crying btw bless u @ oda) now im feeling salty @ mangastream for translating it as 'boss' like WOW u'd think they'd stick to the original rather than taking such a liberty due to it being such a significant scene but apparently not :/

yeahhhh it bothers me a lot too because there’s no ambiguity this time. it’s not like sanji said ‘old man’ and people could translate that different ways, he clearly said  父親 (father) and the folks at mstream thought? that it needed changing??

i guess it’s good that other scanlation groups start taking up one piece again. this way mstream doesn’t get the monopoly on the series and hopefully they are discouraged to make these changes in the future :/

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When Frederik becomes king, what kind of ceremony will he have? Something like WA, Philipe or Felipe?

We don’t actually have a enthronement ceremony but a proclamation ritual so to speak. When QMII ascended the throne in 1972, she was proclaimed Queen the day after her father’s death on the balcony of Christiansborg Palace (the seat of the Danish Parliament). I don’t know how well Google Translate will do but here’s a really good (and sad) article on that day. Something similar will happen when Frederik ascends the throne.

I think it’s very telling of how masterful the NieR: Automata OST is that the theme song is most powerful to me in the chaos language, which does not actually have a translation.

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Has there been given an explanation how Undertaker's lockets are pure silver, but they are actually golden in colour? Logically I would assume they are gold plated, but I don't see the point of it, if he actual things are real silver.

Oh good question! They are indeed golden in color… But you know…

I thought they were silver before because the note by the translators in ch85 says that a hallmark warrants the quality of silver items but… now that I think about it and after checking on the internet to be even surer, hallmarks also exist for the quality of gold, platinium and palladium items.

So the Undertaker’s lockets are very probably made of gold and not silver.

Wow Anon, thanks! :D Without you, I would have never noticed that! 

So the hallmarks of ch85 indicate the purity of the gold used to make those lockets, while Bravat’s bracelets as said in chapter 111 are in pure silver… 

In any case, gold and silver (along with platinium and palladium) are precious metals, so the degree of purity both for the Undertaker’s lockets and Bravat’s bracelets is probably the hint, instead of which element was used as I was initially thinking.

This is very interesting and I love this new element, particularly because gold as a color and in symbolism has an even stronger meaning than silver. How very accurate for the Undertaker’s “treasure”…!  

Thanks a lot for passing by and for helping with the new info Anon, this just made my day! ^^ 

Take care! :D 

Guess who finished the OnS game and is depressed because the game is over but happy because I’ve finally unlocked all the Mikayuu events lol

Anon-san requested this video, so here it is! Making these videos really helps me clear my mind when I’m stuck with my other translations and they’re so easy I want to cry (compared to some *ahem* seiyuus who sometimes don’t speak clearly lol).

Back to the video, it’s so heartwarming watching Yoichi standing between these two idiots *cries*. Actually, watching almost any character of the series in this game makes me cry *thinks about a friendless Guren and wants to tear up again*

sugalcookie  asked:

Hey. I don't want to create an issue here because I am all for Javert being Romani, but it isn't actually fully canon. It all depends on translation, the part where this comes from can be translated as either 'g*psy' or 'bohemian' meaning lower class.

Except that the few details we know about Javert’s background points towards him being Romani as well (because of how unjustly Romani people were - and still are - treated by the system).

soft-jehan, you’re a native English speaker and I just awoke from a nap after pulling an all nighter so my brain isn’t working. Can you help me out here?

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Of all the nonsense this site has managed to cook up, NOTHING makes me angrier than the disrespect they have for veterans. It's not like they "signed up to kill people." Have they ever heard of the draft?? Or maybe being in such a bad situation in life that there's no other choice?? Or how about wanting to actually do something good for your country? This country only exists because of the people who protect it. I don't know how entitled you have to be to not see that.


Obviously, there are exceptions to everything, but the vast majority of people who serve don’t do it to quench their lust for blood. There are so many reasons a person could have to join up, including being forced to.

What about military doctors? Or translators? Or mechanics? Or cooks? They might never even aim a weapon at an enemy. The military is complex, and it’s not a black and white “everybody who serves kills people”. There are so many specialties where the biggest danger to others is doing their job incorrectly.

The thing that gets to me is that these little shits are sitting comfortably in their houses disrespecting the people who allow them to stay comfortable. You can criticize the military all you want but don’t disrespect vets.


If you’ve read my fic Oh, It’s What You Do To Me, you might remember that the sole reason Grantaire and Enjolras meet is because of a comment Grantaire leaves on a Sandel video about morality? Well, Ao3 user HCO pointed out to me that some witty individual has translated Grantaire’s comment into French and actually posted it on the video. This is hilarious. I love Les Mis fans.

4alarmfirecracker  asked:

Hello, I wanted to know how to say "Victory stands on the back of sacrifice" in Trigedasleng :D And also if that's possible, "We are what we are" and "Don't be afraid, (Wamplei nou laik eno.)". By the way, looove this language ^^ Thank you ♥

A lot of people have asked for this translation, but I did actually translate it already. Last year, in fact. The post is here. The translation is also listed on the list of translations over at You can find it by googling it (that’s actually how I found it just now). Here’s the translation:

Winnes set raun bakon kom givnes.

For the other phrases, “Don’t be afraid” is Nou fir yu raun. “We are what we are” seems difficult. Let’s say… Oso bilaik chit oso bilaik. Yeah. I guess that’s it. Guess it wasn’t that difficult. :) It did seem difficult, though. Weird kind of phrase. I like it, though.

Thanks for the ask!

anonymous asked:

One anti wrote that Orihime will soon fall out of love with Ichigo and possibly move on to Ishida. Seriously though, this late in the series? I don't think so. I must also say about chapter 589, that no matter how much some IRs try to twist it, Ichigo did *not* criticize Orihime for "showing too much". He said: "I kinda think it's a bit too revealing (or, "shows a bit too much"), but..." I know Japanese, so I'm sure that these are quite accurate translations. continues in the next >>

I only received the first part but yeah, the fact that it’s this late in the series and people actually think Orihime is going to suddenly fall out of love with Ichigo and then just as suddenly fall in love with Ishida is nothing short of bizarre. I mean, they’ve been arguing this for how many years now? Since the SS arc? And when it wasn’t Ishida, they argued it would be Ulquiorra, and then they switched back to Ishida again. And they’ve been proven wrong every time, as that’s never even come close to happening. It only becomes more and more unlikely as time goes on.

If she were going to fall out of love with Ichigo, it would have happened already (timeskip anyone?) Otherwise Kubo will have to undo almost 700 chapters worth of what he’s already written—and is still writing to this day! He’s still reinforcing her love for Ichigo, still reinforcing her personal narrative that spans the entire series of her wanting to fight alongside and protect Ichigo specifically (“At long last…”) He’d have to stop and undo what he’s literally still in the process of writing, as we speak. If she were going to move on, he wouldn’t still be reinforcing her feelings like this. He would show her questioning her feelings, show them lessening or weakening. Something, anything. None of that has happened; on the contrary, only the opposite has happened.

Also, quite obviously, Kubo chose to write in her confession…..five lifetimes, one love. It’s that simple lol

Anyway. People have to do some serious reaching to try to debunk 589. Ichigo saying he thought she was revealing too much comes down to the fact that he couldn’t even look at her without his face catching on fire. If he was truly criticizing her, if he was truly disgusted rather than attracted and embarrassed by his own attraction and being asked about her, that would have registered on his face: a look of disinterest, or disgust. What did we get instead? Blushing and sweating, nervous and flustered. More than we’ve ever seen from him before. It doesn’t matter what he says, because how he really feels is written all over his face. If the actions don’t match up with the words, trust the actions, and ask yourself what exactly the character is trying to hide or cover up with their words. That became even more apparent when Yoruichi accused him of being too much of a coward to say how he really felt, proving that his words weren’t important anyway because he wasn’t being totally forthright. Honestly now. This isn’t rocket science.

But I mean, it’s obvious why people are still trying to debunk 589. None of the other main pairings have even come close to being given 5 straight pages of mutual blushing and a confirmed mutual attraction (leaving the question of what else will be confirmed as mutual between Ichigo and Orihime in this arc. Physical attraction is the first step). The jealousy and scrambling to debunk it all is to be expected.