actually i do but thats a secret


Your otp are both secret agents. What a calamity. 

  • Who whispers the Mission Impossible theme tune on an actual mission, who shoots them a look of upmost disbelief. 
  • Who is the new recruit who always manages to do something wrong, who rolls their eyes but helps them in secret, never taking any of the credit.
  • When your otp have children, who tells them stories of all the missions they went on, who interrupts with “then I swooped in and saved the day!”. Bonus: “thats not what happened, don’t listen to them” “ummm yes it–” “you were unconscious literally the whole time.” “…you make a good point”
  • When your otp, who aren’t together, end up trapped in a very small space together (air vent etc) who suggestively wiggles their eyebrows, who repeatedly bashes their head against the wall and cant believe their bad luck. 
  • Who’s the brains, who’s the muscle. OT3 bonus: “Wait what does that make me?” “you’re… well, you’re you.”
  • Who makes funny faces behind their boss when their next mission is being explained, who is trying really damn hard not to laugh.
  • Who takes their job very seriously and seldom shows any emotion let alone smiles, who’s the joker and makes it their mission to entertain them. 

Requested by: anon. 

Somebody in the Crownsguard or the Kingsglaive tries to pull a prank on Cor and replace his polished black heeled boots with bright red stiletto heels, only for Cor to walk in wearing them anyway. 

He literally doesn’t act any different, he’s not being jokey or embarrassed about it. Nor does he mention his shoes being gone, he goes about his day, he just does his job like normal. 

And that’s when his subordinates realize literally nothing fazes this man, you could’ve replaced his suit with Luna’s fucking Kingsglaive dress, he just does not give a fuck, he’s dead inside.

I’M GONNA TALK SOME MORE ABOUT TATER’S LESBIAN MOMS. I had the original idea back in October, and then I decided I was going to do it for my Swawesome Santa, which I thought was super secret like Yuletide, so I clammed up about it since then. So I actually put a fair amount of work into researching the idea, but the fic turned into this monstrously huge unwieldy outline with 14 separate plot-important scenes at its smallest, and like five different emotional arcs, and I couldn’t do it, so I wrote Leave Your Lovers Like Campfires instead.

So now I’ll just cut it down to one aspect, which is Tater’s moms Sasha and Galina. Even just cut down to one aspect, in bullet points, without weaving in the other plot threads, this post is three thousand words long. /o\

I read what I could find in my libraries on social and LGBT history in Russia, but resources in English are honestly pretty limited and I know I’m making shit up here. MY APOLOGIES TO ACTUAL RUSSIANS. But for what it’s worth, the books I found most useful were Lesbian Lives in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia by Francesca Stella, Cracks in the Iron Closet: Travels in Gay and Lesbian Russia by David Tuller, and Putin Country: A Journey Into the Real Russia by Anne Garrels.

Content notes: Homophobia, being closeted, coming out, mental illness, and suicide.

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  • Alex: Cn you keep a secret?
  • Lucy: Sure....if you can keep mine.
  • Alex: Deal....on the count of three.
  • Lucy: One
  • Alex: Two
  • Lucy: Three!
  • Alex/Lucy: I slept with Astra/I made out with Alura by accident
  • Lucy: Holy shit! YOU SLEPT WITH ASTRA?!?
  • Alex: YOU MADE OUT WITH ALURA?!? accident?????? hw cn you make out with someone by accident??
  • Kara: Guys WTF!! Your in a group chat! What are you two even doing up its like two in the morn......i just scrolled up. Im gonna kill you two.
  • *Lucy and Alex left the group chat*

really, natasha ,

but like do you ever think about the actual practicalities of creating the marauders map??? like shit, accurately drawing up just a normal map of a normal castle would take hours upon hours of work, especially for four teenagers who have like…… no idea what they’re doing. they basically taught themselves to be cartographers, for fun, when they were teenagers…… if that isn’t the most nerdy af thing you’ve ever heard idk what is.  add to that the fact that its Hogwarts with moving staircases, hidden corridors, secret passage ways behind tapestries and portraits, disappearing doors….. thats like…. a ridiculous amount of work, and thats not even taking into account all of the complicated magic they had to research and learn in order to track people and to disguise the map and to have it insult people on their behalf. not only did they have to explore every inch of the castle whilst taking notes, they must have spent countless hours at the library reading and sketching and researching,  and then there’s the whole casually becoming animagi thing. YEAH they were like… Raucous Youths who were forever getting into trouble and showing off and pulling stupid pranks and generally being the Marauders™ but they must also have had like….. a ridiculous amount of single-minded determination and stubbornness and just unwavering devotion to helping their friend/getting away with shit and honestly. its a terrifying combination. 

the signs as bad traits i associate with that sign

aries: that one person thats so rude to you for no reason

taurus: someone who thinks they’re better than you??? but they arent??

gemini: they lie about self-harm and suicidal thoughts just for sympathy(and i know for sure that they didn’t do/have either)

cancer: they hate you because one of their friends told them something about you but you’ve never actually spoken to them

leo: that one person that would do anything to be popular; lie, tell others their friends’s secrets, act like they’re close with someone when they’ve talked maybe once

virgo: the smart kid in your class who is cold if you try to speak to them and doesn’t try to help if your struggling and in general makes you feel inferior 

libra: the friend that wont tell you their crush, and when you tell them yours, they say that you have the same as them

scorpio: that one “friend” that blackmails, manipulates, and lies with no end, and treats you like you will never amount up to them; they also always act like you owe them something

sagittarius: the friend thats unreliable and cancels on plans all the time

capricorn: they’re friends with all of your friends, but act like you arent ever there when you’re with them

aquarius: the friend that randomly starts acting cold and hating you for no reason/wont tell you why, and then act like nothing happened after a while? and they preach about honesty but lie all the time??(??)?

pisces: the friend you strive to get closer to, but they always have someone they are completely devoted to, and if you ever manage to get that spot, they switch you out with someone new before you even know whats happening

After Ski Lodge you know what I would have liked to see

-Maya spending time Sarah, Yogi, Darby, etc because she needs a break from Riley and Lucas and everyone saying that she isn’t herself.
-Sarah and Darby reminding her that just because she embraces hope and wants to do well in school, that shes still herself
-Maya only calling Lucas by his actual name 
-Maya still doing all her homework and getting A’s but keeping it a secret from her friends
-Maya’s art getting darker and sadder with just glimpses of light (because that’s basically what people told her that her life would surmount to)
-Maya sneaking off from group activities to either study or hang out with Sarah and Darby
-Hart to Hart talks between Maya and Katy
-Maya flirting/teasing other guys since she can’t hardly talk to Lucas anymore

and while I get that none of this would have been able to be seen on screen, I still believe that Maya would have a very hard time recovering from this identity crisis and the fact that apparently she never actually liked Lucas. But more than any of this, I want to see Maya break down because of everything. You are meant to change and grow in high school. The fact that her closest friends believe that she has changed for the worse and that she shouldn’t try in school would make high school suck 10 times more than it already does. add that to the whole triangle mess and I’m ready to see our poor baby Hart explode and make people realize how much it hurts to be told no one likes you for who you are.

Am I the only one bothered by the writing on the cake Hagrid gave Harry in PS? Seriously? I mean, Hagrid might have spilled secrets like damn but he wasn’t stupid. He might have been a little bad at telling how dangerous magical creatures actually are but that’s because he loves them too much, and to him they aren’t really dangerous. But he wasn’t stupid. He was only kicked out of Hogwarts because of Aragorn. Nothing says he was a bad student. No, no, no. Do the guys behind that consider Hagrid stupid? That bothers me a lot. Thats some shitty mockery. Who considered Hagrid stupid? Let me see. Malfoy’s gang. Rita Skeeter. Umbridge. Who judged him based on nothing. He might have been a little careless, and a bit tactless when it came to some stuff, but Hagrid was never stupid. He’s know how to write “Happy Birthday Harry”, even if the cake wasn’t very tasty.

my favorite thing about trc is adam and ronan’s friendship and how not worried abt anything adam is. despite their antagonism and ronan’s drinking and adam’s insecurity like ronan says “lets do this extremely dangerous thing, probably wont even be actually fun” and adam doesnt even have to say “sure okay” bc he’s already doing it. then they both get hurt they have matching scabs and bruises and they dont even talk about it and no one else ever asks bc they know its just gonna be inexplicable and weird and adam and ronan just have these secret shared experiences and i think thats beautiful???

A prince’s secret


“They’ll survive,” Ja’far hummed, glad the response wasn’t half as awkward. “They always do. I’m often surprised by how tough plants are. Seeds that have been dry for decades can still sprout a new plant, it’s amazing.”

The slightly warmer air when they walked into the city was pleasant compared to the chill of the sea. Ja’far would be grateful for the warmth of the palace tonight. But first he would have to take care that his now master would be sleeping without the ache of his scars.

“I know.” he said, hearing the hum and nodded. “They truly are amazing. No matter how much they’re knocked down, beaten, and harmed they keep standing right back up.” 

He let out a happy sigh as they entered the city, the air warming up a bit. He’d been starting to get really cold by the sea. He walked back to the palace, heading straight to his room but sure he didn’t walk to fast not wanting to lose Ja’far.

LMFAO at TVD being in trouble because the ratings, welp thats the consequence for having a couple like dullena at the front of the show…

Like Julie how many times do you have to be told that nobody wants to see that mess anymore.

I means it’s not a secret anymore that bamon actually pull in more fans, you can tell by the ratings, I mean the net work must know bamon is hot right now because they slyly try to bribe people into watching by releasing bamon stills and stuff lol

I said a few months ago that if they continue with dullena even though its clearly runs its course and push Bonnie into the background I will gladly watch TVD crash and burn…

Looks like this may now be the case LOL