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"Hey you called at this number at 3a.m and we talked about some heavy shit do you remember any of that?" with Shinsou please^^and awesome blog you got here your one of my favorite writer's actually!💗

Hey, thanks so much! I see you all the time in the notes cause I follow you so your notes get highlighted also please dont say things like that my heart cant take it !!

Shinso Hitoshi

“What exactly did I tell you?” he asked after a long pause.

You bit your lip. Little did he know this was as awkward for you as it was for him. “…a lot.”

“What’s a lot?”

“Well its complicated…”

“Look.” His tone deepened. He was becoming very frustrated with all this. “Don’t make me make you tell me.”

The threat made your heart race and you figured you had no choice but to tell him. “You called me last night and told me how nice I was and how you cool you think my quirk is and how you think I’ll make a great hero some day.” You paused to swallow your nerves. “Also you might have confessed that you have a crush on me…”

“I might have?!”

“I’m sorry. You did.” you confessed quickly.

He sighed on the other side of the phone. “Well damn.”


(i cant remember exactly what he said, but the general idea was “idk maybe” and im taking that as a good thing)

i panicked and couldnt focus on his answer bc my brother was next to me, and ive never ACTUALLY told him im a lesbian so i was panicking about that instead of listening

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Ooooo I heard the Tarjei tinder is actually fake or one his friends created it as a joke? But then you said Marlon commented? What did Marlon say? 😅

ahsjshaj no waaaay!! asgsagh that’s still cute tho ♥ ah i cant remember exactly but (i remember “ooouuff” and “shit” tho) maybe something like “it took you long enough to find out (tarjei’s tinder)” sjhjdh but i dont think tarjei has tinder sghsa when marlon told him that there is an acc he was probbly like “ whats a timder” sajhhhgsd

They Teach You Their Instrument (All Boys)

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You looked up from your fingers and watched as Michael ran his fingers through his hair making a face. You closed your eyes and continued strumming listening to him 
“No” he said frustrated as he grabbed your fingers and moved them to the right place “Here then here” he added as he moved your fingers softly. You stared down at his hand watching as he moved yours. You could tell he was getting angry with you. You had been at it for at least 2 hours now and still couldn’t get your fingers in the right position. Every time you would strum the guitar he could flinch and shake his head. 
“I cant do this Michael” you said looking at him. He groaned and let go, leaning back on his chair 
“I can see that” he said bitterly. You stared at him holding back your tears “Its not that hard” he added annoyed as he grabbed the guitar and started playing the song. You leaned back and closed your eyes covering your face with your hands “You’re not even looking. How do you want to learn if you aren’t looking” he said loudly. You glared at him and stood up pushing his guitar out of the way as you walked 
“I’ll just ask Luke to teach me” you muttered as you made your way to the bedroom. You slammed the door and climbed in bed gripping the pillow to your chest.

“Babe” you heard Michael say before feeling him get on the bed. “I’m sorry” he said as he place his hand on your shoulder. You sighed and sat up looking down at your lap 
“Look Michael I’m sorry I cant play guitar. I thought it would be fun to learn from you. I’m sorry I don’t play guitar every single night like you do. I don’t know where my fingers go, I don’t understand the notes and I cant remember all the lettering that comes with it” you said looking at him “But you didn’t have to get angry with me. I’ll just ask Luke next time. I know he wont yell at me. Instead of yelling at me he will actually teach me and tell me what exactly it is that I’m doing wrong” you added making him frown. He reached over and pulled you on his lap kissing your forehead. 
“I didn’t mean to get mad at you babe” he said as he rubbed your thigh softly “It’s just that well like you said I play it every night I know what I’m doing and I felt useless because I couldn’t teach you right” he said as he looked at you “I wasn’t mad at you, I was mad a myself for not being able to teach you right” he added “Please don’t go to Luke. Give me one more chance and I’ll teach you” he said as he stared into your eyes “I promise I wont yell at you” he added. You nodded your head and stood up quickly going downstairs and grabbing his guitar before coming back to him. You sat across from him and placed the guitar softly on your lap. You listened carefully as he talked you through the steps. You positioned your fingers in the right position and strummed slowly looking up at him. He smiled at you and grabbed your finger moving slightly to a differently chord. 
“Here baby” he said. You nodded your head and started from the begging again placing your fingers in the right place. You giggled excitedly and placed the guitar down kissing him deeply
“I did it” you giggled happily against his lips. 

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Calum Hood

You watched as Calum moved his fingers. You stared at the bass and bit your lip wondering how the hell the thing worked. You sat up and watched his fingers move up and down the neck of it. You listened carefully to the sound and smiled. 
“Enjoying yourself” you heard Calum chuckle. You blushed and looked up at him letting out a small giggle. 
“I was just wondering how you play it” you replied honestly
“Would you like me to teach you” he asked, you nodded your head quickly, watching as he stood up and walked over. He made you move slightly forwards in the seat and sat behind you. He carefully placed the bass on your lap and placed his hands softly on top of yours. 
“What do you want to play” he asked as he rested his chin softly on shoulder. 
“Long Way Home” you replied instantly. He grabbed your hand and placed on the right chords at the neck of it. 
“You can play guitar baby, this should be sorta easy for you” he said as he moved the strings. “Don’t strum it just like a guitar the string are thicker” he said as he placed his finger softly into of the string. You nodded and watched his fingers. You nodded slightly and moved your fingers as he told you the chords. You looked down at his hand and bit your lip, watching carefully so you could do exactly what he was doing. 
“Ready” he asked. You nodded your placed your hand where his was before. You began placing and flinched slightly making Calum chuckle softly
“You make it look easy” you said making him kiss your cheek 
“It’s easy baby. Do it one more time” he said as he placed your fingers in the right position. He placed his hand softly on top of yours, so you could do it right. You smiled and stared down at your hands as you continued to play with him. 
“Shit” he mumbled as he quickly stood up “I have to get to the studio” he said as he ran to get his shoes on. You packed up his bass and watched as he walked over. “I’m sorry baby we can finish when I get back” he said quickly as he kissed you and grabbed his bass before walking out the door.

You stood up and made your way towards his music room. You stepped inside and logged into his computer going to YouTube. You picked up his white bass and started looking through YouTube videos on how to play.
“It cant be that hard” you mumbled to yourself as you started following the person on the video. 
You leaned back and rubbed your eyes softly as you stared at the time. 
“Oh Jeez” you said as you stood up and turned towards the door 
“Well I see you’ve been practicing” he said as he stared at you a small smile on his face 
“Uh yeah” you replied blushing slightly as you placed the bass back on it’s stand “Sorry I know you don’t like when people grab it” you said motioning towards his white bass. He chuckled and walked over wrapping his arms around your waist
“I don’t mind when its you” he replied as he pecked your lips “But since you’ve be practicing all day why don’t we get some take out” he said as he pulled you closed to him “And we can continue your lesson afterwards” he added. You nodded and took his hand walking to the living room 
“I think I’m getting better” you giggled making him chuckle at you “I might be taking over your job” you added making him laugh more. 
“Is this what this is all about” he laughed “Are you with me because you’re trying to take my job” he giggled as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You pecked his lip and nodded your head as you picked up your phone 
“It’s all about your bass” you laughed before answering the guy on the phone

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Ashton Irwin

You leaned against the wall watching as the boys rehearsed for tonight’s show. You stared at Ashton watching as he lost himself in the song. You couldn’t help but smile at how happy and at home he looked up on stage. He looked over and winked at you as he saw you watching him. You blushed and waved sightly at him before looking at the other boys. You tapped your foot softly to the beat of the song as you continued to watch them. You smiled and pushed yourself away from the wall as they ended the song. You watched as the boys made their way off the stage. You quickly made your way to Ashton and smiled pecking his lips 
“Amazing like always Ash” you said making him giggle as he pulled you on his lap. He smiled at you and rest his chin softly on your shoulder as you two looked at the empty arena 
“Do you get nervous” you asked as you stared at all the empty seats that would be full with fan in a couple of hours. 
“Sometimes” he replied as he wrapped his arms around your waist “I mean at first yes but once I’m here it all goes away” he added. You nodded your head and grabbed his drum sticks. You started hitting the high drum softly. He smiled and started telling you the names to the set in front of you. You nodded your head as you tried to pick out a difference between them to be able to tell them apart.

“Now the bass drum” he said,
“The kick right” you asked making him giggle
“The kick one babe” he giggled you nodded and pressed the peddle at your foot. He grabbed both your hands and crossed them as he started hitting the Ride Cymbal softly. You smiled following him, he let go of your hands and you continued to the beat that he had set.
“Hit the snare drum” he said, you paused and looked at the drum in front of you. 
“This one” you asked as you pointed to your left 
“That one” he replied and you nodded as you started hitting it to the beat from before. “Alright now faster” he said. You nodded and started hitting them faster messing up. He chuckled and grabbed your arms making you stop. 
“Lets just take this slow’ he giggled as he started a slower beat again. 
"I can do this” you giggled “Just slowly” you added making him laugh 
“You’re amazing baby girl” he said as he kissed your cheek softly and continued to teach you play the drums. He smiled happily as he watched you do what he loved the most. He wrapped his arms tighter around your listening to you drumming away even if it wasn’t good. He couldn’t help but see how happy you were which made him happy.

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Luke Hemmings

You sighed frustrated as Luke groaned and moved your hands for the fifth time. 
“I don’t get it” you mumbled quietly as you stared down at the acoustic guitar on your lap “Its not for me” you added as you looked up at Luke. He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair 
“It takes time just try again” he said as calmly as he could “You need to have something to be good at” he said, you shook your head and let the comment slide knowing he was only frustrated at the moment. You started strumming the guitar and frowned as he moved your hands away 
“No no” he said as he moved your finger to the right chord “I just don’t understand. Aleisha would have gotten it by now” he said. You looked up at him and felt your eyes start to water 
“What did you say” you asked your voice cracking a bit. He cursed as he looked at you 
“Babe I…I didn’t meant that” he stuttered. You shook your head and dropped his guitar on the couch 
“I’m sorry I didn’t play an instrument growing up. I’m sorry all of these music sheets don’t make sense to me.” you yelled getting angry “I’m sorry that I’m not good at anything according to you. I’m sorry that I wanted to be a part of what you do, that I wanted to learn the thing that makes you happy” you cried before walking away from him. You locked yourself in the music room and wrapped your arms around your legs. 

You wiped your cheeks with the back of your hand as you heard a small knock on the door. 
“Babe” you hear Luke say quietly. You stared at the door for a minute before standing up. You opened and looked up at him. His cheeks were stained with tears and his eyes were red. 
“I didn’t mean what I said” he said as he reached over and wiped your tears with his thumb “I didn’t mean to compare you to her. I know you didn’t play an instrument growing up. Also I didn’t mean about being good at something you’re great at so many things” he added as he looked into your eyes “I was just being a dick instead of teaching you the right way. You were doing good just a few things that still need a bit of work” he said as he wrapped his arms around your waist kissing your forehead 
“I just wanted to learn about the thing that makes you happy, that thing that you get so excited for” you said looking up at him “And that really hurt Luke. I wasn’t doing it for me I was doing it for you. I want you to be impressed by me. You and Aleisha had music that’s what made your relationship with her special you share that passion. I want that” you added
“We had music and that was it” he said as he looked at you “With you it’s so much more. I love you more than anything and I think its very sweet of you to want to learn about music. I'm sorry I said that but, if you give me another chance I can teach you better this time” he said. You nodded your head and took his hand as you two made your way over to the couch to start over.