actually i cant remember if this is action or island but well

Summer Lovin'

Prompt: Lance finally got Keith to agree to take a night off to go to a bar with him. Keith gets a little bit more drunk than he thought.

(inspired by that one scene from the flash :3)

(i swear it wasn’t supposed to be this long but it happened)

word count: 4536


After hours of convincing, Lance had finally gotten Keith to crack, and allow him to take him on a night out for drinks.

“C'mon, Keith, can’t you just have one night off? Just for tomorrow night?” Lance pleaded as he watched Keith wipe down the counter for the evening.

“Lance, six hours of every five days of my life revolve around making coffee, why would I wanna go out to be surrounded by more drinks?” Keith tossed the rag aside, finished, and removed his apron.

Lance rolled his eyes, “To hang out with me, of course!”

Keith scoffed, failing to fight off the smile coming to his face. He came around and joined Lance, sitting beside him.

“Plus,” Lance continued, playing with the straw of his caramel frappe, “You really look like you need a night off. I think all that coffee aroma seeped into your brain and lost all your will to have fun.”

Keith raised an eyebrow, “You work here too, you know.”

“I do,” Lance nodded, sipping more of his drink, “The morning shift. And since we have no classes tomorrow, I suggest you ask Shiro for the night off too. That’s an order.”

“What about Hunk and Pidge?”

Lance waved his hands, “Those two are working on their project tomorrow night too. It’ll just be you and me, two friends, hanging out in a bar.”

Keith fiddled with the keys in his hands, his mind contemplating on what to do. On one hand, he’s got to deal with annoying but tired college students complain to him about the amount of assignments they had to do. On the other hand, he could take a night off, alone, with the guy he’s had a crush on ever since Pidge introduced them.

Well, a night off doesn’t sound all bad after all.

Keith sighed, looking back at Lance with a small smile. “Fine, but I’m not getting drunk.”

“We’ll see.” Lance winked, slurping the frappe empty.

Sure, it wasn’t exactly a ‘date-date’ he wanted, but Lance decided to think of it as one step closer to the day he finally grows the balls to ask Keith out on a real date. But for now, the night was going to be about drinks, dancing, stress relieving, and it’ll be just the two of them. And that’s good enough for him.

Anyways, that’s what led the two of them here, at the Altean Bar, watching a happy drunk guy sing karaoke in the microphone without a care in the world.

The audience clap, cheering the guy on. Here at the Altean Bar, no one cared if you were a good singer or not. As long as you got the guts to get up on that little stage and sing some karaoke, you’re okay in everyone’s book. Lance likes to come here whenever he feels down about a heartbreak, or stressed over his classes.

He looks over to Keith, wondering how the guy reacts to all this. Thankfully, he sees him laughing at the drunk man amusingly, clapping along with the audience.

The more he stares at him, the more Lance realizea that he just loves seeing this side of him, the Keith letting himself go loose, like the weight of his shoulders has just been lifted.

He wouldn’t mind getting bubbly himself, and turns over to one of the bartenders he recognized, “Hey, Michy, can you open up a tab for us?”


Keith claps a round of applause with the audience, hearing the song finish with the guy holding his arms up at the sky. Honestly, he had never seen someone so hyped to sing, yet do so terribly and not give a single crap of what everyone else thinks.

Well, maybe he has. I mean, Lance does have his moments.

“Man, drunk singing, can you imagine!” Keith turns around in his seat to face Lance, who was sipping a drink from a glass.

“What’s that, tequila?” Keith teases, moving his eyes from Lance to the drink playfully.

“Cherry coke, actually,” Lance chuckles, waving the drink to Keith’s face, “I gotta say, I’m a little offended.”

Keith rolls his eyes, seeing another drunk singer take her place onstage. An intro of a pop song he doesn’t remember the name of began to play, egging the audience on. Lance lets out a loud whoop, raising his glass, shouting, “YONCÉ!!!”

Keith shakes his head at Lance’s excitement, and decides that maybe a little drink wouldn’t hurt anyone. He catches a bartender, and pulls out some money. “Can I get a Long Island Iced Tea?”

The bartender nods, not even accepting the money that Keith had offered.

“It’ll be on your tab, buddy,” he answers, smiling, turning away from him to make his order.

“Tab?” Keith asks, facing back over to Lance with a confused expression, “You started a tab for us?”

Lance downs the rest of his cola empty, and smirks, “Is that a problem?”

Keith turns into a light shade of pink, shaking his head in response. The bartender came back with a tall glass with lemons stuck at the rim. He thanks the man, and takes a sip of the drink. Keith took control over the sour expression he feels his face make, wincing a little by how quickly the flavor tinged his tongue, and feel it burn as it goes down his throat. He just shrugs it off, trying to get himself used to the taste, and continues to drink until he can no longer feel any more of the liquid in the glass.

“Woah,” Lance chuckles, staring at Keith with wide eyes of surprise, “That’s…that’s fast.”

Keith slams the glass on the counter and gasps, like he had just ran a marathon. He turns to back at Lance with a lighthearted chuckle. His vision became a little blurry, the images of Lance began to sway. And there he is, Lance, not even a little tipsy.

“That -hic-,” Keith shakes his head, blinking a couple times in an attempt to regain his focus, “Feels goo-d.”

“Guess I’m the designated driver,” Lance chuckles, checking out his empty glass, “Good thing cherry cokes ain’t all bad.”

“Hey, ex -hic- scuse me,” Keith hiccups, calling over the spinny image of the bartender again, “Do you think I can get…uh..couple shots of Dying Bastard?”

The bartender raises his eyebrow, but doesn’t question it. Keith lets himself lean back on his seat, before realizing that he was sitting on a stool and almost falls.

Lance catches him just before he completely lost his balance, letting out a soft laugh, “I’m starting to think you don’t handle alcohol very well.”

Keith scoffs, “What -hic- makes you say that?”


Lance shakes his head, admiring the pink tinge of color on Keith’s cheeks whenever he downs one shot of Dying Bastard after another.

The rest of the drinks Lance had were just different styles of soda, which to be honest, he cant complain, as he sees Keith laughing and smiling, slowly becoming drunker by the minute. Lance was sober to see all of it in action, and he wouldn’t mind remembering all of this stuff tomorrow.

Lance learns a lot by this though, like how he learns that Keith is a happy drunk, and smiles more than usual. While drunk, he tends to talk about some bizzare conversations and answers to Lance’s ridiculous questions, like he had just gotten his wisdom teeth taken out. Apparently, drunk Keith is more open to his emotions than the regular emo Keith, which Lance doesn’t seem to mind, but intrigues him so.

Gradually, he becomes more drunk, drunk enough for Lance to hear the slur deepen in Keith’s voice. Lance knows the limit amount of shots that are enough to come back hurling out from the stomach, and decides to take away Keith’s alcohol privileges for the night. That’s when he decides to secretly tell their bartender, Michael, to switch his shots to something more subtle, like a club soda, which thankfully, Keith was too drunk didn’t notice the big difference in the taste.

Lance lost track of time, it couldn’t have been that long, but seeing Keith already let loose, and how fast he’s gotten from tipsy to drunk, time doesn’t seem to matter.

Lance is having a great time with drunk Keith, asking him random questions, balancing cherries on his nose, enjoying that drunk, breathtaking smile he doesn’t get to see often.

From one drunk singer to another, some time has passed. Keith giggles, and stands up, wobbling a bit. Lance offers some help, but he just waves him away.

“I j -hic-ust need to -hic- bathroom,” Keith smiles, stumbling away from Lance to where he sees the restroom sign, “I -hic- got this!”

Lance chuckles as he watches him disappear, hoping that he just needed to release the dam, and not to let all those drinks slip out of his mouth into chunks.

Just that image alone made Lance get up from his seat, and make his way to the washroom, where he sees a pool of a mess.

He spots one guy vomiting into the toilet, with a friend of his patting his back, saying comforting words. Now that reminds him of Hunk. Wonder how the project with Pidge was going.

He sees other guys actually doing their business, the rest of the stalls were empty, and Lance hasnt spotted that recognizable mullet anywhere here.

He left the bathroom, shivering as the scent in the air changes when he went back to the bar. He walks back to where he sat, hoping Keith was just stumbling his way back to him.

He turns back to the bartender, but this time a woman, who seems to be distracted as she talks with one of her coworkers.

“Excuse me,” Lance says anyways, pushing his empty glasses aside, “Can I get a Blue Lion?”

The woman doesn’t seem to react, because she just walked past him with an unamused expression.

“Hey-” Lance tries to get her attention, but was cut off by the sound of a voice booming through the microphone.


Lance whips his head around to face the stage, confused by who just called him by his name. His jaw drops in surprise as he sees the one and only, Keith Kogane, on the karaoke stage.

“COME ON DOWN!!” Keith laughs drunkily,  motioning Lance to come to him, “Come on!”

Lance shakes his head, flustering a nervous smile as Keith doesn’t seem to give up just yet.

The audience’s attention turns to him, and Keith starts to chant his name.

“Lance! Lance! Lance! Lance!”

The audience joined in, clapping in rythm, urging Lance to come forward.

“Lance! Lance!! Lance!! Lance!!!!”

After a few seconds of hearing his name repeat over and over, Lance caves, and stands up from his seat. From the moment he does, the bar echoes with the sounds of applause and cheers from the audience.

“Come show us what you got!!” Keith slurs, giggling as Lance steps on stage.

Lance chuckles, standing in front of the second microphone on the stage. He smiles back nervously at the roaring audience, leaning over to Keith, “I’m not much of a singer, and you’re not much of a drinker.”

The audience’s cheering dies down, and Keith gives Lance a wink, causing him to blush red all over.

“We’re gonna bring this place dOWN!” Keith slurs again, and the music starts up. Lance recognizes it immediately, a song from one of his favorite musicals. He lets out a short laugh, surprised to know that Keith was the one who chose this song.

Keith starts off, and in his drunken state, of course, he sings off-key, bouncing to the music.

“Summer lovin’ had me a blast

Summer lovin’ happened to fast…”

Lance realizes he was going to sing Danny Zuko’s part, and smiles. He’s sober, and what more to do in a bar karaoke than to amaze everyone with his voice, his tone harmoniously, all with a smirk on his face.

“I met a girl, crazy for me…”

Keith scrunches his nose and looks back at Lance, his expression looks either offended or confused. He still sang in an off key tone, his voice cracking when his tried to hit the high notes, but it wasn’t like he had any control over that.

“Met a boy cute as can be,”

They sang the next lines together, not exactly in perfect harmony, but it made Lance’s smile grow wider.

“Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights…”

Keith sways his head back and forth as he sang the next lines.

“Oh-well-oh-well-oh-well-oh uh!”

They went on with the song, and the audience loved it. The two of them were on fire, drunk or sober, it still felt like they really did bring the place down. It was fun, up to the point where Keith started to dance on the tables. Before Lance could stop him, he doubled over in laughter, because no matter how drunk Keith gets, it doesn’t make him a better dancer.

It’s when he starts hopping from table to table is when Lance collects himself from his laughter in amusement, and follows after Keith before he hurts himself, hurts someone, or gets himself kicked out.

“Keith, come on!” Lance chuckles, “Down, boy!”

Keith looks down at Lance amusingly, and jumps down from the table. Lance stretches his arms out on instinct, and catches Keith, having all the air knock out of him before they both hit the ground.

Keith gives another giggle and hiccup. He sits up, not acknowledging the weight of Lance under him.

“Again!” He slurs, throwing his arms up in the air.

Lance groans, struggling to pick himself up from the ground. He looks at how childish Keith has gotten, and one look on his phone made him jump.

“Woah!” Lance gasps, “I think we should get you home, now. It’s half past midnight, and I promised Shiro I’d bring you home. Unharmed.”

“No,” Keith whines, holding onto Lance’s hand, “I like it here, Lan -hic- ce. With you.”

Lance feels his face heat up as a new shade of red steams, stopping the gears in his mind to work. Did Keith really just said that? No, no, he’s drunk, Lance. This is the part where you take him home safe.

Lance shakes his head, and lifts him up, “Come on, Keith, I’ll take you home.”

Keith lets out another giggle, this time, it sounded more tired than the last one. Lance sighs, knowing that any minute now Keith was going to pass out anyways.

Just as Lance was about to walk away, Keith grabs his hand again and mumbles, “Carry me?”

Those two words from his mouth is all it took to make Lance into a stuttering mess. Keith was giving him that damn smile he had grown to love, those pleading eyes that would make him do anything for him, and that pouty lip that always wants to make Lance lean down and kiss.

But, not to tonight. Not when Keith was drunk.

Lance lets out a breath of confidence, and looks for a place where he could carry Keith. Over the shoulder? Nah, he’ll probably find a way to fall over. One arm over himself like a side hug? Nah, he’ll just drag himself on the ground.

“Just wait a tick,” Lance says, before remembering that their tab was still opened up. He tells Keith to sit tight and just stay, and he’ll be right back.

Lance left Keith and his mullet behind and pulled out his wallet, going over to the bartender that’s been serving him and Keith’s drinks for the whole evening.

“Hey, Michael,” Lance greets, pulling out the maximum amount of money to pay for his and Keith’s drinks, “Tab’s closed and all.”

Michael smiles, and takes the money from him to put in the register, “So, you and your boyfriend going so soon?”

“I wish,” Lance blushes at Michael’s tease, but he found the words to respond with, “Tonight, it’s just us as friends, I’m taking him home before-”


Lance and Michael hear the shout echo around the bar. He turns around, choking back on his laughter and blush red as he sees Keith, dancing back on the table, but with his shirt off, waving it in the air. Lance tries so hard to look away, but he just couldn’t. He could hear his heart pumping to a stop, struggling to break itself out of his body like a prison, and run over to claim Keith as its own.

The people around him seems to love it, taking pictures and videos of him, laughing drunkily along with him.

“Yeah,” Michael chuckles, pulling Lance’s attention away for just a second, “He’s a keeper.”

Lance gives Michael a two fingered salute, before running off to fetch Keith from the tables again.

“Lance!!” Keith slurs, smirking back at him with excited eyes, “Catch me!!”

“No-!” Lance tries, before Keith starts to lean forward, and Lance catches him with his body again.

“Keith,” Lance groans, turning over to get Keith’s attention back. He was going to give him a small, playful lecture, but he figures that was Shiro’s job as his big brother. “Let’s go home.”

Keith picks himself up, followed up by Lance.

“Do you…still want me to carry you?”

Keith nods, yawning, allowing Lance to pick his whole body up bridal style. He was heavier than Lance thought, but he can still manage to get him all the way to his car.

Lance feels the heat radiating off Keith, and pulls him closer, finding comfort in it. Keith wraps his hands around his neck, and his head finds a home in the crook of it, burying his face. Lance catches his breath, turning full red and almost loses his grip on Keith. He shifts his weight in his arms, and smiles at the adorable latter he was cradling in his arms.

It took him a minute to notice the crowd that surrounded Keith were now staring at them in amusement, echoes of “aww’s” went around the room.

Lance lets out a nervous chuckle, “Good night, everybody!”

The crowd claps for them, whistling and cheering, as Lance carries Keith out of the Altean Bar with confusion. Instead, he pushes all that bar stuff behind, and focuses on getting sleepy, drunk Keith into his car and home safe, making it his first priorities.


Lance fought back to ignore the sleepy slurs from Keith throughout the ride home. He even wrapped Keith up in his jacket, just so he wouldn’t catch a cold.

When Lance pulled up Keith’s driveway, he tries to shake him awake.


No response. Just more sleepy slurs. And it seems that Keith had attached himself onto Lance’s jacket too.

Lance sighs, and unbuckles his seatbelt. He walks around to the other side of the car, and opens the door. Of course Keith passed out. He drank more than enough for him to start dancing on tables. Lance chuckles at the memory, even though it was less than fifteen minutes ago.

Lance decides to take Keith’s weight in his arms again, and carries him bridal style to the front door.

With his free finger, Lance pushes the button, hearing a muffle of one ring of a bell inside the house.

He wonders if Keith, who seems to have a pretty tight grip on both Lance and his jacket, has the set of keys in his pocket or somewhere.

Just before he could search his pockets, the front door creaked open, revealing Shiro, Keith’s older brother, wearing a Flash t-shirt, boxer shorts, and animal slippers.

“Lance?” Shiro mumbles with a sleepy tone in his voice, showing that he had just woken up, “What are you- Keith? It’s almost one am!”

“Good thing it’s not a school night, then,” Lance chuckles, shifting Keith’s weight in his arms, “Keith got a little more bubbly than I thought he would.”

“Just put him in his room,” Shiro yawns, making no effort to smile, and widened the door more for Lance to come in. “And you can spend the night if you want, I know the university isn’t that far, but I’m not letting one of our friends go out alone at one in the morning.”

Lance smiles, grateful for Shiro’s offer. He walks towards the door that he knows was the entrance to Keith’s room, before hearing Shiro’s voice again.

“No funny business, Lance,” Shiro warns, trudging his way back to his own room, “I’ll know. These walls are thin.”

Lance felt a shiver down his spine, looking back at Shiro with the most serious face he could do. “Never.”

And with that, Shiro shut his door closed, and Lance shut Keith’s door closed.

He’s seen his room before, he’s been over to Keith’s house a lot, come to think of it. But right now, getting Keith to bed was also a priority tonight.

Lance felt a shiver run through Keith, and immediately walks towards the bed. He settles him down, gently, unlocking his arms from his neck. However, Keith still made a home by gripping onto the jacket, but Lance doesn’t seem to mind. It looks like that it gives Keith a calm effect, like a ground for him to hold on.

As he looks down at the sleepy Keith, Lance felt that warm feeling of fondness grow in his chest again. He pulls the blankets over him, and hears Keith mumble a couple words in his sleep. Lance can tell that he’ll be feeling all that alcohol in the morning, and he’ll be here right beside him when Keith hunches over the toilet in the bathroom.

Speaking of bathroom, Lance took a small whiff of himself, and he can smell all the alcohol from the bar rub off on him.

Maybe a nice little shower wouldn’t do any harm.

So Lance stands up, and starts searching for any pajamas Keith had in his drawers. He found a nice red tank top and black basketball shorts that were perfect, and took them with him into the bathroom, and starts freshening up.


Okay, what’s one night without his skin care routine going to do? He can live with one night, no problemo.

Once Lance lets himself out of the bathroom and back into Keith’s room, he sees Keith up on his bed, awake, and snuggling with Lance’s jacket. He looked more tired with the bags under his eyes, and looked like he was about to pass out any minute.

“Keith?” Lance calls out softly, staring back at the boy with an endearing expression, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Keith looks back at Lance, a small frown on his face. He wiped his eyes like he was wiping a tear away, and in a small voice, he says, “I thought you -hic- left me.”

Lance shakes his head, shifting comfortably in Keith’s clothes. “Never.”

Keith smiles, and faceplants into his jacket. Lance assumes he had just passed out again, before he sees Keith raise his head and sigh, “Your jacket smells nice.”

Lance can’t take this drunk cutie anymore, and before he knows it, Keith drags himself to sit on the edge of the bed.

“I have the same shirt.” Keith slurs again, chuckling quietly.

Lance looks down on Keith’s attire, and decides that he was not going to sleep in that.

“Uhh…here,” Lance turns over to Keith’s drawers, and picked up the first pajama clothes for Keith to wear, “Put these on.”

He gives the clothes to Keith, which were similar to the ones he was wearing. A blue tank top with gray basketball shorts. Keith sets Lance’s jacket aside, and takes the clothes from Lance.

Lance grins, and turns around as he hears Keith strip himself out of his clothes to put on pajamas. Sure, they were both guys, but seeing Keith wearing nothing but his underwear was something Lance had to fight to look at, because no matter what circumstances, his mamá had always taught him to be a gentleman.

Plus he wouldn’t be able to function properly if he did see Keith in bed and shirtless.

“A little help?”

Reluctantly, Lance turns around to see what the problem is, and boy, does he see it.

Keith manages to strip his bar clothes out. It’s putting on the pajamas himself is what’s troubling him. Sitting there wearing nothing but his boxers, Keith managed to get his shorts on his head, and one of his foot was through the head hole of the shirt.

Lance shakes his head, sighing, before stepping forward to help Keith put his clothes on the right way, catching his breath in minimals.

Once the deed was done, Keith found Lance’s jacket again and cuddled himself into it. What was up with him? Seeing Keith this adorable, it just does things to Lance, you know? He’s never seen him like this, honestly, he looks just as vulnerable as a stray puppy who just got rescued. It makes his heart feel like it ran a marathon, like the air from his lungs was sucked out of him by a dementor, and he just melts into softness of it all.

Lance led Keith back to his bed, and pulls the covers over him once more. Keith made himself more comfortable as he sinks into the pillows and wraps his arms around both the jacket and blanket.

“Hey, Lance?”

Lance hums in response, tucking in Keith like his mamá would when he was a kid.

“Thank you for tonight…”

Lance smiles proudly, making the bed more comfortable for Keith.


Lance goes over to close the lights of Keith’s room, allowing the dark to fill in for the night’s sleep. Just when Lance was about to sleep on the nearest bean bag Keith had in his room, Keith spoke up in a small voice, but just loud enough for only Lance to hear.



He shifts in his bed, laying down on his side to face Lance.

“Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?”

Lance raises his eyebrows, even if Keith couldn’t see him do it. He stands up, and walks over to where he can make out the edges of the bed.

“Yeah,” Lance answers, dipping the mattress down as it takes in the new weight. He rubs Keith’s side to comfort him, humming a song his papá likes to sing. He imagines the soft, calm look on Keith’s face, picturing the way his mouth would slightly pout as he sleeps, and the way his cheeks squish into the pillow as he sinks further into it like a marshmallow. Even in the dark, where Lance can’t even see him, Keith looked absolutely perfect.

Keith feels himself melt under Lance’s touch, and not knowing that the next morning was going to be hell for him, at least he’s got Lance there to take care of him and just be there for him. Keith’s got Lance to wake up with, as Lance did fall asleep in bed with him that night, feeling his warmth take over him like the summer.

captain-crookedcloudcollector  asked:

I don't think you ever did your final write up on season 8 Kitty, you gonna get back to that?

aww man, i didnt finish it because i think ive done a pretty great job expressing my thoughts on season 8. it was freaking amazing? but im gonna write up some of what i planned for that post here.

favourite episodes:

  • two swords is good because it introduces us to the more violent fern and shows finn being a doctor for shits and giggles (foreshadowing?). i get good feelings from this ep. and these days, also sad ones.
  • high strangeness - tree trunks is pretty entertaining by herself but this episode had a glorious combination of comedy, quiet pain, and…. strangeness. seeing tree trunks be ooo’s greatest activist was nothing short of a golden meme factory. and it was a lttle sad seeing pb explain what it was all about, perhaps even questioning her own sanity here… as for the candy attacking the aliens, if you remember all of pen ward’s previous work, you sure do get a Little Pink Best Buds vibe.
  • jelly beans have power - yknow when they ended pb’s arc w the whole Being A Pragmatic Coldass back in the Cooler, i wondered if she was going to stay interesting or get boring. well, lets just say the AT crew have exceeded my expectations. not to mention season 8 SURE BRINGS UP A LOT OF COMPETITION in the whole “morally questionable science lady” area. after the whole King of Ooo stuff the princess has been trying to rebuild her relationship with her citizens, and to see her hot-headedness make it crumble apart… well it must have been like looking into your soul and seeing something dreadful.
  • All of Islands - yes this is cheating. do i give a fuck? no. uhhhh what were my fave eps? hide and seek was the part where i went “this is the best adventure time has ever been”. martin and minnie was not only realistic, making minnie my favourite side character to ever get that little screentime, it also hit all the right emotional notes as well as having a dash of humor. the light cloud kinda highlighted the differences between the humans and the oooish people, it made us all appreciate the wacky land of ooo I feel. finn could have had his life as a human and lived with his parents, but he would have possibly died during the plague, and he’d have never had all the amazing adventures that made him who he is. anyway finn’s kinda my second or third favourite character now which is a significant jump from a few years ago. 
  • all of elements because i just dont care. highlights: skyhooks was deeply ominous and had marshmalline humming greensleaves which is pretty gay, bespoken for looked like it was gonna be shitposty but ended up making betty of all people a compelling, sympathetic, and unpredictable character… the third one had the ice kingdom which i think is my second-favourite location… cloudy i didnt like on my first rewatch but on our rewatch i learnt to appreciate it for the heart-to-heart bro chat that it was… slime central had funky skating (slime kingdom ftw) and the BEST humor in the miniseries alongside jake fucking dying, happy warrior is my least favourite of the eps but thats because it was setup for the much more magnificient hero heart which is my favourite… the reason for that is because it’s worth the most analysis and has the heaviest atmosphere. from lsp eating marceline’s face to finn holding back his fear to pb going fucking nuts and all those chilling candy zombies, this was the climax of the miniseries for sure. skyhooks II was a cooldown after the climax and a sort of resolution. it could have been better but the way i think of it, we haven’t seen all the resolution yet. highlights? lsp being the hero (lol) and pb and marcy’s kingdom-takeover song. pb’s actions in elements make me think that the power made her exemplify all her negative, controlling traits. she tried to take over the other kingdoms to make people “happy” and they ended up losing all their individuality. remind you of The Thin Yellow Line? the same sorta goes for FP but not really cos FP’s only negative trait is her awful temper.
  • abstract because i fucking love jake. i know some people found this ep disappointing but i did not.
  • ketchup for best filler ep because it looked GORGEOUS, it made me SMILE, it had backstory and the tale of what Marceline did in Elements presented in such a charming way, we even saw BMO spin a tale about her mom…  I’m heartbroken that we probably wont be seeing any more guest animated episodes because this is my favourite one yet. 
  • whispers. I TOO AM DOOM. *thunk thak thunk thank splat*
  • three buckets is the best episode in the best season of adventure time, and i think it beats out The Lich as my favourite season finale. it’s sad, it’s dark, it’s sweet, it’s hilarious, it’s ominous, theres nothing to dislike about it. my favourite part was the last few minutes starting from when fern left finn alone in the cave. he freaks out for a while which makes us wonder if he might actually die in here, then the robot arm in a surprising twist turns out to have a pb-siri that thanks finn for what hes done which is cute. and finn discovers his salvation in the rock drill and fucking weed whacker. then he fights his clone  fern now COMPLETELY off the deep end, and just when finn is giving up,  well…

“What are you doing?”

“Weed whacking!”

“…What are you?”

“A weed whacker :D”

“It doesn’t have to have this… finnality!”

“F A T A L I T Y”


i think the end of this ep is more defined by what isn;t said than what is said. finn is so shocked that he can’t even talk. bmo gives us one final bout of dark humor. then we switch to…. Fern……. finally free of his shell but a mere ghost of what he was…. his look of pure rage as he gets picked up by who we believe could be a scholar of Golb…. uncle fucking gumbald. 

What a DEVASTATING finale,  and what a fantastic setup for the final arc of Adventure Time!

a comment i had to make about the last few eps is: it’s suspicious that we didnt get a followup for PB after Elements. but even though Peebles wasn’t in these eps, she didn’t feel absent either. especially with Marceline’s story in Ketchup, Fern’s remembering what he did in Whispers, and literally everything in the last 3 minutes of Three Buckets, i feel that there’s something big building up for her. we’ve yet to see the consequences Elements had on PB who was out of everyonne the most dangerous elemental, the one who took her powers to the furthest extreme. considering what happened in Jelly Beans Have Power, iiiii expect this followup to be soon. maybe it’ll be big? maybe it’ll be quiet. either way i look forward. and if i’m disappointed? well it’s happened before.

altogether season 8 is my favourite in the show for obvious reasons. i dont think season 9 has the possibility of topping it but i really cant wait to see what we get next either way, just in case it manages to be even better.  

no matter how adventure time ends, though, i think it’s going to hold a place in my heart for a long time.

pastelmogar  asked:

Basically, it's a Stranded Deep au where Mark gets shipwrecked (for reasons I can explain later) and spends three days on the open ocean before he reaches an island. While on the island, Mark does his best to survive, but every once in a while, will notice a shadow lurking in the water, a shark. Or so he thinks until a merman decides to stop by and say hello. Short version: Merman Jack annoys the cute human while Mark lives on an island. *jazz hands*

God u dont know how much i love this holy shit my dude.

Like this is honest to god the worst thing thats ever happened to him; its his absolute worst nightmare fully realized and the longer he sits there floating on this small piece of wreckage, the more hopeless he becomes. Theres no island in sight and he can spot the early signs of a storm heading his way. He can technically try to swim but his near-debilitating fear of the ocean prevents him from doing so.

After being stranded for 2 days with no sign of a helicopter rescue anywhere,the looming threat of a thunderstorm closing in, he gives up. He lays down on his backside and stares up at the rapidly darkening skies. Part of him wants to scream and cry, pound his fists into the wreckage with reckless abandon. How does this shit happen? How does this shit happen to GOOD people? He doesnt deserve this, no one does…

But part of him is just so at ease with the inevitable. It frightens him a little; shouldnt he be fighting? Kicking and screaming until his last breath? As the sky darkens and the stars come alive, he asks himself why hes so okay with this. Starving? Dehydrated? Has he finally lost his mind? Why is he so resigned to his fate?

As if trying to ease his guilt, he shouts for help, screaming as loud as his lungs will let him. He knows its futile and he probably wasted whatever little energy he had doing that taxing action but his conscious is a bit clearer knowing that he at least tried to help himself, tried to survive…

When he wakes up, he blankly stares up into the now beautiful blue, sunny skies with extreme confusion.

‘Am I dead?’ He questions. He looks to his left and right and gives out a long drawn out sigh when he sees nothing but water surrounding him. ‘If I am, this is fucking bullshit. Why would I still be stranded?’

He gazes at the skies above when suddenly, something clicks in his mind. The storm; its gone. Or it at least passed by him by but he quickly dismisses the idea. The storm was massive and his 'boat’ was heading straight for it. With the freezing cold air and rain, he wouldve died from hypothermia, theres no way he couldve survived it though…

“But here I am.” He mumbles. Hes still here and hes still stranded and all this does is remind him that by some sick twist of fate, his inevitable death has just been prolonged. He wants to cry, ot maybe think of some nice final thoughts before it happens but these fucking birds flying above him are cawing too loud for him to think straight.

He stills, as he realizes what he just said. Theres birds, circling above him. And if theres birds, then that means theres land nearby…

He shoots up, back ramrod straight as he frantically looks around him hoping to see some kind of land or ship standing out against the horizon. He looks behind him and fuck, if he didnt believe in a god or miracles before this moment, well… he does now.

The island is fairly close and with back facing towards it, its understandable how easily he missed it. If hr paddled for maybe 20 mins tops, he would be on the shore and finally out of the water. The entire time hes paddling hes crying his eyes out in a mix of disbelief,shock, and extreme relief.

As he gets closer, he notices that the island isnt as small as he initially thought; he might actually have to explore and see what else is inland. He spies some bushes and trees and he already sees some little sea critters scurrying around the shoreline.

The first thing he does when he stumbles onto the hot sand is collapse to his knees and laugh. He cant remember anything in his life that even compares to the overwhelming wave of happiness and relief that hes feeling in this moment.

He knows more than just the basics to survive and hes so glad he took classes and read up on different guides for worst-case scenarios. Hed admit that it was a bit dorky at the time but now that hes in a dire position to exactly what he needs to do here, he doesnt regret it.

His first night on the island is fantastic; hes hacked off some pretty big palm tree leaves for shelter and hes got fire going and some food with some to spare in the morning. For the first time in the past 4 days, hes falls asleep soundly.

The next morning, hes jolted awake by the sound of water splashing to the left of him. He snaps his attention to the sound only to see the water calm back down as if nothing had disturbed it. He hadnt noticed any other predators on land but he had completely ignored any possible ocean predators he may encounter…

Periodically throughtout the day, he would hear splashing sounds while he was out foraging. Each time, he would snap his head towards the noise but without his glasses, trying to pinpoint something so far away from him was nearly impossible. He hated the feeling that was coiling in his stomach… the feeling of someone watching him; of someone stalking their prey…

Whenever he ventured towards the sea, there was always a shadow floating right below the surface and everytime he would try and walk towards it, it would dash away into the ocean depths.

After a couple of days, he decided to try and risk fishing; theyre were super healthy and if he managed to be able to fish properly, he would last alot longer than with a diet of just coconuts and crabs. Besides, whatevers been 'stalking’ him is honestly too scared to attack him when he’s conscious, hell be fine.

Except, chucking a makeshift spear in the water to try and catch a fish is way fucking harder than he imagined. He had the tools just not the proper skill and if he wanted to survive out here long, he was gonna have to learn real quick. For now though, he gives up and decides to try his hand at it tomorrow.

When he wakes up the next day, he picks up his spear and heads for the ocean again. Hell give it one more shot and if he cant do it, hell go foraging for more supplies and just try again later. As he approaches the water, he notices not one, but two decent sized fish laying in the hot sand. They havent been out here for long he notes as he eyes the huge watery trail behind them thats yet to dry up in the morning sun.

As he stares at the fish he hears a splashing sound ahead of him. He glances up only to see the tail end of a fish quickly swimig away from him. Did they see him coming and accidentally drop their meal in a panic? Well, it doesnt matter how he got the fish, what matters is that he has the fish and he has an extra meal for later.

This strange occurence happens every morning and afternoon for the next 3 days. Hell go and try to fish at the crack of dawn only to have some already sitting there in a pile. In the the late afternoon, another pile. He feels like, someone is trying to help him… and he is so sure hes gone crazy at this point to even consider it but he cant explain why theres food just laying there for him every morning and evening as if to make sure hes never on an empty stomach…

Hes so determined to understand whats happening and hes willing to risk his own damn life to do so.

Instead of sleeping by the trees inland, he pulls his makeshift cot by the ocean water and prepare himself for the worst. He slides underneath it and falls asleep.

When morning comes, rather than waking up, he sits there absolutely still as he breaths as slowly he physically can. He hears a splash and he squashes his instinct to flinch at the sound.

He can he chattering and clicking as the creature swims back and forth from the water to shoreline. On the third trip, Mark takes a deep breath and flips over, lunging at the creature with his bare hands. The second the adrenine pumping through his veins dies down, he notices that whatever this thing is is green. Well its hair is green…

The creature is staring at him with wide eyes, crippling fear etched onto its features as they nervously click in the back of their throat. Mark looks down at what hes grabbed and realizes that hes grabbed the wrists… of a fish…

It doesnt take him long to realize that its a fucking mermaid, that much is obvious but he has no idea what it want with him. But theyve clearly been helping him for the past week or so, and for that he nods his head in approval.

“Thank you” he forces out, his voice raspy and dry from lack of use. He lets go of the mermaids wrists, unclear of what to do at the moment and from the look of it, the mermaid is just as confused.

“You asked for help…” It muttered, eyes wide as he spoke. The clicking noises in the back of his throat have subsided and now Mark can hear his voice clearly now.

“Help?” He questions. He honestly cant remember saying anything since he got here.

The mermaid quickly nods his head.

“Yeah, in the water, you were on a boat and you yelled at someone to help you. I was gonna swim away because of the storm but when i heard you, i turned around and dragged you with me.”

Mark stares at him and smiles. “That was you? I knew i wasnt supposed to survive that but not i know why…” He laughs and rakes his hand through his hair.

“I cant believe that worked, i cant believe-”

He looks at Jack and gives him a soft smile. “Thank you…” Mark leaves the sentence openended…

The mermaid takes the hint and shouts “Oh!”

“Jack, m'names Jack.” And yours?

“Mark. Just, yeah just Mark.”

First Love- Kyungsoo Valentine’s Day Scenario

In which Kyungsoo is a bit of a sleaze because he can’t get over his first love.

POV: 3rd


Warnings: A bit of smut, a lot of implied sex. 

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Her scent wafted along the breeze, overpowering his senses blissfully, even more than the pink flowers hanging low above their heads and blanketing the ground like a soft snowfall. Kyungsoo pulled her closer where their bodies connected, causing her shoulder to lightly brush against his bicep. She hardly noticed, continuing to talk softly of the magnificent Japanese scenery. Kyungsoo would always remember the way her wavy hair clung to her whenever a gust sprang forth and showered their bodies in momentary pleasure from the hot spring weather. He would always remember the way her eyes twinkled, recalling some fact of the garden he cared not for. There was only she in the garden; that was all he had been concerned with.

Twinkling memories of young love darkened his mood forever on this day, to this day, for no one had ever come close to his unique spring flower. She reverberated everything he loved, everything he hated. Repeating her name was to re-live the most wonderful and the most painful moments of his young life.

But now he sat alone. No garden was waiting for him outside, no orchard of pink bliss. No bubbling girl to share in his somberness, no girl to rest her head against his shoulder as they walked hand in hand along the cobblestone path towards a long-forgotten shrine. No girl to speak of her heritage while he failed to listen, mesmerized by the charming worrying of her lip that seemed to be habitual whenever she touched on trivial oration.

He did not think of her often-it would be unbearable. But once a year, every year he failed to replace her yet again, he allowed himself indulgence on the memories he made with her. It was only two seasons, a short six months. A fling, his friends would say. They were kidding themselves, Kyungsoo knew that. He gave up sharing his adoration for the long lost girl with his bandmates quickly. They were too wild, too careless. They wouldn’t understand her gentleness, her sincerity. Her intelligence was beyond them-how could they comprehend such a being? And her smile-oh, how it killed the singer. He could compose ballads to rival the best, just about the curve of her lips and the diamond shine of her teeth whenever he somehow earned a laugh from his soft goddess.

She was not of this world, Kyungsoo decided. She couldn’t be. Even now, although the memories of her were so vivid to him, he wondered if she had actually existed, or if he had just concocted her from his loneliness, his awkwardness, his failure to love someone tangible.  Her perfection was so vast and inexplicable. No other woman could place a finger to her. Or perhaps, Kyungsoo never bothered to look for another.

He had taken part in other women since, not romantically, but intimately. They were nothing. Incomparable to the nights he had spent with the blossom. Idols sought his number, he played them like a drum. But he could never stay by their side. He could never settle. Countless times he was questioned over his actions, and countless times he created excuses. Some petty flaw of the girl being criticized. Jongin especially made note of his pickiness. “You’re never going to get married with an attitude like that.” Well maybe I don’t want to get married, Kyungsoo said to himself. At least not to anyone who isn’t her. He tried not to think of this, since the thought of her existence being false always left a sour taste in his mouth.

He yearned, lusted for absolution. Couples walked in and out of the bar like clockwork, while Kyungsoo sat at an end table with the same glass of red wine fermenting in front of him. The sight of intimacy unfolding before him caused him to long for her touch, just like how he wished he would wake up to her instead of some random woman the next morning, although he knew his fantasy would amount to nothing. If she had existed, and she had not been a fantastically sculpted fragment of his imagination, she was far away. He would probably, unless for some chance miracle, never see her again. But again, he tried not to think of this.

Instead he thought of her under the moonlight. The two of them sat on the bamboo patio, enamored by the movement of the other’s lips against their own. Her hand on his shoulder, the other resting on the back of his neck, keeping him close. His hands rested on either of her hips, pulling lazily at the fabric of her loose-fitting blouse. Neither of them knew how they ended up this way. They had only just met the week before, and yet it felt like they had known each other for an eternity. The second they were alone, passion enveloped the couple.

He pulled her blouse over her head, tossing it to some forgotten corner of the patio, and gently pushed her back against the soft carpet beneath them. A musical sigh left her swollen lips as he crawled over her, knee comfortably resting in the space between her legs. He returned to her lips for a moment, then focused on marking the porcelain skin of her neck. He peppered her with kisses, soft and hard alike. Hands with minds of their own removed clothing left and right, until nothing separated them from becoming one.

He was always gentle with her, afraid of hurting his little flower. Making love to her was different than having sex with some idol who had pursued him first. Her moans and gasps were prettier, while their exaggerated cants of pleasure awakened an animalistic anger inside of him. They called him a rough fuck, when tattle-tale ears were out of range. His goddess was naive, innocent aside from the intimacy they had shared of his six months on that special island. She had known no man before Kyungsoo, and shuddered in response to every loving touch.

Their love was mostly pure, with the exception of lust-filled gazes as he thrusted into her. He relished in the sight of her slightly-parted lips and eyes that would never leave his own until he bent forward to kiss her again. Always reassuring himself that she was fine, he didn’t want to hurt her. How ironic that seemed to him now, since he felt his heart be ripped from his chest at the sight of her tear-laden eyes the day he said goodbye. But even then, she didn’t stop him from leaving.

She too, knew the memories of Kyungsoo would always plague her. Dates would come and go, but no lover shared his affection towards the little flower. No other man could treat her as softly as he, no other “I love you,” offered as much sincerity as Kyungsoo’s. Maybe they were both selfish. Maybe their standards were too high.

But neither could explain the synchronization of their heart beats when her eyes met his from across the grossly decorated bar, 6 years later, on the seemingly most romantic day of the year. The day they had both known of first love’s deathly poisonous kiss.

Emma Swan has more than enough to deal with. For one, her son believes the entire town of Storybrooke is cursed. She definitely doesn’t have time for the mysterious pawnbroker, Killian Jones, even if Henry insists that he’s the prince she’s meant to be with. Cursed!Killian AU

Thanks to @lyriumrebel for editing this with me! | ao3 | from the beginning


Chapter 37

Henry and Neal’s first conversation hadn’t lasted too long. Emma had stood by the door to the loft as they spoke in awkward, halting sentences and tried to get to know one another. Eventually, they had decided to try again the following morning, when Henry had time to prepare himself and Neal had thought of more to say.

And so, after having the best night’s sleep she’d had in a while, though that wasn’t saying much, Emma walked Henry to Granny’s diner and the two of them joined Neal in one of the booths. It was just as uncomfortable as it had been the night before, at least until Neal brought up the original Star Wars trilogy and the two boys actually started to communicate.

After noting they seemed a little happier, Emma suggested leaving them alone to talk. Once she’d told Neal to make sure Henry got on the school bus and given her son a kiss on the forehead in goodbye, she ordered breakfast to take out instead.

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