actually i can't think of an hp character who was not a good choice

remuslupinvevo asked:

yeah that's why i chose him! you can only see the back of his head in the film which was unfortunate bc he's definitely a++ for scorpius casting wise and also just the way i imagine scorpius to be as a person -- kinda like evanna lynch is for luna. and yes i took scenes from mmfd for ciara as rose, you should definitely watch it when you get the chance, it's a brilliant show!

Oh wow, I didn’t realize you created that gifset! Thank you so much for making it. It really feels like it should be canon. Scorpius subverting assumptions about the Malfoys always being the pureblood snobs, and actually being a sweet, humble guy is very nice. I’m really tempted to write a fanfic about him and Rose now.