actually i am sure

Ok so, when griffin said there were ‘shadows’ of animals in the grass/burn marks.. All i thought immediately was “ok so the monster or minions have nuke powers. Or flash burning abilities that did away with the bones, tissue, etc but not the actual grass.”

I am 100% sure that this bear creature and the bobcat are minions, because it makes no sense to me for the main monster to show up so fast– at least not without letting the group be able to confer about it. 

That being said, the ooze makes me think its a breeder [iirc] type because what ever it is hasn’t originally been taking people but its doing SOMETHING to spread and while they have gone after people it likely is spreading whatever it is. 
It’s also possible that it’s some form of necromantic thing.

idk, i’ve been looking into monster of the week and like.. i’m so excited 

i! dont know who i am! who the fuck am i!!! what the fuck do i want to do in life!!! what are even my own interests besides the things i cling to!!! i dont know !!!!



You think you are above consequences.

Next part for Chara Origins is here! Things are…really not good for them all around.

Some big ol’ WARNINGS in this part for depictions of child abuse/psychological abuse, and implied spousal abuse/torture.

Next part will be along at some point…whenever I finish it!

Dogs of Future Past Masterpost

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  • someone that isn't my fp: i care about you and i love you so much. i don't ever want to see you hurting yourself, you are so loved and cared for.
  • me: lol ok thanks
  • fp: hey bighead
  • me: GOOD SHIT 😩💯💯💯👏🏼🔥🔥👏🏼👌🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼😩😩💦💦🔥💯💯👏🏼

Voltron AU where everything is the same except the Blade of Marmora episode is basically the RING OF FIRE!!! scene from Finding Nemo

Kolivan: Brother Antok, proceed.
Antok: Keith! Newcomer of red and white! You have been called forth to the space between spaces to join us in the fraternal bonds of bladehood!
Keith: … huh?
Thace: We want you in our club, kid.

Aged up to after leaving lycee. Adrien is modeling full time for a while, Marinette is majoring in fashion, or something like that. Alya and Nino are on a trip around Europe. 

Lonely Adrien/Marinette want to talk to their best friends but they are always busy having adventures and can’t talk, so they have to hang out together and there is Adrinette cuteness.

But Alya and Nino’s adventures are just increasingly bizarre. Like, maybe they start simple, like, “I would talk but there is a really cool music festival happening and I need to check it out.” but soon they are like, “Sorry bro, I have to break Alya out of a Turkish prison, I’ll talk to you later.” and “Yeah, Nino has been kidnapped by a princess who wants to marry him, I have to save him.” and “We found an ancient treasure in a temple in the jungle and we had to fight a immortal guardian, I’ll upload some pics later.” 

And Adrien and Marinette are just like, slightly annoyed that they aren’t there to listen to their romantic difficulties. 

The fanfic is here!

Hey did y’all know I love Red vs Blue


she had the world // panic! at the disco


Otayuri at the beach.

Beka tries to look cool in his sunglasses and his sleeveless hoodie while Yura happily plays with his hoodie string. (Also Yura, honey, pleather leggings on the beach? You’re going to melt.)