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male characters (3/?) ▶ kageyama tobio 影山飛雄
I want to be in it. I want to be in it. I want to be in it. Give me the thrill of the court. Let me feel out of breath. Let me stand here. I want to fight.” (you don’t win alone. that’s how it is.)

So uh, reflection on 2016.

Kinda sucked.

Did not make as much progress on nearly anything this year compared to where I was in 2015. Aside from a bunch of MUGEN characters I made in the first half.  

The good news is that I’m not over a year on HRT and I’m actually really satisfied with where I am. And I also have a wonderful fiance @eliza-who-smiles-at-death who I’m going to down to see in a few days <3

We’re going to hopefully plan out where to go next, because it really is time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. At the end of 2015 that door just started opening for me, but now I’m desperate to get out it.

…and yeah, that’s pretty much it.


HYUNGIM going for a ride and drink

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Actually nothings really cheer me up today :( I am so not really satisfy with my exam results released today ..... :( It's kind of sudden but do u mind to write a HC of rfa + v + Saeran react to a Fem!mc upset with exam results? Thank you

Getting shitty results always suck, but you’ll get through it! I believe in you! ^-^

He feels ya. Has been there.
Will try to study with you from now on (and fail horribly)
Snacks and cuddles!

Has also been there
Keeps telling you grades doesn’t define your worth
Calls you beautiful even more than before
You’re now drowning in compliments

SO many studyhours
Gives you advice in case you don’t like exams.
You two are now study partners.
She makes cookies and coffee for you two.

Gives you a tutor
you can’t stop him
Will sit with you and help you
Gives you hugs and cats

This lil asshat probably asks if he should hack the school, and change the grade
Will give you chips for studying
Tries to help but its not useful

Gives you a big ol hug
He understands why you’re sad
But he doesn’t like the sadness
Tries to help you but he is blind, so you end becoming a boss in oral exams by accidents

He doesn’t necessarily understand why it upsets you
But he doesn’t like seeing you sad
- He will do his best to teach you the stuff you don’t understand
Surprisingly enough Saeran is a pretty good teacher
You two get icecream for study evenings.

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 


I’m exhausted. That entire episode made me just utterly emotionally exhausted. It was a rough on that made me cry so much. The ending though, it seemed so fitting. So perfect, and honestly if this was actually the last episode, it was definitely a satisfying one, and i am so glad that i found this show. It’s been brillient

at this rate i wouldn’t survive even before tamaki (& souchan)’s photobook released

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@the anon recovering from othorexia: I've recovered from orthorexia recently. About a month ago I thought I was completely recovered, but then I was told by my nutritionist that I wasn't eating enough fat. I incorporated mor fat into my diet and I PROMISE you it is way more satisfying. Now I can actually tell when I am full and it's time to stop eating.

Yes, fats are awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience. Sending you love xx

Is drawing a skill or a talent?

I just feel like I need to get some things straight about this topic.

As an artist myself, I can say that drawing is a skill.


That’s because NOBODY is born with artistic skills. When I started drawing, I was HORRIBLE. Everybody is! If you say that you “can’t draw” or something, then stop lying to yourself.

You can draw, but you just haven’t TRIED. See that pencil over there? Pick it up. You won’t be amazing straight away, I can 100% guarantee that that stupid stick figure or whatever is not good. At all.

 It took me years to actually create something that I thought was decent. I still am not completely satisfied with myself. I’m only 13 years old, I have a ton of time to improve, and I plan to do just that.

That’s the thing. Drawing takes TIME and PATIENCE. Even doodling on your paper during class is good enough to be counted as ‘practice’. 

Another way to improve is doing things that are more challenging for you.

I remember always making my character wink because drawing the other eye was too hard. Or I would put the characters hands behind their back because hands were too difficult. I realized that to become a better artist, I had to draw hands and the other eye. I broke free of my habits after years of hard work.

Use references and don’t use bases. There’s a ton of references you can use, including things around your house, and even your own body.

Drawing is a skill, everybody can become an artist of they simply tried. 

The Bae and his BEWD

Scanner killed it a little bit but I guess for the most part I am satisfied. If there is anything I am actually confident about it’s that I can draw Kaiba decently on point in these last few times I’ve drawn him. I really really want to draw him more. He’s my problematic fav lol Also Seto with messy wind-blown hair~ I only just now realized that the original image got cut off at the bottom, there was more of his hand there. Oh well. My scanner isn’t huge, I make do with what I have. Anyway..

Glad I got this out at least. I haven’t gotten dizzy again since this afternoon. That..really wasn’t fun. And I am hoping I feel better tomorrow, I still have a lot of catching up to do. I’ll be up for at least another hour or two, but I’ll be resting until I fall asleep. Have a good rest of the weekend.

@thena0315’s requests:If Shikadai had two younger siblings - a sister that’s 2 years younger than him that looks exactly like Temari but has two ponytails, and a baby brother that’s 3 years old and has Temari’s face and parted bangs style with black hair What would their names be?

The girl looks just like Temari( No, she is Temari but looks so lazy…)
Her name is Shikako. In Japanese, it is written as 鹿子 or 志佳子 (志佳子is a common name in Japan). And the boy…maybe Shikatarou (鹿太郎)? ( Shikatarou sounds so funny… No one will have that kind of name tbh)

These are in Shikadai’s dream because I am not so satisfied with their appearance actually… Besides, I prefer ShikaTema has just one kid…

you know guys? i, am actually satisfied like SO SATISFIED with the ending of the lover. 

(especially takujae because i’m takujae trash af) (here’s my trashy recap)

their scene starts with joonjae fell from the sofa. he narrates since that incident (flashback to the scene featuring soojin) takuya changed. takuya said he wanted to be alone. 

joonjae rushes to the doorstep, asking flusteredly to takuya that brings all his baggages and stuffs, with his face be like pleasedon’tleavepleasedon’tleavepleaseplease

“what are you exactly doing????”

takuya stills, then smiles.

be well, joonjae. all this time i am really, really grateful. 

joonjae just keeps silent.

then the scene fast forward to the night, and it shows that takuya is currently calling someone. (not his friend in japan, though, because he’s speaking Korean)

you said since when? hmm.. maybe from the start? but i’m scared. it’s even hard to be friends again with him right now. because i like him too..

(나도 좋아하니까.)

then sungjae, the apartment manager, shows up and asks, are you leaving to japan already? oh, joonjae’s there too.

takuya’s eyes widen, and the camera shows a frozen joonjae. (of course he freezes, he hears his love of his life said that he liked him too.)

silence literally engulfs both of them, and then joonjae walks toward takuya.

slowly, joonjae takes off his jacket and gives it to takuya.

this scene totally gives me the bittersweet feeling omg. 

takuya then narrates, if we’re namja yeoja, i will be so happy. but we are…

joonjae too narrates the same thing, but we are…

their next screentime actually surprises me. i don’t expect takuya to spend one last night with joonjae, but then Mnet is a good………….TV station.

it starts with how dirty is joonjae’s room and how ugh-so-lonely joonjae has been living without takuya.

and then it shows joonjae’s sleeping and takuya tries to waking him up.

joonjae be like wow i’m still dreaming..

and then he touches takuya to be sure.

but it turns out that  he’s not dreaming.

the first thing that takuya notices after joonjae already wakes up is how joonjae’s breath smells like alcohol. cute. 

(and then they spend time together that day. idk if things go awkward with them, well maybe?)

the camera then shoots again when it’s already night – and they’re sitting on the bed again.

takuya: today you have fun, right?

joonjae: (internally) yes, because you come back.

then joonjae yawns and later sleeps peacefully, not sparing a glance on takuya again.

takuya climbs the spot beside joonjae and lies beside. he narrates something (i am too caught up with my feelings to actually listen and translate) and whispers sayonara.


takuya runs to the door while says something like yes, wait, yes when he hears knocks on the door.

takuya goes silent, and the guy greets konnichiwa and something in japanese, and TADA!

joonjae is in takuya’s doorstep.

that famous first scene then repeats itself all over again, and now, joonjae seems like he’s the eager one. 

they then exchange small talks like do you remember this  and takuya answers with i remember everything.

takuya lets joonjae in, and joonjae enters takuya’s home. 

(FUCK YES.) (this scene is so fanfic-ish and some people already mention this kind of scene and thanks Mnet for making this kind of epilogue! and not a shitty one!)

I drew this on my mom’s phone because my Ipad broke,I have no paper and pens here and her phone has a bigger screen than mine so thanks mommy,love youu !

I probably didn’t use the proper colors and got the design wrong in some points but I am actually really satisfied with the finished piece !!

So after thousand years of being lazy trash I decided to make some Fanart of TGG :) It’s my favourite game that was made by Funamusea,I just really love Yosafire btw !~


Reblogs would be appreciated but I am not forcing anybody !